Getting To Know You


A friend and I emailed erotic fantasies to one another. The two stories below are the actual emails that we sent to each other. I hope you enjoy reading the following stories as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Part 1

This is one way I could meet you…..

I would come there on a plane, never letting you know I am in town. Watching you as you travel to and from work. Waiting one night as you leave from work to go home. I walk up to you in the parking lot with a small syringe in my hand. I make it look like I trip and fall into you poking you with the syringe full of sleeping medicine. You feel something sting your arm and you grab it, but you get lethargic and sleepy fast. I walk you over to my car that’s just a few feet away and lay you down in the back seat. I drive to the house I rented that’s far away from anyone else, so no one will hear you scream.

I pull into the garage, you are still sound asleep in my back seat as I go into the house and get the wheel chair. I pull and tug you until you are half hanging in the chair and wheel you into the house and down into my basement.

I get your body on my table I had especially made for times like this. I tie your wrists to one end and your ankles to the other. Making you spread eagle on the table. I tie a ball gag around your mouth and wait for you to wake up. It doesn’t take long until you are trying to move around and quickly wake up when you can’t move. I see your eyes pop open and I smile.

“So you’re finally awake?” I say as I run my long nails down the front of your shirt.

You try and say something through the ball gag but it comes out muffled and I laugh. I turn to my small table and grab a box cutter. I roll it around in my hands as your eyes get bigger looking at the menacing instrument. I come toward you with it and you shake your head violently as I put the tip of the knife at your groin. You lay very still your breathing very heavy, your shaking all over not knowing what I am going to do. I make a small tear in your pants and rip them all the way down the sides. I do this on both sides and then start in the middle. I do this until your pants are falling off your body. Then I put the tip of the knife at your throat and slide it underneath your shirt as I rip the material down the front. I rip the sleeves until you are laying there on my table wearing nothing but your underwear. Then I lightly trail the tip of the box cutter along the length of your hard cock that is visible through your underwear. I see a shiver go through your body. You try and say something but I can’t understand cause of the gag.

“Would you like me to remove the gag?” I ask as I trail the knife down your hard cock again.

You shake your head violently. I take the knife and cut the cord that holds it in your mouth and you spit it out.

“Please, why are you doing this? What do you want? I’ll do anything just don’t hurt me.”

I smile cause that’s exactly what I want to hear. “I’m going to keep you hear and you are going to do everything I tell you or no one will ever find your body. Do you understand what I’m saying?” I kurtköy escort ask as I point the tip of the knife at your groin again.

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

I slip the knife under your underwear and rip it until it lays flat under you. Your cock is rock hard so I know this is turning you on, even if you are scared. I slip off all my clothes, climb up on the table and lower my pussy onto your face. You know you better do a good job licking me or you might not get your next breath. I bend over and take your hard cock in my mouth as you lick my wet pussy, I can feel your moan as you lick me. I know you are enjoying my mouth on your cock cause you are licking my pussy furiously. I grab your balls and squeeze a little harder than you care for and I hear you gasp. I press my pussy in your face and you know what I want but you are scared of what I am doing. I slip my mouth over your cock once again and I feel the tension leave your body, I let you relax just a little before I bite your cock head making you tense up and pull against the restraints. You don’t know what I might do. I lift myself from your face, your breathing hard and not knowing what to expect.

I turn around and slip my pussy down over your hard cock, fucking myself slowly with it. You are just a fuck toy for me. I speed up ever so often making you think I will let you cum only to slow down again, driving you nuts. Then all at once I get off the table and go over to the table that is behind your head. You cannot see what is back there and I grab an 8 inch vibrating dildo. I grab the lube, greasing the dildo up as I walk back around so you can see what I have in my hands. Your eyes grow as big as tennis balls when you see what I have. Your not sure what I am going to do with it. You are hoping like hell that I am going to use it one myself but you know deep down somewhere that’s probably not what’s going to happen.

“Have you ever been ass raped?” I ask, kneeling down near your feet.

Your heart drops right out the back side of the table, you know what’s coming next. “No, please don’t put that in me. I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t do that.” Your begging makes me want to do it all the more.

I know there is nothing you can do to stop me from raping your ass now. But I figure I will give you a choice.

“You have a choice. I can either shove this huge rubber cock in your virgin ass in one smooth stroke, which by the way will hurt like hell. Or You can beg me to fuck your ass slowly and I will take some time to prepare you so it doesn’t hurt so much.” I look up at you while holding the dildo in my hands. “What’s it going to be?” “Please don’t do this.” You beg.

I laugh, knowing you have sealed your fate. “Well I guess you have made up your mind. ” You look confused for a moment, then all at once you realize what I mean but it’s too late. I take the huge rubber dildo and shove it hard up your ass as you let out a shriek.

“Noooooooooooooo, stooooopp, please….oh my god…your hurting me!” you scream as I push it in you then pull it out only to shove it back again harder. I do this several aydıntepe escort times before I get tired of hearing you scream. I shove it all the way into your ass, turn the vibrator on and leave it there, while I climb back up onto your cock and fuck myself until I cum. Which doesn’t take long since you have made me extra horny hearing your moans of pain.

You ass is getting used to the stinging, stretched full feeling. But I’m not done yet. I go back over to my table and get some more lube for the dildo. I pull it out and lube it up while smiling at you, a very wicked grin making you wonder what I have in store for you next. I tease the outside of your ass before slowly sliding the dildo back in your ass all the while looking you straight in the eye. You think you are used to the feeling but something is different. Oh yes, something is very different. It hurts! It stings! your ass feels like it’s on fire and you don’t understand.

“Ah yes, you feel it now don’t you? That’s what Icy hot will do when rubbed on a dildo before inserting it in your ass. Don’t worry it won’t cause any permanent damage but it will hurt like a mother.” I tell you as I grab another gag, force it in your mouth to keep from hearing the sobs that are coming from you now. Tears are streaming down your face from the pain in your ass, but that just makes me more hot. Your cock is still hard and you can’t help it. I still have some Icy Hot on my fingers and as I reach for your cock you squirm and pull frantically against the ropes holding you at my will.

You are shaking your head and screaming through the gag as I grab your cock and start pumping furiously. I know it hurts, and it feels good. Pain and pleasure. Your balls are so tight and you want to cum so bad but it hurts. I pump faster and faster, you can feel the tightness in your balls and you know you are going to cum and suddenly you do. But I don’t stop pumping your cock. Your cock is so sensitive and sore and you just want me to stop, you’ll do anything if I just stop. I finally take my hand from your sore cock. “I am going to untie one of your hands, and then I am going to leave. I should be long gone by the time you are up and untied, don’t look for me and don’t try to find me, if I find out you tried to come after me, the next time will be far worst.. Do you understand?”

You shake you head yes and I untie your hand and leave.

Part 2 …….his fantasy.

I might blindfold you and throw you in the back of a truck, take you up to the mountains where the air itself seems to bite you. I rip the clothes from your body, making you feel the wind on your soft pale skin. It howls up at this elevation. It pulls at your hair and bites at your swollen nipples. I place the rough ropes in your hand so you can feel them before I tie you. “What do you want!!!?” you shriek.

I remove your blindfold, point to a video camera, place my finger on your lips then slowly move it toward me until it is pointing at my crotch. You shake your head no violently.

“Then I will just have to take your ass.” I say softly, matter of factly. “But I am not going tuzla içmeler escort to make you on film. By the time I am done, you will be begging for me to do it.”

You cry and beg and plead until I get irritated and tie a leather gag in your mouth. Then I roughly stand you up and force you to the tree, tying your hands around it in an embrace. “Tree hugger” I laugh at my own joke and walk off. I don’t even turn my head as I hear you screaming through the gag.

In my cabin a mile away, I can hear the rain pounding on the tin roof. I can only imagine you out there in the dark, rain and wind pelting your shivering, nude body, your hair hanging over your face as you struggle for warmth.

I drive back up to where you are. Somehow you are in some half sleep, half awake state even as you are invitingly on your hands and knees, your head resting on the tree. Your skin is soaking wet, your knees and legs covered in mud. Damn you look hot like that.

I pour ice water on you to wake you up. What a shock to your system! Ice and freezing water cascading down your back, down your tits, between your legs. You shiver and I remove the gag. Words cannot escape your mouth. You are shivering so badly.

I hold up a blanket and a thermos of coffee. You look at me eagerly, like an animal. Sticks and leaves are strewn in your hair and your teeth chatter so badly all you can do is grunt and point. “After I take your ass.” I said calmly “On tape. But first you beg me.”

You begin to cry, but I smack your ass. No tears in the video. This has to be willing and pleasurable looking. You meekly look down and I give you a little coffee, untie you, and turn on the tape. You look at me from your knees. “Please fuck my ass. Please do it! I need it.” I remain silent as you beg and plead and even press your self onto the ground in front of me. Now you are dirty, covered in leaves, dirt, and mud. One orange leaf remains stuck to your nipple. How sexy!

“Okay if you really want me to.” I say as I move into camera shot, stripping and lubricating myself. I pull in behind you and jam myself in quickly. You grunt and squeal in pain as I drive it in hard. You feel so dirty, so used, so ashamed. And it’s on tape! What will I do with this?

I grab your hips and yank them back on me, grunting myself. I fuck you harder and harder. I hear your big and wet tits slapping together. What a turnon! So I jam it deeper and harder into you. I fuck you so hard your arms give way and you fall face forwards into mud. I keep relentlessly driving into you until you are flat on your stomach, feeling my thrusts push you into the ground. You spit dirt from your mouth as you feel me filling you up. How slutty and dirty and whorish do you feel because you cannot help screaming in pleasure.

I pull out, flip you over and slide into your pussy, you grab me like I have always been your lover and pull me close. You bring your hips off the ground as I fall to meet you. We kiss deeply and violently as we roll together in the mulch of the forest. You scream in ecstasy and I pull out to come on your tits, then reach down to rub the gooey stuff in. We lie together, hot as fire on a cold fall day. I own you now of course, but you no longer care.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our fantasy’s. Please Vote and/or feel free to send me comments, I will pass them along to my friend as well.

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