Escalating Series of Surprises Ch. 02

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Big Ass

Hello Readers! This is Part Two of a Two-Part story. Both parts are written and have been posted in order.

Chapter 2: Bigger Surprises

“G’damnit woman, I get home from a hard day down at the education manufactory, I missed the omnibus…”

“There is no ‘bus from Arnoldsville,” I interrupted, stepping aside so that Sabrina could come through the door. She took a big step in and threw her briefcase on a chair next to the door.

“Charli, when I want to hear your opinion, I will give it to you,” Sabrina said sharply. She was scowling and her eyebrows were furrowed.

“Wasn’t really an opinion, I mean there just isn’t a regular bus route anywhere within 60 miles of…”

“Don’t try to change the subject, woman, the point is where is my fucking dinner?” I picked up my phone and tapped the tracking app.

“Pizza is supposed to get here in 7 minutes,” I said. Sabrina broke into a broad smile, wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, and leaned in and kissed me. We were both smiling and our teeth bumped together and we both laughed.

“I just thought since we were playing house and all…” Sabrina said.

“You’d pretend you were a stereotypical 1920’s husband?” I asked.

“I wanted to sort of set the atmosphere,” she explained as she kicked off her shoes. They landed on the chair.

“I just want to use my parent’s house while they were out of town, I didn’t want to, like, borrow their marriage,” I said, and I closed the door behind her. It was October, and every year at that time, my parents re-enacted their wedding/honey moon by going to the Florida keys. This year I had been counting down the days. I had wanted to, finally, pay back Sabrina for all of her hospitality over the last few months.

“Wait, did I really capture your parents relationship?” Sabrina asked, almost sounding concerned. I laughed and shook my head. Despite the fact that we had been together for a couple of months, Sabrina still hadn’t met my parents. Not because we were lesbians (which they knew) or that she as trans (which wasn’t their business), but because the of the age difference. I couldn’t shake the feeling that my mom would flip out completely if she knew I was dating someone in her thirties. And, given the fact that I was not much for confrontation, I had decided to just avoid the issue forever. That would show my mom I was mature enough to have any relationship I wanted!

“No, they are like, grossly, compatible with one another,” I said.

“Good, because I was going for realism, but…”

“Yeah, did you buy a briefcase for this bit?”

“I already had it,” She explained and we started walking into the kitchen, me sort of trailing behind her.

“What for?” I asked. Sabrina sort of shrugged.

“Briefs?” she suggested and I giggled. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her now. I know the “joke” such as it was, wasn’t even really all that funny. But there was just something about it… I had practically lived at Sabrina’s house since that first night at Roche’s. And every night was like that first night. Always just so…easy and fun. I didn’t know that a relationship could just…be so little work. My parents had nothing on my gross compatibility with Sabrina, I guess is my point. I felt overwhelmed by the sense of satisfaction that I had no experience with.

“I love you,” I said, as I pulled Sabrina in for a kiss. Her feet sort of caught and her eyebrows raised. For a second, I wondered what was wrong.

“Charli?” she asked, “Was that, like, a serious one? Or a sort of ‘I love you man’?” And my breath caught in my throat. And I realized that I had accidentally, for the first time, told Sabrina that I loved her. She had broached that subject with me before, but I had always deflected it. Now I had sort of surprised myself with the news.

“I have been saying it in my mind, over and over again lately. It just kind of slipped out naturally, because I have gotten so used to thinking it,” I admitted.

What I didn’t say was the reasons why it felt so strange to say it. I mean, I felt it. I loved her and there was no doubt in my mind about it. But the reasons I loved her felt murky. I felt it, but I couldn’t understand it. It had come so easily, I felt it so deeply so fast. I guess what it was was that I trusted Sabrina, but I didn’t trust myself. And that fact just confused the hell out of me. Why did I trust Sabrina so much? I didn’t trust people like this. From the first day, this had all be so easy. Why was my guard down? I couldn’t explain any of it. I just knew what I felt, even if I couldn’t say why. And so I had avoided saying that I loved her, even though I knew I did. Because each time I thought it, my mind turned into a pretzel.

Sabrina crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows. “Thinking what?” she asked. I smiled sheepishly.

“I love you, Sabrina,” I said again. She smiled, and then slapped my arm playfully.

“You didn’t think I would want that information?” Sabrina asked.

“I like izmir escort the verbally abusive husband with the briefcase better than the physically abusive girlfriend,” I said rubbing my arm.

“Oh please, you wimp, I barely touched you,” Sabrina said dismissively. This was true, but I played it up.

“I am going to get a contusion,” I said.

“That’s a fancy name for a bruise,” Sabrina said, but she nonetheless bent forward and kissed my arm, “But I love you too, Charli,” she said, looking up as she kissed me. I felt that word sort of wash over me and I could feel that it was true.

“I forgive you,” I said, “And I do love you Sabrina,” I said again. And now she leaned up and kissed my lips. My mouth split open and I felt Sabrina’s tongue against my teeth. And then there was a knock at the door. We broke our kiss.

“That wasn’t seven minutes,” I said.

“We couldn’t have finished in seven minutes anyway,” Sabrina said.

“When have you ever lasted seven minutes inside of me?” I asked and Sabrina laughed.

“Yeah, that’s true, I usually try to just get it over with,” Sabrina said. I was about to talk back, “Go answer the door.”

Five minutes later, we were sitting on the couch in my parent’s living room with paper plates, eating pizza and watching television with the sound off. We were snuggled up together. It was chilly outside, great fall weather. We had plans to watch a horror movie. What more could a person ask for?

“So you are right,” Sabrina said, looking around the well-appointed living room, “Your parents have a good set up here. But I still don’t understand why you don’t want to live in a dorm or something,” she said.

“You wanted to come over to a dorm room and make out in front of my roommate or something?” I asked, taking a bite of pizza. Sabrina laughed.

“I won’t pretend like that wouldn’t be kind of hot,” Sabrina joke, “No, I mean, obviously, this is better. But don’t you feel like you are missing out in college by staying here with the fam?”

“My college is like 12 miles from here, what would be the point?” I asked. I went to a branch campus of the state university that was in a small town just a short drive away. Of course, in the opposite direction from where Sabrina went to work, so we couldn’t drive together.

“To live on your own and get to have all of the fun of being an adult with only like half the responsibilities,” Sabrina said, giving me advice.

“Don’t try to ‘guidance counselor’ me, it will be weird when I am eating your sperm later,” I said and Sabrina laughed.

“I did tell you I love you right,” she said, taking another bite of pizza. I didn’t mention to her, then, that was thinking about looking for an apartment or something before the start of the spring semester. The truth was that I still lived at home, because change had always made me uncomfortable. Every little different thing would send me spiraling for weeks at a time. But in the last few months, with Sabrina, it felt like I suddenly had a secure basis. That even when one thing changed, Sabrina was there, solid and secure. And so it wasn’t all that scary anymore. Like I said, I trusted Sabrina. And, as a result, I was willing to take chances with her. Like leaving home. Or saying I loved her.

Or getting more adventurous in the bedroom.

After we finished eating pizza, I put a fun little surprise into action. We cleaned up the food and I told Sabrina that I was going to get changed into my pajamas, so that we would be comfortable for watching our movie. She said she would do the same, and I directed her to the bathroom. She actually went and got her briefcase from the chair.

“You put your clothes in the briefcase?” I asked.

“Why bring two bags?” she asked, shrugging. I laughed.

“So are there really briefs in there?” I asked. She shook her head.

“It’s sexy, I promise!” Sabrina said.

“Hey briefs can be sexy. Some chicks dig that 40-year-old virgin look,” I said.

“Go put our jammies on, you jerk,” Sabrina said, and then she ducked into the bathroom with her briefcase. I ran upstairs to my room, taking two steps at a time like a little kid. My heart was pounding and I was already starting to get aroused, just thinking about what I was going to be doing in a few minutes.

By the time I came back downstairs, Sabrina had already changed into her pajamas. And she was right. It was pretty sexy.

“Woah,” I said, my eyes moving over her body. Se was wearing a little purple silk nightgown. There was a ton of cleavage (still a boob girl!) and it was incredibly short. From where she sat on the couch, I could see the shapely curve of her ass exposed. She looked up at me and furrowed her brow.

“I guess you seriously decided to get comfortable,” she said. I laughed a little bit. I was wearing my mother’s big, billowy pink robe. It was about 20 years old and had a big Siamese cat sewn onto the side of it. It was, in all likelihood, the least sexy thing in the entire escort izmir house. And my dad has a large collection of Tommy Bahama shirts.

“So, remember I told you I had a surprise?” I asked, bouncing a little bit and biting my lower lip. Sabrina nodded a little.

“I didn’t realize you had a ‘Ralphie’s mom from A Christmas Story’ fetish,” she said.

“I really, really do but this is not about that…well, actually, maybe it can be. Say ‘you’ll shoot your eye out.'”

“You’ll shoot your eye out,” Sabrina said, in a husky, sexy voice. I shuddered and moaned a little.

“No, that is too hot. We can’t do that now,” I said sharply. Sabrina laughed.

“Okay, well then, if it isn’t this fetching robe, what is the surprise?” She asked. It was the magic words. I had been holding the robe together with my hands (it wasn’t tied). In one smooth motion, I sort of shrugged the robe off of my shoulders, letting it tumble onto the floor. I was wearing a lacy black bra I had purchased for the occasion. No panties, but thigh high socks. Oh, and in between those two new purchases was a six inch, orange, strap-on dildo.

“Who is your friend there?” Sabrina asked, pointing with her toe at the dildo. I moved my hips side-to-side, waving the plastic cock in front of Sabrina’s face.

“We are going to do a little role reversal tonight. I am going to fuck you!” I said and I gave my plastic cock a little stroke.

“You recall that I do not have a pussy,” Sabrina said and then rose up onto her knees on the couch. Her nightgown was so short and that the tip of her cock and her balls actually hung down below the hemline, which was incredibly hot.

“It had occurred to me, yes,” I said, licking my lips a little bit, “But, and you can correct me if I am wrong, you do have an asshole. Yes?”

“What the hell do you know about fucking someone in the ass? Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” she asked. I shook my head.

“No, not as such, no,” I said and then I pointed at her, “But you have, right?”

“Yes, but…”

“And remember that one time when I asked you to let me watch you masturbate and you showed me that thing you do…”

“With my finger!” Sabrina said, bending her index finger in my direction, and then pointing at my dildo, “Its a little smaller than that thing!” My smile sort of faded, and I started to think about bending down and pick up my robe.

“It really is cool, if you don’t want to. It was just an idea I had,” I said, feeling incredibly stupid and embarrassed. Ah yes, this was the reason I didn’t like surprises! They had a tendency to fuck things up. Sabrina gave me a sly little smile.

“Let me be honest here,” she said, “You look really hot wearing that thing. And the socks. Actually, thinking about it, I really want to give this a shot. I just…I haven’t had anything bigger than my finger up my ass in a couple of years. So I don’t want to get your hopes up too high, this can be more complicated than you might realize. I appreciate the surprise, but this would have been a surer thing if I had worn a plug today. Do you have lube?” I smiled, relief washing over me. Not just that she was going to give it a try, but that she wasn’t upset with me. And also…

“Yes, I asked around about the best kind for this and it was totally embarrassing. But I did it for you,” I said, reaching into a cupboard where I had stashed the stuff.

“Then come fuck me,” Sabrina said, like she had been waiting all her life. I almost sprinted over towards the couch. As I was moving, Sabrina fell down onto her ass on the couch. She spread her legs, the nightgown rose up over her hips. She reached down, grabbed it, and pulled it up over her head. Her soft cock was resting cutely against her balls. She scooted to the edge of the couch, until her cock and ass sort of hung off of the edge.

“Here is the lube,” I said, handing it to her. I figured she knew better what to do with it. She flipped the top over and squeezed some of it onto her left palm. She sort of reached down, under her balls, pressing the lube against her anus. At the same time, her right hand reached forward, grasping around my dildo. She pulled me in close, between her legs.

“So, spit is never, ever, ever enough lube for anal. I cannot stress that enough. Spit is not enough,” she said, looking up at me, “But it can still be fun to get started with it,” she said. Her pretty eyes flashed at me for a moment, her long lashed fluttering shut. Then she craned her neck and took the tip of my dildo into her mouth. My eyes went wide and I sort of tilted my head, so I could watch the dildo disappearing into Sabrina’s lips.

It wasn’t a massive dildo or anything, but she moved it smoothly into her mouth. I heard a wet little choking sound for half a second, and then it was in Sabrina’s throat. I felt her nose press into my stomach. She worked her head side to side, letting the dildo bounce around inside of her throat. And she kept it in for so long! Once, without izmir escort bayan even stopping, she moved her hand off my shaft, squirted more lube into her hand, and moved it back to her asshole.

“You look so pretty doing that,” I said. It was bizarrely hot. I don’t know, I guess I had never really thought about what it would look like to have someone give me a blowjob. Weird, right? But, having it done, even without any of the sensation associated with it, was oddly sexy and…empowering. I ran my hands through Sabrina’s hair, moving my hands down her face and against her throat. I felt myself growing wet just watching her. Which was more than a little surprising.

Finally, with a gurgling little gasp, Sabrina moved her head back, letting the dildo slide from her throat. It came out dripping with Sabrina’s spit. I actually felt it dribble down, cool, onto my toes. I might have thought it was wet enough, except for the fact that Sabrina had already told me it wasn’t.

“I will lube it too,” Sabrina said, and squirting more of the lube onto her palm, and then working it into along the length of my dildo. It was oddly hot to watch her stroke my dildo too. And it felt nice, the blunt end of the strapon rubbing against my clit. I could feel the slickness against the back of it, knew I was getting extremely turned on. I wanted to go to the next step.

“What’s the best position, like…how should we position ourselves?” I asked earnestly.

“I think it might be different for everyone,” Sabrina said, her fingers moving back down to her asshole, “Every time I have done it, the best way has been on my back. Missionary style. That might be boring but…”

“No,” I said, suddenly picturing the image of Sabrina, spread wide, in my mind’s eye, “That sounds insanely hot. Let’s do that!”

“Let’s!” Sabrina said, “Actually, your parents have a sort of low-to-the-ground couch here. Kind of deep too, if we throw the back cushions off. I can probably stay here and you can get high on your knees…” She didn’t have to explain more. I could see it in my minds eye. I reached behind her, grabbing the back cushions and throwing them onto the floor. I leaned back and put my hand on Sabrina’s shoulder. I shoved her slightly, and she fell back onto the couch, her breasts sort of spreading out across her chest, and her soft cock flopping back against her stomach and then coming to rest again on her balls.

“I want to watch your flop back on a bed like that a million times,” I said, dropping down to my knees on the floor. Sabrina laughed.

“You promised me an ass fuck, you have to deliver it now,” she said, “I will flop some other time”

“Deal,” I said, grasping my fake cock around the base. I watched as Sabrina slipped her arms down under her legs, watched her hands grasp her ass cheeks, and she pulled them apart slightly, while rolling her hips up towards me, thrusting her ass up off the couch so that she was on her lower back on the very edge of the cushion. I reached forward with my free hand, finding Sabrina’s soft cock, and stroking it once. She moaned, and I slipped my hand down. I gently cupped her silky balls (I always love her balls so much! I can’t possibly explain why. They are so cute!) and lifted them up. I exposed the glistening, pink rosebud of Sabrina’s asshole. I desperately wanted to be inside of her.

“Do it. But don’t be shy about adding more lube,” she said, biting her lip with anticipation. I realized that she wasn’t just doing this for me. She wanted it too. My desire seemed to double all at once. I had to carefully control myself, to avoid going at Sabrina too quickly.

“I just like…?” I felt a little nervous now, despite being excited. Sabrina laughed a little.

“Not so confident when you’re looking me in the eye, so to speak,” Sabrina said, wiggling her ass a little. I laughed and shrugged, “Just push in smooth and gentle. Not too fast. I will keep telling you want to do, I wasn’t planning on leaving,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said, biting my lip and not really engaging with her joke. I tilted my head to the side, and pressed the tip of the bright orange dildo against Sabrina’s little pink asshole. I slid up against the wrinkled flesh easily, the lube making her extra slippery. Sabrina groaned a little.

“There are a lot of nerves there, that feels nice,” she said. I kept my hand on the dildo, forced it down against her anus again and then let it ride up again. I started to rock my hips back and forth, just letting the slick dildo rub against Sabrina’s asshole, firmly but with no intention (yet) of penetrating her. Sabrina continued to moan and I could feel her soft cock twitch slightly in my other hand.

“That feels good,” Sabrina moaned and sort of settled a bit on the couch, she seemed more relaxed, “Put it in,” she said. It wasn’t quite as instructional now. There was a bit of desire in her voice.

“Whatever you want,” I said and she laughed a little, but her eyes stayed on my dildo. Once again, I positioned the tip of my dildo at the very center of Sabrina’s asshole. I started to push again, this time keeping pressure on the dildo, to keep it centered on Sabrina’s anus, not letting it ride up. I felt a slight amount of pressure, I saw her skin stretching against me. I heard Sabrina gasp a little, and slowed the pressure, afraid I was hurting her.

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