Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 02


This is my second installment of this story. This story will get a little dark because it pulls from personal experiences. I hope this does not turn you away and if anything, encourages you to read more into this. A lot of you will notice I have switched it from first person to third person. It just made for an easier moment to kind of fade in the back ground and see this better. Thank you so much for your emails and comments and without any further ado:


Cold, sinister, coal eyes pierced into her body as the demon rammed her body into the wall, over and over. The grip around her neck, cutting off her only source of life, became tighter with every growing second. Grappling against his arms in a weak attempt to breathe, the darkness creeping over her like a funeral shroud, she struggled with all her might.

She tasted blood on her tongue as it rushed in her ears. The tormentor watched her, laughing in this foolish attempt for freedom. If she just understood that her life was now forfeit, this could all be so much easier on her.

“Till death, bitch. Till death do us part. Remember that vow? That’s why you can’t leave me. I own your soul and all that surrounds it. Since you now desire freedom, I will grant your request. Thank me, your god, for being so merciful.”

Her heart beating faster as sheer terror took over. The demon eyes flared with a cursed fire as it wallowed in her feeble attempt to live. Maniacal laughter echoed in time and space.

“I SAID THANK ME BITCH……me bitch…….me bitch……..bitch……”

Jade shot up in bed, shaken from head to toe, sweating profusely. Taking deep breaths, she had to force this panic attack under control. “God, nightmares. I hate nightmares.”

Getting up finally, she showered to get ready for her day. Staring down at the scars on her body, she knew the story behind each one. Tracing over the burns, starting with the ones she received from cooking in the kitchen, to the ones from battles with psoriasis, down to the ones from early child hood across her wrists. However, the ones that would remind of the cruelty of evil men would be the one under her left rib, the one radiating down the right thigh and the one faintly under her neck. Shaking over the guilt, she finished her daily routine, heading out the door.

Opening the door, she goes around welcoming her workmates as she suits up. She has worked at this French Bistro, Zest for Life, for four years, initially starring as a waitress and working up to sous chef.

“Customers have been requesting that you bring back the Roasted Garlic and Vegetable soup with Gruyere shavings. Should we make it the weekend special?” Laurie remarks as she walks over and plops the prep list in front of her.

“Well its either that or the Heirloom Tomato Basil Bisque. Just got a good deal from one of our local farmers and I really want to try this cheese aperitif with Local cane Gouda with the greens dressed in a Pear and Strawberry Vinaigrette and Midnight Moon Goat Cheese.”

Jade loved the kitchen. She didn’t have to think of anything but pleasing her customers. She loved new recipes and definitely ones that encouraged her community. More farmers were starting to bring their best crops to the little bistro and more restaurants were following in her foot steps.

“Has Chef Myron and Chef Laurent called today? We were supposed to talk about the class we were gonna run a class on the history of cuisine.” Laurie spoke up from the various salad dressings she was preparing for this evening.

“He called me yesterday. You and I need to sit down after the lunch rush and bang out what three items we are bring to the table. Oh! What music are we rocking out today?” Jade asks as she walks over into the cooler to start working on the Pork Loin special for that night.

Laurie smirks and walks over to her massive CD collection. Both women had very eclectic tastes in music, Jade more heavy metal and J pop and Laurie more hip hop and electronica, but she brought something that not even Jade would suspect. She pops in the CD and immediately the first notes ring out.

Jade pops her head from the cooler. “OH MY GOD! IS THAT MAXIMUM the HORMONE?” Zetsubou Billy blaring over the speakers.

Laurie had been shopping and saw this CD and immediately thought of her chocolate heavy metal diva. “You do know that CD is for you right?” Laurie laughing out loud as she walks over to Jade, hugging her tight. “You would do the same for me girl, I’m just beating you to the punch.”

“Thank you, Laurie. Thanks for everything. Okay! We gotta get back to it!”

Jade hugged her back with fervor as she starts working on the pork loin for a Roasted Pork dish glazed with homemade Peach Chutney. Lunch and dinner went by without too many hiccups as they clean up and get ready to go home. Looking down at her cell phone, she noticed two calls from Mitch and a voice mail. Calling her voice mail, she couldn’t help but break out in a smile as he croons how much he misses her and wanting mersin escort to know when they could go out on an official date. It had been a week since that wonderful night and like love sick puppies, they made sure they at least messaged or called each other once a day. She had been hesitant to go forward with her heart and the nightmares like this morning didn’t help. Too many memories.

When she got home, she goes to her kitchen, putting on a pot of green mint tea and prepared her bubble bath. She was off tomorrow and wanted to start it right. Checking to make sure none of her scars are open or bleeding, she takes her cup of tea, her phone and sets the mood with music from Cowboy Bebop by Yoko Kanno. Slowly stepping into the bath, she settles in for a bit before calling Mitch.

“Hey, handsome? How was your day?” Jade’s body warming up, anticipating his voice.

“Its been okay, but its better now that you called me. What are you doing?” Mitch’s heart sped up just a little.

“Oh nothing but sitting in my bubble bath, thinking of you. What about you?” Jade voice dropped a little as scenes of that night runs through her mind.

“Wishing I was there with you, apparently I’m missing out on a sight to see. What if I told you I was sitting in my chair trying to work on my presentation but having problems keeping the vision of your body out of my mind?” Mitch sat up in his recliner, putting his laptop on the arm to adjust himself. His groin seemed to want to speak to Jade as well.

“I would ask you what would I need to do to get me off of your mind? Oh, God I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that!” Jade apologized over and over again. She was not used to speaking like this over the phone. “I’ll let you get back to your work okay?”

“Jade wait!” Click.

Jade sat in the tub with her hands over her face. She put her phone on silent and finishes her bath. ‘I can’t let my heart go out like that again.’ The memories of that day kept hitting her mind. She deserved what happened to her, she thought deep in herself. She couldn’t allow Mitch to see this dark side of her and be corrupted by the beast within. ‘For his sake, I must keep this pain to myself. Mitch will realize his mistake and move on.’

Mitch had been trying to get Jade to go out with him all week, but she would either be busy at her job or too tired at home. He knew these were just excuses. ‘She’s hiding something from me. I won’t let her go though….’

Closing up his computer, he wants to call Jade back, but decides to give her some breathing space. “I need some information. Maybe Chase will know.” Mitch picked up the phone and begins to dial.

Chase answered on the second ring. “Hullo?”

“Hey man, this is Mitch. What’s up?”

“Nothin too serious. Just watching some fools duke it out on some Towing show. Have you been treating my girl fair?”

“I really like her, but she isn’t letting me in. What is going on with her? Is she interested in someone else?”

Chase could do nothing but lower his head. “Ugh. I can’t tell you what she went through. That’s something she will have to share with you. I can tell you this. Please be patient with her. I won’t say any more than that.” Chase really wanted to reveal all the things this monster had done to his friend. No woman deserves to be hit or abused in any way and this bastard had fucked with her whole entity.

When John walked into the room, he went to his lover to give him a kiss but saw him slouched over, with his head in his hands. John crouched in front of Chase, seeing tears coming from between his fingers. “Baby, whats the matter?”

Peering into John’s eyes, the tears just kept on coming. No words are exchanged as John began to kiss the tears away, alternating from eye to eye in a circling pattern around his face. Lips, cheeks and top of fore head were not spared his gentle touches of love and devotion. When the tears finally ceased, Chase relayed the conversation that he had with Mitch.

Remembering one of the darkest days they had as a couple began with a call from Jade/ They had to pick up the pieces of Jade’s psyche as the cops held Paxton, her ex, in cuffs as he thrashed about like a maniac. It had taken three policemen to pull Jade from his clutches after a two hour stand off. The town that she was from, saw the difference in race and only decided to charge Paxton with 3rd degree assault and sentence him to 100 community service to him. She did however have a restraining order against him. John and Chase gave Jade no choice as they took her, made her pack her bags and she moved with them to a larger city. After nightmare after nightmare, she finally found her own niche. “We will help her find her way, my love. I promise you that.” As John spoke, they nodded at each other, a quiet vow to each other.

Chapter 4

It was 11 pm, Friday night at the restaurant: Chef Myron was having his surf and turf night and the place had been packed. A Louisiana band with a Creole kocaeli escort flair had came by to perform and they opened up the patio part of the venue. Everyone was enjoying the wonderful Crab cakes paired with a lobster risotto that Chef Myron had brought in from the coast. Jade was all over the kitchen, helping and supporting where she could. Now it was near the end of the night and all she wanted to do was go home and enjoy a much needed day off. She still had the class to teach tomorrow with Chef Myron and a guest chef from the Italian Bistro down the street, but after that, she had Sunday off. Around midnight, the kitchen was clean and she was on her way out of the back, going towards her car and she saw Mitch leaning against his pride and joy, watching her approach, with lavender roses in his hand. Jade blushed.

“What are you doing here, Mitch? Not that I’m not glad your here, but, well, um, how are you?”

“Well there is this beautiful girl that every time I try to set up a date, she dodges me and complains about being too tired. So instead of waiting, which I don’t like, I decided to do something about it, which I do like. So Ms. Jade, may I have the honor of being with you today?”

“I just got off work Mitch. My body is T-minus thirty minutes from an official shut down and time is running out. I’m so..” She didn’t get a chance to finish before Mitch placed a finger over her lips. Jade wanted to tell him no. She was too afraid of allowing this man into her life. He could see the war in her eyes between emotions and want.

” I think you need to rest dear. I have a surprise for you. I know you want to say no, but just let me. Let me have this one chance.” He leans over, ghosting the top of her forehead with a breath of a kiss.

“Mitch I can’t leave my car here overnight. It might get towed or broken into!” Jade really wanted to let him lead, but her mind just kept coming up with visions and excuses, but he wasn’t having it. Mitch grabbed the hand which held her keys and pulled her back inside the restaurant. He looked about seeing Chef Myron putting up his knife case.

“Sir are you the owner?”

“Part owner, Chef Myron at your service.” Myron had known Jade for a while and was impressed with how she could hold a kitchen together. He knew about Jade’s sordid history and looked at Jade like a granddaughter. “So, why do you have my sous chef in your hands?”

“Is it okay if she leaves her car here? I’m worried about how she is having problems standing.”

“Are you her boyfriend?” Myron raised his eyebrow. Jade had never spoken of a guy in her life. Jade looked up in his face, looking for a clue. Her mind kept crying out no, but her heart couldn’t help but to hope for this to be true. Mitch had no doubt. He was ready to move forward, even if he had to drag Jade with him.

“Yes sir I am. I want to be with her. If she will have me.” All attention on her. “I don’t know what you have been through, but I want to show you that you are worthy of love, if you just let me in.”

Jade was speechless. All her emotions having a tug of war in her soul.

Could she trust this man? no…yes…no Will she make the same mistake? He will hurt you…no…no he won’t… What if he loves her? He can’t love a beast like me….but what if he does….or maybe its just sympathy… What is true love? Never for you…never for you…but what if? Is it violent? He will hit you….make you his plaything….but what if its true love?

Myron looked back at this young man, searching for truth behind lies. He could find none. “If you do anything to her to make me regret this decision, I promise you that what I do to you will seem like God stepped down from his throne to make you his personal play toy. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir. Shall we go my love” Jade’s head shot up, eyes as big as tea cups, completely not believing the exchange she just saw. She was stunned. Part of her not believing that he just called her his love. They had not even known each other that long. Mitch leaned down to kiss her on her head. “Lets go.” She followed him without too much of a fight, tears threatening to fall, but she would not let her weakness show. Not even to someone who could promise her the world.

Chapter 5

Walking hand in hand towards the Mustang, Jade kept trying to figure out what to say. What do you say to a man who just confessed his love in front of your boss? As they drove away, her heart was trying to escape her chest through her mouth. Problem was the mouth was too dry to assist. Mitch couldn’t keep his eyes on the road long enough. He had to know tonight if this woman who some how came in like a ninja and stole a piece of his heart felt the same as he did. .It took a while for Jade to realize that they had arrived at the Hyatt suites and the car was at a complete stop.

“Why are we here Mitch? Whats going on?”

“I just wanna help you relax baby. Come on.” He held his hand out to her, one bag in his hand samsun escort and another slung around his shoulder.

“But I don’t have any clothes, I’m not prepared and I have a presentation tomorrow…”

Mitch cupped her hand in his, leading her in through the lobby doors. “I asked John to go into your apartment and pick a couple of things. He was joking about throwing away your collectors DBZ t-shirt. John said that usually when you do a class, you wear your chef pants and shoes, the t shirt that represents the restaurant and your clogs. You already have your head wrap and your hair is braided. So you should be fine.” He slides the card into the slot, allowing Jade to go first.

Cream colored walls bordered in deep sapphire blue set off this immaculate room with 42 inch flat screen TV on the wall, with comfortable brown leather couch and chairs scattered about. The blinds were open to see the expansive view of the ocean as the moon illuminated the surface.. As she progressed in, she could see a separate bedroom to the left,

Entering the bedroom, Mitch placed the bags in the corner next to the closet and proceeded to pull out everything in the suitcases. Jade plopped onto the bed, just watching in awe. “Do you need some help with that?”

“No. I just want you to stay there, sweetheart.” As Mitch was putting things away, he pulled out lavender and chamomile body oil. Jade couldn’t believe any of this. Usually she had much to say but now….nothing. Mitch begins to draw a bath, checking the temperature. “Jade could you come in here and check to see if the water is okay?”

“Why are you doing all of this for me? I don’t deserve any of this I know I should have called you earlier in the week, but I just had some things come up and I didn’t want to disturb you and I feel like I”m a bother to you and not really worthy….” Jade kept rambling, hoping to come up with some valid excuse to save Mitch’s heart from the damage she could do. Mitch watching this beauty tremor, the earlier words that Chase had spoken echoing in his ears. What had she gone through to make her downplay herself like this? He sidestepped towards Jade, holding her close to his chest.

“Please, stop. I don’t want to hear how you don’t deserve anything. I won’t let you tear yourself down. Tonight is just for you to relax and let me love you. No tricks. Now do you want me to bathe with you or sit outside? I want you to be comfortable.”

Jade’s head pops up. A choice? No one has ever given her a choice of whether she wanted to be treated well or not. She just wanted people to accept her. “T-t-t-t-hat’s okay. Just let me check my skin.”

Mitch smacked his head. He had forgotten about her scars. “Can I check for you?”

Jade stared at this anomaly. Why would he care about a beast like her? Never fitting in, never belonging, a freak of nature, but he wanted to see. ‘I had shown him before but he didn’t see them all. This is a good time as any to end this dream of mine.’ She began to take all her clothes off. When she was done, Mitch took her hand and began inspection. As he began to slowly kiss and lick every sore and scar he saw, they could feel the sexual tension kick up between them. When he saw an open scar, he would tell her. All others, he ran his hand across, soothing the pain he knew was there.

Turning her around, he put her in front of a mirror. “I want you to see that all I do is to show you how much I want you. Take your hands and place them on the glass..If you move them, I’ll spank you.”

He quickly removed his clothes, his hands shaking in anticipation. Jade’s heart was rushing beat after beat trying to catch up with one another. Wrapping his arms around her soft tummy, he ground his erection into her plush ass, causing her to gasp. Touching her neck with his lips, he licked, tasting her sweet sweat, biting and sucking on her clavicle and earlobes, softly mauling her breasts. Her nipples, as big as eraser heads, cried out for attention. He slowly went down her back, licking and biting down her spinal cord, short circuiting her body with pleasure. When he got to her ass, he gave it the same treatment, devouring the juice from her pussy leaking down her legs.

Jade wanted to make noises, really she did, but couldn’t. This man manipulating her body had made speech impossible. Spinning her around, he set her on the edge of the sink and spread her quivering thighs, breathing in her heady aroma. He continued his ‘inspection’ licking up one side of the thigh to her lips, nipping and sucking the skin, then down the other side. Sometimes, he’d start in for her treasure and just blow. Over and over. Jade was on a roller coaster, fighting between telling him to stop or dive in. Guess which side won?

Jade grabbed his hair and shoved him in. ” LICK ME DAMN IT!”

Mitch looked up in shock! His mouth dropped in awe that she asked, nay DEMANDED that he lick her. Lust coursed across his eyes like a thunderbolt. “Well. Anything for my lady.”

He plunged between her pussy lips, french kissing and sucking her clit like a man on a mission. He held her legs in that spot as he latched on to her clit and hummed. Reaching his tongue in as deep as it could go, devouring her very essence, Jade knew this was it. He had worked her body too good earlier to stop these spasms that hit her like a locomotive.

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