Get on Your Knees


This is a follow on from my previous story ‘White Collar Love’ but it isn’t a requirement that you read that story first to read this one! I’m new to writing hetero scenes so hope you enjoy!


Jenny had worked for Tim for over a year and while she knew he eye fucked her more or less every morning, he had yet to make an advance and she was okay with that. Tim was handsome for a man in his thirties but he wasn’t exactly a knock out, and his general boring demeanour did nothing to entice her to make a move herself. The only joy she did get was deliberately wearing clothes she knew he would like to give him just a hint of what was available, if she deemed him worthy. As things were going so far, it didn’t seem likely but seeing the frustrated looks he would cast her way every now and then just made the doldrums of the working day a little more interesting.

Most of the clients that Tim saw were couples were one of both of them were either into weird shit or unable to come together. It was never attractive people who came to visit, Jenny had found. Sitting behind her desk, her long aubern hair hanging just around her plump breasts she smiled politely, took their details and then waited for the files to be returned in order to see what their damage was. He wanted a threesome, she didn’t. She needed a vibrator to get off. He liked wearing women’s underwear and she wasn’t into it. All of these people who had chained themselves to one another in the name of monogamy only to realise it really wasn’t all that great and now they were stuck with one another. Jenny pitied and loathed them in equal measures but was thankful that their misery kept her bank account in the green.

When Parker had come in for her first session Jenny had been surprised, it was the first time someone she had ever wanted to fuck herself had come through the doors. Jenny had admired her petite figure, the golden strands of her hair and her choice of bra that had been visible through her wet shirt. Jenny had sat there painting her nails while they had their session and had watched her leave, surprised when she saw her flushed cheeks and relaxed demeanour. When Tim had come out, his own cheeks were flushed and there was the scent of sex in the room. Could it be? There was no way…

Parker kept coming back and Jenny read her notes, young woman unable to come at all and Tim was advising bubble baths and sensual music? What a load of bullshit. The sessions remained an hour and each time Tim was always in a frustrated mood when she left, Parker always leaving with a smile. Jenny didn’t see any real progress happening in the notes and so she decided to investigate herself. One afternoon after waiting for Parker to leave Jenny stood up, pushing the tight black minidress down to smooth out any wrinkles and then walked towards his office holding Parker’s file, having deliberately not given it to him before the session. Walking as lightly as she could so her heels could not be heard on the tiles she opened the door.

“Hi, I forgot to give you this-” Jenny stopped when she caught Tim kneeling on the floor, his pants wide open, his hand wrapped around his thick cock as he was sucking his pussy juice coated fingers. “What… the fuck.” Jenny said slowly, the hint of a smile playing at her lips though she tried to look outraged.

Tim had just finished going down on Parker, her orgasm drenching his fingers and face before as usual she had gotten up, re-dressed and walked out. He was sure she knew what she was doing to him, leaving him aching to fuck that tight pussy of hers each time she left and yet she still just patted him on the head like a fucking dog before disappearing again. As usual he had opened his pants and started to jack himself off, so lost in the taste of her that he didn’t hear the door open until he heard Jenny’s voice.

“I-” he started, his hand still gripping his cock, desperate to come. “You’re meant to fucking knock!” he snapped without thinking. “Get out.”

Jenny just laughed quietly to herself, eyeing him over as she closed the door behind her. “Mr Oberst… I’m feeling very sexually harassed right now.” Jenny murmured as she walked over to the armchair and sank down into it. At first she crossed her legs, her long pale tuzla escort pins crossing at the knee, the material of her mini dress sliding further up her thigh. “I mean, this feels like a very sexually charged workplace and it’s just making me uncomfortable.”

Tim groaned, humiliated to be caught literally with his pants down but he was so aroused that he couldn’t really focus on what she was getting at. All he could taste and smell was Parker’s delicious pussy and it was proving to be distracting. “I’m – well I’m sorry. It wont happen again.”

“But it’s been happening a lot hasn’t it?” Jenny asked, tilting her head to the side slightly as she bit into the corner of her red painted lips. “Do you fuck around with all your patients? I pity you if you do.”

“No, this is just… legitimate therapy. It’s just not well publicised and…” he shifted uncomfortably, managing to pry his hand away from his cock as he started to pull up his pants.

When Tim removed his hand Jenny caught sight of his dick and for the first time she found herself interested in her boss. He was thick and had one of the prettiest dicks she had ever seen, a good eight inches and cut. “Sure it is… but I am feeling very harrassed right now. So I may have to sue.”

Tim glared at her at that, aware that she always looked down on him in the way that only beautiful women had the way of doing. Even now when she was blackmailing him he couldn’t help but appreciate her big chest and curvy thighs. She was curvy in the way that men meant when they said they liked curvy girls, thick toned thighs, big juicy tits and a skinny waist. “I never knew you were the litigious type.” he muttered.

Jenny laughed softly at that and uncrossed her thighs, making a show of parting her legs slowly, letting him see up her short dress to her panties which she knew would be more than wet by now. “I just think we could maybe resolve this between ourselves?” Jenny suggested, letting her hands resting on her knees only to inch her dress up just a little more so he could admire the navy silk panties she had on.

As she parted her milky thighs Tim found himself astounded, having thought about fucking her so many times but she was always such an aloof bitch he had never imagined that something like this could happen. Before he realised what he was doing he was nodding along, crawling closer to her, glancing up at her furtively to make sure she wasn’t going to say no. “Sure. Yes. Of course.”

Before he could get too close Jenny put her foot up, pressing her heel into his shoulder to keep him back but also giving him a better view of her soaking panties. Treating him like this just turning her on further, her nipples hard and sensitive against the material of her bra. “Okay. Well, I’m going to need you to give me a three grand pay rise… and I’m going to need half days on Friday.”

“Three grand?!” Tim snapped, looking up at her.

“Oh, well, if you’d rather go to court…” Jenny murmured and closed her knees pointedly, raising her eyebrows and giving him an innocent smile. “I’m just trying to put a price on the trauma of seeing your fat cock in the workplace.”

Tim glanced between her green eyes and her closed legs and while the more reasonable side of him knew he should tell her to fuck off he just found himself nodding, his cock aching for release. “Sure. Whatever.” he muttered with a frown.

Jenny smiled at that and pushed herself to stand. “I’ll draft the papers for you Sir,” Jenny murmured as she reached behind herself and slowly drew the zip down her back to just above her round ass. Standing there in a matching silk lingerie set she pushed her fingers through Tim’s dark thick hair, pulling it hard to bring him closer until his face was pressed against her silk covered pussy. “You want this?” Jenny asked, naked apart from her high heels now.

Tim nodded hastily, his large hands curling around her pale flawless thighs.

“I’ll allow it…” Jenny smiled down at him. “Lucky boy,” she murmuted, patting his head like a dog.

Tim was humiliated that the bitch who did his paperwork was treating him like this but there was no denying he wanted to fuck her. Undoing the bows at her hips that kept her panties on he let the thin material drop tuzla escort bayan to the floor, revealing her bald pussy to him, the scent of her sex filling his senses. “Fuck…” he murmured as he dragged his hands up to her pussy, pushing his fingers through her wetness only to sink them inside her pussy, groaning out as her tight heat clenched around his two fingers. “Fuck you’re tight…” he mumbled as he pushed his pants back down, his cock dripping with anticipation.

Jenny eyed him, lust filling her as she reached behind herself and undid her bra, releasing her 32D breasts, her pale pink nipples hard as she reached up and tugged on them lightly. “Eat me… and you might get to fuck me.” Jenny said sweetly, walking away from him only to sit up on his desk, spreading her legs wide for him as she leaned back on her hands, her long red hair spilling over her shoulders.

While he was desperate to get off himself he wanted to taste her and with Parker still fresh in his mouth he couldn’t believe he was having sex with two beautiful women in one day. Stripping down naked, his tie and shirt discareded he crawled over to her and gripped her thighs tight as he pulled her to the edge of the desk, pressing his face into her pussy as he started to drag his tongue over her clit. There was no build up or teasing, he just wanted to see this bitch come so he could fuck the shit out of her. Working his tongue around her clit in tight circles he pressed his fingers into her pussy and started to work them in and out of her, tilting his fingers up to try and find that spot that he knew would drive her crazy.

Jenny was surprised by how good he was eating her out, though for a sex therapist she assumed it was probably a skill you needed to have. Threading her fingers through his hair she gripped it tight, rocking her pussy against his face, her juices coating his mouth and chin as he licked her out good. Jenny shook with pleasure, her thighs trembling as he started to push his fingers more firmly into her. “Mmm you’re loving eating my pussy aren’t you Tim? Bet you’ve thought about this more than once…” she moaned out, keeping her legs spread eagle, offering her pussy to him.

Tim moaned out as he nodded, loving the taste of her as he pushed his tongue inside her, fucking her with it along with his fingers only to move back up to suck on her clit, loving the way her body would clencharound him, knowing how good this was going to feel around his cock.

“Mmm yes… fuck – make me come…” Jenny moaned out as she brought one hand up to tease her nipple, tugging on the small bud as her hips rutted eagerly against his mouth. “Yes! Fuck yes. Just like that. I’m – fuck – I’m gonna come,” she warned, her pretty face contorting in pleasure as she clenched her eyes shut.

As she got closer to her orgasm Tim could barely keep control of her as she used his face for what she needed to get her orgasm. The way she gripped his hair and forced him to pleasure her driving him crazy as he worked his tongue around her clit until he heard her cry out, her moans loud as she bucked and came for him. Tipping his eyes up he watched her pale skin flush as she threw her head back, her perfect pouty lips parted in a perfect ‘o’ as she came.

When she was done Jenny who was still only wearing her heels pressed her foot against his shoulder and pushed him back onto his hunches away from her. “Wow.” she panted softly, biting into her lip as she couldn’t hide her smile. “That was… you’re really good at that.” Jenny murmured as she closed her legs.

Sitting back Tim licked his lips, eyeing her body hungrily as he moved to stand, walking towards her and pressing his hands to her knees as he tried to push them apart. “My turn.”

“Is it?” Jenny asked, tilting her head to the side, a mischevious smile on her face.

“Don’t play with me.” Tim said darkly, not about to let another woman fuck and run and leave him wanting.

“Whose playing?” Jenny asked, resisting his grip to pull her legs apart.

“Jenny.” Tim said sternly, hating this but also finding that he loved it, the struggle making him shiver a little.

“Timothy.” Jenny said and reached forward to spank his ass hard. “You haven’t said the magic word.”

Tim’s escort tuzla jaw clenched at that, his eyes narrowing. “Please.”

“Please what?” Jenny asked, reaching forward to drag her fingers slowly over his cock, ever so slowly starting to thumb his wet tip.

Swallowing hard Tim felt humiliated but there was no way he could back down now. “Please let me fuck you.”

Jenny parted her legs ever so slowly, really making him wait as she trailed her free hand down over his chest. “I guess… seeing as you did go down on me so beautifully…” she said with a smirk.

Once her legs were open Tim didn’t waste any time as he tipped her back against his desk, yanking her back to the edge with her legs in the air, her heels either side of his head as he slammed into her tight wet pussy. As she had just come he felt his dick hugged so tight he could barely move and he moaned out loudly as he eyed her body hungrily. So many times he had fucked her in his mind but actually having her pussy clenching on him like this was a fucking dream come true. “You feel so fucking good” he muttered as he started to pound inside her, the force of his thrusts making his desk creak.

Jenny’s jaw dropped as he entered her, reaching back and gripping the opposite side of the desk tight as she let her ankles rest over his shoulders. “Mmm yes – fuck me Tim – fuck me.” she moaned out, already so sensitive from her previous orgasm and just wanting to get another from his amazing dick. Rocking her hips back against him the best she could she met his rhythm, helping him pound her fast and hard, sensing how desperate he was to come.

Tim slid his hands over her stomach and up to her big juicy tits, pinching her nipples and tugging on them as he fucked her, loving how she tightened even further around his cock in response. Moaning out loudly he dragged his hands back down over her soft pale skin, gripping her hips hard enough to bruise as he forced his dick into her soaking wet pussy over and over again.

Jenny knew she was going to be sore in the morning but she didn’t give a fuck, her cries of pleasure showing that as her back arched off the desk as she got closer and closer to her end. She didn’t need to touch her clit, his dick hitting all the right spots and before she knew what hit her she was coming again, writhing on the desk beneath him as her back arched up perfectly, forcing her down onto his cock.

Watching her come Tim knew he couldn’t last much longer. “Fuck you’re so sexy,” he mumbled out as his eyes clenched closed, fucking her fast and hard only to pull out and jack his cock swiftly only to release over those tits he’d been fantasising over for so long. Moaning her name as he released her stood there, his dick still in his hands as he saw the come splattered all over her tits.

Trying to catch her breath she saw him release and moaned softly, always having loved a good pearl necklace. Dragging her fingers through it she licked It delicately off of her fingers, feeling the hunger in his gaze as she did so. “Mmm… not bad.” Jenny murmured as she slowly pushed herself to sit up. “What do you say?”

“Excuse me?” Tim asked as he went to crash on the therapist couch, his dick still tingling from his orgasm as he dragged his hands over his face.

“I said… what do you say?” Jenny asked as she walked towards him, towering over him in her heels.

“…great?” he said, clearly puzzled.

Jenny tutted softly and shook her head. “No manners some people. I’d offer another round but clearly you are not grateful…” Taking a tissue from his desk she wiped his come off of her chest, crumping the tissue and dropping it onto his own bare chest.

Tim watched her, still completely confused as to what she wanted from him. As she moved to pull on her dress he watched as the material clung to every curve, hugging her ass so perfectly and he couldn’t help but wish he had fucked her from behind too. “How about a round two?” he suggested.

“When you learn to say thank you… and appreciate what you’ve been allowed to do? Maybe.” Jenny murmured with a roll of her eyes. “But probably not.” Jenny said and patted his head like a dog again before heading for the door. “I’ll put the paperwork on your desk tomorrow morning.”

Tim winced at her words as he lay on the couch trying to recover. He thought about shouting at her to bring him a sandwich and a drink but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t on the one in charge anymore.

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