Femdom’s Ultimate Submission Ch. 01


Synopsis: Bill, who is still a virgin, has an internet pornography addiction that causes him to masturbate incessantly. He seeks help from a sex therapist, Dr Sharon Childress, who ends up taking advantage of his situation.


The work day is over. Bill enters his cluttered dark apartment and flops down to the computer screen. He clicks his favorite porn site listings. Pulling off his pants, he strokes his dick — he has become quite adept with his left hand — while opening pictures of women fucking. He pumps his cock until he almost cums, then stops. He lets his dick rest for a moment, and then opens a series of mpeg movies of women being gang banged. He starts the routine again, pumping his penis to the brink of cumming and he watches the precum ooze from his peehole.

Bill has learned to masturbate for hours on end keeping his cock in a state of hardness, not wanting to cum, not wanting it to end… Hour after hour… Waiting for the right picture… Waiting for the right porn clip to really get him off… Finally he blows a wad catching it in his hand; heads to the bathroom and washes his cum down the sink. It is midnight and time to go bed — another workday tomorrow.

The next day after work is the same routine searching for another new porn site. He hopes for a site that can really get him off this time. His dick is sore from the previous days jerking but he doesn’t care. He just wants another good cum. He spurts off hard watching a woman getting fucked between the tits.

Day after day is always the same boring job and night routine. He examines his cock and sees red blotches and dry peeling skin on his penis head caused by the constant exposure, the pulling of his dick, and the precum that he allows to dry around his peehole. He peals off a piece of dried skin. It is so tender and sore from the continual abuse that a drop of blood appears from where the skin is pealed.

He realizes he has a problem, but he doesn’t know how to stop. He knows he needs help… He googles, “sex therapy.”

Bill nervously sits in the waiting room looking around trying not to make eye contact with anyone. It is not long before his name is called. Dr. Sharon Childress extends her hand that he shakes with a weak grip; she squeezes back firmly. She leads him to her examination office asking him to take a seat. Sitting behind her desk, she reads the questionnaire Bill has filled about his pornography addiction.

“Bill, the first step in getting help is admitting to the problem, whether it is alcohol, gambling, drugs, or sex. The first step is the hardest and I congratulate you for taking it.” Sharon says to him in a professional sounding voice smiling at him. Bill starts to feel at ease smiling back at Sharon slightly, but he only makes momentary eye contact. “I do want help,” he says quietly.

“Now I need to get to know you. This means a lot of questions about your personal life, your childhood, your parents, and your friends. Some of the questions might be difficult, but the more you can open up the more I can help. If you feel at ease and trust me, we can make progress quickly. I find if my patients lie down, they relax making it easier to talk freely, but if you prefer to sit that is fine too. Sharon points to a massage table at the far side of her office.

“Lying down will be fine.” Bill responds, and lays on the cushioned table his head up in the head rest.

Sharon questions Bill for over an hour but finds nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Parents divorced, no contact with his father, little contact now with his mother, introverted but not overly so as a child, recently finished college, moved away from home to work a computer job, has not made new friends, and doesn’t keep contact with old friends. The solution seems to be to get Bill involved with activities outside of work and establish a social life.

Bill starts meeting Sharon once a week, but try as she does to get Bill to develop a hobby, play sports, or any activity to meet people, nothing seems to last. He quits everything she has him start and continues spending time alone after work.

She has a hard time to get him to open up to more personal questions, until it gets to the point where she tells him, “We are not getting anywhere Bill. Either you tell me more or I just can’t help you.” It is then that Bill explains in great detail his obsession with masturbation and how he jerks his penis for hours on end until he has to stop because his penis becomes too sore.

“Show me your penis,” Sharon asks directly. Bill hesitates… “I am asking as a professional, Bill. If you are doing bodily damage to yourself, I need to know”, Sharon tells him in a very authoritative voice. Bill, feeling very embarrassed, unzips revealing his self-abused penis. Sharon sees the dry skin and red blotches on his penis. Sharon tells him how important it is for him to limit this masturbation. He agrees that he will slow down the self abuse. She says she will inspect him again at their next session.

The Betturkey following week, Bill shows Sharon his penis again and there is no improvement. “You are over masturbating still, aren’t you? This has to stop,” she says while handing him a box. Inside the box he finds a chastity belt. “Try it on Bill.” Bill has seen male chastity belts before, but by no means is it any kind of fetish or fantasy for him. Bill says nothing just looking at it… “I am not asking you, I am telling you to try in on.” He slips the ring around his balls and his penis through the bend down plastic cage. Sharon hands him a plastic lock with a serial number on it. “Lock it on Bill, and then lie back on the table,” Sharon commands him. Bill obeys and lies in his normal position face up in the headrest pillow.

“Bill, I have been seeing you now for over two months and we are making no progress. What I am proposing is very unorthodox but I am out of ideas. I believe it is important that you develop some kind of a more normal sex life, and I am going to reward you if you keep the chastity belt on for 24 hours.” Sharon stands up from behind her desk. She is normally dressed in a women’s pant suit, but now is wearing a loose fitting short length black skirt that she reaches under to get to her panty waist line. Bill watches as she slips her panties down over white lace-top stockings. She steps out of them over her black high heels. She drops the panties on the desk chair in a tantalizing way as her skirt hem flops back to her knees.

Bill has never thought of Sharon in any kind of a sexual manner. Being about 10 years older, married — photos of husband and children on her desk — and usually professionally dressed in business attire, the idea of a sexual interlude never crossed his mind. All this changes quickly now, and he feels his cock getting hard but only as much as the chastity belt allows.

She walks close to the table where her skirt almost touches the top of his head. Bill is looking up from the table head rest, getting very excited with unknown expectation. He can hardly contain himself. He feels his penis fighting the plastic cage between his thighs.

Sharon has thought out her next step carefully. The only way to keep Bill chastised is to offer a reward, and the best reward would be sexual in nature. “If you come back here tomorrow with the chastity belt still locked, I will reward you.

“Now stay still.” Sharon moves forward the hem of her skirt trails his face until she has straddled his head. Bill eyes are fixed on Sharon’s shapely inner thighs and her shaved pussy lips. He has seen many pussies in pictures and movies, but this is the first one he sees in real life and it is exhilarating.

“If you keep it on for 24 hours, I will allow you to remove it and masturbate. As an incentive to keep it on, while you are masturbating, I will allow you to lick me.”

Bill can not believe his ears. His pulse quickens, breaths shortens, and his penis presses ever so hard against it cage.

“The only way you can take the chastity belt off is by cutting the plastic lock, and if you do I will know. You will not find another with the same serial number. Do you think you can keep it on for 24 hours?” Sharon quickly moves back to her desk.

Without a second thought, Bill answers “yes.”

“Come back tomorrow at this same time. Our session is over for today. And Bill, if this works, our sessions will become more intimate. You must remember, however, that the intimacy is for your therapy to progress to a more normal sex life. We will remain professional at all times and you will always address me a Dr. Childress.”

“Yes, Dr. Childress.”

Instantly upon returning to his apartment, Bill gets on the internet easily finding the brand of his chastity belt and learns that what Sharon has said is true. It is easy to get the belt off by cutting the lock, but he can’t order the same serial numbered lock. He reads, “The plastic locks are good for one use. Once locked on, they must be cut to open them. Since each one has a unique serial number, any tampering will be evident.” He examines the belt for another way to get it off. Even if he breaks it, and buys another identical belt, he would still not be able to lock on the same serialize lock. He is stumped; either he wears it or he won’t get his reward.

Bill thinks to himself, “I have just had the most erotic experience in my life. Would 24 hours be so bad?” He clicks on pictures of naked women, but nothing looks as good as his recollection of the image of Sharon’s thighs and pussy straddled over his head. He wants to play with his cock so badly that he starts playing with his balls. After a few minutes of ball playing and not being able to masturbate, he becomes completely frustrated and turns off the computer. He tries reading a book, but his mind is only on Sharon’s pussy and what it would be like to taste it. He has a sleepless night tossing and turning.

In the morning he finds he can easily shower between the Betturkey Giriş chastity belt parts. He directs soapy water inside the cage for a good cleaning. At work he eventually gets his mind off the lock box and has a somewhat productive day. He counts the hours until quitting time. He is managing to keep the chastity belt on.

He arrives at Dr. Childress’ waiting room. For the first time in months, he has gone an entire day without playing with himself. Sharon is inside changing to a dress without panties. She is having second thoughts and is trying to rationalize what she is starting. “Well perhaps he has not kept it on, and then there will be nothing to continue,” she thinks to herself.

But he has kept in on, he tells her upon entering the therapy room. “Show me,” she tells him. He drops his pants and lies on the table. Sharon examines the chastity belt for tampering and finds the lock is still in place. “You can take it off now,” she says as she hands Bills a pair of clippers to cut the lock. Bill gets it off quickly and his cock leaps to full erection. “Lie on the table and don’t touch yourself yet.”

It is not too late to stop this Sharon thinks to herself, but she sees that his cock already looks better after 24 hours of peace and solitude. She has always had a dominate fantasy streak inside her — which she could never play out with her husband even though she suggested it often. “Besides, if it is only oral — as Bill Clinton defines — it is not sex and she is still being faithful.” Sharon rationalizes to herself as she straddles his head.

Bill has not even touched himself, but the sight of Sharon’s pussy again produces precum that oozes from his peehole. Sharon notices and gets turned from Bill’s excited state. “My god he is going to squirt just from looking at me.” As she starts to lower her reward to his lips, he can see the tight slit of her creamy white cunt lips slightly open and he smells her perfumed fragrance. As she settles in, Bill sticks out his tongue and gets his first real taste of womanhood.

What Sharon feels, however, is quite a surprise and she gets off his face quickly. “What is wrong?” Bill questions meekly.

“Stick out your tongue all the way.” Sharon tells him in a firm voice. Bill does. Sharon’s eyes pop out. What she sees would make Gene Simmons (lead singer in Kiss rock band) envious; the longest tongue she has ever seen. Not only is it long, but the end comes to a nice rounded point and the mid to the base is quite thick. Sharon wonders how he manages to keep it all in his mouth. “Oh, nothing is wrong, but it looks like you are blessed in some areas more then others,” Sharon says as she looks back at his twitching penis.

Sharon mounts Bill’s head again, but this time he notices that she is really wet between the pussy lips. The taste is awesome as he plunges his tongue in. She tells him to masturbate, and he grabs his cock. One pump is all it takes and a wad of cum fires up his dick, blasting out like a squirt gun shot three feet into the air.

Sharon sees him cum and she wants to cum too. But realizing now, however, that is not going to happen. Bill doesn’t know how to use what he is so well endowed for. “Bill, do you know where my clitoris is?”

“Y-yes Dr. Childress,” Bill answers.

“Touch it with the tip of your tongue.” Sharon waits… “That’s not it. I believe you need some lessons.” As much as Sharon wants to continue, her professional nature takes over. The goal is to break Bill from addictive abusive self masturbation. Now is a good time to stop with just enough sex to keep him wanting more; hopefully, ensuring to keep him chastised longer. “Learning to be a good cunnilinguist will also help him keep a girlfriend — which is what he really needs to find,” Sharon thinks to herself trying to further rationalize her therapy. “We will continue tomorrow after another 24 hours in the lock box.” Sharon dismounts Bill’s head and hands Bill a new serial numbered lock.

Bill has cum but his cock is still as stiff as a rock. “You will need to do something about that,” Sharon points to his penis. “There is a small bucket of ice on the end table. You will need to cool down to get locked up again.” Bill is quiet and doesn’t move for a moment… “Go over there, cool down, and then lock yourself up,” Sharon says affirmatively.

Back in his apartment Bill can’t get the taste of Sharon’s pussy out of his mind, and he desperately wants to get hard. Hours pass so slowly until he can no longer stand the chastity belt. Searching through his desk he finds a tube of superglue and has a plan. He carefully cuts the lock off, casts the belt aside, and springs a rigid hardon that he grabs playfully in his hands. He jumps into bed jerking in delight thinking of burying his cock deep into Sharon’s hot mound. In the morning before going to work he fits the belt back on gluing the lock together.

Work passes quickly and Bill is back in Sharon’s examination office again for their late afternoon therapy. Sharon Betturkey Güncel Giriş can see that Bill is nervous and she easily finds the lock tampered. Sharon had been looking forward to this session. She had been thinking about her husband — who believes that oral sex is something that a woman gives a man and not vice versa. But now disappointed, she will really have to push the issue. “Well Bill no reward today. I know this is difficult and I will give you a second chance, but only one second chance.” She hands him a new lock. “The penalty is 72 hours, and if you don’t make it, that’s it, no more sessions; your therapy with me will be over.” A new lock is attached to Bill’s chastity belt.

Not since puberty can Bill remember going this long without cumming. And struggle as he does this evening, he is determined not to lose his sessions with Sharon. The more he thinks about eating her pussy, the more he thinks about fucking her, and the more determined he is to make it. Today is Friday. He would need to go through the entire weekend without playing with himself. He tries everything he can think of to keep his mind occupied with something other than sex, but always in the back of his mind is the replay of Sharon sitting on his face. He doesn’t sleep and he hardly eats. It is the longest weekend of his life. The chastity belt is hell.

It is Monday. He has almost made it. All he has to do is get through the work day. At work he finds it easier to get his mind away from sex, even if only for momentary minutes. He gets to the waiting room early. He is always Sharon’s last patient visit of the day. The receptionist informs Sharon that Bill is here. She breathes a sigh of relief. She feared that if he hadn’t remained chastised, he wouldn’t show. Hopefully, he hasn’t cheated because Sharon is thinking of his tongue, and she is in the mood for a good pussy licking.

Bill enters her office, “I don’t know how I did it, Dr. Childress, but I made through the entire weekend. I can’t wait to take if off.” He removes his pants and lies down on the table in the usual position. Sharon is excited but a careful examination will prove for sure, and after inspection, she knows that his — and her – reward is about to begin.

Sharon removes her skirt revealing her nylon garter belt — no panties — that holds up blue diamond net stockings. She feels that a sexy outfit — business attire from the waist up however — will help encourage Bill to remain chastised until he is cured. And besides, it makes her feel hot too; no reason they both can’t enjoy this. She hands Bill the clippers, the chastity belt is gone, and Bill is sporting a stiffer than stiff erection. “Now, no touching yourself until I say ok.”

Sharon turns the lights up higher. “We are going to start with some lessons.” She mounts his head with her curvy bottom facing toward his chest and in this position she can look down making eye contact with him. Bill can feel the soft back of her thighs pressed lightly against his shoulders. He is looking directly between her legs and can smell the alluring scent of her perfumed vagina. He desperately wants to grab his cock.

“Now we are going to start with the women’s sex parts” Sharon points to the lips of her pussy, “These are the outer pussy lips or more professionally called the labia, and if we pry them apart we can see the inner lips.” With her index fingers she slowly pulls open her slit. Bill watches as the lips appear to be slightly stuck together with her womanly juices. They pry open like a flower blooming glistening with traces of moisture to reveal the unfolding of her inner lips. “Now if I pull wider you can see inside.” She stretches wider to completely expose her treasures. “At the bottom is the opening to my vagina, just a little above is my urethra where I pee and continuing up to the top is the hood to my clitoris. If I pull up on the hood,” Sharon keeps her pussy lips open with two fingers on one hand and moves her other hand to expose her clitoris. “See, my clit, it has the most nerve endings and a place where you can really make a girl cum.”

“You don’t want to head straight for my clit with your tongue, however, you start by licking around the area. Stick your tongue between the folds of my pussy lips and lick. Start just below the vaginal opening and lick upward in one long stroke. Much like a cat does when cleaning itself. When you start, lick so that your tongue comes up just short of my clit and repeat the lick again varying the speed and pressure a little, but always come up short of my clit. This is called pussy foreplay teasing your partner until she is dying for relief. When you really start to feel me squirm, go for it; increase the lick to brush over my clit. Since your head is in a restricted position, I will help by moving up and down your face. You can’t touch yourself or cum until I cum first. Ready to start?”

Bill can’t believe what he is hearing and seeing, and is more than ready to go. “Yes, Dr. Childress.” He opens his mouth and Sharon — in a better position to watch with brighter lights — watches his magnificent tongue emerge. She releases her pussy, sticks her fingers in his hair, and sits on his face. “Now grab and squeeze my bottom and enjoy the ride”, she tells him in a sultry voice.

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