Family Outing Ch. 02

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Aunt Elisabeth cums for the 4th of July.

Frank’s sister Elisabeth and her husband Ben showed up Saturday evening. They lived 600 miles away and had been driving since that morning. Elisabeth was a ‘change of life baby’ for their parents and was nearly 11 years younger than Frank. Her husband Ben was eight years older than Elisabeth. At 26, Elisabeth was as close in age to Jr. as she was to her husband. Ben was a successful lawyer and Elisabeth was his trophy wife. Elisabeth wasn’t an Elisabeth, she was a Liz. She was far to outgoing and playful to be called Elisabeth and only her mother ever called her that. Liz was a perky 5ft.6 with dark auburn hair, a smile that could melt lead and a perfectly proportioned body. She was a practical joker and loved to play tricks on people. Ben was in decent shape but not toned like Frank since he spent most of his time behind a desk.

Although Frank had another sister just 2 years younger than he was, they weren’t near as close as he and Liz were. Liz had been Frank’s ‘baby sister’ from the day she was born and he always had protected her and watched after her. Once when she was in high school a boy had left her at the county park three miles out of town because she wouldn’t give him a blow-job. Frank hunted him down and bitch slapped him until he cried. If the small town sheriff hadn’t known the kid was a jerk and Frank hadn’t really hurt him, he might have gotten into real trouble. When he first met Ben he didn’t like the age difference and told Ben that if he ever hurt Liz he would rip his head off. Fortunately Ben loves Liz as much as Frank does and they became good friends in no time at all.

Liz leapt into Frank’s arms when he opened the door and gave him a big kiss. “Hey kid, how ya doing?” He took one of the bags from Ben led him to the guest room. “How was the trip Ben?”

“What can I say, 11 hours of driving sucks any way you cut it, but the traffic wasn’t too bad. We stopped to eat about six and I’ve had to pee for the last 45 minutes so let me hit the bathroom real quick and I’ll be right with you.”

Alice and Liz sat on the couch. “How was the ride down Liz? You look beat.”

“Long and hot. I wish we would have driven the Lincoln with air conditioning instead of the Beamer with the top down. All I want is a shower, a good stiff drink and someplace to stretch my legs.”

“I think we can handle all that with no problem. Why don’t you go take you’re shower and change into something comfy. I’ll have you a drink ready when you get done. You still drinking rum and coke?”

“Yea, rum and coke sounds good. Be back in a few.”

Ten minutes later Liz came out ruffling her short auburn hair and wearing a floor length flannel gown. “How do you like my new gown, it’s real cozy.”

All four of them gave her a half smile trying to hide how frumpy they all thought it looked and Alice said “It looks nice but isn’t it a little warm for July?”

Liz burst out laughing. “Gotchya!” She said and pulled the gown over her head to reveal a sexy black satin teddy. “I thought Frank and Jr. were going to cry when they saw me in that granny-nightie. I wish I could have gotten a picture of you’re faces.”

“Okay sis you got us pretty good with that one. I thought it looked like crap but I wasn’t going to say anything if that’s what made you comfortable.”

“What about you Jr. do you like the flannel or the satin?”

“I defiantly like the satin better Aunt Liz. You looked sweaty hot in the flannel but you look just plain HOT in the satin.”

“I’m glad you approve.” Liz ran back into the bedroom and popped back out holding three gift wrapped boxes. “Here’s a little thank you present for the three of you for having us down for the week. Go ahead and open them.”

Alice opened her box to find an identical teddy and Frank and Jr. found black satin boxers in their boxes. “Very nice sis but you didn’t have to get us anything; we just like having you and Ben around. I just wish you lived closer so we could see more of you.”

“If I knew that you felt that way I would have bought a see-thru instead.” Liz pulled her top down for a split second to flash her brother and nephew.

“Liz; behave yourself!” chuckled Alice but the damage was done and Jr. got an instant hard-on that he tried to hide behind his gift box.

“Hey, your old man is the one that said he wanted to see more of us. So now he has. As soon as I tried this on I had to get some for you guys, it just feels so cool and smooth next to your skin. Come on, go try them on, I didn’t buy them for you to hold in your hands. We’ll all be a matched set. Ben, yours is on the bed.”

“Liz, don’t you think they’re a little racy for public display?” said Alice.

“Are you kidding? First of all, we aren’t in public, were in your house and they’re not that racy. We all wear swimsuits that are a lot more revealing than these are. By the way, what happed to that drink you promised me?”

“I almost forgot, it’s on the counter, I’ll go get it.”

“I’ll mardin escort get it Alice, you go change. I hope it fits okay, I had to guess at the size.”

They all went to dawn their new outfits. Liz had purposely bought Alice’s teddy too small for her ample chest, knowing that it would make her boobs bulge out of the top. Alice stuffed herself into the teddy and Frank put on his boxers. Meanwhile Jr. was having his own problems with his boxers. His hard dick was tenting the front of them out obscenely and threatening to pop out the opening at any second. He didn’t want to disappoint his aunt so he took them back off and put on his Speedo swimsuit underneath the boxers to try and control his uncooperative penis.

When they came back into the living room all eyes were on Alice. Her boobs were threatening to pop out of the top of her teddy if she bent over or made a quick move. “Oh my, I guess I should have gotten the next size bigger, I didn’t remember you being quite that big on top. Come over here and let’s see if we can do something with that.” Alice stepped in front of Liz. “Here, all we have to do is loosen the front laces a bit and it should be fine.” Liz undid the ribbon laces and loosened them until the front was gaped a couple of inches from top to bottom, letting Alice’s tits settle into the top better. The only problem was that loosening the top used up a lot of the ribbon laces so she had to skip the top three sets of eyelets, leaving Alice with a very wide deep cleavage that came below her breasts.

“Good thing I tan topless part of the time or I’d be showing a lot of tan line in this thing.”

Frank and Ben said simultaneously, “I think it looks great.”

All of this was not helping Jr’s situation a bit and his cock was straining at the swimsuit under his boxers.

They had few drinks and chatted about nothing in particular. Frank had been lightly brushing his fingers over Alice’s open cleavage as Ben sat on her other side watching out of the corner of his eye. Liz rubbed up and down his thigh as they talked. Ben said “Those look nice Frank, are they as soft as they look?”

“Here, see for yourself'” said Franks as he pulled the top over, completely exposing one of Alice’s breasts.

Bens hand went to her breast and cupped it gently then rolled the nipple between his finger and thumb. “Very nice Alice, a lot softer than Liz’s are. See what you think Frank.”

Frank leaned across his wife and slid his hand inside his sister’s top to feel her breast. “Yea, Liz isn’t as soft as Alice but they are nice and firm. I bet Liz won’t have to wear a bra till she’s 70.”

Liz had been keeping an eye on Jr. who sat slumped forward in his chair trying to hide the obvious. “You’re being awfully quite tonight Jr.” She said as she walked over to her nephew. “You look uncomfortable don’t you like the shorts I bought you, are they too tight? Here, stand up and lets see.” She pulled Jr. to his feet and ran her hand up the outside of his thigh and across the satin shorts until she felt the swimsuit underneath. “What’s this, why are you wearing this under you’re shorts?” She slipped her hand inside the leg of the boxers and felt the front his suit were his throbbing cock strained for release. “No wonder you’re uncomfortable, we’ll have to get rid of that suite so you can relax.” Liz pulled the boxers down and off before Jr. could react. Then she grabbed his suit and pulled it down, letting his cock spring free.

Jr. stood frozen in place as his aunt worked his suit off his feet and then grabbed his cock and gave it a long slurp from base to tip and popped the head in her mouth for a quick suck. “Now doesn’t that feel a lot better than that tight swimsuit? Here, lets put these back on so you can see how good they feel.” Liz pulled the boxers back up and Jr’s stiff rod immediately popped out the front slit. He started to shove it back in but Liz blocked his hand with her own. “Leave it out, I think it needs to breathe a little, besides, it looks really sexy like that. Don’t you think so Alice?”

“Oh yes I think it looks very nice standing at attention like that. I never get tired of looking at my son’s hard cock. Ben, Frank, don’t make Jr. feel self-conscious, why don’t you get your cocks out too.” It only took a quick flip of her fingers to get the other cocks into the open. “That’s much better. I just love the sight of nice hard cocks. Liz, why don’t you see if you can help Jr. with that swelling problem while I take care of these two old farts.”

“It will be my pleasure. I’ve never had one this young before, except when I was that age myself and I didn’t know what I was doing back then. I do remember how sweet that young cum was though. I bet Jr. tastes like a Mc Donald’s milk shake. I’m going to love this.”

Jr. had no idea that his parents and aunt and uncle had been having sex together for the last three years and that his mother and father had told Ben and Liz about Jr’s seduction. They had told them all the marmaris escort details of the summer so far and planed for Liz to introduce Jr. into the foursome. Liz came up with the black satin by herself.

Liz sat Jr. into his chair and then pulled the top of her teddy down to her waist exposing her firm tits with their hard nipples to her nephew. “See anything you like Jr.? Go ahead, you can touch them. Kiss them, suck Aunt Liz’s nipples.

Jr. sucked as much of his aunt’s tit flesh as he could into his mouth, alternating from right to left and lashing the nipples with his tongue then pulling gently on the nipples with his teeth like his mother had taught him. After 5 or 6 minutes of mammary play Liz dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock, sucking hard and bobbing her head up and down on his young shaft. Jr. had gotten more than a few blow-jobs from his mother already but watching his beautiful young aunt slide his cock in and out of her innocent looking mouth made him shoot in less than two minutes. When she felt him about to cum Liz took all but the head of his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue back and forth on the sensitive under side of his cockhead as hard and fast as she could until he filled her mouth with steaming hot sweet sperm.

When she had swallowed all he had to give, she sat on his lap. With Jr. holding her tits from behind and watching over her shoulder, they looked on as Alice worked the other two cocks. Her large breasts were outside the teddy and she sucked one cock as she rubbed the other over her nipples, switching from one to the other until after ten minutes or so Ben filled her mouth to over flowing and Frank sprayed her tits with his cum.

They were all tired so they cleaned up and went to bed and dreamt of what tomorrow would bring. In the morning Alice woke up early and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. The smell of coffee and bacon wafting thru the cabin had the others up and about in no time. After a hearty breakfast they talked about what to do for the day.

“Ben; if you don’t mind I’d like to pick your brain a little about an investment thing I’ve got at work. Then I’ve got a tee-time set up for10:30. I know you didn’t bring you’re clubs but you can use my spare set if you don’t mind.”

“Hey, the first thing I learned in law school was never to pass up a free lunch or an invitation to play golf. What are you girls going to do?”

Liz- “I’d like to get some sun and try on my new bikini. I thought maybe Jr. could take me out on the boat for a little R&R. You don’t mind if I steal him for a while do you Alice?”

“Not at all, those two have been keeping me pretty busy lately so I could use a little time alone to get some laundry and cleaning done around here.”

Frank and Alice noticed Ben smirking and asked what was so funny. “Oh nothing really, I’ll tell you later.”

“Come on Jr., let’s get changed and get out on the water before it gets too hot.” They went to change into swim wear.

Ben started to chuckle again. “Okay Ben, spill it, what’s so funny about Liz and Jr. going out on the boat?”

“Well, it’s the R&R thing. When Liz says she wants a little R&R she’s not talking about ‘Rest & Relaxation’ she’s talking about ‘Rump Riding’. I’m afraid Jr’s got his work cut out for him, he’ll probably need a respirator by the time she’s done with him. She wants to keep it up a lot longer than I can last. Maybe that young stud son of yours can keep up with her.”

A few minutes latter Liz and Jr. walked out the door headed for the dock. “Good luck Jr.” shouted Ben. Then under his breath he said to Frank and Alice “You’re going to need it.” They watched as Jr. helped Liz into the boat and jumped in like a fly into a spider’s web.

After looking over the paperwork on the investment proposal, Frank and Ben headed for the golf course leaving Alice to her chores around the cabin. Out on the lake, Liz took off her wrap to reveal a gold string bikini that was never meant to be wet. All the material combined would have a hard time covering a letter envelope. “How do you like my suit Jr.? I bought it just for you. Your mother told me about you two. I was wondering how long it was going to take her to get into your pants? Liz went thru the walk thru windshield and sprawled out in the bow of the boat. She made a show of putting suntan oil on her arms and legs, then did her stomach and chest. She slipped her fingers under the top to rub her nipples and make them hard. When she got to her upper thighs she took her time massaging oil into her groin letting her fingers slide under the edge of the thong while she held her legs wide open for Jr’s viewing pleasure. She couldn’t see him because of the dash but knew he would have a hard-on by now. Jr. was finding it increasingly hard to keep his eyes on the other boats out for the weekend and his luscious aunt at the same time. Finally Aunt Liz came to his rescue.

“Do you know of any out of the way places were I could tan without anyone nevşehir escort seeing me Jr.?”

“Yea, I know a spot were no one will see a thing. It’s a sandbar up a little creek I found last year.” Jr. took the boat into a creek that wasn’t much wider than the boat. After a couple of twists and turns it opened into a wide lagoon with a 20 by 30 foot sandbar in the center. Jr. beached the boat and they jumped out onto the sand with the beach bag and towels.

“This is perfect Jr.” said Liz as she spread a blanket out on the sand. “Here Jr. Put some oil on my back will you? She reached behind her and untied the strings of her bikini top as she lay on her stomach. Jr. rubbed oil over his aunt’s shoulders and back and then moved to her feet and worked up her legs stopping at her ass cheeks. “Don’t stop now, that’s the part I need oil on the most. You don’t want me to get a burned butt do you?”

Jr. dribbled oil onto her cheeks and spread the oil over her round firm ass relishing the feel of her hot taught skin under his hands. When he finished he sat the bottle down. “There you go Aunt Liz.”

“You didn’t get into the crack very good. Why don’t you put some more oil on and this time work it into my crack really good.” She spread her legs as he picked up the bottle of oil.

Jr. took the hint and worked the oil between her luscious globes running his fingers over the cloth that covered her pussy lips. At one point his finger slid past the gold string and brushed firmly over her puckered little hole. “Oh yes, that feels good, do that some more. Put more oil on.”

Jr. pulled the string to the side and worked his fingers over her asshole. “Slip you’re finger inside a little. Ooooh yea, go deeper.”

“Mom never lets me do that.”

“Well, I not you’re mom am I. Work your finger around untill you can get two or three fingers in. Go as deep as you can. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me, I love the feel of you fucking my ass with you’re fingers.” Liz got up on her knees and untied the thong to give him better access as he worked one then two then three fingers into her tight ass. “That feels so good but I need something deeper. Liz stopped him long enough to pull his suit off. “You’re bigger than Ben, How long is that thing, I know you’ve measured it by now?”

“It’s 6 ¼ inches. Mom say’s it’s only a ¼ inch shorter than Dad’s.”

“Oh yea, you’re mom told me about the side by side thing and her ‘Double Shot’. Your dad’s been in there so I know I can fit you in. Maybe I should suck you off first so you will last longer, would you like that Jr.?”

“I sure would, that’s all I’ve been thinking about since last night.”

“Okay just stand in front of me then. I love the taste of your cum. I knew it would be sweet and it is the sweetest tasting cum I’ve ever had in my mouth.” She made him cum in record time but kept sucking to keep him hard. “Yum yum. Now get that nice big dick of yours in there and pump some of that cum up my ass.”

Jr’s cock was slick with cum and Liz’s saliva and with one firm push he felt a new sensation as the head of his cock popped past her sphincter and he entered her bowels. He had never felt anything quite like it before, her ass was so tight around his dick and she squeezed and relaxed alternately sending bolts of lightning from his little brain to his big brain and back. His little brain was doing most of the thinking for him right now and he slowly pumped in and out of his aunt till his balls where slapping against her pussy lips. He picked up the pace and was soon pounding as fast and hard as he could into that area his mother had forbidden him from enjoying.

When Liz felt that he was about to blow, she pulled herself off his cock. “Take a little brake big boy, I don’t want you going off too soon. Slow down some and make it last. When you feel like you’re going to cum just hold still for a minute, then go again.”

Over the next ten minutes Jr. had to stop four times and pinch the base of his cock to keep from cumming. Finally he couldn’t take anymore. “I can’t stop Aunt Liz, I’ve got to cum.” He said as he slammed in as deep as he could and buried his cock to the hilt until he shot stream after stream deep into his aunt’s ass. “That was fantastic Aunt Liz.”

“Yes it was, I loved it too. I think you can just call me Liz instead of Aunt Liz now. I mean, you just filled my mouth and my ass with cum so you don’t have to be so formal. Lay down beside me and rest for a while, we have all day and I haven’t had you in my pussy yet. Liz went to the boat to get them a cold drink, cum dripping out of her ass and running down her legs as she walked. Here Jr. I think you need this.” She said as she handed him a can of Playboy energy drink.

After a short rest they waded into the water to rinse off and returned to the blanket. The cool water felt good but did nothing to deflate Jr’s love muscle. “Ready for some more ‘Rump Riding’ Jr.? I know your mom doesn’t do anal so you better get all you can while I’m here. Put some more oil on me and do me again.”

Jr. didn’t need to be told twice. He greased up her ass and rammed his cock into that tight hole. He lasted a lot longer this time and after15 minutes he was breathing hard and sweat was dripping off his face onto Liz’s back

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32