Fantasy for Two or More


Long time friends Jack and Jan had invited us over for dinner and a movie that night. It was a lovely, relaxed dinner with friends with quiet conversation that we all enjoyed.

They are a nice looking couple roughly our age. He is tall and thin, boyishly good looking and is in damn good physical shape due in part to his job as a construction laborer. She is just short of being tall, on the thin side, but built, and I would have to admit that I have always been attracted to her physically. She doesn’t work an outside job, but she doesn’t need to, and she certainly has all of the charm and beauty to enhance the home when her guy comes through the door. We always seem to have good times with them. Gentle, humorous or serious, they’ve always been good friends.

Jack cracked a bottle of wine and the rest of you all had a glass or three along with dinner and then took another with into the living room to watch the movie. We were all feeling good and lined up on the big couch in front of their big screen TV to watch the latest romantic comedy.

You sat between Jack and I, and Jan was on the other side of him while we started the flick.

The lights were way down to watch the movie and we were all comfortably sprawled along the couch. You and I were holding hands and Jan and Jack were too. The movie was a good one surprisingly and we laughed out loud a few times and then when it turned seriously romantic, we fell into the spell of that emotion too. The actors were very believable in their dramatic roles and a passionate scene began to lead them towards the bedroom.

The atmosphere got quietly heavy and silent in the room and I felt a twinge between my legs along with my growing interest in what was showing, and apparently I wasn’t alone, because out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Jack and Jan, while holding hands were managing to surreptitiously rub the growing bulge in his jeans with the back of her hand. I couldn’t help but have half my focus of attention on what was going on right there so close to us, with Jack just on the other side of you.

Jan became a little less subtle with what she was doing and ran her hand up and down the inside of his thigh and very noticeably was touching him directly and enjoying his obvious response. She had a rather mischievous grin on her face when she looked up at him and then over our way. And then Jack said.

“You better mardin escort quit that unless you intend to finish it.”

And Jan said,

“What makes you think I wont?”

Jack replied,

“You keep it up and I am going to call you on that.”

And she said,

“Well….No.., you keep it up, and I am going to call you on it.”

“Well, that sounds like a challenge.” He said.

“Yep.” She said. “Let’s see what you’ve got… If you have the balls.”

They both looked over at us. I suppose to check our reaction and to make sure that we weren’t going to have some negative response, but we were shocked or spellbound or curious or just interested in what was going to happen next, so we didn’t say or do anything.

Then Jack looked Jan in the eye as he reached down and very deliberately unbuttoned his jeans. He paused for a second and then s-l-o-w-l-y unzipped them. Jan just smiled and watched to see how far that he would go, just like we were doing. He slipped his jeans down his thighs and we could see the outline of his semi-erect cock through his briefs.

There was a frozen moment there where no one breathed while Jack took hold of the top of his briefs, paused for a long second, and then slowly slid them down. All eyes were on his briefs sliding down revealing first his pubic hair, than the base of his cock and then inch by inch of it all until it sprung free. He obviously had everyone’s attention and was enjoying it. We sat spellbound, watching as his cock lengthened and engorged and began to stand straight up all on it’s own. He had good reason to be proud when he called Jan to her end of the bargain.

“Now finish it.” He said in a low commanding voice.

I know my heart was pounding and I was getting hard just watching the two of them. Neither Jan or you took your eyes off his cock as she reached out and wrapped her hand around it and slowly and deliberately started to stroke it up and down. Amazingly, he got even bigger as she fell into an up and down rhythm that stretched him out to the limit and then revealed most of his length above her hand on the down stroke. She switched hands to cup his balls with one hand and whispered in a husky voice just loud enough for all of us to hear,

“You do have big balls.”

“Don’t tease me. You said you would finish it.” He hoarsely whispered..

They van escort both glanced at us, Jan a little bit longer, and then she returned her gaze to his cock and dutifully bent over and took him in her mouth. She was passionate and had no reservation about going down on him. She sucked him hungrily and took the whole length of his cock into her mouth. I watched as her lips slid up and down the length of his spit-slickened shining penis. His knees spread out and his leg rubbed against yours. He stretched his arms out along the back of the couch and his head fell back against it.

I was really hard and in need now and though I am not inclined to be exhibitionistic, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my own erect cock and took your hand and wrapped it around me there. You hardly seemed to notice as your eyes never left the show, but you did gratify me with your response by stroking my cock with your hand, which now was halfway behind you.

Jack had his arm around you and the flat of his hand over your shoulder and his finger tips just inside the top of your dress. Jan glanced up at you, decided something, then took your hand and wrapped it around Jack’s cock while she continued sucking on him. She kept her hand around yours, holding it there like she was pleased and proud to share or was silently showing you what he liked. Then she started making really loud slurping and sucking noises and that made me hard as stone.

Somehow Jack had pulled you closer and leaned into your ear at that point he groaned long and loud and I could feel your body shudder and knowing you so intimately, I knew that you had come right then. Your head sagged and fell against his shoulder and chest while you watched Jan do her thing. You had forgotten about my needs and put your hand on top of Jan’s head. She looked up at you while I slid my hand under your skirt.

We all seemed to be working together now as my hand touched Jan’s and she pulled your panties to one side so that I could feel your wetness I watched Jack’s hand slip inside to cup your naked breast. I sank two fingers deep up into your soaking wet pussy as Jan lifted your skirt up to enjoy the view. She saw that I was exposed and unattended and reached over to give me a hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it like a pro and then she let his cock slip out of her mouth to say to ankara escort you.

“You want a taste?”

Holding it at the base and pointing up in the air, all ready for you. As if you were mesmerized and will-less your head slowly sank down his chest to take his cock in your mouth.

Jan put her hand on top of your head and pushed down, encouraging you to take it all in. You didn’t appear to need any encouragement and from experience I knew just what he was feeling from watching what you were giving him. Your breast was out and he was tweaking and stretching and pulling on your erect nipple. Jan sat back a little to appreciate the show for a minute, focusing mainly on your giving him head and then glancing down occasionally to watch my fingers going back and forth in your pussy and then looking over at my erection as her hand continued to piston up and down on it. Then she crawled across to where she could take me in her mouth.

I could have come right then, but somehow I restrained myself from doing so. She got you to raise up enough to where she could take your panties off without even interrupting your sucking and you were on your knees then with your bum facing me. Jan seemed to be enjoying and encouraging everything and from her position she took my penis and started to rub your pussy with it. You were so wet and I was so hard that when she guided me in, your pussy was like a hot, wet, close-fitting glove, and I felt like I had made it home.

Jan’s passion for voyeurism was contagious. As I looked down she had a birds eye view of my cock sliding in and out of your pussy. She had a smile on her face as her inquisitive tongue poked here and there and licked what was intermittently visible.

You began a muffled moaning and got louder and louder the more excited you got which made me slam all the harder into you. You raised your head and threw it back as I reached around to quickly finger your clit the way that I know always sends you over the top. Jack was spurting his load all over the underside of your chin and neck while Jan had taken to licking the base of my cock and balls and then I lost it inside of you.

I recovered enough in time to open my eyes to watch him push your head back down to take him all the way into your mouth once again for another lingeringly appreciative taste. Jan reciprocated by slipping me out of your pussy and licking me clean with a few quick wet sucks.

The scent of sex was heavy in the air and I think we all felt a closer bond between us as we shared a quiet smile and a wink. Then Jan said,

“Let’s back that movie up, and see if it has the same affect again!”

We all laughed. And then backed up the movie. And it did!

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