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The band moves onto the stage causing a wild rush forwards from the fans. The small amount of space that had separated bodes rapidly shrinks as the fans all try to move closer, closer to the band and closer to that sweet spot where the sound picks you up and carries you away with it. There are those that like to sit at the sides or stand at the back, but the most hardcore of fans will be up front, ignoring the bumps and bruises that will come from being wedged in with likeminded individuals, being swept away by the energy of the music.

I have been slowly working my way forwards all evening: at just over six foot tall and powerfully built, most of those I edged aside would take one look at me and decide that they weren’t going to protest but no matter how big or tall you are there’s always a point where there is just nowhere further to go and eight or ten people from the front I found myself at that spot. Close enough though for the right acoustics and the right kind of people around me. The first thundering notes from a bass guitar prove me correct, pulsing through the crowd, bodies go flying as the more enthusiastic of the audience start throwing themselves around in time with the beat. The rough lines of people surge back and forth like the tides, people are jostled and thrown about, an almost primal urge sends people back against those who pushed them, until a balance is formed in time with the music and I am here, in the middle of it, feeling alive.

That’s when I notice her.

I must admit that she didn’t seem like the type that would be ‘moshing’ up with the rest: slender build and quite short, even considering my perspective. I had seen her earlier, could hardly miss her jogging up the stairs into the stadium ahead of me. She had on a little black skirt that bounced high enough to show slender but shapely thighs, with a tuzla eve gelen escort little t-shirt showing off her midriff. She looked more like the type that would sit at the back, not someone who would bounce around with the thugs and deviants.

But here she was barely two feet in front of me, rocking back and forth with the crowd now as the band slips into a more mellow phase. I watch as she pushes her hair out of her eyes. With short hair like that there is no way it will stay back, but she tucks it behind her ear, baring the smooth skin of her neck. The crown is so closely packed now that I can catch a trace of her scent, a sweet berry like smell that seems appropriate to her strawberry blonde hair.

Most of the enjoyment of the concert is in the music and the atmosphere, but there is a wicked thrill as well, the surreptitious groping of a female fan as she bumps into you or squeezes past. Consider it payment for her playing on her looks in order to get to the front, trailing fingers over someone’s denim covered behind just adds a little something else to the joy of hearing the music live. The beat of the music, the subtle scent of the girl ahead of me and the long-held fantasies of public sex come together to arouse me beyond what is comfortable. Tucking my dick behind the waistband of my pants solves the immediate problem, the knowledge that if my shirt lifts up I will be exposed to the crowd only heightens the thrill of dancing around with a hard on.

The band finishes their first number to a wild cheer of applause from the entire stadium, then move immediately into their second track. It is an old favourite they say, and the crowd seems to agree as first a few, then more recognise the initial riff..

Those who jump, jump. Those who rock back and forth, rock. Those not expecting it are thrown around. I am already jostled from side to side, so it comes as no surprise when the girl ahead is pushed back against me, with my half-erect dick pressed against her back I smile down at her and then she is gone tuzla otele gelen escort again.

There is a mixture of relief and disappointment as she goes back to dancing to the song. The feel of her pressed against me has me randy as hell and I am disappointed as she moves away, but glad too that she hasn’t noticed the hardness pressed into the small of her back. The song continues on and I rock back and forth to the music.

I close my eyes and just move with the music. Never comfortable dancing, this is as close and expressive as I get, and if I close my eyes I can imagine that I am the only one there and nothing matters. But with my eyes shut I can’t watch the crowd, and the first touch of her body to mine shocks my eyes open. She moves back, dancing, swaying, the little black skirt riding a little higher, her arse briefly rubbing against me, then moving away, tantalizingly.

I ache to put my hands on her, to pull her back against me, to press my cock against her but this game is hers and I am more than content to let her gently rub against me.

She starts pushing back against me harder, I can feel the dampness of precum as the head of my dick rubs against my stomach, a few more minutes of playing like this and she will start to feel it too. She holds herself against me and arches back, my hand moves to her hip to balance myself, but instead of a fleeting touch I find my hand being held there by hers. The game has changed and for a moment I find myself tense, she can feel it too because she pauses in her movements. The desire of having her outweighs any worries I might have, and instead of moving away I wrap my arm around her waist, resting my hand on the perfectly taut stomach her top was designed to highlight. I lean in to her and press my lips to her cheek for a moment, catching her soft scent again.

Pressed hard against her now, I straighten up, the music being all the sweeter for having someone there dancing with me to it. Hot and hard and pressed against her I dance, she dances and we move tuzla sınırsız escort to the music, then her hand, small but not shy, slips between our bodies and pulls down the waistband of my pants. Free of cotton restraints, my cock springs free, now hidden from view only by her crumpled black skirt. Pressed between the soft skin of her buttocks, beneath her skirt in the middle of this crowd, amongst all these people, my unencumbered dick is inches away from the bare pussy of a complete stranger.

For a moment I stand there motionless while she slides back and forth along me, I can feel her skin, made slick by my own lubrication, rub up and down my dick. She stiffens as I move away, but relaxes again when I bring myself back against her, dick angled down now, rubbing not against her pert bum, but between her thighs, against the very lips of her pussy. For what seems like eons, but must have been moments we stand thus, gentle movements running my length against her, then I take inspiration from the song… holding her gently by the hips I flex and lift her from the ground, just an inch or two.. She arches her back, and I lower her slowly to the floor, feeling the head of my dick slowly spread apart her folds as I enter her.

We both go wild then, dancing and writhing in time to the music. Buried to the hilt within her, feeling her flex and twist around me. I hold her by the waist still, guiding her back and forth, though she needs no direction. With a shudder she grips my hands in hers and arches her back, clenching hard on the base of my dick as she comes. The look in her eyes, the beautiful smile on her face and they way hey cunt clasps at me sends me to join her in that pleasure and I find myself thrusting further than before, lifting her from the ground again and fairly grinding into her as I shoot deep into her.

She leans back against me as I set her feet gently back down to the floor, my own knees are shaking still, so I remain motionless for a moment, letting her rest against me. A particularly bright flash from the lights on the stage remind me that we are not truly in a position to be basking in the afterglow, so with great regret I withdraw from her, tucking myself into my more than slightly damp pants and straightening her very mussed skirt, giving her one last fondle.

Pushing her damp hair out of the way I plant a small kiss on the back of her neck, then slip backwards through the crowd.

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