Geek’s BIG Break Ch. 04


This is a work of fiction, written for fantasy purposes. It includes unrealistic sexual practices and fantasy situations. If you like your erotica more reality based, then pass on this series. AS I AM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT LET ME MAKE IT PLAIN. THE HERO HAS A 13 AND ¾ INCH COCK THAT IS 3.5 INCHES WIDE. YES IT’S NOT REALISTIC BUT IT ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE THE LARGEST HUMAN PENIS EVER RECORDER WAS 18 INCHES LONG. IF SIZE INTIMIDATES YOU OR UNREALISTIC STORIES UPSET YOU CHOSE ANOTHER STORY TO READ.

All participants involved in sexual scenes are 18 years old or older.

Chapter 1 Gio McLoed’s older sister Fiona sees her brother’s big fat cock, measures it and then sucks and fucks it taking his virginity. Unknown to the two his mother sees them and videotapes them to blackmail Geo into fucking her.

Chapter 2: Gio shows the Anderson Twins his Big Fat Cock and realizes his sister is right. He takes both twins as cum sluts. Tiffany willingly and Tara reluctantly. Then he humiliates them by having them make their Jock boyfriends watch them both fuck and suck him. Fiona gets informed she is also one of his sluts and after a token resistance even agree’s to let him breed her. Then Gio gets two surprises, the first when Mister Anderson turns his daughters over to him the second when his mother wants to know why he isn’t fucking her.

Chapter 3: In which Gio’s mom learns what she has to do to get her son’s big fat cock. Then sucks and fucks him in the entranceway to their house. Begs her son to make her pregnant and is carried to bed completely satisfied. The next morning Gio straightens out some issues he caused decided who to impregnate and who not to and tells his growing harem where they all will reside for the foreseeable future. The Twins and Gio arrive at school to be faced with angry Brock and Chris.

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Gio’s first fight at high school didn’t last long, about ten minutes, just long enough to attract attention of several students and the football and cheerleading coaches. Brock and Chris tried every way they knew to land a punch, but those that saw the fight would say Gio moved like one of those windsock puppets at the used car lot; or the more geeky of them, like Neo in the Matrix movies. He blocked and tossed used palm and knife hand strikes leaving the two jocks with split lips bloody noses and a good case of scrapes and road rash from being thrown to the parking lot repeatedly.

The fight ended when Chris saw the coaches approaching and pulled Brock away. The football coach took one look at their condition and narrowed his eyes. “That’s enough boys. Brock, Chris go to the infirmary and have Nurse Stubb’s look at your injuries. Then report to my office.”

“Sure Coach” The two jocks said and glared at Gio in a way that said this wasn’t over. He’d have to let them know later that he’d taken it easy on them and wouldn’t next time.

The coaches turned their attention to the girls next. “Do you girls want to go with our guys?”

“We are with our guy.” They both told the coaches which shocked the two adults. “What do you mean? It was our understanding the Tiffany you were dating Brock and Tara was dating Chris.”

Tiffany shook her head. “We broke up with them last night. We’re with Gio now.”

Coach Cosgrove and Coach Tanner exchanged a look before refocusing on Gio. “Is that what this was about Mister McLoed? They came to talk to the girls, and you decided to attack them for it?”

Gio was confused. “Me attack them? They threatened Tiffany and Tara and I told them to leave the girl’s alone. Then they decided to ‘teach me my place.’ All I did was protect myself.”

Tanner laughed. “You expect us to believe that you did all that damage without sucker punching them?”

Now Gio was getting pissed. “You signed off on my gym hours yourself coach. You know I have no need to sucker punch anyone.”

“I know you have some martial arts classes, but you expect me to believe that a scrawny thing like you took out both those athletes without striking from behind?”

“I have two black belts, in two different martial arts disciplines. That’s more than ‘some martial arts classes’. All I did was defend myself.”

“Doesn’t matter, you need to come with me to Vice Principle Hill’s office. There is a zero tolerance for fighting policy.”

“There’s a zero tolerance for bullying policy too, but I never see your players get in any trouble for what they do to me and the others like me.”

The football coach turned red. “Listen son, you’re in enough trouble just follow me.”

Gio shook his head, if he got suspended who would keep the girls safe today. He looked at them and they both stepped up beside him to go with him, but Coach Cosgrove took them both by the arm. “Come with me girls. We need to talk.”

“But Coach.”

“Now!” görükle escort

Tara didn’t let anyone at the school know it, but she and Tiffany weren’t the airheads the pretended to be. After all half their DNA was their Daddy’s and he was one of the smartest men she knew. Yes, she was a cheerleader, yes everyone thought she and Tiffany passed their classes because they got special grades for their participation with the sports program, but she and Tiffany actually earned the grades they got. Neither maintained a 4.0 but they were both high enough to get offered academic as well as athletic scholarships. When they’d seen Brock and Chris coming toward them, they’d both set their phones to record. Now Tara was glad they had. She sent a quick text off to her Daddy along with the video of Gio’s fight and told him Gio was in trouble for protecting her and Tiffany. She had no idea that Tiffany was doing the same thing, or that like her after sending the text she’d started recording again. They both knew what was coming when they got to Ms. Cosgrove”s office, she was going to remind them that they were supposed to be keeping the football team happy. But for once Tara didn’t care. She had her scholarships already, she wasn’t going to let Gio go. He did things for her no guy ever had. He’d ate her pussy and fucked her, giving her lots of orgasms; almost like her pleasure was as important as his. Yes, he’d humiliated her last night, but after the way he’d been treated by her and Tiffany and almost everyone she’d kind of deserved it; and still he’d made her come. Then to make sure she and Tiffany got on birth control, when he could have just fucked their whole lives up by knocking them up. Something inside her had changed. Then he’d stood up for them. Hell, he’d told her he could kick Brock and Chris’s assess but to watch him do it had her panties soaked. She wanted to reward him and instead if she knew Coach Tanner he was going to try and get Gio suspended maybe even expelled. She hoped her Daddy could help him.

Gio had pulled his phone out of his pocket and held it as close to the coach’s phone as he could without being obvious. Thankfully, it was close enough for the pairing app he’d created to connect to the Coaches phone. He then quickly installed his hideable social media app on the coach’s phone and added himself as a contact. Next Gio turned on the video record function sending the recording to his phone. He had a feeling he’d need to know what the coach had to say to Vice Principle Hill in her office before he was brought in. There had to be a reason no complaint against the Jocks was ever followed up on. He knew this time, he might need the proof. Plus, it was a great test for his apps. The Social media app was doing great and had really gotten a lot of people using it as it was like snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all rolled into one and the Hidden video option where you could pick and choose who could and couldn’t see your live videos was what sold it to his age crowd. It’s what the Jocks used to send their brag videos’s to each other about the cheerleaders, without the cheerleaders knowing it was going around. The only reason he knew was, as the apps creator, he had access to all the videos’ recorded and shared.

Tanner pointed at a chair just outside the school office. “Take a seat McLoed.”

Gio sank into the chair and pulled one Bluetooth ear bud out of his pocket and stuck it in his ear, then turned the volume up on his phone.

“We have a situation Anelise, I have Gio McLoed in the hall he just beat the hell out of both my wide receivers.”

Gio could hear the disbelief in the Vice Principles voice. “McLoed, are you sure I’ve never had to call him here once, except to tell him that discipline of your players was being delt with for their infractions against him.”

“I saw it myself. Brock and Chris are both in the infirmary getting treatment right now. They were seriously banged up. I want the kid expelled.”

Gio was getting pissed when the door to the office opened. “Ms Hill, I’m sorry to interrupt but there is an upset parent on the phone demanding to speak to you right now.”

“Tell them I’m dealing with a disciplinary problem and will have to call them back.”

“I did that Ms. Hill, and I was told to tell you that the parent is Greg Anderson; Tiffany and Tara Anderson’s father. He said if you don’t talk to him now, his next call will be to the school board to demand a hearing and the local news to demand why the young man who protected his daughters from bullying and sexual assault is being disciplined.”

“Jesus, what kind of a mess have you created now Tanner? Thank you Mrs. Dole, I’ll take the call.”

“He’s on line one ma’am.”

The office door shut. “You be quiet Tanner, while I talk to Mister Anderson. Let me see if I can calm him down.”

“I still want that boy expelled.”

“Let me deal with this first.”

Gio heard Ms. Hill take bursa escort bayan a deep breath and then answer on speaker phone. “Mister Anderson how can I help you today?”

Gio heard his new boss on the phone sounding very upset. “Who am I talking to?”

“This is Vice Principle Anelise Hill.”

“You’re in charge of discipline at the school?”

“Yes sir, I am, how can I help you?”

“Ms. Hill, I’m required by law to inform you that this conversation is being recorded.”

“I don’t agree to you recording this conversation Mister Anderson.”

“I don’t give a rats ass if you agree. I’m only required to inform you I am doing so. I will further let you know that a member of my company’s legal staff is listening to this call as a witness. Now. as for how you can help me Ms. Hill. Is you can explain to me why my daughters have both texted me in the last half hour to tell me that the student who came to their rescue when they were bullied, threatened with physical assault, sexual assault and rape has been brought to your office for discipline; while the two student athletes who threatened them aren’t being detained for the police.”

“I’m sorry? Are you saying your daughters were threatened with assault here at school?”

“That is exactly what I’m telling you. Their former boyfriends came up to them in the student parking lot threatened to drag them out of their car, and beat them. When another student stood up and told these athletes so leave the girls alone, they threatened to beat him and then rape my daughters in front of him. When their protector informed the other two that he wouldn’t allow that to happen, they attempted to attack him. Had he not had martial arts training they would have probably succeeded. But he did have that training and he used it to ;protect himself and my daughters only to have two of your staff send his attackers to the infirmary and inform the protector that he was to report to your office for discipline. My daughters were then separated from him by another member of your staff, their cheerleading coach I believe. She took them to her office, where she then informed them that they would return to dating the young men who had threatened them. She further insisted they continue to fulfill some policy of sexually satisfying the entire football team or be removed from the cheerleading squad. They were told if they refused she would informed they college’s they have cheerleading scholarship too that they removed from the squad for disciplinary violations so that their scholarships were revoked.”

Gio could hear the worry in Ms. Hills voice. “I can assure you Mister Anderson that the story I’m hearing here is very different than the one you have been hearing. I will go so far as to say that there is no policy that any student must preform any sexual acts for a spot on any team in our school.”

“Ms. Hill this is not hearsay, or a story my daughters are telling me. I have video proof of everything I’ve just told you from the attempted assault to the conversation with your cheerleading coach. You people really need to realize that teens today use their phones for more than just playing games and texting. Both my daughters started recording the moment their ex-boyfriends started yelling at them to get out of the car and didn’t stop until they left the cheerleading coaches office.”

“I’m sorry what?”

“I said I have it all on video from two different phones. I only called you to try and sort this out before I had to involve the school board and the authorities as well as the local news.”

“What is it you want Mister Anderson?”

“I want the two young men who threatened my daughters, expelled immediately. After all by your own handbook they broke three zero tolerance policies, today alone. I want them removed from the school by the authorities and charged with attempted assault, and sexual assault. I want the young man, Gio McLoed, who protected my daughters left alone. He honestly should be held up as an example of a good student and man. After all my daughters haven’t always been friendly toward him. He still stood up for them and risked his own assault to protect them. If those conditions aren’t meet immediately, then my next three calls will be the school board where I will insists on a school wide investigation. Followed by the news media who will receive a copy of the video’s that I’ve already emailed to you and the authorities. Then my personal friend the chief of police to call his attention to the videos. However, know this Ms. Hill, I cannot overlook the part of this video where a teacher threatened my daughters because they refused to preform sexual acts that are part of some unwritten policy of your athletics department. From her own mouth your cheerleading coach indicates it’s been in force for years. My daughters have apparently been forced to follow that policy while they were minor’s and the indication is both your cheerleading staff bursa escort and football staff are complicit in creating and enforcing the policy. I will be contacting the police about that issue as soon as we get off the phone.”

I fully understand Mister Anderson. I can tell you that if that is on the video, I’ll will also ask the police and school board to investigate. Let me reassure you, I had no idea that such a policy was being enforced here. It isn’t an official policy of that I can assure you.”

“You’d better hope not. I’m still unsure if I will sue the school, the school board and those in charge yet. My legal staff and I will be having that conversation once I make sure my daughters are safe. As it stands, I’ve asked them to come to the office and check out for the day. I would appreciate it if you would release them and Mister McLoed. His mother works for me and has requested he leave as well, until they are safe from retribution. I would further demand that you hold an assembly and inform all the students that all policies, will be fairly enforced upon every student; Athlete, gifted, or not from today forward. I’ll know if it hasn’t happened. And I will act accordingly.”

“Yes of course, Mister Anderson. I will contact the authorities as soon as we are off the phone to deal with both the young men who threatened your daughters and Ms. Cosgrove. I will personally see that your daughters and Mister McLoed excused for the day. If you are available I invite you to the assembly we will have this afternoon on enforcing the schools policies fairly as well as a private meeting with the cheerleading squad to find out more about this verbal policy and who all is involved.”

“That’s good to hear Ms. Hill, I hate to cut us short but my personal assistant has informed me that the police chief is on the other line. I believe one of his daughters is on your cheerleading squad as well.”

Gio smiled, he really liked Greg Anderson. The man had balls of steel. Gio determined to spend some time with the man. That kind of response was what he wanted people to have when he spoke.

“Damn it, Tanner, I warned you and Cosgrove to be careful. I hope you never once told any of those girls to service you or your team; Because if you did, then you will end up just like Cosgrove.”

“You can’t let that dick push us around Anelise. I can’t lose my two best wide receivers.”

“Best forget them Biff. They got themselves caught on video threatening, two students with rape and a third with physical assault. I really have no choice here. Send in Gio and then get out of here. Oh, and make sure that the rest of your boys know to leave the three of them alone. The Anderson girls, and McLoed, at least until all this fiasco calms down again.”

Gio saved the recording on his phone, and unpaired to the coach’s just as he came storming out of the school office. “Ms. Hill would like to speak to you in her office now!”

Gio stood and tried to look worried. But the Coach was so pissed he didn’t even slow down as he tore down the hallway. Gio figured he was on his way to let Coach Cosgrove know she was fucked and not on his dick. McLoed knocked on the vice principals door and she waived him in, as she was on the phone. “Thank you, Officer Stone. Just keep them in all in your office until someone comes to escort them to the nearest police station. Yes I realize you should have been informed. I’m just finding out about this myself.”

While she talked with the police-student liaison officer, Gio took a moment to really look over our uptight super authoritarian Vice Principle. She was about Gio’s mom’s age maybe a few years older. Her almost black hair always pulled into a tight bun at the back of her head. She didn’t wear a lot of makeup what was called the Natural look. Her eyes were also dark like rich dark chocolate. She was probably pretty under that grey suit she always seemed to be wearing. Put her in a sexy mini with a colorful top and she was probably pretty hot. Gio had a dislike for her mostly on principle, because she was Dickhead Dean’s mom. Her one redeeming quality, that he knew, was she had divorced Dean’s dad and not taken her son with her when she left the Chadwick estate. He felt his cock twitch in his pants. It seemed that his Big Fat Cock thought since he had her over a barrel, they should fuck the shit out of her. Never the less the cock wasn’t in control and that wasn’t going to happen today. Gio decided to keep the information he had, that she was as duplicitous in the scandal about to rock our community to himself for now. She hung up and turned to him. “Gio, I just wanted to make sure you are okay? You weren’t hurt in the scuffle this morning, were you?”

“No Ms. Hill. I don’t understand why I’m in trouble though. I was just trying to protect myself and my girlfriends.”

“You’re not in trouble, Mister McLoed. If you were led to believe you were, I apologize. I wanted to let you know that we’ve called the police and Mister Clifton and Barlow will be escorted to the police station as soon as they get here. They are also being suspended pending a school board expulsion hearing. The zero tolerance policies here are not a joke contrary to what most of our students think.”

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