Full Moon Magic


“Monica,” I heard my father’s calling from the kitchen, “Dinner is ready.”

I closed my physics book, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. God! I never knew college would be this hard. “Coming,” I called back, happy to be able to get away from all the horrid equations and mumbo-jumbo leaping out at me from the pages of the book.

My father is an “old school” type of person. Dinners are not the tv dinner stuff many spend so much time loving to hate. He cooks! Dinner for two is more like a feast than just a few minutes wasted on feeding the body. This is one of the sides of him that has always amazed me and my friends.

“Made you Apple Pie,” he said when I was seated at the table.

“Dad. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know,” he replied with a shrug of his shoulders. “You’re worth it.”

“Am I?” I moaned out, still fighting the physics stuff roaming freely in my mind.

“Oh, studies getting to you, huh?”

“”It just. . . You know, it just sucks.” I said hotly. “I’ll never get all that stuff learnt.”

“Well, tell you one thing, if it sucked you’d sure be happier than this.” He said with a light laugh as he spooned the mashed potatoes onto his plate.

“Dad!” I said, trying to contain my giggle.

“Well, I am right.”

“What are you going to do tonight?” I asked, trying to change the subject from me and my studies.

“Oh, I don’t know. Was thinking about taking a walk up to the old school house and watching the moon come up.”

“Full moon?”

“Yup. It’s one nice night to just take a walk and think things out.”

I took a deep breath. Maybe I needed to get away from those books. “Can I go with you?”

“Sure,” he said in surprise. “We haven’t done that in a long time, have we?” In my mind an idea started to form. No matter how much I tried to push it aside, or cover it with facts and figures, it simply grew stronger. “Dad?” I finally asked. “Do you mind if I not spend the whole weekend studying? You know, just spend time with you like it use to be.”

“That’d be awesome,” He replied with a smile.

“It’s not the sixties,” I teased, picking on him for using the word “awesome”.

The physics book laid on the coffee table unopened as I help Dad clean up after dinner. My mind was shocked at how much I had missed doing this with him. Deep behind my brown eyes, memories were woke up. Stretching from their long naps, they brought back a softness I had once known. A softness this old man had given me even after my mother had up and walked away from us. Memories cascaded from my mind as a million happy thoughts of this tiny farm, maybe eight or ten miles southwest of Marshall, Michigan, reignited the child inside of me.

Yes, this tiny farm. I loved it here. A few hills, and a big, dark woods that I had played in when I was much younger. I loved to sit under the trees and look up at the sky through the green leafs. Here I had ran and played as I picked maybe a million tiny flowers which, unknown to me, would be wilted before I could get the little treasures to the house.

I did have a “special” place here too. Behind the woods was this tall, old hill. Along the south side of it ran an old stagecoach road. Poplar and Wild Cherry trees grew in abundance here, creating many places for me to sit and daydream my youth away. Sitting on my hill in the fall, I would take in the red and yellow colors of the trees as I looked up and down the now deserted road. I had wondered about all the people who had once traveled upon it’s earthen path. Where had they come from? Where did they go to?

Yes! It was long past due to get away from physics and just be me. We put the dishes in the dish washer, cleaned up the kitchen and sat down in the living room and talked like we had not done in years. When it came time to go on our walk, I was entertaining the idea of us not going anywhere, but just sit here and talk about all that we had seen and done since I had been much younger.

It was dark when we started up the road. For late May it was a crystal clear night, the stars twinkling down at us like they had done years before when I would sit outside and look up at the stars, wondering if, on one of them, that there was someone sitting and looking up at our sun, wondering if. . . It was a wild feeling to feel such thoughts yet again.

When we got to the old school house, now having been converted to a church of sorts, we sat on the old concrete steps, talking and listening to the symphony of night creatures calling out for each other. Dad was so hd porno calm and relaxed now. I had not seen him slow down since Lord knows when and, soon the song of the night blended him into my mind as the memory of what I had thought of him earlier in my life resurfaced, only now I wasn’t a little child.

I felt my face redden as I locked in on my thoughts. How could I have such thoughts about my own father! Yet, as I tried to force the thoughts from my mind, they only grew even larger. No matter how hard I tried, my embarassement quickly turned to lusty feelings. Try as I might, I wanted to have this man- my own father- in ways I could not have. I wanted to hold him, have him touch me and, most of all, I wanted to wake up beside his naked body. By the time it was time to go, the orb of the moon had started to rise above the horizon.

“You okay?” Dad asked as we started down the hill.

“Yeah,” I replied, looking down at the bare surface of the road. “I just don’t want this to end.”

“I know what you mean,” he said, taking my left hand in his right hand and squeezing it a bit.

Of all the things to get me going at that time was him touching me. Instantly all my hang ups were gone. I wanted this man. I wanted this man now!

“You don’t get it,” I growled. “You just don’t get it, do ya?”

“What is wrong?” He asked, confusion tearing at his voice.

“I happen to be in love with you, that’s what’s wrong.”

“But, I love you too.”

“I mean I love you more than you wantta know.”

He put his hand on my shoulder, turned me to face him them, ever so slowly, pulled me to him. “I know more than you think I do,” he said, his hand slowly sliding down my back and over my butt.

“Oh, my God,” I moaned out, “Have we gone crazy, or what?”

“Call it what you want. All I know is I have thought about if for a very long time.”

There, in the moonlit night, my father moved his hands over my pants covered ass. My body shuddered with a building lust as the sounds of the night seemed to now exploded in my mind. No longer was there a fear of what I felt, only an acceptance of what we both felt. I wanted him even more now when I knew he wanted me. I pulled myself even closer to him as he explored my backside with building passion. I knew, in my heart, this night was going to change so many views I had never paid the slightest bit of attention to. Now, in the moonlight my father became more man and less father as I, his little girl, became more woman to him than just his daughter.

The walk home was in total silence except for the sounds all around us. We both knew what was about to happen; each being caught up in the mental anguish of knowing we were about to into the realm of the forbidden.

The next thing I knew, we wee in his bedroom, the only light being offered by the moonlight flowing in through the window and parted curtains.

“You’re so beautiful,” my father said as his fingers undid the top button of my white blouse.

“I want you,” I moaned back as his fingers taunted me with a slowness no man had offered me. He was in no hurry as, button by button, he stripped me of both my clothes and my inhibitions.

I started to pull the blouse off as soon as he had undone the last button, but he pushed my hands away from the light blue material, whispering to me that he intended to take his time on what he had wondered about for several years. My hands feel to my side, wondering myself what his fantasies might have been.

“Nice,” he whispered, pulling the front of the blouse open, revealing a thin, white bra that stood between him and my flesh. “God, I want you so bad.”

“I want you too,” I moaned back as he bent forward, kissing at my now fully erect nipples through the thin material.

I had never had anyone play at my breasts like this before. It felt so nice to feel lips and hot breath through the silky material. His lips massaged, first my left nipple then the right one, until I thought they would push through the bra and deeper between his lips.

Faster and faster her worked his lips on my nipples, his hands slowly undoing my jeans and pushing both them and my skimpy panties down my thighs.

“Take the bra off,” Dad whispered, then started kissing his way down over the bare flesh of my chest until, with a loud gasp from my lips, his tongue played around, and around my belly button. To me, in that instant, I wanted his kisses to be laid so much lower. I tried to move to undo my bra, but the passions his tongue was brazzers porno building in me made me stand before him unable to move.

When his kisses moved down over the meeting of my body and thighs, I gasped out loud, trying to open my legs even wider as his kisses moved down my right thigh. Lower and lower he kisses and, with each kiss, he pushed the jeans and panties further down my legs. My legs were now shaking. I wanted him to not stop as he blended me in an emotional blender, mixing me, my passions and deep lust with the moonlight and his hot kisses.

When he went to lift my right leg to remove the pant leg, I wobbled about, my left leg unable to keep from letting me fall. With a knowing smile, Dad stood back up, smiled lovingly at me and slowly lowered me to the soft surface of the bed. As the velvety, red bedspread caressed my body, he simply slid the clothes from my feet and instant before he removed my socks.

What he did next I had never dreamed of. I gasped out loud as his lips kissed the tip of each toe so gently that I thought his kisses had become more of a child of the gentle breeze that pushed in past the sheer white curtains.

“What are you doing?” I moaned out, laying my head back, trying in vain to figure out what it was I should be doing besides laying here and enjoying what he was doing.

“Making love to your toes, silly,” he chuckled, obviously fully understanding what he was creating in me.

My God! No one had ever done this to me. Never. If I was shocked it was only short-termed as a giggle escape my gapping lips. This wasn’t bad, and the fact that the man making it start to feel so damn good was my own father now only heightened my lusty feelings.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned when I felt his hot tongue slide between my toes for the first time. “That feels so wild.” Hmm, “wild” I was even starting to sound like the man I had once thought was so old fashion but, as his tongue tortured my mind, I discovered that I had been the old fashion one by ignoring for too long what I really wanted from this man.

Frankly, I didn’t know I could get so wet with lips on my feet and toes but, as he paid close attention to every inch of my feet, I found myself maybe wetter than any time before. I wanted to scream. I wanted to laugh. It all seemed just so bizarre to look down over my bra to see this man teaching me more about myself than I had thought could exist. No longer was this the man who helped create me. Now this was the man creating me in a new and most erotic way.

I forced the bra up over my breasts, my fingertips quickly finding my hard nipples as his kisses started working up my leg. Inch by inch he kissed his way towards the spot no one had ve kissed. Inch by inch my heartbeat thundered out a growing need for this man, my own father, to lay claim to my wet needs in any manner he saw fit.

He made the first kiss a most scared kiss. Gentle and yet demanding. He taunted me! He made my mind cry out to the moon and stars as he slowly kissed up and down my wet slit. Kiss after kiss he lavished a silent worshiping of my womanhood. For once I was really hot, needing more of his attentions but, as my moans tip-toed into the moonlit room, I wanted him inside me.

“Make love to me, Daddy,” I moaned.

The reply I got was more than anyone had taken the time to show me. His tongue slid deep into my slit, feeling its way around until, with a shriek from my lips, it found my hot, swollen clit. No tongue had ever ventured here. No man had ever touched this swollen need. Instantly, I was in over my head.

“Oh, God,” I whimpered down to my father. “Please don’t stop. It feels so. . . “

I was now speechless as the tongue played over and around my clit. All my mind wanted to do was feast on the fantastic feelings of what a tongue could create. I had never thought such feelings could be created in me, let alone by this man now creating the wildest feelings I had ever known. No! Words were not going to be allowed to filter in and interfere with these feelings of utter, pure lust and need.

Faster and faster, the tongue worked over and around my clit. My hands slapped at the bed covers as my climax seemed to start boiling all over my body. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, he pressed his needs into mine, creating harsher, more demanding needs in a mind now content to push the world away, dwelling in the heat and passions of my father’s lovemaking.

I felt the climax explode in my head. I pulsed down my body, entering my clit seks filmi as if a calling for more of his attention. My hips lifted from the bed, allowing Dad much more access to his lust-tortured daughter. My first “real” climax! Hot. Demented. This man was making it impossible to ever go back to that world I had known but hours ago. A climax! My mind gasped out with words I could not understand. My lips gasped out for only more as his hands slid under my ass, raising and opening even more for his sweet attentions.

Never had I been touched in this way. Now I knew what I had been missing and, in knowing just that, I kicked my butt for not having paid more attention to my budding feelings of need from a man I had once thought forbidden. I could only lay there and scream out for more.

“You taste so good,” my father’s words interrupted my thoughts.

I looked to him, finding him slowly removing his clothes as if a show for only my eyes. Any other man his age seemed so old but, as his body was exposed to my eyes, I could only desire him even more. Trim and tanned he bent down to toss his clothes aside, the moonlight playing over his nakedness in the most romantic of ways.

On the bed beside me, his lips found mine. A deeply demanding kiss, the likes I had never known, brought a deep sigh to my lips. The fingers of his left hand played delightfully in the wet, matted hair between my legs, building my passionate needs back to a state of total need as his lips explored my lips then the side of my neck.

Into me slid first one finger, followed shortly by a second. Deeper and deeper he enter my wet depths, creating a new building need for wanton pleasure that would know no bounds, He touched me here and there where I never had thought I had any feelings at all. My fingers played in his hair as his fingers taunted my mind, and his lips caressed first one nipple then the other. I now felt more like a Goddess and less the young woman of a few hours ago.

I felt him move up on me. Felt his cock, glistening with his man’s needs, trace a hot path up my thighs as he moved to claim me for his own. His lips were again on my nipples, playing from one to the other as I gasped out to his entry.

“Oh, God, yes,” I moaned out, my hips rising to meet him.

“You feel so good,” Dad said, only stopping his tongue play on my nipples long enough to whisper his lust-craved words to me. “You’re so tight.”

“I love you,” I moaned.

“I love you too, Baby,” he replied as he fully entered my wet body.

The men I had been with before would have now started banging hard to get what they needed, but Dad just held himself fully in me as he kissed and licked at my breasts. He was surely in no hurry as the thought of who was deep in my body brought my mind back to its urgent needs.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, savoring the very taste of words I never thought I would say but, now all I wanted to feel was his exploding deep inside me.

Slowly he slid back on me then, as I yelped in surprise, he slammed his body hard against mine. Thrust after thrust he made my climb the mountain of needs that had built inside of me since he had first paid eyes on my naked, yielding body.

“Oh, God. Oh God, Daddy, I’m coming,” I heard my words escape from my lips as my body reach out with pure lust to capture him in my wetness.

Faster and faster he thrust into me, building my climatic needs with each hot, deep entry. His cock felt hot and demanding now, not like a father would be, but like a lover would be. My chest heaved as my breathing went wild with the explosion of surrendering that now had overtaken me.

With a shrill animal-like cry, I lifted my hips to his thrusting, only to hear his own surrendering to his lusty needs. My hips soon slammed him in as deep as I could get him, my mind going wild with the feeling of each hot surge of his manly juices deep into my hot, seething body.

Even as his cock lost its hardness, his lips played over my now content tits. Before such words as “fuck”, “tits” and a whole host of others were dirty words, but now as our juices blended inside me, they had become the most real of all that I had known in my short life.

I played with his soft cock before we feel asleep. I had never before touched a man here after he had cum. This was interesting as I giggled and talked about the many thoughts I had suppressed for too many years. Dad held me close, kissing my hair from time to time as he told me of how long he had yearned for just what had happened. By the time the moonlight had moved from one side of the room, I was fast asleep in the arms of the man I would sleep with every night from here on. By the time dawn was here, I would wake up with not only the my father, but with my lover. My dreams had to be the sweetest of dreams that night.

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