First Meeting Pt. 02

Big Tits

Grasping my erection, you lead me towards your bedroom.

Suddenly, you turn on me, anger flashing in your eyes. “I just came on your face, gave you the gift of my orgasm, allowed you to taste my pussy. And not a word of thanks from you!”

Quickly, I drop to my knees, begging your forgiveness and thanking you again and again for the privilege of being used for your pleasure. Before I can finish my apology, you spin on your heels and continue towards your bedroom, and I jump up to follow.

You point to your bed, and I lay down as commanded. In a flash you are astride me, pinning my wrists to the bed with your hands. For the first time, I get to kiss your other lips, our tongues dueling. I become aware of your pelvis moving. You are moving your slit up and down against my hardness. With a thrust of my hips I could easily impale you and slide into your wet, hot pussy, but I know better than to try anything without your expressed permission. Back and forth you ride me between your labia, finally concentrating the pressure on your clit. Your breath is ragged in my ears, and soon you are singing your second orgasm in my ear. Such sweet music to me! When you finish, I do not forget to express my gratitude for your gift!

After a short rest, you climb my body toward my head, leaving a trail of your wetness on me as you go. Settling down on my face, you let the robe close around yourself. Now my entire world exists there in the wet heat yenimahalle escort between your legs, your pubic hair tangling with my beard and mustache. Immediately, I am lost in your scent, your taste, the rocking of your hips against my tongue and my lips and my entire face. You are lubricating so much now that I am thoroughly soaked with your fluids.

You come again, and I know you are coming because you tell me so between gasps and moans. “Coming, coming now, oh, oh, oh god, so good, coming”, you sing over and over. Your pussy grinds me into the pillow, your thighs squeeze me tightly.

Together, we enjoy your climax, together bringing you slowly back to reality. In your heat, you throw the robe off but stay seated, your hips still rocking gently. I can tell you are in for the long haul, and I am thrilled to be servicing you, to be giving you the pleasure that you deserve. I have told you how I believe the female orgasm is a work of art, performed on the most beautiful instrument in creation, your labia, vagina and clitoris. You are determined to prove to me what an artist you are.

With the robe gone, I can watch you come again, hanging onto the headboard with all your might. All sense of time is lost, as you ride my face to orgasm after orgasm. I have no idea how many you have. You seem to be skipping from one to another, like a stone skips across the surface of a lake. What amazing sexual creatures women ankara escort are, to be able to take such pleasure like this.

You move off me, seemingly sated for the moment. I hold you in my arms, as you rest from your exertions, your hips jerking from time to time in aftershock. Your breathing comes back to normal, and your hands toy with my penis, while you gather your strength for the next go-round.

Moving onto your back, you pull me atop you, my erection at your entrance. With a roll of your hips, you begin to engulf me, slowly taking me in, controlling my entry, not permitting me to plunge into you, which is what I really want to do. There are no words to describe what it feels like to enter a woman for the first time, the slippery tightness of her vagina, the wetness and heat, the journey that I wish would never end.

When you had taken half of me into you, you reverse the direction, pushing my hips away from you, not to frustrate me but to allow your passage to open comfortably and for my cock to be throughly lubricated. Then your heels on my buttocks push me forward again, sinking me down into you till our pubic bones come together.

Locking my gaze with yours, you order me, “Now, hard and deep. But, don’t you come!” You have no idea what a difficult task you’ve given me, but I try my best to satisfy you, plunging into you, while holding back the come that wants to explode out of me. All this seems to have the desired effect on you, and again, I have no idea how many orgasms you have. Sometimes you tell me you are coming. Sometimes, I have to guess, based on your cries of pleasure and the slamming of your hips to meet my thrusts.

Before I lose control, you take mercy on me and push me off you. Between gasps you tell me I have done well, “…for your first time. For your reward, you can pick the position you want to use when you come in me.”

“May I please come into you doggie?” I ask. You smile and nod. Piling the pillows up under your hips, you present yourself to me. As I come up behind you, you reach under and guide my cock into you. As I begin to move, I see your contented, satisfied expression, as your body rocks to my movements. In this position, my hardness is rubbing directly against your pubic bone and G-spot. If I’m not mistaken, you come one more time, just as my body empties into you. The only way I can describe what it feels like for me to come is to say that it is as if I am are trying to break thru a plastic membrane, that stretches and stretches, until my finger finally breaks thru. that is when I start to ejaculate. My pleasure is intense, and it feels if you are sucking my entire being into you with my ejaculation.

For the moment, we are satisfied and exhausted. Tired though I may be, I know to tell you how grateful I am that you have so generously allowed me to come inside you. I thank you profusely for the chance to pleasure you, and I would be honored to be used by you again. Your smile tells me that as soon as you have rested and recharged, I can expect that that is exactly what is going to happen.

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