Family secret Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Peter and I had both been invited to his sister’s wedding. It was quite a big do at a country hotel. It was held over the whole weekend and we had our own rooms with en-suite bathrooms… And big mirrors on the wardrobes…

Of course after our last little encounter I saw this as a great opportunity to bring some sexy outfits, and take things to the next level… I wanted my cousin’s fat cock inside me.

I’d ordered a sexy, figure hugging bridal dress and white bridal lingerie for the occasion. I also packed a sexy little maids outfit, and selection of lacy underwear. I also took my cock shaped dildo with suction cup.

The hotel was amazing! It was in a beautiful, idyllic English countryside location. The rooms were great too. Mine was en-suite with a nice big round bath and king-sized bed. Peter’s was down the hall from mine…

We arrived late in the evening and Peter went to the bar to unwind after the long journey. I decided to spend the night in my room. I took a nice long bath and took my time to shave myself and wash all over using the nice smelling body wash. I got out of the bath and rubbed lotion all over my smooth skin. It felt wonderful. I decided to wear some cute satin pyjamas that I had brought and got an early night…

I woke at about 4am with a hard cock. The feel of the satin pyjamas was very sexy against my smooth skin. My hard cock pushing the material into a nice tent shape. I began to gently caress myself through the material, my hear quickening with the feeling of pleasure as I gently teased the tip. I moaned aloud to myself, fantasising about what I would like to get up to with my cousin. I couldn’t stand it any longer!

I got out of bed went over to the dresser, put the little light on and sat down. There was a nice mirror as well as a full length mirror on the wardrobe. I got out my sexy maid outfit with plenty of lace, white hold up stockings, strappy heels, brunette wig and make-up set. I sat back down and began to dress, slipping on the maid outfit which barely covered my ass. I pulled on a pair of black knickers which had the word ‘Juicy’ written on the bum. I slowly rolled my stockings up over my smooth legs and put my strappy heels on. I then set about applying make-up, lashes, and nails so I looked sexy and feminine but not too slutty/trashy.

I decided on the long wavy brunette wig which I styled so it was held up with a pin. Some ringlets bounced playfully around the side of my face and neck. I finished the look by putting on the lacy white maids gloves.

I stood in front of the full length mirror to admire myself. I looked hot. Ove the summer I had put on a bit of weight, not too much but I was a little more mersin escort curvy than when Peter and I had our first encounter. My ass was nice and plump, and as the writing on my knickers said… ‘Juicy’!


I said aloud to my reflection. “It’s now or never gorgeous”.

I went to the door of my room and opened it, peering up and down the corridor. Empty… Now which way was Peter’s room??? His was number 14, to the left and down the hallway about 20 metres.

I strode along the corridor, my hips and ass wiggling as I approached the door to his room. My heart was pounding with excitement, partly because I could get caught by one of the other hotel guests, and partly because I knew what I was about to do. It felt soooo naughty!

When I reached his door I knocked 3 times and waited… Nothing.. I knocked again, a bit firmer this time and put my ear to the door to listen for movement.

To my surprise the door opened just as I was leaning in with my ear to the wood.

“Huh?” Exclaimed Peter, standing at the door in the hotel dressing gown with bleary but wide eyes.

I straightened up, gave a coy smile and curtsied.

“Room service!” I said in my best feminine voice and pushed past him into the room.

I heard him close and lock the door behind me as I walked around his hotel room. I noticed that his clothes were strewn over the floor near the bed and I bent over to pick them up letting him see my knickers. I looked over my shoulder at him as I bent over and said;

“Oh my! What a mess! If you wouldn’t mind just laying on the bed while I clear up for you”.

Peter obligingly made his way to the king-size bed and lay down, plumping up the cushions behind him so he could sit up and watch as I moved sexily around the room, occasionally bending over to pick things up or dust a surface. I would occasionally look seductively over my shoulder at Peter and wiggle my hips and ass as I moved around and cleaned.

Peter’s eyes followed me around the room as his hand slid into his dressing gown and began slowly rubbing between his legs.

“Would you like the full room service, with extras sir?” I purred.

“Yes please baby” Peter answered. “I want the executive service”.

“Mmmmm, of course”. I replied.

I went to the en-suite bathroom and began running the bath.

“Can you take off your robe and get in the bath please?” I asked politely. “I’d like to get you nice and clean, ready for the day ahead”.

Peter promptly got up and followed me into the bathroom. As he did so I came to stand behind him and loosened his robe before removing it and hanging it kocaeli escort on the door hook.

“Oh dear!” I said, covering my mouth with my hand as I saw his hard cock. “I suppose I’ll have to deal with that too. Please climb into the bath for me”.

Peter climbed into the large tub which was filling up nicely. I poured some buubles in and watch them foam up around him. I used the scented body wash to rub all over his naked body, rubbing his back and shoulders before asking him to stand so I could wash his lower half. I made sure there was plenty of soapy lather as my hands glided up and down his legs and then between them.

“Mmmmm. Oh yes Becky, that feels really good”.

“Uh huh. You like that do you?” I answered, my soapy hands gently rubbing around his balls and sliding up and down his shaft. He was really, really hard now. I began to rhythmically stroke his cock up and down with one hand while rubbing my other over and around his balls.

“Oh fuuuuck. That’s it baby, just like that. Ooooh!” Peter was thrusting back and forth, fucking my soapy hand with his huge member.

“Okay sir. Let’s rinse you off and get back to the bedroom”. I suggested.

Using the shower head I washed the soap off his body and he climbed out of the tub. He pressed his wet body against mine. I put my arms around his neck and reached up to French kiss him. Our wet tongues circled around each other and I let out a few little moans, breathing heavily now.

“Oh, Ooo, Mm mm”. My own she cock began stirring and straining against the material of my knickers.

I led Peter by the hand to the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror with him. As we stood looking at our reflections I felt so horny. Even with my heels on he was a good foot and a half taller than me and I looked very how with my hair up, and my maids outfit.

I leaned towards his ear and whispered “Time for the finishing touches…”

My hand circled around his cock and gently began wanking it as I continued to whisper ” I love your big cock Peter. I’m gonna bring you off nice and slow. I want to give you an amazing orgasm. You turn me on so much. Do you like watching me wank you off?”

I turned so he could see me from behind in the mirror as I continued to stroke him. I wiggled my hips and ass slowly while he watched.

“Oh Becky! I love it. I love how you stroke my cock.”

“Yeah? Do you want me to go a bit faster? Ask me.”

“Faster please Becky, faster!”

I responded by gradually pumping faster. Stoking up and down as I leaned in and playfully licked and bit his nipples.

“Mmmm… Oh God yes!” Peter was thrusting samsun escort back and forward and I could sense he was close to shooting his load. I slowed right down again and gently caressed up and down, teasing him.

“Oh God! Please don’t stop!” Peter pleaded.

I quickened the pace, jerking faster then slowing down again when I felt he was near to cumming. Peter was moaning loudly and shaking as I kept edging him expertly.

Eventually I decided that I wanted his hot jizz… I was teasing myself just as much as him!

I wanked him faster once again then as I felt him reaching the tipping point I stopped and got down on my knees. I looked up at him and began flicking my hot wet tongue around his frenulum.

“OOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUCK I’m GONNA CUMMMMMM!” He cried as I continued to rhythmically flick his frenulum with my tongue.

I felt the first dribbles of semen trickle out.

“Give me your cum Peter.” I begged.

The trickle became a stream and then a thick jet of warm cum spurted across my face. My tongue continued to work away as several more jets of jizz splashed over my face, in my eye and ringlets of hair. I managed to catch some in my open mouth but was overwhelmed at the volume of it as he showered me, glazing my face with his juice.

“Oh my God Peter! I didn’t expect that much cum!” I said, stroking him now with my lacy gloved hand.

I took the head into my mouth and sucked the last drops out.

Looking up at him with my cum covered face I asked;

“Can you take my anal virginity tomorrow night after the wedding ceremony? I bought a special outfit for the occasion”.

“Mmmm. Becky, I’d love to. Are you sure you’re okay with it?”

“Yes. I’m more than okay I just wanted to wait for the right moment. Meet me at my room tomorrow night at 9pm..” I said.

I then got up and left with my cum covered face I quickly ran back down the hallway to my own room and shut the door behind me.

I was still very horny… I went to my suitcase and rummaged through, pulling out the cock shaped dildo with the suction cup. I took it to the bathroom and stuck it to the inside of the bath. I squirted lube over it and slowly slid down over it. I began slowly riding up and down feeling it fill me deep and full.

“Oooh, Ohh! Fuck yes!” I cried, rubbing Peter’s stick cum over my face and licking my lips. With the dildo deep inside me I started wanking myself slowly.

It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar warmth spread between my legs. I could feel my hole tightening involuntarily around the dildo as waves over pleasure spread through my body.

“I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING OHMYGOD!” My shecock squirted its hot load up and over my maids outfit and on my stockings and gloves.

I shook with pleasure and slid off the dildo to lie on the bathroom floor. “Phew!” I said. I stood up to run a bath and clean myself off… Ready for the day ahead and tonight when I’d finally lose my anal virginity to a real cock.. My cousin’s…

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