Finding Out The Truth

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I give special thanks to RainDear for being so helpful with this story. Anyone who would like to email me any feedback may do so at the address in my profile. All flames happily ignored.

* * * * *

Thirty year old Justin and twenty-eight year old April Reed were sitting together, bored as usual, and unable to find anything interesting on TV.

April was a very beautiful lady with long, wavy, chestnut hair and light green eyes. Her breasts stood out nicely, being only palm sized but nicely shaped overall, but her long graceful legs were what drew most men to her and her husband was no exception. The only trait some men found unattractive was her sometimes overly pale skin but this wasn’t a bad thing for those who liked white women.

Justin was a high class white man with bleached blond hair and blue eyes, but a little round in the middle. He had been a stronger man when he was younger, but since he started to eat richer foods and didn’t have the time for exercise, that all began to change. The main criticism that women who knew him would say that he needed to exercise a lot more often but luckily his wife didn’t seem to care about his weight.

A loud ring interrupted the couples’ boredom. Justin picked up the phone with a small sigh of annoyance and, for this, many would have forgiven him for sounding cross on the phone, “Hello, Reed residence?”

A pause, then a familiar voice answered him, “Hey, Justin, this is Mark, your boss and I was wondering if you and your lovely wife would like to have dinner with me sometime?”

A Frown edged downward on his pretty boy lips as a momentary suspicion crossed his mind. Mark Philops was an even more successful man than himself with a killer body unlike Justin but since he was black as midnight, Justin knew Mark would never have a chance in stealing his April away. Ever since Mark had seen a picture of his beautiful wife, he was always being overly friendly by letting him take longer breaks or letting him off early, something which made him suspicious Mark may have a thing for his lovely wife.

“Well let me ask my wife first,” Justin said, nervously, as he covered up the mouthpiece. “Hey, dear, my boss is wondering whether we’d like to go out to have some dinner with him; would you like to go?”

April paid him a blank glance and then a bright smile crossed her full lips, “Sure honey, its been a long time since we’ve gone out lately!” She exclaimed excitedly.

Justin winced slightly at these words; yes, it was true but only because his wife never showed much of a desire to go out to dinner. “Okay, what time would you like to go out and where?”

“How does six thirty, at Sparta’s sound?” Mark asked him with perfect confidence that he would not decline. Predictably, he couldn’t see why not, so Justin hesitantly agreed, unsure why exactly his boss was showing so much interest in him but felt it would be rude to refuse.


April was wearing a long black silky dress which looked like it might have cost a thousand dollars. She didn’t over-decorate herself with jewelry or makeup since this wasn’t really a date or anything; besides, she never had been much of a jewelry or makeup person. Natural was best in her book and to use such cheap charms to look good was a definite sign of insecurity. Nevertheless she still wore some of her favorite pearly lipstick and light eye shadow. To say the least, she was the best looking woman in the restaurant.

Justin was hardly the best looking man in the place; however, due to his extremely expensive tuxedo and nice, shiny black shoes, he still drew some glances from the ladies.

They were walking, hand in hand together, looking like the beautiful couple everyone envied and loved all at the same time. Both were immensely satisfied at the attention they got from other people, singles and couples alike.

Mark was sitting at a fairly discreet table, his body lean and hard as ever, with a suit which looked far more expensive than Justin’s, by far. Getting up, he smiled and shook his employee’s hand briefly and then took April’s hand and kissed it with his thick lips drawing a look of bewilderment upon her beautiful lips since Justin never kissed her hand before.

As they sat down, Justin felt more then a little intimidated by his hulking boss. To most ladies Mark was a very handsome looking black man; in fact, even women who usually didn’t find black men all that attractive found Mark to be an exception. Yet, Justin still firmly believed in his marriage relationship and sincerely doubted his boss would ever be a serious threat to his relationship with April.

Mark was very aggressive in conversation, but then again, that was why he made it so high in the corporation and Justin was still struggling. Usually every time Justin tried to make any sort of comment, Mark would always make him look foolish by finding some way to put him down. Tonight was no exception, whenever he so much as opened his mouth to try and state his opinion about mersin escort something in the conversation, Mark would usually say something along the lines of, “you’re not even trying to follow what I am saying are you, man?” To say the least, it made him sorely regret bringing his wife along to meet his boss.

April, however, didn’t regret meeting this tall dark and handsome stranger. Although she never admitted this to her husband, she always found black men to be extremely attractive in a primal sort of way and Mark’s seeming cleverness impressed her enormously. She didn’t like the way he always put her husband down but at the same time she noticed that Justin always seemed to set himself up. Most of the jokes at her husband’s expense she found to be kind of funny and she had to catch herself from bursting into gales of laughter at the more hurtful ones.

“So, Justy boy, here, came up to me and said how well hung he was and I told him: ‘Compared to what: a pencil?” The laughter came loud and hard from his boss’s lips and Justin was shocked to hear his wife hesitantly join in with a few giggles.

April just couldn’t help it… even though she knew it was hurting Justin’s feelings, it was simply just too funny to hold back. Besides it wasn’t true; in fact, she felt quite the opposite, Justin was seven inches long in the cock department and thus no pencil dick she thought not realizing that this was not exactly true. He was in reality only barely five inches in length and very thin; the whole thing was a lie to cover his insecurity.

She didn’t know all of this however so she told Mark the lie she had believed in for a very long time. “That’s not really true; you know, my husband is seven inches long and as thick as any man’s!”

Mark snorted back laughter, “You wanna make a bet? I know I am a lot bigger then this pencil dick and I can prove it!” His eyes were filled with confidence while she noticed that her husband’s were filled with insecurity and self doubt.

Finally, after some more talk and their meals were finished, Justin looked at his watch and said, “Hey, look at the time… we better get going.”

April ignored her husband for once in her life. “Well, if you’re so big as you seem to think you are why don’t you come to our place and prove it and that way I can prove to you that my husband’s size is really as big as I’ve said it is!” She stated this fiercely, her eyes filled with defense for her husband and natural born curiosity to see another man’s cock.

After a moment of thinking, Mark made up his mind, noticing Justin looked rather shocked by his wife’s boldness. “Sure can do, ma’am. It so happens I have no real plans as of now, so why not.”


The couple made it back to their place with Mark’s much nicer car following closely behind. Justin didn’t look one bit pleased with the way tonight’s events were going. For one thing, he wasn’t nearly as big as he allowed his wife to believe and he was tired of the way his boss seemed to out talk and out think him. He just wanted to go back home with his wife and have their normal five minutes of love making. In fact he began to really regret taking his wife out to meet his boss!

For April’s part, she began to regret saying anything to Justin’s arrogant boss; yet, she was really tired of Mark’s constant put downs towards her husband. Even if she laughed at a few of the jokes at his expense, she felt it was her duty to defend him: If her husband wasn’t going to do it, she would. One thing she never could never tolerate was arrogant men who thought the world of themselves; that, and of course, liars, something she felt Mark was.

As they parked in the driveway, Mark’s car pulled over on the sidewalk. The couple were the first to make it to room. As Mark made his entry into the house and into the living room, he made some criticisms on how to improve the overall living conditions. Even though it was a nice house for above middle class people, Mark still loved to throw it in Justin’s face that he still made a lot more money.

“Okay, now you first, Justin since you’re my husband,” April said, feeling in charge of the situation.

Justin looked down, feeling trapped as he let down his pants and his tight white jocks. His penis was soft yet hardened reluctantly to its full five inches and April made a noise of satisfaction at this but Mark seemed even more amused than usual.

“Man, you call that seven inches? A horse fly is more hung than that!” He said bursting in genuine laughter that made Justin want to pull his pants back up, but a look from his wife stopped him.

Turning to Mark, she said sarcastically, “Okay, now show me yours and lets see how ‘hung’ you really are.”

Confidently, without any form of shyness or hesitation, Mark pulled down his pants and boxers. His cock flopped out and April’s gasp of surprise and shock echoed in the silent room: It looked like it belonged to a horse not a man’s. kocaeli escort Long and thick as her forearm with veins that stood out but seemed to add to its simple beauty and balls which looked to be the size of overly large plums, and the tip was thick and pointy, oozing with precum.

Try as she might, April just couldn’t take her eyes away from it as she felt her juices start to flow. She tried to deny what was in front of her but found she couldn’t, it was just too beautiful. When she made the attempt to look at her husband’s penis, she noticed that it was back to being limp and again found her eyes drawn towards Mark’s huge cock.

“You see, babe, I told you I was way more hung than your pencil dicked husband. Seven fucking inches, my ass!” Mark smiled at her, noticing how much more attention she was paying his than her husband’s.

For April had been very confident Mark was just full of hot air, this was deffinitely a shock; but, still, as a woman whose husband stood before her, she decided to prove to Mark her husband was indeed seven inches. “Wait right here and I’ll go get a tape measure,” she said her eyes still glued to Mark’s big black cock, her stomach clenching in arousal as she momentarily took her eyes off it and left the room hurriedly.

It only took her a couple of minutes to find the cloth tape measure in her closet. She picked it up and walked downstairs not really knowing why she was doing this.

Her husband was standing next to Mark, looking and feeling like a piece of shit next to this better endowed man who was his boss. Kneeling in front of her husband and trying not to stare at Marks big cock she got her husband fully hard by putting Justin’s limp little white cock in her mouth and with a few loud sucking sounds, like a girl sucking on a lollipop, he was hard once again. Opening the tape measure, she measured it from the head to the base and blinked, hardly believing her eyes. The tape measure showed FIVE INCHES! Mark was right after all, it was indeed not even close to being seven inches long. She felt a mix of emotions right then, at first confused as to why her husband had lied to her, and then anger and betrayal set in.

Looking up at her husband, not exactly sure exactly sure what came over her, but knowing she had to say something, “You fucking bastard, here I was defending you about your size and you have shown me to be an idiot by defending a lie!” She hissed angrily. Without realizing what she was doing, she clenched her right hand into a tight fist and jabbed him directly in the balls.

He dropped to the ground, screaming, his hands clenching his groin in agony. Never had his wife struck him, much less in such a vicious fashion. The pain was beyond anything he had ever felt before, emotionally and physically, he suddenly felt as if he was castrated by his wife’s actions.

“Oh my GOD, Mark you are twelve inches! I feel like such a fool.” April apologized as she measured Mark’s awesome cock. Not only did she feel foolish she also felt more aroused than she had ever been before in her life.

Hastily dropping the measuring tape on the ground, she placed her small white hands on this monsterous pole and slowly stroked the foreskin, almost lovingly. She couldn’t help but marvel over the texture: So different from her husband’s, the skin was soft yet the rock hard power behind it was nothing like she had ever felt before. Even when he was, Justin had never really felt like this and even though she couldn’t completely describe the feeling she had at this point, it was far more than anything her husband had ever given her.

April felt the blood rushing to her face as Mark’s strong masculine scent brushed gently agianst her nostrils and without thinking she gently placed her lips on the tip and kissed it softly. Most of her girlfriends described black men as being disgusting and primitive, yet the only man she truly found disgusting and primitive at this point was her husband: a white man. No real man lied about his size or felt insecure about something he had no real control over. As she drew away, she marveled at the size of his balls, huge and filled with baby making juice, and not only that, but, they made her husband’s look like little peanuts.

Looking over at her husband, she noticed that he was recovering faster than she expected and he was looking at her with shock and outrage. The thing that surprised her the most was that she didn’t particularly care about her husband’s opinion anymore. It was as if finding out that her husband had lied to her about his size changed everything and all the respect she once had for Justin was flushed down the drain. Looking away from the pathetic sight of her husband she turned her eyes too Mark’s deep brown eyes, feeling this man was far deeper than her husband ever had been and breathed the burning question that she had ever since she tasted his beautiful precum, “Is it okay if I put your cock in my mouth.” samsun escort

At his nod she gently kissed the tip again licking a tiny amount of precum and then opened her mouth as widely as it possibly could open moaning loudly as the first three inches entered her mouth. It was much different giving Mark a blow job than her loser husbands she noticed. For one thing, it took a lot more effort to get even so much as five delicious inches into her mouth; however, she persisted and soon, she was able to get eight inches into her mouth, much more than most women were capable.

As her head bobbed up and down, occasionally making loud slurping noises, Justin watched, in amazement, the way his wife was hell bent on pleasing this man, something she had never seemed to care all that much about with him. Rising to his feet as he pulled up his pants, he decided to try and put a stop to this. Moving behind his wife, he touched her shoulder tentatively, his testicles still hurt from the punch she had delivered and he really didn’t wan’t to go through that expearence again. The events that followed was even more of a shock to his already delicate feelings.

April slowly withdrew from Mark’s huge black snake and it made a loud popping sound when it finally came out of her mouth. Turning to her husband, annoyed at being interrupted by a filthy liar, even though this scum was her husband, he had no right right to interrupt the only good thing that had ever come into her life. She swiftly sought to calm her raging emotions, not wanting him to know how angry and aroused she really was.

“Honey, sit the fuck down, please. I’m not in the for for your attitude right now so just sit back and let me do what I need to do. Just let me taste something that tastes a whole lot better than your little pecker.”

Without waiting for Justin to do what she had just told him to, she turned back to sucking Mark’s gigantic black dick with an almost tender expression on her face. April was feeling vastly satisfied in putting her hubby in line. For as long as she had been married to Justin, she had always felt as if he was the one calling the shots and she was tired of it. She was weary of having him control everything in her life, like what she wore, how she looked, and how she always got a headache whenever she did or said something that Justin didn’t agree with.

After an hour of hard sucking, Mark finally exclaimed, “I’m comming baby, so hold on… ARGHHHHH!” He groaned in triumph.

The cum came out in such a gush, it filled her mouth with this man’s scent that was so much stronger than her husband’s. Not only that, but it was so much more than anything that came out of her husband’s dick, it had to be four tablespoons at least! After swallowing most of his cum she still had a mouthful and turned to her husband and felt a naughty urge come over her then that she couldn’t really describe.

Getting up, she noticed that her knees were red from kneeling for so long and her legs had fallen asleep. Walking nice and slow, she went up to her husband with that mouthful full of cum still in her mouth and cast him a long and thoughtful look and spat it right in his face. “Now we’re fucking even, you lying bastard!” She yelled in his face as Justin, with his cheeks flushed in humiliation, desperately tried to wipe off the disgusting substance, it was everywhere, including his hair!

For the first time in her life she felt like the roles were reversed, finally and felt great satisfaction at this; in addition, it was a good way at getting back at him for lying to her for so long, but she went into this marriage believing her husband to be a very honest person. Now, however it showed that her husband was anything but honest and it hurt, it hurt bad.

Taking her eyes away from her husband, she slowly swayed to Mark’s side, “Lets go to my room for some fun and leave my husband here to wallow in his wounds, he can join as long as he just shuts up and doesn’t say a word while we’re fucking.”

Mark readily agreed feeling no real remorse for his employee, it wasn’t his fault that Justin’s wife wanted to have sex with a real man nor was it his fault for her reaction towards his dishonesty. As she walked, hand in hand, with Mark into the room she and her husband had shared throughout their married life, she felt extremely odd about being in this room with another man, particulary one with whom she was going to share her body.

It was no surprise that Justin, with his face still burning in shame and Mark’s cum still on his face, quickly drying, followed them in. He still was hoping she would back out from having sex with a black man, but the chances of that looked pretty slim. As Mark took off his shirt (he had left his pants and boxers in the living room), April removed her skirt with some shyness, realizing that she was about to bare her pussy, which was very moist and aroused, not to mention shaved, to a man other than her husband.

Her skirt and tank top came off and Justin’s eyes widened in amazement. Never, since the time their honeymoon had he seen such arousal from his beautiful wife; her nipples were as hard as bullets and looking down her white panties, he noticed a big wet spot and knew it had to be arousal. Without conciously thinking about it, he felt his own cock start to stiffen.

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