Future Possibilities: The Next Day


I picked Julia up around 10am the following morning at her apartment. It was not an expensive complex, but it was in a nice part of town. Her place was small and nicely decorated nothing fancy, just nicely neat and tidy.

“I need to do some shopping before we head to my place,” I informed her. “I don’t usually keep much in the way of fresh produce or meat at my place for just me. However, I fully intend to make the most of the home cooked meal you promised me last night.”

“Any thing you want, your wish is my command,” she replied.

“Steak, fried potatoes, and a salad would suit me just fine.”

“What, no desert?”

“Now that you mention it, something with lots of chocolate would be good.”

The trip to the grocery store was the most pleasant one I had ever had. Shopping with Julia in a grocery store was like being with a ten year old in a toy store. She had to check out every aisle of the store I stopped to do my shopping at. Somehow I managed to come out of there with two cart loads of food. I had enough food to feed a small army for a week.

“That was fun,” she commented as we left. “I don’t usually get to shop like that on my salary. It was nice not to have to keep a running total as I shopped. There is nothing more embarrassing than not having enough money when you check out.”

“I can truthfully say, I probably spent more today on food than I have in the last year.”

“I hope I didn’t spend too much? I wouldn’t want to think I caused you to be short because of my spending spree.”

“Nothing to worry about there, money ceased to be a concern for me years ago.”

The morning was still cool and it felt nice to drive with the windows down in my truck. Julia kept up a lively conversation about nothing in general as we drove along. She was a very animated sight as she talked with her hands moving every which way while her long blond hair whipped around her head.

“The country is so different from where I live. It is so quiet and peaceful out here compared to my apartment complex. My neighbors are all nice, but thin walls are still thin walls. It is so hard to have any privacy when your neighbor’s living room is only six inches away from yours. I think the designer did it on purpose every time I have istanbul travesti to listen to somebody else’s bedsprings creaking.”

“That will not be much of an issue at my place. My nearest neighbor is almost a half mile away. I haven’t even spoken to them in almost two years.”

“This is your house?” she asked in awe. “It is huge. Nobody else lives here with you? Don’t you ever get lonely in all of that room by yourself?”

“I haven’t really been home that much in the last few years. After college I was pretty serious about my career, and only bothered to build a house out here since I had inherited the land from my grandfather. Actually, I probably did it to get my mother off my back and to get away from her.”

We quickly unloaded the groceries and I gave her complete tour of the house. She seemed to be impressed with my taste of simplicity for decorating. Just because you have plenty of space, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it.

Grabbing a couple of cold drinks, we headed out to sit in the shade behind the house.

“I like your house. It is very much like you. It displays your confidence in knowing who you are. I like a man who knows what he wants.”

“Good. Why don’t you bring that talented mouth of yours over here and relieve the ache which has returned to my balls.”

Smiling widely, she got up and kneeled on the ground between my knees. I raised my ass to assist her in the removal of my shorts. My already erect cock sprang into view to exhibit my readiness. Lowering her head, she kissed the tip.

I don’t know what she had in mind, but I wasn’t looking for any kind of drawn out affair. I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth downward till her lips were buried in my pubic hair. She gagged as my cock slid into her throat, but soon recovered. My thrusts were fast and furious as I coordinated the movement of her head with those of my hips. Several minutes later I was buried deep in her throat as I shot my load of cum down her throat. Satisfied, I finally let go of her head.

When she finished sucking and licking up the few drops which didn’t go down her throat, she gave a long sigh and put her head on my thigh. “I knew you were the right kind of guy for me. So many other guys would istanbul travestileri have asked or begged for what you just did, but not you. You have the confidence needed to enjoy using me for your own pleasure.”

“Call it whatever you want, but I learned along time ago to be true to myself if I wanted to be happy. Happiness to me means having a woman at my beck and call, or not bothering to have one around at all.”

“What is your desire now?”

“Lunch, I seem to have built up an appetite in the last few minutes.”

“Will the sandwiches which we purchased from the deli be acceptable?”

“Yes. You may bring them out here along with another drink for me.”

He wasn’t sure what exactly he was eating, but it was good. Julia had had them made to her specifications while they had been at the grocery store. When they were finished, she cleaned up the dishes while he dozed in the shade. She was gone quite awhile before she returned.

“Sorry it took me so long. Nature has a tendency to call not to long after indulging in activities like this morning.”

“That’s ok; I needed a little power nap to refresh me before I took you for a walk in my woods.”

The walk across the field was hot in the midday sun, but the woods were refreshingly cool. The previous winter and spring he had cut a trail system throughout the whole woods so he could have access to all parts of it easily. Actually, he had just wanted to play with the new chainsaws and tractor he had bought, but that was irrelevant. The exercise had helped him to get back into shape and lose about twenty pounds he didn’t need.

“It’s so lovely in here,” she exclaimed. “I never really noticed how many different kinds of plants and trees grew in a forest.”

“Wait till we get to the meadow, there should be all kinds of butterflies there at this time of day.”

“Look at all of them. There must be thousands of them. I’ve never seen this many butterflies in one place at the same time.”

“They come here to drink. The ground is wetter in the center of the meadow from springs which are located there.”

They were standing behind a fallen tree trunk with her standing in front of him as they watched istanbul travesti the butterflies flirt around in the sunlight. She leaned back against him as his arms circled around her. Wanting to feel more of her, he ran his hands up under her shirt to cup her full breasts. Her nipples hardened as his fingers teased them through her satin bra.

“Undo your pants for me and slip them off,” he commanded her. “Lay them over the tree trunk and then lay on them for me.

While she was doing as he commanded, he was busy removing his own shorts. Her ass formed a nice white heart shaped picture against the dark bark of the tree trunk. The material from her pants would help to protect her skin from the coarseness of the bark.

Pushing her legs slightly apart, he guided his erect cock into her waiting cunt. She was already nice and wet for him and he easily slid into her. Reaching up under her shirt, he unhooked her bra so it could be pushed out of the way.

“Play with your nipples. Make yourself cum while I enjoy the hot, wet feel of your tight pussy. That’s it, pull on them. I know you like to have your nipples pulled on from last night.”

He barely moved in her at all, yet she was soon cumming from her own stimulation and from the excitement of being told what to do by him. Her juices were running down her legs and down his cock and balls.

Grasping her ass cheeks to get a good hold on her, he started fucking her with the intent to fill her up with his cum when he changed his mind. The grabbing of her cheeks had split them to give him a perfect view of her tight little asshole. Never one to let an opportunity pass, he pulled out to press his well lubricated cock against her tight little opening.

“Oh, yes,” she cried as I pushed into her. “Fuck my ass. It’s been so long since I’ve been filled up like this.”

Her ass was tight, but I didn’t let that deter me from giving it to her as hard as I could. As she squealed and moaned, I pounded away as she loosened up to accept my size more easily. When I felt my own orgasm approaching, I quickly pulled out of her.

“Kneel bitch,” I groaned. My hands shot forward to hold her head in place as my cock pushed into her waiting mouth. I made it just in time; stream after stream of cum shot into her mouth to be hungrily swallowed by her. Using her hands and lips, she coaxed every last drop from my rapidly deflating member.

“I think it is time for us to head back to the house,” I told her. “We could both use a shower, and I would like to hear about how you became such a desirable woman for a man like me.”

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