Family Affairs Ch. 02: Awakening Mum

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John left his Grandparents’ house his mind full of thoughts and questions. He had decided he was going to begin living as a nudist at home, but how was he going to break the news to them? Should he tell them about seeing his grandparents having sex or Lisa wanking him as they watched.

By the time he arrived home he had a plan and a speech ready for when they arrived home, but he still had an hour till then. He went straight to his bedroom and stripped out of his shorts and shirt once more, and lay on his bed thinking of the afternoon and all he had learnt, but mostly what he had seen. He pictured the sight of Grandpa thrusting into Grandma from behind and saw her tits swinging once more. His hand was immediately around his dick, now that Lisa was not there to do it for him. Thoughts of Lisa led him to think of her sister Jenny and mum Aunty Monica. He wondered what they looked like naked, and if he would see them ever at Grandma’s house. Stroking away on his cock he wondered if either were shaved like Lisa or if they were natural like Grandma. Then completely out of the blue his mind turned to his own mother. He began to think of her naked, like she had been when she first met his dad. He thought of the one time a number of years ago when he had seen her tits, she was in the bath and he needed a pee. She let him in, but had bubbles covering most of her, but he had managed to see that she had large dark areolas that the bubbles could not hide. As he imagined her lying there before him he started to cum, shooting strings out up on to his chest.

It was not the first time he had had an orgasm thinking about his mum, but it was the most intense he had ever had he realised as he showered to clean up. When he was done it was time to put the plan he had devised into action.

As he had done many times before he went down to the lounge naked to watch TV before his parents came home. Only this time he would not be running upstairs to dress as soon as he heard the car pull up. His plan was to just stay there and see what happens, rationalising that both his parents would have seen plenty of nude people before when younger. His heart was pounding when they parked up outside, but there was no turning back now.

It was his mum that walked in first; she did not even look in his direction as she went straight to the kitchen with a bag of shopping. ‘Hi love!” She called to him as she walked past.

“Hi Mum!”

Steve, his dad, was soon following but he did look over at John and saw him lying on the sofa naked. “What’s going on John?” He asked.

Steph walked back in as her husband spoke and for the first time saw John, “oh my gosh!” Was all she could say.

John stood up in front of his parents and gave them the speech he had prepared in the car.

“Firstly I want to say that I love you both.”

“We love you too John,” said Steve.

“Just let me finish Dad. I am an adult now and I have decided that I want to live as a nudist.” John saw his parents exchange a look. “Today is not the first time I have been here nude, I have been doing it when home alone for the past 5 years or so. But until today I did not realise that there was nothing wrong with it, I was always ashamed before. I have to tell you that I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s today.”

Steve was nodding as he realised what must have happened when John arrived there unannounced.

“I don’t need to tell you that they were naked, as was Lisa who was there too. They explained the lifestyle they lead to me, and I realised that I want to lead the same one. So here I am my first day as a nudist.”

“Now I know all about what happened in the past, that Dad was brought up a nudist and that you Mum joined in before I was born. I was angry at first that you decided to leave the lifestyle, but Grandma helped me see that you thought it was the right thing at the time. Well now I am telling you that you don’t need to protect me any longer and we can be a nudist family too if you want.”

“Are you done? Steve asked.

“Yes,” replied John, waiting for the fallout from his speech.

Steve just broke into a broad grin, “it was inevitable, it’s in your blood John,” he said echoing what Grandpa had said in the afternoon. Then looked at his wife to see her response.

“You are serious aren’t you John?”

“Yes Mum I am.”

Steph could see that her husband was so excited at the idea of being able to be a nudist once more, and when she thought about it she knew she was too. She had regretted for years the way she had forced him away from his family when they had married. She had enjoyed the lifestyle before but made a rash decision back then and had not had the nerve to admit she might have been wrong. But could she strip off now in front of her son.

“Well I am all for it,” Steve said and began to take off his shirt.

“Mum? How about it?”

“I just need to say my piece too please John. I want you to understand why we made that decision back then. But first I need to ask you what your grandparents told you.”



“Yes, kayseri escort well to be honest they had to, as they were making love by the pool when I arrived, and Lisa and I watched. So I know all about the sex stuff too. They told me that was why you made your decision, not because of the nudity.”

Steve had now stripped off, “no we did not have a problem with that at all. It was the sex that mum was more concerned about, they were right.”

“I just could not see myself carrying on having sex with your grandad once I had a family of my own.”

“Wow! Back up a bit. You had sex with Grandpa?”

“I thought you said they told you everything.”

“Well, I thought they did mum.”

“You have really let the cat out of the bag now Steph,” Steve said.

“Oh shit!” Steph said which was about as hard a curse John ever heard his mum say.

“Sit down John I think you need another family history lesson.”

John sat down and his dad sat opposite him, mum left them to go to the kitchen to think.

“So grandpa told you that sex was never hidden at home when I grew up?” John nodded. “So it was not surprising that your Aunty Monica and I started to touch each other and copy mum and dad. Eventually we began to have sex too. When your Grandma and Grandpa found out they were not surprised, in fact they were cool with it, and let us join in with them. We had some great times I can tell you, and they taught us both how to be good lovers.

When Monica met Uncle Pete, she told him about our nude lifestyle and he soon adapted to it and it was not long before he joined in the family sex too. They decided to carry on the tradition of nudity and openness in their home too, so that’s why Lisa was so relaxed this afternoon I guess.”

“I didn’t tell you earlier, dad, but she jerked me off as we watched Grandma and Grandpa.”

“Oh right, she may not have realised just how different we are to them. Anyway when I met your mother I introduced her to the family of course, and had told her about our nudity. She fitted right in and enjoyed it. And then when things got serious with her and me I told her about the other aspect of our family love. I guess it took her a while to get over the surprise but in the end she accepted it and joined in. The six of us had some great times back then. Sorry if this is embarrassing you John.”

“It’s ok dad. After today I don’t think anything else will surprise me, but it does sound exciting.” He looked down at his cock and saw it was semi hard. His dad looked down and noticed too and smiled.

In the kitchen Steph was listening and as she heard Steve tell the history she remembered it too. Remembering the fun she and Steve had with his sister and husband as well as mum and dad. She knew that if she went one stage now and stripped off, it would not stop there and Steve would encourage her back into the family fully. She had not made up her mind about that yet. Part of her was still worried about that, but part of her was definitely excited by it, as she could feel some moistness beginning between her legs. She was pulled back to the here and now by Steve calling for her to come back into the lounge.

“So John now knows everything,” Steve told her, and she could tell that her son was getting excited at what he had been told. “He has something to ask you again.”

John stood up and walked over to his mum, “Mum, I would love it if we can follow the lifestyle that Grandma and Grandpa initiated for their family, beginning with being nude together.” As he said this he put his hands on his mum’s shoulders and looked her in the eye. She looked at Steve then back to her son. She nodded to them both and a small smile formed at the corner of her mouth. “Help me then John please.”

John smiled back at his mum and moved his hands to the buttons on her blouse and began to undo them. When he reached the last one he pulled the blouse out from her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her white bra pushed her breasts up and John leant down and gently kissed the soft flesh above the material line. As he did so his arms went round her waist to find the zip to the skirt. He pulled it down so it fell to join her blouse on the floor. John stepped back and looked at his mum in her underwear, the first time since he was a boy and his cock was hardening once more.

Steph looked at her son and saw his manhood growing; she thought of what her mother in law used to say about having sex with Steve. She had told Steph that there was something very special every time they made love, something that she could not explain and never felt with anyone else. Perhaps it was that fear that had made Steph make her choice 18 years ago, but now she knew she needed to feel that closeness with her son.

Putting her hands behind her back she unclasped her bra and added to the pile on the floor. Then putting her fingers in the waistband of her panties she pulled them down.

There was nothing erotic about the way his mum stripped, but as he watched John’s heart was beating so fast and hard kıbrıs escort he could feel it in his neck.

“Your mum is beautiful isn’t she?”

“Yes Dad she is perfect.” And she was from her shoulder length hair, to her breasts which still had some firmness of youth but were slightly pendulous, down to her flat abdomen and the dark hair at the tops of her shapely legs. John took it all in and knew he loved his mum with every ounce of his being.

“Are you still a virgin John?”

“Yes.” John replied, “Not got further than a fumble in the cinema.”

Steve looked at his son and wife standing looking at each other’s naked body. “Steph take our son up stairs and make a man of him.”

Steph knew this was going to be the outcome as soon as she let the cat out if the bag earlier, but it still took a moment to take it in. She swallowed hard then reached over to her son and took his hand and led him upstairs. Looking back at her husband, a wide grin on his face, she said, “phone your mum and dad and tell them everything is ok, they are probably wondering what has happened here. Tell them we are coming over tomorrow to see them, and there is no need to dress up on our account anymore.”

Steve went straight to the phone and called his parents to give them the news. When he came off the call he went upstairs to see how things were going. The door to Steph and his bedroom was open and he stood and looked in. John was lying on his back on the centre of the bed. Steph was on her knees by his side her ass up in the air and she was sucking on John’s dick. Steve watched as Steph took the whole of John’s length into her mouth so that her lips were resting on his balls before pulling back up. John had his eyes closed and was smiling like the cat that got the cream.

After watching this for a few minutes Steve walked into the room and said, “Your mum is a really good cock sucker isn’t she?”

“Oh Dad, she is amazing. Never had a girl do it like this before.”

“It takes a lot of practice to deep throat like that, and she had a great teacher in my mum too. Steph you better not make him cum though I am sure he would rather be in your pussy.”

Steph lifted her mouth of John’s cock one final time and said, “John has a lovely dick Steve. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed that. Now John you are going to feel me ride you and you can cum inside my womb.”

“Fuck Mum, you want me to cum where I spent 9 months?”

“Yes.” She said as she moved around the bed and then lifted a leg over John’s body to straddle him. Slowly she dropped herself down onto him and let the tip of his cock separate her lips and then slide up inside her.

John’s first entry into a woman’s body was like nothing he had imagined in his dreams. The walls of her vagina were smooth and silky around his penis, the extra sensation of it being his mums made it so much more sensual and sexual. He looked up and saw the look on his mums face as he entered and did not fail to see the smile on it. She began to ride him then and John reached up and took a breast in each hand and massaged them as she bounced up and down on his erection.

“Mum, I am not going to last long,” John moaned as she continues to grind herself on his cock.

“That’s ok, you will learn how to make it last, but for your first time you are doing well. Just enjoy it don’t worry about me we can work on that later.”

“Ok well here it cums!” With that John let out a long moan and the he began to shoot his cum into his mother’s womb.

“That’s it John fill her up with your seed,” his dad instructed him

John felt his mum’s vagina muscles begin to work on his cock, milking it of every drop of his cum.

Steph now knew exactly what Lou had told her about all those years ago. There was nothing like being filled with your own sons cock, and when he shot his load into her it was such an immense feeling right down to her core that her own orgasm hit her unexpectedly. She thought she would not cum this time knowing John would be quick but there was no way she could stop now.

“Oh John! She screamed as she pushed down harder, rubbing her clitoris against John’s pubic bone. Her orgasm lasted a whole minute, but felt like thirty. When she was finished she dropped forward onto John and kissed him until his deflating cock fell out of her.

What happened next John was not prepared for. Steph lay on the bed next to him and he watched as his dad got onto the bed between Steph’s open legs and went down on her. John could hear him lapping away at her used pussy and sucking out his cum from it.

Steve lifted his head up when he could get no more of his sons cum form his wife and swallowed what was in his mouth, tasting the mixture of their juices.

“Shit Dad, what was that?”

“Rule number 1 at your Grandparents house; you better get used to it as we are going there tomorrow.”

“Rule number 1? John asked.

“Yes, to them and the rest of the family, semen is very special. We consider it wrong to be only enjoyed by a couple at a time. So whenever konya escort a man cums in or on a woman and another member of the family is about, that person has the right and privilege of tasting the cum too any way they want. And that is the first time I have tasted another guys cum for 18 years and It was wonderful knowing it was yours son. How was it for you Steph? You seemed to enjoy having John.”

“I cannot describe how it felt, only your mum would understand I think. I can’t wait to talk to her about it tomorrow. They were ok then?”

“Oh yes, more than ok. Dad is looking forward to getting reacquainted with your cunt. His words not mine! And John I cannot over state how excited your grandma was, you must have made an impression today.”

John was still in a daze. In the last 30 minutes he had been sucked on and then fucked by his own mum and then watched his dad lick his cum from her pussy. Now cool as a cucumber they were lying on their bed chatting as if nothing had happened. “I love you guys” was all he could say.

“We love you too!” Mum and dad said together.

The three of them lay on the bed together for another few minutes until Steve said, why don’t you two clean up and I will go and order a take away. It will be here by the time you come down I should think, with that Steve left.

“Come on John let’s get cleaned up, and it’s time to learn the second rule that your grandparents taught me.”

“What’s that then mum?”

“No one takes a bath or shower alone. I think it started as a money saver but soon moved on beyond that.” She took John’s hand and they walked to the en suite shower room.

Once inside the shower and with the water flowing Steph squeezed out some shower gel and began to wash John. “wash me too John,” she said passing him the bottle.

Taking the bottle John squeezed out some gel into his hands and beginning at his mums breasts began to wash her. The attention he was giving her made his young cock begin to rise and it was not long before her hands were washing it, removing the remains of their sex from it. As soon as Steph felt he was clean again she knelt down in front of him and took his stiff cock back into her mouth.

Yet again John felt he was in heaven and leaned back against the wall of the shower as his mum sucked him on and out of her mouth. Steps hands went behind John and gripped the cheeks of his ass tightly as she let him fuck her mouth.

“Yes Mum! I am going to cum in your mouth.”

In response Steph just pushed her mouth further onto him so his cock was all the way in before she pulled back again. With the tip of his cock just inside her mouth John began to fill his mum’s mouth with hot spunk. Steph let him spurt and then began to milk him with her mouth until it was full and began to dribble form the side. Standing up she held Johns face in her hands and then kissed him. John was surprised at first and then remembered the first rule and knew he was going to have to get used to the taste of cum, so just as well be his first. He opened his mouth as his mum kissed him and felt her tongue enter his mouth and pass him some of his own cum. Receiving his first semen was not as gross as he would have thought a few hours ago, and between them they passed it from mouth to mouth as they kissed. Breaking the kiss Steph looked at her son and smiled before they swallowed at the same time.

By the time Steph and John made it downstairs after they had washed and dried themselves the take away had arrived and Steve was sorting it out. As they ate their meal the telephone rang, John went to answer it.

“Oh hi Aunty Monica,”

“Yes I have found out a lot of things today.”

“Yes I am looking forward to seeing Lisa again soon too.”

“That sounds like fun, yes I will tell them.”

John put the phone down and went back to the table.

“That was Aunty Monica, seems Grandma has already told her what has happened.”

“Did not take long,” said Steph.

“She said that they are all going to Grandma’s on Sunday and that Grandma suggests we take an overnight bag tomorrow and stay with them the night so we can have a proper family reunion on Sunday.”

“That’s a great idea, I can’t wait to see my sister again, and well you know.”

“Fuck her again?” Steph finished for him.

“Yes that’s it exactly.”

“Well I am looking forward to picking up where Lisa and I left off,” added John.

“It’s going to be a tiring weekend I can feel it, “said Steph with a smile

After they had finished their first meal as a nude family they moved to the lounge to watch a DVD as they usually did on Fridays. The difference this week though was not only that they were naked watching it, but also that John’s mum and dad were far more physical. Normally mum would be reading a magazine as she half watched the film and Dad would be on and off his I pad, but tonight they sat together on the sofa Dad’s arm around Mum. John looked over after the first 20 minutes of the film and saw his dad was stroking the edge of mum’s breast with his fingertips. By 45 minutes in Steve was massaging Steph’s boobs with one hand and she had her hand on his thigh. When he looked again after another 15 minutes his Mum was stroking his Dad’s dick whilst Dad had his other hand between her legs and was stroking her slit.

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