First Day of Summer Ch. 2


Returning from the kitchen I found the girls still in their prone positions ready to fall asleep from their drunken stupor. Realizing that the day would go unfulfilled, I took out my pack of cards, laid Twister and the bottle of baby oil on the coffee table, and began to rouse the girls awake. I then had Julie and Amanda refasten all of their loose clothing and then proceeded to implement the second portion of my, so far, wildly successful plan. I know what you’re saying why be greedy? Take the pussy and run, right? My answer to you is that I didn’t get to this position in life by being charitable and humble, I was going to go for broke. I had the chance to see all of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations fulfilled before I was twenty and I was going for it.

“Alright ladies that was fucking fantastic, for all of us as I’m sure you all agree. Now I want to play another game, that is if you’re up for it.”

“What game are we talking about here?” asked Amanda who was now fully alert with mischievous curiosity, her former state of drowsiness was completely gone.

“I was thinking of strip blackjack. I would have chosen strip poker but I don’t know how to play poker,” I admitted sheepishly

“Nate, I think it would be smarter if we stopped before we go too far. You know that I’m saving myself for marriage and I don’t want to get pregnant before we’re married.” An amazingly astute concern from someone who had by now developed an appreciable drunken slur. I was beginning to think it was all going to end now, over one of the most retarded comments I ever heard, when Julie saved the day.

“Amanda it’s not like Nate said he was going was going to fuck us. If he did want to have sex he would have tried it on us by now and he hasn’t. I don’t know about you but the idea sounds fun and I wouldn’t mind getting another look at his dangle and I’ve always wondered bursa escort how you would look like naked, you have an unbelievable figure, you’re so tall…” It was then that I cursed myself for not bringing along a recording instrument with me. I never tire of hearing a girl saying the word “fuck” in a sexual context, provided they weren’t involved in the adult entertainment industry.

“So it’s settled then, we’re all playing. Hostess goes first as is usual and don’t forget girls you each have two bottles of alcohol left and they better be polished off before Julie’s parents show up.” Now that the near catastrophe was averted I realized that allowing the effects of the alcohol to wear off was a mistake and I was determined to get the girls as soaked with booze as possible.

We sat in our rough circle and started playing immediately, going as quickly through the card playing part as possible to make up for the time when we actually stripped. I won the first game and Julie and Amanda both weren’t wearing any socks so they instead started off with their halter tops, leaving themselves clad in bras. Julie’ breasts were barely contained by her large bra. I’m sorry if you were looking for a more detailed description of the bras, but I don’t wear them. Amanda who I always thought was less than average in the tits department showed remarkable size, although her breasts were dwarfed by those of Julie’s. Julie won the next game and I took off my shirt and socks to make the game gender neutral while Amanda took off her shorts, leaving herself in nothing more than her bra and panties. Her remarkably long and lush legs became achingly beautiful now that the fat of the upper thighs was clearly visible. Julie too, couldn’t help but take notice as she plainly stared and whistled playfully at Amanda.

I won again and malatya escort Julie took off her shorts showing her more voluptuous but shorter legs, with the creamy white thighs I just wanted to eat up. Amanda, yet to win a game took off her top and let her breasts run free. They were rather unremarkable except for the fact that she still had the remnants of puffy nipples and they were standing at full attention, betraying her obvious excitement. Losing control, I asked Amanda if I could touch them. With her voice barely above a whisper Amanda said yes.

I immediately, but oh so gently, touched Amanda’s nipple, as she shuddered with anticipation. I then traced my fingers along her nipples and without warning lowered my head and began to suckle her right puffy nipple, it was amazingly soft and I began to suckle harder. Amanda was now shaking uncontrollably and breathing deeply but she wasn’t in a hurry to stop me, it seemed. Breaking away from the sublime experience I motioned Julie to join me on the other nipple. Julie came hesitantly and smiling nervously, began to suckle slowly and hesitantly on Amanda’s left nipple. Amanda’s moans grew louder and she began to stroke her mound. Julie then broke off the suckling wanting to get back to finishing the game. Always thinking of herself, she definitely was a self-centered tart.

Amanda won the next game, staving off the removal of her panties. I took off my pants and was left in nothing but my skivvies. Julie surprised all of us by taking off her panties and leaving on her bra.

“You guys have already seen my pussy so I’m going to save my tits for the big finish.” It worked for me.

Amanda made it two in a row and so me and Julie both ended up naked. I went first and the girls squealed with delight as my penis popped open into view again.

Amanda çanakkale escort asked if she could touch it and I let her nimble fingers probe the length of my member. Amanda then shocked everyone by putting my dick into her mouth! She then graciously proceeded to give me head. Although it was awkward at first, Amanda soon learned to keep a rhythm. I must have came within a minute and to this day it is the greatest oral sex experience I have ever had. When I had came Julie took over, stroking my now flaccid dick and when it began to harden, at a maddeningly slow rate, she began to suck on it. Her soft lips caressed and punished the tip before she fully engulfed my penis. Again, my performance was pitiful as I lasted no longer than three minutes. Still it was a great experience for all of us virgins.

After the blow jobs were done Julie stood up and giggling madly began to do a slow and drunkenly uncoordinated strip tease while removing her bra. It was the first strip-tease in which the bottom had come off before the top. As she staggered around the room the bra eventually came undone and fell to the ground leaving two ripe, succulent, and beautiful breasts in full view. Me and Amanda just stared wide-eyed at Julie’s enormous breasts which were capped with two perfectly formed, perky pink nipples. Julie, dizzy from her spinning around, collapsed on the ground and Amanda and I immediately pounced on Julie’s tits. I began to suckle the tit I had rather gently but Amanda attacked hers with a fury, biting, darting her tongue around the nipple, and furiously sucking the tit. Julie was going crazy and started to whelp like and a bitch in heat, which I suppose she was. Responding to the beastly nature of this exhibition I descended from Julie’s tit to her nether-region between her legs as I began to eat her cunt. Julie began to moan, then to grunt and then nearly scream as I found her clitoris near the top of her slit while at the same time using my less than expert fingers to prod and pull her labia. This wild reverie must have lasted for over ten minutes after which me and Amanda managed to bring Julie to orgasm. Mutually exhausted, I decided to proceed directly to the hot oil and game of Twister.

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