Full Service Shopping: Fashion Show


With love and thanks to the beautiful Aurora Philips.

Ann glanced up from the register as she heard the door to the store open then close. Looking over the counter and down the stairwell she recognized Tom and Eileen, the couple she had demonstrated The Chair to a few weeks prior. She stifled a smile at their return.

‘Gotcha,’ she thought to herself contentedly. She had a feeling they would be back. She would have to play this carefully.

“Well hello,” she said sweetly as they climbed the stairs into the shop. “Did you come back to buy The Chair or would you like another demonstration,” she added with a wicked smirk.

“No, The Chair’s not in the budget for today,” Tom said smiling, “but we are here to do a little shopping.”

Ann came around the counter and placed her hand lightly on Tom’s arm, giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Well welcome back,” she said.

Ann then moved to Eileen and, placing her hands on either side of Eileen’s face, leaned up to kiss the much taller woman on the lips, holding it for much longer then a casual greeting.

“And welcome back to you too Princess. I’m thrilled to see you both again.”

Eileen was disturbed by the other woman’s possessiveness and her hungry kiss on the mouth. Even though they had shared intimacies a week or so ago, Eileen wasn’t quite ready to deal with her first encounter with a woman yet and had tried to keep it out of mind. Up until that Saturday it had all been a fantasy that she only shared with Tom but when the two of them were confronted with The Chair and all its paraphernalia she couldn’t help but feel oddly excited.

Just being in the sex store started her juices flowing and on that particular weekend, like this one, she and Tom had rented a room in an exclusive hotel for the express purpose of romance. A part of her had hoped Ann wouldn’t be working today. Ann, Eileen told herself, took a lot more away from that fleeting encounter than she herself had, or wanted to. She snuggled up closer to Tom as he moved further into the store.

“Please, make yourselves at home,” Ann said, touching Eileen’s arm.

The couple moved away, looking at the merchandise while Ann answered questions from another customer. Unlike the last time they were there, the store was rather busy with most people checking out the fetish clothing displayed along the wall.

“She seemed happy to see you in particular,” Tom whispered to Eileen, grinning, as they shopped.

“Shut up,” she blushed and nudged him with her elbow. Her head a swirl with memories from the last time they were in the store and the screaming orgasm Ann and Tom had given her while she was strapped to the chair, vibrator inside her.

“Not that I blame her,” Tom continued, “I didn’t even mind sharing you with her.”

“Stop it,” Eileen giggled. “I don’t like girls, I’ve told you that.”

“Uh huh,” Tom replied. “You say that but you could have fooled me watching you two together.”

“That was different,” she insisted, still whispering. “That was more…..situational….I don’t know, I just didn’t seem like I could say no to her.”

“If you’re looking for something interesting, you might want to consider this, it’s almost a work of art.” Ann said, coming up behind them.

Eileen jumped a little, startled, hoping Ann hadn’t heard her last remark. Ann smiled wider

‘This’ was a glass dildo, clear with a bulbous head and a purple spiraled ridge along the shaft. It was indeed beautiful. It was also very large, at least ten inches long and as thick around as Eileen’s wrist.

“That’s a little too intimidating for me,” Eileen joked. “I’m not so sure that would fit.”

“Oh, I’m sure it would be a very snug fit Princess,” Ann cooed, stroking cool phallus across the other woman’s arm, “but I think you’d enjoy it. Eventually.”

Eileen swallowed and changed the subject, “I see a lot of people shopping for clothes, is that related to the ‘Fetish Ball’ those posters are advertising?”

“Yeah,” Tom added, “We meant to ask you about that last time we were here. What is that? It sounds like fun.”

“Is it like a costume party?” Eileen asked.

Ann laughed. “In a way I suppose it is. People tend to dress up for the event, but it’s a lot more than a costume party. Think of it more as an opportunity for like minded people to get together and play.”

“Play how?” Tom asked.

“Well,” Ann drawled, “that really depends on the people. Some like to play publicly, kind of like what we did last time you were here, and other’s like to watch and just socialize.”

“Where is it? The poster doesn’t say,” Eileen asked.

“It’s here,” Ann replied. “We’ve a function space downstairs.”

“So if we wanted to come and watch, we could?” asked Eileen.

“No, it’s a private party for a private club. You’d have to be voted in by the membership committee,” Ann said.

“I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed,” Eileen chuckled.

“Really?” Ann asked, raising a brow.

“Um, özbek escort well, yeah,” Tom said, a little embarrassed. “The reason we came back was to ask about it. We saw the poster last time we were here and we’ve been discussing it.”

“So I take it that you enjoyed your last visit?” Ann said archly.

“Yes, we did,” Tom answered.

“I want her to answer,” Ann said.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Eileen said quietly not meeting Ann’s gaze.

“Well,” Ann mused, “There might be a way you can join in. Part of the reason I host this is advertising, I tend to sell a ton of merch at these kinds of things. I usually have someone modeling my newer stuff.”

Ann looked Tom up and down, “You are SO not the sub type Prince Charming,” she said dryly.

“You, however,” she said, turning to Eileen and grinning shark-like, “have already proved you’re a sub last time you were here. You would be the model.”

“What would I be modeling?” Eileen asked nervously.

“Something like one of these,” Ann said pointing to a rack of leather lingerie. There was very little leather and a whole lot of air in the outfits she pointed out.

“So I’d basically be naked,” Eileen said.

“Yes,” Ann replied.

“With a bunch of people there…” Eileen continued.

Eileen fingered one of the outfits as it hung on the rack, the idea both fascinating and scaring her. Exhibiting herself to a group of strangers had long been one of her more powerful sexual fantasies, but she had a lot to lose if anyone ever found out about it. She had a good career and couldn’t afford to jeopardize it over something as ‘morally questionable’ as this. On the other hand, she was incredibly turned on by the idea and could feel her panties getting wet just standing there, picturing herself in that outfit on Tom’s arm and maybe Ann. No, that idea she pushed aside, unsettled that it even occurred to her.

“You’re worried about being recognized,” Ann said, reading her mind.

“Well, yes!” Eileen replied, relieved to have that particular train of thought derailed.

“OK,” Ann nodded. “Of course anyone who could recognize you would already BE there and presumably have as much to lose as you, but we can hood you as well.”

“Hood me?”

“We’ll have you wear a sub-hood,” Ann explained, pointing out the close-fitting hoods on display. “Well even put the blinders on and cover the mouth,” she added, musing. “That will add to it I think. I’ll lead you around as your top.”

“My top?” Eileen asked.

“Your Domme, your mistress,” Ann explained.

“No,” Eileen said firmly. “Tom will be that, no one else.”

Ann looked over at Tom again, as if just remembering he was in the room. “Ah. Yes, of course. That’s how we’ll get Prince Charming here in, as your Dom. You’ll have to officially lend her to me for the show though.”

“What does that mean?” Tom asked.

“We have conventions,” Ann explained patiently. “You don’t touch another Dom’s sub without the Dom’s permission. If it were just up to me we wouldn’t need to do all of this, but remember this is a private club with rules. You’re her top, but you’d have to lend her to me for the duration of the show.”

Tom and Eileen looked at each other.

“That’s about the only way I can think of getting you into this,” Ann added.

Eileen’s mind raced. Here it was, what she had been trying to ignore since she ventured into her fantasy. She was strangely both attracted and repelled by Ann. If she did this, she would be under Ann’s control. There was no denying that Ann did something to her sexually that was amazing but she didn’t want her otherwise.

Her mind raced. Was she attracted to her? Did she want to be her ‘sub’ as Ann called her? What deep secret part of her did this woman stir? ‘You knew it was going to come to this when you decided to come back here,’ she admitted to herself. ‘You hoped it wouldn’t but you knew deep inside you knew this would happen and you came anyway.’ She knew what she was going to do.

“OK,” Eileen said quietly.

“You sure?” Tom asked her.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Eileen said, looking up at Ann and smiling. And she was sure. This didn’t have to define her; it was an experience, nothing more. It didn’t change who she was and Tom was OK with it. They could remember it later. Maybe add parts of it to their own sexual repertoire. It would be fun. They would love it. Another adventure.

“OK then,” Tom agreed as well.

“Excellent,” Ann purred, a note of triumph in her voice. “I’m so glad! Now I don’t need to find a model for this show! You’ve made my life so easier! Let me wait on this customer and then we’ll get you your ‘costume’.”

“You’re sure you want to do this,” Tom asked her again after Ann left.

“Yes, I’m sure, why are you having second thoughts? I thought this was your big fantasy?” Eileen asked.

“Well sure, this is just happening awfully fast,” Tom replied.

“If you’re not one hundred percent, we stop here,” Eileen said, looking at azeri escort him intently.

“No,” Tom replied with certainty. “I’m fine, hell, I’m excited, this just…I don’t know, went in a direction I wasn’t expecting.”

Eileen laughed, “Yah, I guess you could say that. Love me?” she asked, needed reassurance.

“I love you,” Tom said intensely and kissed her.

“OK Lovebirds,” Ann said, returning. Ann caressed her shoulder, “You’re going to work out beautifully! You keep yourself in great shape and I know just how we’re going to adorn you.”

“Here it is,” she said holding a small garment bag.

“I’m a size four,” Eileen said.

“I’m sure you are dear,” Ann replied, “but that really doesn’t matter with this outfit, as you’ll see..”

“What does that mean?” Eileen asked.

“Don’t go shy on me now Princess or we might as well forget this,” Ann said challengingly.

Irritated by Ann’s smug tone but also a little excited, Eileen took the bag. She tried to imagine herself in front of a crowd, throwing her shoulders back, strutting out on stage in some barely there outfit and felt herself blush.

“Ann leaned over to whisper in Eileen’s ear, “You’re going to love this Princess, I bet you’re already nice and wet thinking about it. That’s good. Now you’re going to go to some hotel with your lover here and he’ll put his beautiful cock inside you and fuck you hard with it and you’ll be thinking about all those people looking at you and you’ll love it.”

Eileen gasped at the intimacy and effrontery but couldn’t deny the effect the other woman was having on her. She had never felt such a mix of desire and repulsion as this woman evoked in her.

“Well then,” Ann said brightly to the two of them, “Have a fun time you two. You might want to try this on right away so we’ll know if it fits or not. Just try not to get it too dirty if it provokes a ‘reaction.'” Ann laughed huskily.

She looked directly into Eileen’s eyes. “The event is next Saturday and starts promptly at eight. You should plan on being here by six so we can rehearse. If you’re not prepared to go through with this, don’t bother coming; you can keep the outfit as a memento. Now I have to go wait on my other customers.”

With a slight smile and a very satisfied look Ann left them and went to her other customers.

“You OK?” Tom asked.

Eileen shook her head slightly as if to clear it, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She chuckled, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, are we Toto?”

“Nope, that’s for sure my love,” Tom replied. “What do you want to do now?”

Eileen looked directly into his eyes, leaned in close and whispered saucily, “I want to go and do exactly as my ‘top’ commanded. Go check into the hotel and fuck your brains out.”

“We can do that.” Tom grinned and they left hand in hand.

Eileen was a little shocked at the outfit as she looked at herself in the mirror later that night. She was expecting something along those lines, but to actually see it on was something else. The bra-top fit almost like a halter, albeit one made of soft leather and with the cups cut out, and the bottom, well the bottom was a little scary. Exciting scary; sort of like a big wooden rollercoaster that you’ve never ridden scary.

Tom’s reaction made her forget her fears for a time. Made her horny and made her ready. At least she thought se was ready until she arrived back at the store wearing the outfit underneath a long coat. She and Tom made their way down a narrow stairway to a basement room decorated to look like a dungeon.

Ann was there wearing a short robe and looked nothing at all like the rather mousy store clerk they had encountered previously. Her hair was pulled back in a severe updo and her makeup was heavy to say the least with darkly lined eyes and bright red lipstick. She was giving last minute instructions to another couple, two males, one leading the other by a leash, as to how they would walk the stage and present to the audience. Both of the men were ‘dressed’ for the occasion, the one holding the leash in leather pants and a mesh top, the one wearing the leash wearing nothing but a sort of harness that crossed his torso and covered absolutely nothing.

“Good, you’re here!” Ann said brightly to them as she finished with the other pair.

“Let’s see you, Princess,” Ann commanded.

Eileen, with some hesitation, removed her coat and handed it to Tom.

“Very nice,” she purred. “Just as I had hoped.”

“Who’s this?” the Dom of the male couple asked, walking over with his sub following behind.

“This is Princess,” Ann said. “She’s our guest tonight. She’s here with Tom,” she added, nodding in Tom’s direction.

“She’s lovely,” the man said to Tom, putting out his hand. “Barry,” he introduced himself.

“Tom,” Tom affirmed, shaking

Eileen was both annoyed and, she hated to admit, excited by being spoken of in this manner – like she was a child again. She opened her mouth to say something but caught Ann’s eye kazank escort and stopped. Ann shook her head in negation.

“My sub likes her too,” Barry said, smiling. “This is Brent.”

Brent’s outfit indeed confirmed his approval of Eileen and her ensemble. He was obviously erect.

“Barry and Brent are the other half of the fashion show tonight, we’re doing men’s wear and women’s wear. OK, we need to get Princess the rest of her outfit and get her rehearsed. Barry, why don’t you introduce Tom to the rest of the crowd while I take care of Princess,” Ann announced.

“Sure thing,” Barry said, leading Tom over to another (male female) couple that had just arrived.

“OK Princess, come on up to the stage here and we’ll get you settled.

Ann steadied Eileen as she stepped up onto the staging, acutely conscious of how much of herself she exposed during that maneuver. Ann led her across the stage and walked her through a few maneuvers using the riding crop as a guide then led her to the stage door..

“We’ll stay back here until the show,” Ann told her. “Now let’s get you the rest of your costume.”

Taking a shoebox off a shelf Ann handed it to Eileen. “Put these on, they should fit.

Inside was a pair of gladiator style sandals with very high heels. Eileen strapped them on and thrust her shoulders back ready for her new adventure. Or at least told herself she was ready; standing there in four inch heels and tiny bits of leather trying to ignore the trembling in her limbs.

Ann took up a small riding crop and addressed Eileen firmly, stating, “Now, let’s get some ground rules out of the way.”

She flexed the crop in front of her, Eileen’s eyes locked onto it. “At the end of your walk, I’m going to invite the audience up to inspect the merchandise more closely. Make no mistake, you are the merchandise. Do you understand that?”

Eileen gulped, mouth dry. “Yes,” she managed.

“They will touch you and more,” Ann went on. “You’re going to be bound so there isn’t a whole lot you can do BUT if someone starts doing something you don’t like you can use the safeword ‘red light’. If you say ‘red light’ they will stop and if they don’t I’ll make them stop or I’m sure Tom will.”

Ann moved in very close. Eileen was a good five inches taller then Ann normally, but with the heels the smaller woman was almost level with her breasts. Eileen could feel her breath on her nipples, arousing her.

“I will be very surprised if you use it though,” Ann whispered. “Once the mask goes on and you go out there your fantasies get to come true. You’ll be completely anonymous and you won’t know who is doing what to you.”

Eileen licked her lips; this was pushing all the right buttons.

“Your nipples are hard Princess,” Ann cooed, reaching out to touch them. “I don’t think that’s from the cold.”

She teased Eileen for a few moments, lightly stroking and tugging on the other woman’s hard points until she began to moan softly. Ann smiled, loving how sensitive Eileen’s breasts were.

“They’re going to do all kinds of things to you,” Ann whispered as she played. Eileen squirmed, rubbing her thighs together, irritated at how turned on she was.

“Fingers, tongues, on you, in you, you won’t be able to stop them and you won’t be able to stop yourself,” she continued.

“Pull your hair back and put this on,” she commanded, abruptly stepping back and leaving the other woman aching for more.

Ann handed Eileen a black, fitted hood. Eileen looked at it with interest before pulling it over her head. The stretch material fit tightly but not uncomfortably, a small opening in the back creating a ponytail of her long blonde hair.

The hood left Eileen completely blind and she felt a moment of panic before Ann’s hand came to rest on her shoulder. Ann smiled at the other woman’s obvious relaxation at her touch. She knew exactly what was going through Eileen’s head, having been there before herself.

Eileen heard the door open and someone else come into the room.

“Filling up nicely out there,” she heard Barry say. “We’ll be starting up soon.”

“Nice!” Barry commented. “I thought she looked good before but the shoes and hood really finish it out. May I?” He gestured toward Eileen as if to touch her.

“Yes, but she’s new so don’t freak her out,” she heard Ann say sternly.

Eileen jumped as she felt a hand on her chin.

“Easy,” Barry commanded.

The hand turned her head from side to side and then trailed down, fingertips lightly brushing her skin until they reached a nipple. Eileen gasped as he lightly flicked it, the sting and tingle shooting right to her already wet pussy.

“Very nice, I think we’ll both like playing with this one,” Barry said and he alternately stroked and lightly flicked at her nipples. The contrast in stimulation was maddening to Eileen and she fought hard not to make a sound.

“I thought you just liked boys,” Ann replied, amused.

“Oh we like to branch out on occasion, don’t we Brent?” Barry said.

Eileen felt the presence of someone else come up behind her. She felt a hard cock bump against her thigh and jumped again.

Barry ran his hands teasingly down her chest and belly, delving under her outfit to find the front of her cleft.

“Open your legs,” he commanded.

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