From Claire to Davina Pt. 03

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Author’s note: If you haven’t already, I ask you to read parts one and two. A big thanks again to 29wordsforsnow. If you haven’t checked out his writing you are missing out.


From Claire to Davina, Pt 03: Clubbing and rubbing

Stepping out of her Uber, Davina arrived at the downtown club to meet her friends, for what she hoped would be a wild night.

“Wow! Is that you, Claire?” her friend Jenna asked enthusiastically.

Her other friend Ashley said, “Holy shit you look hot!”

The two friends were admiring Claire’s cleavage bearing latex bustier, and scandalous short black wet look mini skirt. They were both shocked and surprised at the clothes, or lack thereof Claire was wearing.

Claire’s friends, Jenna and Ashley were in their late 20s, while Claire was 35. The age difference didn’t keep them from hanging out, as they all worked as online teachers at a nearby college. Jenna and Ashley were drop dead gorgeous blondes. Both were well endowed, with nice round bubble butts.

The buxom blondes knew I was a big flirt, and that I had been inappropriate towards them a couple times before. But if you saw them you would understand why I was eye fucking them, and not on my best behaviour.

While my wife Claire is reserved and married, her friends are wild and single. So when Jenna and Ashley heard about the incident with August at the party, the two suggested taking Claire out to get her mind off things, and blow off some steam. Club’s were not Claire’s scene at all, but for a cock tease like Davina that was a different story.

“So you like?” Claire said to her friends coyly.

They replied “Yes” at the same time.

“I just want to have some fun, but tonight I’m not boring old Claire. Tonight I’m sexy Davina.”

Her friends thought it was a great idea.

“Where’s your pervy husband?” Ashley inquired.

Everyone laughed.

“He’s locked up at home doing chores,” Davina said with an evil smirk.

Everyone at the table laughed again. If only they knew she wasn’t kidding. The girls began to have a few drinks, and with each one Davina was getting more drunk and more confident. She was revelling in the visual attention, from both men and even some women in the packed bar. Not innocent flirting but instead lots of fuck me eyes.

It was just after 9 pm, when Claire said to her friends, “I’m going to go and FaceTime hubby now, and let him know what he’s missing.” She giggled, as she made a sexy pose for them.

“You go, girl!” her friends said, urging her on.

“OK, Davina, should we order you another drink?” Jenna asked.

My wife responded, “Yeah, how about two.”

As Davina left, Ashley said to Jenna, “I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but I love this Davina.”

Meanwhile, I was at home doing dishes trying to get my list of chores done. I still had some time before my wife would arrive home. ‘She said if I got my chores done, and done well that I might get to fuck her.’ I would do anything to get this evil contraption off my cock.

I had my phone nearby the sink when it rang. Answering it, it said FaceTime with Claire. I hoped it was Claire, but I knew it was Davina as soon as I answered.

“Hi hubby, how are the chores going?” She giggled, as her glittery tits jiggled, looking to escape her latex bustier.

“Jenna and Ashley love my new look. They were ogling me much like you do them. Any who. What do you think of my outfit? The men here at the club seem to love it.”

She looked like sex, but what she did next almost made me drop the phone. My brunette wife lifted up her super short skirt from the back and put the phone there for me to see. First thing I noticed was she wasn’t wearing any underwear. And then realised, “My god, Claire, what’s in your ass?”

“It’s Davina,” as she quickly corrected me. “Well, hun, that’s a jewelled buttplug I needed to accessorize for tonight.” In a teasing tone she asked, “You like? I got one for you too, although yours is much bigger.”

She giggled again, and said, “It’s making me wet and really horny.”

“Today, while you went to the sports store, I went to the sex shop,” she said proudly. “The plug was a little uncomfortable at first, but now it’s really turning me on. Too bad you have chores, or you could come down here and fuck me. Well at least try,” she laughed. She was making a sarcastic comment about the cage presently digging into my penis courtesy of her.

“Well hubby, make sure you keep the phone close by? Here’s something to remember me by.” As she said that she lifted her skirt again, and panned to her wet neatly trimmed pussy with the phone.

My wife said, “You won’t be the only man that gets to see it tonight, but unfortunately you won’t be the first to get a close-up.”

The video reminded me of my failure to put out her fire before she left for the club.

She finished with “Ta Ta” as her bulging, glittered up tits bounced enticingly, before hanging up. No underwear, a buttplug. This wasn’t Claire at all, but then I realized she’s not Claire, levent escort she’s Davina.

Just a month ago, sex with Claire was something I could take or leave, but fast forward to tonight, it was all I could think about. Davina had me by the balls.

I was now getting scared at the what if’s, like, ‘What the hell is going on at that club? What was Davina up to? What would the next FaceTime include?’ My imagination was running wild, while my cock was trying to at the thought of all the dirty, naughty things she might be doing.

=== Back at the club ===

After the phone call, Davina returned to her friends.

“How did it go, Davina?” Jenna asked her.

Davina replied, “Well he’s mistakenly waiting up for this,” pointing to her sinful body.

The friends laughed and continued drinking. It was nearing 10 now.

“Hey guys,” Davina said, “I have to send him another update on the fun we are having, but I’m going to need your help? Ashley, would you like to do a shot?”

“OK, let’s do one,” Ashley replied.

“Your job, Jenna, is to record it on my phone.” Davina passed the phone to her friend.

Shortly after the waitress brought them their shots, two Buttery Nipples. It was a sweet shot containing vodka, butterscotch schnapps, coffee liqueur and Irish cream topped off with whipped topping. Ashley drank it down, but had some whipped cream left around her mouth.

Davina then proposed an idea to tease me yet again.

“OK, let’s hear it”, said Jenna.

“Well Ash, how about I put the shot in between your amazing tits and then drink it?” Davina then looked down at Ashley’s boobs. All the girls were pretty drunk now, and Ashley agreed that would be hot. My wife handed the shot to Ashley who put it between her mountain of cleavage in her white tube top.

“OK, Jenna, start recording,” said Davina.

Davina walked up to Ashley slowly before looking at her with pure lust. Claire was never into women, but Davina was pretty drunk and super horny. She put her face in between Ashley’s breasts and took the shot, gripping it with her silver lined mouth. Some of the whipped cream from the shot spilled into Ashley’s cleavage. Ashley went to wipe it away, but Davina stopped her.

“I have a better idea.”

My wife came up to the buxom blonde, and started licking the whipped cream slowly from in between her tits. Looking up occasionally to make eye contact with her sexy friend. Ashley was a little surprised, but had to admit her brunette friend’s tongue felt really good. Thinking it was over, Ashley went to move away, but Davina put her arms around her and leaned in, while gazing into her blue eyes.

My wife said seductively, “You have some whipped cream around your mouth. Let me get it for you.”

Ashley was still in shock from having her tits licked so she just stood there. Next my wife took her liqueur laced tongue and started licking the whipped cream from the blonde’s mouth slowly. Davina grabbed her blonde friends exquisite ass, pulling her in close so their huge tits were now rubbing together.

Ashley saw that Davina had some whipped cream around her mouth too. She thought it would be funny and sexy if she did the same thing, but as she was licking it off her friends mouth, Davina brought her in closer, and started kissing her madly. Ashley was shocked, but her friend’s tongue felt amazing on hers.

‘She’s a great kisser,’ thought Ashley.

Losing herself in the kiss, the bubble butt blonde was getting turned on from not only the kiss, but the rubbing of the latex bustier on her tube top. Both women’s nipples were hardening as they were each lost in the lust induced lip lock.

With the friends roaming their hands all over each other’s bodies, Jenna snapped them back to reality, “OK, guys this is great.”

For one last laugh Ashley flipped up Davina’s skirt so it would be recorded as well.

“Oh my god,” Jenna said, “Was that what I think it was? Are you wearing a buttplug with no underwear?”

Davina nodded proudly.

“You are crazy, girl,” Jenna said. “I love wearing them, but I would never wear one in public.”

Ashley was surprised as well, she then asked if Jenna got it on camera.

“Sure did,” said Jenna.

“Excellent,” said Davina.

“Are you going to send that to your husband?” Ashley asked.

Davina laughed and said, “I’m going to not only send it, but I’m going to send his cock into a tizzy as well.”

“I can’t believe this is the shy conservative Claire we work with,” a shocked Jenna said.

“Remember tonight I’m not conservative Claire, I’m Davina.”

“We were talking earlier, and both me and Jenna love this new persona Davina,” Ashley said.

“Yeah we hope to see her again soon?” said Jenna.

Davina replied, “I think I can make that happen”, she smiled confidently at the girls before they all broke into laughter.

After a few more drinks Davina thought it would be a good time to check in again with me. “Excuse me one sec, ladies, beyoğlu escort gotta text my hopeless hubby.”

The text read, “Hey, hubby, just did a shot with Ash.”

This is weird, my wife isn’t a big drinker, yet here she is not only at a club, but at a club getting drunk with next to nothing on. ‘I’m sure she’s behaving, isn’t she?’, trying to reassure myself.

Not even a minute after the first text I received another. It said how to do a shot and there was a video attached.

“OK, so they did a shot, big deal.”

I pressed play on my phone and what unfolded was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. I thought Ashley and my wife were going to have sex the way they were going at it. Well they basically did, the way they were rubbing up, touching, and kissing each other. The video was incredible, but what was not was the considerable strain it was putting on my cock.

‘You bitch,’ I thought to myself. ‘I have to get rid of this cage, I’m so fucking horny. I need a release. A release from this cage and a sexual one as well.’

=== Back at the club ===

“How does it feel?” Jenna asked.

“How does what feel?” Davina inquired.

“The buttplug?”

“Honestly, Jenna, it’s making me really horny,” Davina blushed.

“You know what’s making me really H, guys?” Ashley said, “That guy over there.”

They all looked over at the table situated just across from the dance floor.

“Oh my god, that looks like Jason Momoa,” said Jenna.

“He’s so fucking hot!” Ashley replied.

“Who? That guy sitting there or the actor?” Davina inquired.

“Both!” Jenna exclaimed.

The guy sitting at the table bore a striking resemblance to the Dothrakian from Game of Thrones.

“Look at his muscles he’s fucking gorgeous!” Jenna exclaimed while fanning herself.

Ashley chimed in, “Yeah if he wasn’t with the skank at the bar, I would go talk to him and be his khaleesi.”

They all laughed.

“Hey, Claire? I mean Davina, isn’t that the slut from the party?” Ashley asked.

“What slut?” Davina replied.

“The one from your dinner party a couple of months ago,” Jenna said.

“Oh my god, it’s August, and she’s returning from the bar and talking to our man,” Davina said angrily.

‘What are the odds?’ my wife thought to herself. Davina finished her drink slamming it down before telling her friends, time for a little payback.

“What are you talking about, Claire? Sorry, I mean Davina?” but before Jenna could ask the question Davina was gone. She was on a mission now, walking towards the table the man and women were sitting, and standing by.

As Davina got closer, she saw August flirting it up with the guy her friends were fawning over.

Davina said to herself, ‘Time to give this bitch a taste of her own medicine.’

As Davina approached the table, she pretended to lose her balance. Davina started to fall forward, but just like she planned the vixen didn’t land on the floor, she landed right on the hunk’s crotch. Her tits were resting on his jeans, feeling a bulge while her face ended up buried in his abs. His abs were rock hard just like how she planned to make his cock.

As Davina inched her face up his chest, the guy looked at her, and asked, “Are you all right?” in a worried tone.

“I’m sorry I was going to get a drink and then I fell, but I guess the saying is true.”

“What saying?” he asked, taking the bait. Making eye contact with his beautiful brown eyes, my wife replied, “Well sometimes good things fall right into your lap,” as she smiled flirtatiously.

She then licked her lips in a coquettish manner as she continued locking eyes with the muscular man.

Smiling back, the hunk said, “Yeah, I guess so. What’s your name?”

“I’m Davina and you are?”

“I’m Jason,” he replied.

“That’s too funny, me and my friends said you look like the actor Jason Momoa.”

He replied shrugging his huge shoulders, “I get that a lot.”

My wife decided to turn up the heat, as she leaned in and whispered, “I think you’re hotter,” while stroking his chest. In a sexy voice Davina said, “Let me guess with those big muscles you’re a cop?”

He shook his head.

“You were close, but guess again.”

“Are you a firefighter?” she was hoping and praying that was the answer, as she rubbed his chest.

He nodded yes.

Davina was now sitting on Jason’s lap before she whispered again into his ear, “Are you used to working with a big hose?” She licked his earlobe slowly, freezing him, but not his cock.

He nodded, amazed at the words coming from this woman he just met.

She now leaned over pressing her tits into his side, while the other hand she used for balance felt his rapidly growing dick. Whispering again, she said, “It’s good to know you have a big hose.”

He answered, “Why’s that?”

Davina in a sexy breathy voice said, “Because I have a five-alarm fire in my pussy.”

If Jason thought the woman’s words were dirty kağıthane escort before, then she had now upped her game to filthy.

“The fire was a two when I got here, but now it’s raging out of control after meeting you,” Davina said.

A surprised and excited Jason told her, “I’m good at putting out fires.”

Davina had him right where she wanted him. Well, not exactly, she would have liked him in between her legs pounding her pussy with his huge cock.

August couldn’t believe the scene unfolding in front of her, a woman beating her at her own twisted game.

“Are those your friends over there?” he asked, pointing at Davina’s table. He waved at Jenna and Ashley who were watching on from afar and more than happy to wave back.

“Yeah,” Davina said, “Who are you here with?”

He replied, “My friends, they just went to dance. Do you dance?” he inquired.

Davina responded flirtatiously, “Can you believe my husband, he says I’m not a very good dancer.”

Surprised, he said, “You’re married?”

“Unfortunately,” replied Davina.

“Well as for being a good dancer, let me judge for myself,” Jason said. “Do you want to go dance with me?” he asked her, at the same time ignoring August, like she was last week’s news.

Davina smiled, “No, but how about I dance for you?”

“Where?” he asked.

“How about right here?” said my wife.

“Right here?” he exclaimed.

She nodded pushing out her heaving chest.

The song came on. It was Nelly’s “Hot in here”, and it was about to get even hotter. Davina stood up on her thigh high boots and turned her ass to Jason, before sitting down on him. To the beat she grinded her ass into his crotch. She then took his hands and placed them on her huge tits.

As she leaned back, she sang to him, “I am getting so hot. I’m going to take my clothes off.”

She got off his lap before bending over to touch the floor while shaking her ass right in his face. Jason couldn’t believe she wasn’t wearing underwear, but he was even more surprised at what he saw flashing through the lights in the bar. The girl dancing in front of him was wearing a buttplug. The orange jewelled plug was visible while she continued to twerk her butt right in his face.

“Why don’t you slap my ass, big boy?” Davina asked.

He did, as she continued to shake her round ass.

She turned around to face him. Next she straddled him pushing her glitter tits up towards his mouth. She locked in on his eyes. Again singing, “I am getting so hot, I’m going to take my clothes off.” She was now grinding her super wet pussy into his hard on while her jugs danced enticingly inches from his face. Davina was close to cumming from the dance and the feeling of friction from the jeans and his huge cock. The song ended, she was still straddling him.

Jason said, “I don’t know what your husband is talking about. You’re a great dancer.”

She said, smiling proudly, “Thanks, I guess I just needed the right guy to dance for.”

“I gotta ask though,” Jason said, “what does he think of that outfit?”

Davina took her finger and rubbed it on the key dangling between her chest before bringing it up to her mouth. She said mischievously, “I don’t care what he thinks. Do you like my outfit?” as she pointed, pressing her finger into his chest.

He nodded in a trance like state.

“Is it up to code?” as she stuck her tits in his face again.

He nodded again, “I can’t believe you are wearing a buttplug, you’re wild.”

“Well, Jason, a girl has to accessorize.”

“I gotta ask,” as he stared into her heaving chest, “what’s the key for?”

“It’s for my husband.”

“Bet you keep him under lock and key.”

She leaned right in and whispered, “If you only knew,” her tits were so close to spilling out as the cleavage pressed into his face again. Davina continued her tease as she said, “I think I would be a great firefighter.”

Jason looked at her and asked, “And why is that?”

Still straddling him, Davina pushed her tits up into his face yet again, as she whispered in his ear, “Because I’m good at sliding down poles.”

Jason almost blew his load in his pants when he heard that. He was squirming in his seat, Davina knew he was finished, it was time to go now.

She whispered, “Thanks for the dance, see you in my dreams tonight.” She got up and started to walk away swaying her hips seductively.

August looked stunned, as Davina approached her.

Davina said to her, “Sorry about that, I guess I’m clumsy like my husband. That’s how it’s done, bitch!” She then swatted August in the ass before returning to her table. If Davina stayed with Jason, she would have fucked him seven ways from Sunday. Her mouth, her pussy, her huge tits. Hell, she would have even let him fuck her virgin ass.

As Davina returned to her table, Jenna said to her, “My god that was hot. You should have seen the look on that whore August’s face.”

Ashley piped in, “Thought you might want to relive that, so I got her reaction as well as your dance with that hunk on video.” Then in unison, Davina’s friends said, “Does he have a big cock?”

Davina smiled, nodding at them, before she said, “Time for one last video to send to my husband.” Everyone laughed. Davina had her revenge, and a very wet pussy after teasing Jason mercilessly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32