Girdled Ch. 13


I looked up at him with adoring eyes as I stuck out my tongue showing him the gift he had given me. I wanted him to see he had claimed my mouth as one of the places his cum belonged, that I hungered to be my Daddy’s, my real Daddy’s cock chore, his cum slut.

Daddy looked down at me and patted my head, as if I was his pet. It was thrilling to feel he might think of me that way.

Then Daddy said, “Good girl,” and walked to his bedroom.

It was an awkward moment. I was left on my knees, my clitty aroused and wet. Then there was a knock at the door. My father put on a robe and went to see who was at the door. I heard him talking quietly to a man.

I heard the man say, “Really, can I meet her?”

I was still on my knees when the strange man and my father walked in the kitchen. My dad was wearing a short robe that I had never seen before. It covered his butt and cock, but just barely.

“Sara, this is Phillip, he owns the book store and is my landlord,” Daddy said.

I got off my knees, attempting to stand gracefully as Phillip’s eyes scanned my body. Again, I love the attention of a man, any man. I love sensing their eyes undressing me, wondering if I’m a girl or a boy dressed femme, wondering is their a cock or a pussy under that dress. I love seeing the familiar bulge from a pulsing hard cock in their pants. Phillip was older and well put together. He was wearing tight blue jeans with a worn spot over his cock, probably from rubbing his cock a lot. I liked that in a man. I liked a man who couldn’t resist his primal sexual impulses. I immediately knew I wanted to be taken my this man.

I reach out to shake Phillip’s hand, “Hi, I’m Sara,” I said with a smile and innocent lick to my lower lip.

“Well Sara, aren’t you the little cutie, your Dad tells me that you’re kind of a special girl. I was hoping you might be willing to show me,” Phillip said as he stared at the front of my dress.

I was feeling a bit nervous and very aroused, my clit was again fully erect and tenting my dress. I loved that combination of emotion. Being wildly aroused and yet nervous, always encouraged me to take a risk. I looked back at Phillip, his face held a look of anticipation, his pants showed it held a hard cock. I was cock hungry. There were two cocks in the room and when I got done with Phillip’s, I knew my Daddy’s would need some relief too.

Slowly I raised my dress. Both men watched as I revealed my smooth thighs. Phillip’s hand fell to the front of his pants as he squeezed himself. Oh I loved this, being the center of attention, knowing I was going to show both men my hard wet clit. So much heated anticipation as I felt my pussy clench, wanting to be filled. Slowly, my hairless balls were exposed. I heard Phillip gasp as he unzipped his pants and exposing his fat cock. He began stroking himself slowly.

I looked both men in the eyes as I raised my dress the final inches. My clit sprang out, standing straight up. Both men moved closer. Daddy’s cock was hard again and poking out from his now open robe.

I fell to my knees thinking, “This is my place, on my knees, servicing men, sucking cock, this is what I was born to do.”

“Oooooooooh… Adam, your little girl is so obedient, you trained her well,” Phillip said as he stepped closer, slapping my cheek with his gorgeous cock.

Daddy quietly said, “,Actually Phillip, it’s a long story, but I can’t take credit for Sara, she’s a strong girl and has had other mentors.”

I looked up at Daddy and saw a slight sadness in his eyes. I leaned in and kissed the head of his cock and took it in my mouth. My other hand reached out and grabbed Phillip’s cock and began stroking him as I deep throat-ed Daddy. I heard both men moan. I held Daddy’s cock and began stroking it as I took Phillip’s cock in my mouth. I was in heaven, two men, two hard cocks in my mouth oozing with arousal. Daddy held the back of my head as I bobbed up and down on Phillip’s cock. I went back and forth between cocks. My clit was wet and my pussy needed filling. Abruptly I stood up.

“Daddy, lead us to your bed, I need you guys,” I said with a desperate urgency.

Daddy showed us the way, I climbed on the bed, my knees on the edge with my ass in the air.

I heard Phillip moan as he knelt down. His warm breath on my ass made me shiver with desire, hungering for what was to come. Phillip grabbed my hips and brought my tight hole to his lips as his tongue tickled and licked my pussy hole. I was simply in heaven. Phillip grabbed my clit and began pulling it, stroking it, milking my hard clit. I moaned and gasp with the combined sensations of his stroking and licking.

“Ooooooooooh…That feels amazing Phillip, please don’t stop…please don’t stop,” I moaned.

Daddy handed Phillip something and I felt a cool slippery something on Phillip’s finger as he entered me.

“Mmmmmmmm…yes Phillip, fuck me…fill me…Please fuck me,” I moaned as his finger fucked my hole.

Phillip stepped back and lubed his cock as Daddy crawled ataşehir escort on the bed in front of me, presenting his cock to me. I eagerly licked his balls, sucking on one and then the other. His scent was intoxicating and took me to another level of arousal as I felt Phillip’s cock enter me. Slowly Phillip pushed the head into me. His cock was fat, fatter than any cock I’;d ever had before. Then suddenly he was in. I felt so full.

“Please Phillip, go slow, your cock is wonderfully fat…but I need to catch my breath.”

Phillip began a slow thrusting into me, I loved the rhythm and how he consistently hit my spot. This man knew how to fuck I felt his balls slapping my ass as my Daddy’s cock filled my mouth.

“Sara, don’t you make me cum, I wanna piece of that tight hole after Phillip’s dumped his load in you,” Daddy ordered.

Phillip’s cock was hitting my special spot. My cock felt like it was buzzing, I felt as though I was immersed in a world of complete sexual pleasure. He began picking up the pace. I could feel his cock swell and I knew he was breading me, pounding into my hole with passion and lust. I heard him moan as I fet his warm cum fill me. And just as he hopped off, his cock plopping out, my Daddy filled me and began fucking me hard, no foreplay from Daddy. Daddy was giving me an angry fucking, an envious payback for calling uncle Bernie my Daddy,

“How dare you let Bernie take over for me, Sara, how dare you call him Daddy, I’m your Daddy. I claim you as mine.,” Daddy demanded.

His hard deep fucking and his words, the way his cock was hitting my spot, I felt myself cum. I felt my cock draining cum.

“Daddy, I’m cuming…don’t stop, fuck me, I want more Daddy, please fuck me Daddy.”

Daddy slammed his cock into me and held it in me, still. I could feel him pulsing as he leaned forward and kissed my back.

“I love you Sara,” Daddy said as he kissed my back again.

When I woke up Phillip was gone and I could smell food cooking. I went to the kitchen and Daddy was cooking. I leaned against the doorway, naked and looked at watched Daddy.

Daddy looked my way and said, “We should take a shower, are you hungry?”

I nodded, Yeah I am. I love you, Daddy”

Daddy came to me and hugged me, and then kissed me softly on the lips.

“Come, lets shower together, the pot can stay like that, I think we both need to get clean.”

“Okay, lets,” I said, feeling really happy.

For a small apartment, the bathroom was actually quite large. There was a walk in shower, where I found Daddy standing naked. He had dried cum in the hair around his cock and his scent was strong, but still arousing. He sat on the bench and asked me to turn on the water. I jumped back as he water was cold, my ass landing in Daddy’s lap.

“Mmmmmmm, Daddy, this is really nice,” I cooed.

Daddy reached around and fondled my flaccid clitty with one hand and pinched my nipple with the other.

“Don’t get me started again Daddy, you know how insatiable I am, I might want more than you can deliver,” I said in a flirty way.

After my nap, I was more than ready for more playtime with Daddy. I sat on his lap, feeling his cock hardening again. My clit felt so good in his hand as he began a slow stroking. The teasing of my nipple continued. The pinching, and twisting was making me crazy. My clit was once again hard and ready for whatever Daddy had in mind.

“Sara, stand up, let me have a good look at you, I mean a really good look.”

I stood up facing him.

“No, turn around, and then would you touch your toes for me?” Daddy asked.

“Daddy, you’re being naughty,” I teased.

I loved be asked to show myself, exposing places that most girls and maybe some boys wouldn’t. I loved how vulnerable it made me feel. I bent over and touched my toes. I felt Daddy pull mt butt cheeks apart, spreading my ass so he could see my tight, puckered hole. I heard him sigh and watched him from between my legs as he fondled his cock and leaned forward, looking closely at me.

“You need to shave more often Sara, as cute as it is, you have a ring of hairy around your hole, if you want a feminine look with a smooth clit, we need to shave you better. Hand me the shaving cream please and I’ll shave you.”

I was so excited. I handed Daddy the shaving cream and wiggled my bottom, before I bent over and spread my butt cheeks.

Daddy caressed my thighs and then my butt. I felt my clit pulse, I loved being touched like that. Then cool shaving cream was being spread over my puckered hole. Daddy teased me a little by probing it, teasing me by inserting his finger to the second knuckle, Oh my that felt so good.

“Okay, now turn around please.” Daddy asked again.

I turned to reveal my hard clitty standing straight up. I loved exposing myself.

“I see you get aroused easily, Mmmmm…I like that Sara. Daddy whispered.

“Well…with you teasing my hole…I really can’t help it. I replied.

I looked down and Daddy’s ataşehir escort fat cock was hard again. I remember I always found his cock exciting. I remember peeking in on him as he masturbated. I also knew my Daddy was kinky too. I found his porn collection and my Daddy was naughty.

“How ’bout I shave your front too, it’s stubbly,” Daddy said with a grin.

“Mom shaved me the first time,” I said, immediately thinking it might not have been the thing to say.

Daddy looked up at me, reminding me he had a razor in his hand, as he clenched his teeth and growled. Daddy began shaving me, his hands stretched the skin of my scrotum making sure he got every hair, then moved up the base of the shaft and on to my lower belly. I was completely smooth. Daddy rinsed off the remaining shaving cream and ran his fingers over my skin to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

“Mmmmmm…Daddy, I love the way you touch me. I crave it.” I said as I melted into him, pressing my hard clit against him, pressing and grinding against him.

Daddy responded by grabbing by smooth balls and pulled on them, forcing my clit to stand up even more. Daddy looked at me and moved me back so he could take my cock in his mouth. It was the first time he would suck my clit.

“Oooooooh. Daddy…Oooooooh that feels so good.”

Daddy bobbed his head up and down on my clit, and it didn’t take long to bring me to the edge and ready to cum, then he stopped.

“Sara, I think you should stay with me,” Daddy said, and went back to sucking my clit.

“Really Daddy, you think you would like having me around, I mean I would love to stay with you!” I was very excited.

Daddy stopped sucking again. “I only have one bed Sara, you could sleep on the couch if you like, or…”

I stopped him. “Daddy, if I’m staying with you, I wanna sleep in bed with you. I wanna feel your arms around me and smell your scent after you get out of bed.”

Daddy stopped sucking and stood up. He leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, I felt his wet tongue caress my lower lip. My body trembled a bit as he pulled me to him for a deeper kiss. Then he pulled back and looked in my eyes.

“Sara, I know I’ve been an absent parent, and this would be my attempt to make it up to you. I think we both know that this arrangement would be a little unconventional, and we would need to make that part it, our secret. We would also both need to respect each others lives too.” Daddy said as he stopped and seemed to be thinking.

“What do you mean by, respect each others lives? As in something different than it sounds?” I inquired.

Daddy suggested we finish our shower and talk more as we prepare dinner. Daddy put on a pair of shorts as I slipped on a pair of panties. I made a salad as Daddy finished his famous chili. I was excited as I hadn’t had his chili in a long time.

“Daddy, what’d you mean before about us respecting each other?’

Daddy thought about what he was going to say and then began.

“Sara, this is a small apartment, I don’t want you to feel cramped and I don’t want to either. I have friends over sometimes and I certainly want you to feel comfortable doing the same,” he explained.

“Yeah so, what are you saying?” I asked.

“We can play it as we go for the most part, but like I had Phillip over.,” Daddy said looking at my panties as he talked.

Remembering Phillip and his fat cock, and how Daddy shared me was causing my clit to pulse again, especially as Daddy didn’t finish making me cum. I looked down, my panties were wet and my clit was straining to poke out the leg hole.

“Are you telling me you want me to be your slut Daddy? Are you saying you’ll be sharing me with your naughty friends, Daddy?” I asked seductively.

I went to him slowly and grabbed the front of his shorts. His cock wasn’t hard yet, but he certainly wasn’t flaccid.

“Is this what you want Daddy? Do you want me to be a cock whore for you and your friends, Daddy?”

I dropped to my knees and looked up at him with adoring eyes and said, “You see Daddy. I’m a girl who always finishes her job, if I start sucking your fat cock, you can bet on it it I’m gonna be swallowing your cum soon, and anyone else’s cock you bring me…but you see Daddy…I have needs too…you understand that, don’t you Daddy?

Daddy nodded his head as I pulled his shorts down and brought his hard cock in my mouth.

I pulled back and laid his cock on my tongue, I grabbed his butt, pulling him into my mouth swallowing him again. I bobbed up and down, in and out as I teased the head. Daddy held my head and began face fucking me. I thought I was going to pass out as he flooded my mouth with his thick cum. I stood and leaned in kissing him, sharing his cum. I was surprised he willingly accepted his semen in his mouth, I like that in a man.

Daddy showed me where I could put my clothes and my personal things, as I grabbed my bag and emptied it. I was so excited to be staying with Daddy, hoping he would let anadolu yakası escort me stay as long as I wanted.

“Hey sweetie, how about tomorrow we go pick the rest of your things at your mom’s, and then you can get toiletries or what ever and maybe we could get you some proper shoes and other things,” Daddy suggested.

Daddy caught me off guard with his suggestion, “Really Daddy, oh my God! Thank you so much!” I said, as I ran to him, hugging him.”

After a full day and night of sex, good food, and conversation, we were exhausted. Daddy signaled it was time for bed. I hadn’t seen Daddy climb in bed for a long time, so when he was naked, I decided i would be too., but Daddy had other ideas.

“Didn’t I see you hang a baby doll nightie in the closet, Sara? Would you wear it, for me?” Daddy asked.

I really wanted to lay next to him naked, feeling his naked body pressing against me, but he was being so generous, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, pee’d and put on my nightie. It was the baby blue one and very sheer. My hard nipples were clearly visible as was my clit. The fabric was soft and delicious and I felt I could stay dressed in it all day. I loved how my body was on display, and as I walked in Daddy’s bedroom, I loved how he looked at me.

“Oh my, Sara. You look amazing. Your long hair is so natural and you look so feminine.”

Daddy stood naked next to the bed, his cock was swelling and it made me smile. I didn’t say a word, I just posed. I turned around, I bent over, and then I raised the top so Daddy could see my own semi-aroused clit.

Then I asked, “You like your little girl, Daddy?”

I woke in the morning to a soft breeze blowing across my body from the open window. I was alone and smelled bacon cooking. Today was gonna be a shopping day for Daddy and I. We also were going to pick up up the remainder of my stuff from Mommy’s. I wondered how that’ll go?

After eating breakfast we were getting ready to leave and Daddy said it was going to be hot and humid today.

“Sara, do you have a swim suit? Daddy asked.

“Yes Daddy, I do. Would you like me to bring it?”

“Yeah, bring it. If we have time we can stop by a friends house and take a dip in his pool.”

I settled on a short spaghetti strap sundress and flip flops with a tiny pair of panties. I really love no panties, but I had no idea where we were going and thought I should try to be a little appropriate. I hoped in Daddy’s SUV. It had been a while since I rode in his car.

“The last time you were in this car Sara, I called you G, and I was driving you home from a swim meet. Do you remember?” Daddy asked.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“A lot has changed since then,” He added.

I nodded, not sure where his was going. I tried to remember that day. I remembered sitting in the back seat with Rene. Daddy was driving and alone up front. Both Rene and were wearing our Speedos, it was cold in the car and our nipples were hard. Rene’s cock was hard and I kept trying to touch it.

As if Daddy knew what I was thinking, he said, “You know I saw you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I saw you touching him,” Daddy revealed.

“Yeah, ya did, and?” I asked. I felt my clit swelling in my tiny panties.

“I thought it was pretty hot. Seeing two 18 year old boys touching each other is exciting.”

I looked over a Daddy was squeezing the front of his pants. I love watching men do that, knowing our conversation was arousing them. I loved feeling some control over their arousal.

“You mean like this Daddy?” I said as I pulled up my dress and showed him my hard clit poking out the leg hole.

Daddy moaned, and said, “Sara, put that away, were at the house.”

We both laughed as we pulled in Mommy’s driveway. Daddy looked at me and said “It might be better if you go in alone.”

I nodded. The door was locked and I had to knock. Mom came to the door and looked at me through the window before I heard the lock click and the door open.

Mom looked at me and immediately commented. “I see you’re sucking off your father now,” and turned her back on me and walked away.

I watched her ass, clad only in panties as she wiggled her way into her bedroom and closed the door. Part of me still wanted physical contact with her. I missed calling her Mommy and feeling her arms around me. It just wasn’t working anymore. It made me sad.

I could see mom was a few steps ahead of me, all my stuff was already boxed and ready for me to take out to Daddy’s SUV. One by one I took my boxes out and handed them to Daddy who placed them in the back of his SUV.

“I’m gonna go say good-bye, I’ll be back in a minute,” I said.

I had spent my whole life in this house. This was my childhood home. Everything happened here, and now I was leaving forever.

I re-entered the house and knocked on her door. I heard her say something that sounded like I could come in.

Mommy was sitting on her bed, she looked angry.

“I’ll be staying with Daddy for a while If you need to reach me, at least you know where I’ll be,” I said as I turned and walked out.

Back in the car I felt safe and accepted for who I was and who I wanted to be. Daddy was quite and didn’t ask about my mother. We drove in silence for a while.

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