Fag Hags’ Outing


She was a friend, a good friend and wife of a mate. She had wanted to go out for the night and do ‘something wild’ for absolutely ages and had driven us all mad with her constant whinging about it. Mick her husband wasn’t interested and as my wife was working the 4 to 12 shift, I agreed to take her to a couple of night spots where she’d see some ‘wild’ things. They were gay locals where my wife and I frequently went and where we both enjoyed meeting casual partners as well as many friends.

She arrived at our house at 6:30 as arranged, we were to get a taxi into town and my wife would pick us up around 1am from the club, Connies.

Dawn was dressed in what Mick called her slut outfit, see-through top, tiny black bra clearly visible, short dress and heels. I made her remove her knickers before we even left the house.

“You want to be wild! Get em off.” I commanded.

To my surprise she did and so we got into the taxi with this usually quiet married mother of three barely clothed and clearly as randy as anyone I’d met. She kept rubbing against me and whispering sweet nothings and snogging telling me how much she needed something really dirty to satisfy her tonight. I pashed with her a bit and groped her soft tits and long nipples fingered her soaking pussy even before we got to the club.

We went to a pub first, a gay pub and had a couple of drinks. Dawn was goggling at the range of gorgeous men and kept saying how she wished they’d just decide to do her for the night. She soon needed a pee and made her way to the toilets. I was approached by a big man with a lovely moustache and began yarning hoping for a quick hard fuck when she returned, flushed and clearly excited.

“They were fucking in the toilets.” She blurted out. I almost was I thought.

“Who were?” I asked,

“Two women, I heard their groans and stood on the loo to look over the partition and one was on her knees sucking the other off!”

The hunk I’d been talking too had moved off so we finished our drinks and lead Dawn off to Connies. It’s only a couple of hundred meters from the pub so we walked through the dark gardens my arm around her groping her tits and biting her neck.

We got in with no trouble it wasn’t crowded as yet although the smoke machine made it its’ usual gloomy self. I guided her around to the side bar where we could look down on the dance floor from behind a glass brick bar. There were stools there and Alanya Fetiş Escort as it wasn’t too late we found stools to perch on. I bought a couple of ‘red fuckers’ my own invention. Vodka, Bacardi, Gin, Grenadine on ice topped up with lemonade over ice. Sweet and potent.

Three of these and Dawn was a mess, she was slurring and mauling me. I had missed out on a number of men as she’d scared them off, so I sent her to the loo when I caught the eye of the next man to show interest.

While she was away I got him to come over and explained she was just a drunken fag hag and I needed some action. He smiled and said to get some drinks in and he’d see what he could do.

Dawn returned to find another Red Fucker waiting and a man standing close to me. She took her seat and turned to me to see me pulling on a large hard cock. It was really dark in colour and about 9” long, I could barely get my hand around it and it was drooling. She just about screamed but continued to watch as I bent down and licked the head of it.

“On your knees slut. Suck me to the balls.” He demanded

Dawn groaned or growled I’m not sure which.

I slipped off my seat and knelt with my back against the glass brick bar so that he could move in front of me and let me suck him off. Dawn had a perfect view and didn’t take her eyes off the action for the entire time it took for me to deep throat him to orgasm.

When he’d cum he pulled out and zipped up as I stood up grinning. Dawn was agog. I leant across and kissed her on the lips, delving deep with my tongue as I groped her sopping pussy and let his cum dribble into her mouth. She seemed in a trance and even though I knew from her husband always complained that she never took cum in her mouth she swallowed.

I next deftly undid her bra and removed it before throwing it into the middle of the dance floor. She still just stared at me. I wrenched her top apart sending buttons flying and exposing her slightly saggy tits. Her large almost black areolas and nipples were crinkled up in excitement. I grasped her nipples and she merely groaned when I twisted and pulled on them thrusting them forward to allow me greater access. I kissed her deeply and trailed bites and sucking down her neck and across her tits to her nipples which I bit into hard, pulling back to lift each tit in turn before letting it flop back against her ribs.

There were men and women all Alanya Gecelik Escort around us but most just watched the show we provided or continued with their own groups.

I leant next to her and told her to stand leaning on the bar pushing her around so that she had her back to me. She did and I lifted her short skirt to reveal her arse and pussy to anyone interested. She arched her hips to give me better access and I looked at her gaping pussy for the first time. Here in a public place surrounded by onlookers Dawn offered herself to me. I was tempted to get someone else to fuck her first but my cock thought for me and I stepped up and pushed my cock straight into her sloppy hole. She groaned and humped back, groaning and cumming within a just few seconds. I ground my cock as deep as I could, but there wasn’t much sensation as she was so wet and open. I pulled out and tucked my cock away.

“You stay just like that you little slut.” I said slapped her arse and made my way to the men’s nodding to a couple of men to indicate they could take my place.

Inside the loo there was a cue at the urinals with many lovely cocks being displayed. I waited for a few minutes watching the various cocks being displayed then, luckily a booth door opened and I was straight in there. I was really after some cock but needed a piss. Through the glory hole I could see a couple fucking as I had a piss and was enjoying the action when a hand came through the hole in the opposite wall and stroked my thigh. I turned and pushed my cock through to immediately feel a hot mouth suck me down to the balls. I allowed him to suck me for a few minutes before pulling out and taking my aching cock back into the club forced into my trousers but with the fly open.

As I approached the bar I saw one of the men I’d nodded to humping behind Dawn. He was clearly enjoying her compliance and as I got along side them I heard him groan and lift her off her feet almost hurling her across the bar as he buried himself in her fully and emptied his balls. Christ he was enormous, I was jealous she’d got it in her instead of me.

Dawn was scarlet in the face, panting raggedly and sweat was pouring off her. The man fucking her pulled out and I looked at her exposed arse and fanny to see semen running out of her and down her legs as far as her heels. I pushed four fingers into her pussy and my thumb easily entered into her arse. I knew Alanya Genç Escort she’d taken anal years before but wouldn’t let Mick near her arse so was somewhat surprised at her allowing me to doubly invade her.

“You have been used haven’t you?” I whispered into her ear.

She just nodded.

“In all your holes?” I asked

She shook her head.

What hasn’t been used?” I asked.

She turned to face me and opened her mouth poking her tongue out before grabbing me behind my head and kissing me forcibly. She released me and growled,

“I haven’t sucked yet! The first raped my arse you bastard and then two fucked my cunt.”

“Well you know the position, you watched me swallow. It’s only fair for you to do the same.”

She slipped to her knees and pulled out my still hard cock which was straining against the cloth. She just engulfed it in one go. I pushed it down her throat and fucked her as deep as I could. Her head was forced back against the bar and I held her by her ears so she had to take it. She was spluttering and choking but not resisting at all as I fucked her throat, her first deep throat action I believe and she valiantly kept with me until I pumped my load into her gullet.

She rose leaving my cock hard a waving in the breeze.

“Now I’ve had everything fucked!” she bragged and turned to watch the dance floor once again.

We stayed about another half an hour, wanking each other gently until we’d both cum once more before it was time to go.

As we walked, well I walked she staggered down the steps out of the place the doorman smiled, “Quite a show you two put on!”

We walked around the back of the club via a dark lane to the car park where my wife would be waiting. I almost had to hold Dawn up but we made it to find the car and I pushed Dawn across the back seat. Her skirt rose up and her torn top and love bites clearly showed she’d had her ‘wild time’.

“Mick will go mad!” My wife exclaimed.

“Well he did say she could have a wild time.” I replied.

We dr9ove Dawn home and helped her inside. Mick did not appear impressed as we dropped her across the bed.


Apparently Mick tore Dawns clothing from her and fucked every orifice she had only stopping when the children woke around six in the morning and began banging on the bedroom door asking why Mummy was moaning. Micks’ fist in her very sore pussy and cock in her arse at the same time was the honest answer but they said she was a little worse for wear.

Since that night Mick and Dawn have allowed each other a far more liberal approach to expressing their individual sexuality and Dawn now sucks swallows and takes it up the arse. She just didn’t realise what she was missing.

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