Giocando con Il Mio Giocattolo

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The soft glow of candlelight casts shadows all around her as she enters the room. She had prepared everything for him earlier. Set the stage. Laid out the props. She had even stripped down the antique four poster bed and recovered it in a single red satin sheet.

She’d left a note for him in the kitchen. ‘Strip, blindfold yourself, fasten the collar around your neck and wait for me.’

Now as she stood above him. Her eyes moving down his body. He was laying on his stomach…a pillow under his hips. His hands and feet bound. A thick black leather collar around the column of his throat. A blindfold blocking the light from his usually intense, almost black eyes. Raven black hair falling forward over his ruggedly handsome face. She could see the beads of sweat appearing on his brow, his face a bit ashen.

Was he nervous? Scared? Was he wondering what was to come?

She stood and just watched him. Watched his hands rolling into fists then relax. She watched him tug every so often on the restraints, the soft black silk tied snugly around his wrists. Then he’d shift his legs…tugging gingerly at the bonds there. He knew he could be free in moments…just a swift tug, a slight kick of the legs and the material would give way. But he also knew if he did, The game would end.

She took a step towards him, caught her reflection in the mirror. Her long legs wrapped in fishnet stockings. The highest stilettos she could find that still allowed her to walk and not fall flat on her face. The PVC bustier squeezing and pushing her breasts up, almost making them pop out the top. Nipples barely hidden by the lace trim. Her lips painted blood red. Black kohl outlining her eyes. She smiled at herself, a wicked smile. Like she was the only one who knew the answer to some unknown question.

She reaches a hand down and straightens her garter. Centering it. She looked the part, now to she if had to see if she had the balls to act it out as well.

She turns to the bed. Taking in his big shoulders, his muscles rippling as he shifts again and again. Was he worried? Or just impatient? Her eyes move over his perfectly muscled ass. His hips flex and his cheeks clench as he stirs. She knew he had to be hard. She smiled at him watching him try to work himself against the soft pillow. Her eyes track down his long legs, she could see his sac just at the apex of his legs, squashed up against the pillow. The soft skin beckoning her touch.

She moved closer to the bed. In her hand a thin black paddle. About the same size of one you use for playing Ping-Pong. But this one was slightly different. Made from rubber, it definitely wasn’t for hitting those white balls across a little green table.

She knew the moment he heard her. His whole body tensed. She found she liked that. His response. Almost reveled in it. She felt powerful. She said nothing to him but smiled again as she climbed onto the bed beside him laying the paddle down.

She straddles his thighs. She knew by the sharp intake of his breath that he could feel her stockings and garter belt. She leans over him, brushing her lips against the base of his neck, just below the collar. Darting her tongue out she traced a line slowly down his spine. She spoke to him as she licked slow over every vertebrae. .

“You must be quiet, you may only speak when I allow you to.”

His breath came quicker. He arched his back slightly. She bit down gently on one of his fleshy cheeks, smiling to herself as she heard him moan.

“You are here for my enjoyment, tonight you are my personal little fuck toy….and if you get any pleasure you get out of this…it is strictly coincidental”

She moves her hands to his ass. Brushing her fingertips lightly across his flesh, almost a whisper light touch, caressing him. Trailing her fingers over his skin, dipping in lightly between his cheeks, listening to his breathing. She could see him relaxing. His whole seemed less tense.

She reaches for the paddle. Bringing it down against her palm, SMACK. He perks. His head whipping to the side trying frantically to hear what she was up to. She rubs the side of the paddle against his ass, a small circular motion. Then suddenly she brings it down. A louder şişli travesti SMACK echoing through the room. Again and again. Three…four…five times. Then on the other side. Five again. Faster. A little harder each time. His whimpers only slightly louder than the sound of the paddle on his flesh.

She stops. Surveying her work. His usually white bottom is bright red. She brushes her fingers lightly over his heated flesh. Digging into the tender skin with her nails. His breath was coming fast, as was hers. His hips working against the pillow. She knew he was rubbing his erection hard…tying to ease the ache.

Stepping back from him, the candles catch her eye. A long black taper on the nightstand, reaching for it she smiles to herself as she leans over, tipping it and letting the first drop fall onto his skin. Hitting him between his shoulder blades. He sucks in his breath…a low groan escaping his lips. She moves her hand slightly, the next drop falling about three inches lower than the first. She moves down farther, leaving a trail of the warm wax on his spine. His body tenses as the first drop hit his ass. Then another and another. Hitting and dripping over his reddened skin. Leaving little trails running slowly over the roundness of his cheeks. His movements and moaning louder and more noticeable as she slowly drips the wax over the tender red flesh.

She smiles to herself, needing a little relief she replaces the candle, leaning up to tug at the ties around his wrists…then the ones around his ankles.

‘Get up, and kneel in front of me.’ He hesitates a moment, she leans over and tugs hard on the collar, almost shouting at him, ‘NOW!’

He moves quickly, kneeling just in front of her, his eyes cast down, his hands hang at his sides. His cock hard and purple jutting out ahead of him.

‘Good boy,’ she smiles at him, ‘Look at me.’

He glances up at her, Arousal burning in his eyes. She reaches her hand out and pats his head, running her fingers through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp with her nails. She braces her legs, her pussy dripping wet from toying with him, and slowly pulls his head toward the apex of her thighs. He licks his lips as she pushes his head against her wet cunt, rubbing up against him, then she feels his tongue moving on her.

‘STOP!’ she snaps at him making him jump. Her hand fists in his hair, moving his head to where she wants him and holding him there, ‘I will tell you when I have need of your tongue.’

She rubs herself against him, like a cat marking its territory. Teasing her clit against his nose, rubbing the lips of her sex against his lips. She moves, slinging one leg over his shoulder, grinding her pussy against his mouth harder and harder. She’s close but can’t quite get there without his help.

‘Lick me!’ She growls at him as she pushes his head against her cunt hard. ‘NOW you little bitch!…Make me cum!’ He darts his tongue out, teasing it over the lips of her sex at her command.

He torments her, makes her squirm as his hands come up and grip her ass, forcing her back against the wall. He lifts her, licking her harder and faster. His tongue moving over her clit …dipping into her as her hips buck against his mouth. Her moans fill the room as his tongue lashes over her pussy, again and again. Stabbing at her clit, licking the length of her before pushing inside her. She tilts her head back and moans, her pussy contracting as she cums hard. Her hands holding his head as she grinds her wet pussy against his lips. Her juices seep out of her onto his still moving tongue. He licks her clean as she moans, she’s still spasming as she finally pushes his mouth away from her.

‘Enough!’ it comes out as a low moan. He obeys, lowering her to her feet again, his hands dropping away from her as she pants, the sensations washing over her. She leans down and slips her finger through the silver ring at the front of the collar, pulling him toward her and pushing her lips against his. She kisses him hard, forcing her tongue past his lips. Nipping at his mouth and tasting herself on him.

‘Back on the bed,’ she says as she releases him, ‘Lay on your back.’

He scrambles bakırköy travesti to do what she asks, As she watches him move she’s amazed by herself. Her assertiveness, her unknown strengths. First she didn’t think she could pull it off, but right now she felt so powerful looking down at him lying there, not to mention incredibly aroused.

She reties him to the posts and straddles his thigh. Her hands slide over his muscular chest, caressing the steel like pecs under her fingertips, pinching his nipples between her fingertips and pulling lightly. Dipping her head down she flicks her tongue over the tip of one, laving it….enjoying feeling as it puckers tight against her tongue. Sucking it onto her mouth, letting her teeth graze the tip as she captures it between. She nips at him lightly, then moves to the other nipple and gives it the same treatment.

She slides down his body, her own nipples hard and brushing against his rigid cock. Her pussy hot and wet against his leg as she sinks her teeth into his taught abs. Her eyes lock with his as she pushes him, biting hard until she sees his face change slightly. As she reaches that fine line between pleasure and pain, she moves on then, biting his hip and tracing back to lick the marks she’d left gently with her tongue.

She pushes her tongue against his navel, teasing him as she slips inside. Enjoying the way his breathing quickens as his cock nestles in her cleavage.

She runs her tongue slowly down the underside of his shaft. Lightly over his balls, invoking a moan from deep in his throat. She spits on the head of his cock then drags her tongue through it, coating his cock with moisture and taking him in her hand. She strokes him slowly. From base to tip, spreading the wetness as she watches his face.

She takes his cock between her soft breasts, eyes still locked with his. Sliding him through her cleavage. Darting her tongue out to lick the tip as she works him, slow at first…then faster. Creating a delicious friction as his cock slips against her. His hips rise and fall, pushing his cock harder and faster between her breasts. She releases him and drags one of her hard nipples down the length of his cock, teasing the tip. Collecting the wetness that has gathered there. Then leaning back, she looks at him as she darts her tongue out licking his juices off her nipple. His breathing is ragged. His cock jumps against her thigh as he watches her.

Leaning back down towards him, her hot breath a light caress over his cock as she flicks her tongue against the tip. Then slowly she licks him. One long lick from tip to base, moving her mouth lower, her lips brush against his balls. She moves them slowly, mouthing him and enjoying his little movements, his little sighs of pleasure as he shifts. His hands clenching and unclenching. She knows he longs to touch her, to take control. But he plays along.

She licks him again, her warm tongue rasping against the soft skin of his sac. He draws in his breath as she sucks one of his balls into her mouth, then the other. Moaning at the taste of him. She releases him and flicks her tongue lightly behind them. Over that sensitive little patch of skin that she knows will make him squirm. Slowly she drags her tongue up, over his balls and up the underside of his shaft. She grips his cock in her hand and lifts him slowly to her mouth. Her lips placing a chaste kiss on the head of his cock then her tongue swirls over the tip, sweeping his taste inside her mouth. She locks her lips around him and slowly sucks him inside her hot, wet mouth. He grunts loudly as she takes him as far as she can. Her hand taking up the slack as she pulls him out, her teeth lightly brushing along the shaft of his cock.

She looks up at him, her teeth holding his cock in her mouth and smiles up at him. Locking her lips tight she moves down his length again, her tongue pressed against his cock as her hand follows the movements of her lips. His hips lift, forcing more of him into her mouth, she gags as he pushes his cock into her throat. He arches his back, his body taught as her lips work him, gaining speed until her head is bobbing up and down his shaft. His hips moving istanbul travestileri with her so he’s fucking her mouth. She pulls back, her hand wrapping hard around his cock as his grunts get more urgent. She leans back stroking his shaft and looking down at him. The lust and urgency in his eyes overwhelming her.

She moves up until her cunt is positioned over his shaft, rubbing the head of his cock along her slit, slicking him up with her the juices dripping from her sex. Teasing him and herself. Rubbing his cock against her clit. She moves her hips, her breathing heavy as she grinds him against her harder crying out loudly as she climaxes, her hips bucking as her warm cum coats him.

His hands strain against the ties. His breathing heavy as he watches her cum, feels her wetness all over him. The smell of her release bombarding his senses. His cock twitches as she looks at him, the velvet covered steel almost purple with arousal.

She hears fabric rip as he suddenly reaches for her. Pulling her over his cock and driving his whole length into her. Deep and hard. He grunts loudly as he pulls her hips down onto his cock, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pounds up into her, his cock filling her over and over. Her pussy contracts around him as he fucks her, clamping down on his cock like a silken vice. His eyes wild, locked on her as she cums again, her pussy gripping even tighter his moving cock as her back arches. He pulls out of her, flipping her over and all but throwing her down onto the bed on her stomach. He moves behind her, pulling her back onto his cock by her hips. He grunts as he enters her. Sinking deeper and deeper into her, slamming against her, his heavy balls hitting her sex as he punishes her cunt.

Her whole body jerks, tenses as his hand comes down on her ass, a loud SMACK echoing through the room. She moans loudly, her pussy contracting around his cock. He smacks her again, his cock pushing deeper and harder into her. She comes apart, crying out as she cums again. Her pussy gripping him tight as he continues to slide in and out of her, his hand coming down harder and harder on the sensitive skin of her ass. She cums again and again. Losing count as her whole body shakes. She pushes back against him, crying out each time he buries his length inside her.

He pulls out again, grabbing her by the wrist and hauls her off the bed, he lifts her, then sinks his cock back into her body while he’s standing. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, her ankles locking in the small of his back as she moves with him. His fingers dig into her thighs as he pushes her up against the wall, one hand ripping the bustier from her body as his mouth finds her nipple. She moans, her back arching as he licks and bites her nip, his cock pushing into her harder and faster…nice and deep. Her whole body draws taught as she screams in pleasure, cuming again. He switches to the other nipple, drawing that one into his mouth as his hands move to her ass. His cock pounding into her deep as his hands sink into the now overly sensitive flesh of her ass. He grunts loudly, over and over with each thrust. His cock seems to grow larger inside her and she knows he’s close.

‘That’s it baby,’ he groans through gritted teeth as he pounds harder against her, ‘One more time… cum for me.’

His mouth locks on her breast, drawing her nipple into his mouth, then he bites down …HARD!

She shatters. Her cries fill the room as her cunt squeezes him tight. Her head tilts back, her body shaking and spasming as she soaks him. She’s never ejaculated before, but she knows that’s exactly what she’s just done. Her whole body sensitized as the wetness runs down over his cock and drips from his balls. Her thighs slick and wet as he pulls out of her. Pushing her down until she’s kneeling in front of him.

His face tight almost in a grimace as his hand moves up and down his cock. She opens her mouth wide, his thick, warm cum spurting from the head of his cock and hitting her cheeks, her tongue, and her lips. His grunts and moans fill the room as he squeezes out the last drop against her tongue.

She licks her lips and smiles, moaning as she tastes him. Her whole body hums as she attempts to stand on shaky legs. A perma-grin plastered across her face, she reaches up and slips a finger through the ring on the collar, tugging him toward the bathroom and the waiting shower.

‘Come with me my little fuck toy,” she purrs to him as she pulls him behind her, ‘You’ve been very naughty and didn’t listen…Now you have to wash my back!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32