Getting Mom Ch. 01


“Dude there’s no way she would ever come.” Mark said as he took a gulp from the only bottle of beer they had and passed it to Dan. “Not if she knows you’ll be there. You gotta stick to the plan. Please.”

Dan Nirmal was pissed. All his friends had been flirtatious with his mother, but Mark had taken it further the last couple of weeks. He was at the house almost everyday, often when Dan had to leave the house and his mom would be alone.

He had managed to strike a friendship with her and Dan knew about the shower of compliments he fed her constantly, making her love his company. It made Dan angry and jealous, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to stop it. He couldn’t deny that he liked the change that had come over his mother recently. She had changed her entire wardrobe in favour of clothing more revealing than anything he had seen her in before. She went out more often, was more fun to hang out with and had eased up the rules at home. But Mark always overplayed his hand, letting everyone know how “close” they were.

“I’m not letting you parade my mom around like she is your girlfriend! She is a married woman with three kids.”

“Your dad is rarely home and neither of your sisters live here anymore. Isn’t it about time you stopped seeing her as your mom and as a sexy woman instead?”

Dan gulped the beer down and stared at the wall. Mark’s plan was that Dan would tell her he was not in town for the weekend and stay in Mark’s apartment. With the son not around, the hot MILF might lose her inhibitions even further, allowing Mark to take advantage of it. Unknown to Dan, the two had already attended a party together last week and Mark had convinced her to turn up in a bare midriff top and jeans. He had introduced her to everyone in the party as Debra his “good friend” and had made sure that by the end of the party everyone there, guy and girl, had taken advantage of the older woman’s drunk state on the dance floor. Only a few of them knew who she really was, they left the party with enough photos of her and them on the dance floor to last a while. Mark’s favourite was of her sandwiched between him and a friend, oblivious in her intoxicated state to both dicks rubbing against her body and their hands feeling her up.

If Dan found out about that, he would kill him. But Mark had a growing suspicion that Dan had a perverse enjoyment for all this, which prompted him to feed Dan the plan. The fact that he had listened to this plan, which could end up in his mother getting seduced and fucked, without physically assaulting Mark proved görükle escort his theory right. All he had to do was convince him.

“Come on Dan. You can’t deny that a hot woman isn’t one just cause she’s your mother. I deserve a shot at her just like I do at any other woman.”

“Any other married woman.” Snapped Dan.

“Fine. But can you deny that you’d like to see her as more than just your mother? I’ve done it right the whole way dude. When was the last time you saw your mom wear clothes like she does now before I started flirting with her? Don’t tell me that doesn’t turn you on, cause I know it does!”

Dan wavered, knowing he was right. If this was successful his mother would completely transform. Who knows where it could lead? He might even get to…..he didn’t want to think about it right away.

“How many times did you see her belly button growing up?”

Dan was startled. “I don’t know, a couple of times I guess.”

“In the last one week, how many times have you seen her wear something that doesn’t show her belly button or a mile of cleavage to the world?”

Dan grinned. “Ok, so you’ve given me and the rest of the town the pleasure of ogling my mom’s cleavage and stomach by bombing her with compliments and making her feel sexy. Thank you kind sir.”

“So you like all your friends and the men in this town enjoying the sight of your mom, but you won’t let me, a guy whom you know is trustworthy seduce your mom.”

“You’re trustworthy? You take her around like she’s your whore!”

“I don’t see her having a problem with it. The issue here is…”

He was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and Debra entering the house. Mark was not going to let Dan ruin his plans. He grabbed the bottle of beer from Dan.

“Look, just hide from your room and see how your mom is with me. Nothing has happened between us yet but the attraction’s as hot as ever. If you don’t get a hard-on watching me flirt with her, then I won’t force you to agree with my plan. Deal?”

Dan hesitated; the footsteps from the hall were getting closer.


“Deal.” He disappeared behind the furniture and slipped into his room, from where he could climb into the yard and spy on them wherever they went.

Debra walked in with her blonde hair tied behind and her shirt tied in front of her breasts, revealing more than half her tits and her slightly chunky stomach. She flashed Mark a smile as soon as she saw him and he went up to her for a friendly peck on the cheek. Dan could see from where bursa escort bayan he stood that the kiss was half lip and half cheek. “Looking sexy as always Debra.” Mark said as he slid his arm around her bare waist and walked her to the kitchen.

“That’s what you always say baby.” She was happy to flirt back. Her husband was rarely home and Mark was paying her a lot of attention. A lot of men were eager to pay her a lot of attention the last few weeks when she decided to show her body off. It made her feel charged. “Where’s Dan?”

“This is the last bottle of beer so he’s out to get more. I figure with the mart being closed today, he would take atleast an hour to get back.” He winked at her and still holding her waist, tweaked the little bit of extra flesh she carried in her hips. A week ago she might have slapped him, but now she moaned and pushed him away playfully. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him forcefully, taking her by surprise. She hid it by laughing and letting him grab her again. Thinking her son was not around made her more relaxed with how far she could go with Mark. Nothing had happened between them, but she found herself enjoying teasing him. She often thought of what it would be like to seduce him for real.

“Do you know Dan has a trip planned with his friends this weekend?”

“Really? Didn’t he go last weekend too?”

“You wanna stop him? I thought we could do a repeat of last week and hit some party.” He whispered the last part into her ear, making sure Dan couldn’t hear it no matter where he was spying from. He took a swig from the bottle and passed it to her, letting her go from his grip. She took the bottle and sauntered down to the kitchen to get a mug. “No let’s just share the bottle. Come on over here.” He knew how tipsy she would get with just a few gulps, this way he could pretend to drink and make her finish it. When she came he already had some music playing and made her dance with him. She was surprised with his assertiveness today, his hand all over her ass and stomach. The beer was already giving her a buzz and she didn’t want him to stop, getting hornier by the moment.

“So what do you think? You wanna party?”

“I don’t know Mark, I still feel guilty about the last party and I can’t even remember half of it. I don’t think we should be this close.”

“Come on,” he said sliding both arms around her waist now and making her moan with his squeezes. The alcohol was takings its hold over her and he wasn’t going to let go. “All Dan’s friends will be there. Don’t you bursa escort want them to see how sexy his mom is these days?” One of his hands crept down and cupped her ass. “I know you remember the looks everyone was giving you the last party. I know you liked it. It’s gonna be even better now, everyone’s gonna know who you are and drool their balls off.” Debra put both hands on his chest and shook to the music. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was at the possibility of teasing her son’s friends behind his back. They were dancing pretty fast to the music.

“Turn around and bend over Debra, I love this part.” They had grinded before, but this was the first time he was commanding her for it. In her horny and tipsy state, she smiled and did as he asked, feeling jolts of pleasure as he pounded his meat on her ass to the beat of the song. She felt like a slut. You are a slut, she told himself, and you’ll make a good start by being his.

Dan could see everything from the window, his mother’s massive jugs bouncing up and down as Mark felt her up and danced with her delicious ass. He had lost all hope of self-control when he realised his mother was going to agree to this. He figured he might as well enjoy it and started stroking his dick at the spectacle. Here was his mother being treated by one of his friends like a private whore and he was jacking himself to it.

Debra could feel Mark’s penis rubbing up and down her ass. He had never been this bold before. She encouraged him by moaning every time he took a long time to stroke his dick on her or squeezed her waist. They finished the song dancing that way. Once it was over he pulled her back into his arms. Since most of her body was already exposed, Dan could see the glistening sweat on his mother’s body from where he stood. Mark slid a finger inside her navel and made her moan louder than she had before.

“So what about it? You want to be the talk of the town?”

Debra smiled and nodded, enjoying the feeling of his finger slithering inside her belly button, his other hand kneading her ass and his rock-hard dick still pressed against her moist pussy

“You wanna be the local MILF?” She moaned in response as he pinched a nipple through her top, he took that as a yes.

“Good. Then you can get down on your knees and give me what I want. We’ll discuss what you’ll be wearing after that.” Debra was too horny to argue. She undid her top and went down on her knees, zipping his pants down.

Mark had an idea. “Wait, wait.” He had a new gleam in his eyes. “Some of my dad’s friends are having a party tonight.Where’s your video camera?” Debra was confused for a second before it dawned on her. Mark’s dad and his friends were her husband’s friends too. She gave him a smile sultry enough to melt steel. “Give me a second baby.”

Dan climaxed in his pants.

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