Family Lovin’ Ch. 1

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The strangest things happen during the hot summers. The loss of boyfriends and girlfriends, the loss of time or perhaps to much time? Of course, there is always that summer “fling” that no one forgets. There is one “fling” that deserves a remembrance…

It was a hot June day, the sun bright in the sky. I really hadn’t taken notice to anything that day, my boyfriend having left me the night before for my best friend. I still couldn’t believe that my older brother, by a year, had came into my room and comforted me. Nevertheless, I had decided to go out on our patio and get some sun. Not wanting a whole lot of tan lines, I wore my skimpiest swimming suit, and just laid there on my front. I suppose you could say I had a lush body, many of the guys in the neighborhood, and at school, had often taken the time to look at me. So I suppose it was inevitable that my brother would be watching me from his upstairs bedroom. I didn’t know it just then, but he was rather enjoying my string bikini and my tan body.

Soon, it was getting hot, and I could hardly stand to be in the sun any longer. I got up from where I was, and went into the kitchen. There, my mother and father sat with their normal coffee in the middle of the day. I simply walked past them and headed upstairs. I got to my brother’s room and couldn’t help but notice a very strange noise. I listened closer and he was… moaning my name?! I couldn’t help but open the door a bit and watching him stroke his long member. I had never seen anything like that before. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets, I quickly closed the door. There was a certain eroticism I couldn’t help but like, and I listened a bit longer. Finally, I opened the door and walked in. He quickly covered himself ısparta escort up as I threw on the “oh my!” look and turned around. Secretly I was liking this… a lot!

“Rita! Oh god! I… get out!” He yelled at me as I ran out like I didn’t want to see it.

Not long later, my mom came upstairs to tell me and Rob that she and my father were going out for dinner, we would be all alone for the night. I smiled a bit, hiding it as my brother looked a little uncomfortable. As soon as they pulled out of the drive way, I did my magic. I hadn’t had any good action in a month or so, and a knew my brother hadn’t either, if he ever did. He was a wonderful looking guy, don’t get me wrong, his body was built and smooth, but he just wasn’t the type to wanna do a girl. Thus, I put on my smallest belly shirt, and a white thong that was a bit small to draw him in more. I skipped downstairs with a tape in my hand. He had gone to go get some popcorn. I placed the tape in, got a blanket and put it over my legs as he came and sat down. Like we normally do, I let him have some of the blanket as I turned on the movie. There, on the screen was a very nice Porno. His deep brown eyes looked at me with a question of “wha?!” and I just smiled.

“What? It isn’t like I haven’t seen you now… no biggy, right?” I couldn’t help but smile a bit.

“I… I guess so… but sis…”

“What? I’m a big girl, plus… I’ve already had sex.”

“With who!?”

“Paul… though… I have to say… it wasn’t what I had hopped it to be.” I knew this would attract his attention, and it did, hook-line-and sinker.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, Paul was all about getting himself good action, didn’t really kastamonu escort feel good for me.”

My brother’s eyes almost fell out as he took a moment to look me over. I innocently uncovered my rear, I knew for a fact he was a butt kind of guy, and thus I let him see it. He swallowed hard, looking back to the movie as I watched him. I noticed his slowly growing bulge, and I softly turned and lay my head upon his lap. He looked surprised at first, then set his hand upon my cheek and trailed his fingers over it. I smiled, liking that feeling, and secretly, I was starting to get really “hot” if you know what I mean. My brother moved a bit, and I stood softly. He looked at my long thin body, he swallowed hard again.

“um… sis… you are… like… naked…”

“What? If it bothers you, go ahead and do it too.” I said with a hidden smirk. Watching him take off his shirt, I looked back to the movie. “What is it like to do that?” I asked as a girl was giving some guy a blow-job, I knew very well what that was. I watched him shift a bit once more, and so I got down on my knees, going between his legs. “Can I try?”

He didn’t have much time to say no, I brought down his PJ pants, taking his already hard cock into my mouth. He gave a moan, his hips coming up a bit. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen! It was at least a good 8 inches long, 2 inches wide. I took him all the way in, his groaning was a wonderful thing to hear. His hands ran through my brown hair, starting to push my head down further, that is all I needed to start going harder and faster on that long stick. My body started to get warmer as I felt as if this whole thing was just turning me on more. He saw this, reaching down, he kayseri escort brought me up. His hand gripping my breasts, her firmly brought me down onto his manhood fully. My head came back, he moved his hands down to my hips, moving me up and down as he sat back a bit.

“Oh yes, Rita… come on… that’s it…” He softly whispered, trying not to yell. “Yes… oh yeah.. like that… mmmm… “

I started to pound on him harder, liking the feeling of that large cock deep inside of me. Soon, I found myself yelling to him “Give me all your cum, yes… come on… cum for me… ” He started to match my pace more than ever, his body starting to quiver a bit. I, too, was getting a little hot, I could feel my orgasm reaching slowly, soon his hot liquid poured into me. I smiled, starting to slow. He would have none of that, laying me down, he slipped off my thong instead of just moving it, he put himself back into me, still hard, he pounded deep into me again. I gave a great moan, enjoying it as he fucked me. Soon, his large cock showed me what it was to feel like a woman… quivering, I let myself climax onto his huge long organ. His hand rested upon my breast as she continued to thrust into me. I couldn’t help but moan… till we heart a sound outside.

“Oh shit… ” He said as he leaped up. “Get dressed… hurry..”

Both of us were dressed and sitting on the couch by the time our parents came in. Both seemed to be pretty out of it. They smiled and told us both to go to bed, which we did. On our way up, Rob had been sure to show me his interest as we were getting ready for bed. He would rub his hard cock on my tight ass as he walked by. It sent quivers down my spine. That night, we both had wonderful dreams. I could hear Rob calling my name a bit from the other room, his hot breath as he beat himself for me. I reached down my panties… spreading my legs as I fingered myself as deep as I could, making myself cum. I fell asleep not much longer… but something else was about to happen…

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