You know its really about propriety. I know that, and she knows that, as she kneels in front of me. I unzip my pants. Sitting in a chair, comfortably fondling the stem of a wine glass. Her hair is loose, caressing her shoulders, and I brush a bit away from her face, running my thumb along her lips. They open expectantly. I can tell her eyes are trying not to go to my zipper.

I run my thumb inside, over her hot little tongue as it lifts to lick. She’s thinking about sucking cock. Good.

“So little slut. I hear the UPS driver made some extra deliveries.” I grab her jaw and pull her up, close to my face. “You couldn’t keep cocks out of your mouth while I was gone at all, you little cum sucker.” I growl menacingly.

She blinks alluringly, her eyes welling with innocence. “I didn’t… He just dropped off a package.” She talks quickly. I can see her throat move. I let my fingers follow down over her neck to her t-shirt clad shoulder. She doesn’t usually dress up. It doesn’t matter.

“You didn’t give it to me.” I rub my hand over my zipper again and take a slow drink of wine as she sits back down on her heels. “Besides, Jon is a friend of mine.”

“Jon… What?” She looks taken aback then has the decency to blush.

“Its okay. I know all about your tendencies sweetheart. That’s what was in the package, some tools to help you learn to control yourself.” I smile happily. She looks warily at me.

“You’re not that mad?” She questions.

“No no no…go get the package for me. I had a plan before Jon delivered it as to help you with your little problem.”

Little problem is a minor way to put it. My new girlfriend can’t keep her mouth and mind off sex. I’ve found her kissing strangers in the bathroom hallway at bars and restaurants repeatedly, porno izle and seen her happily get groped and mouth fucked behind a barn at a fair. At first I was a little upset, until she repeatedly explained that she just couldn’t help it. She really can’t.

She returned a little later with the box, and handed it to me. I set it on the table and then motioned her back to the floor. She knelt, then, resting on hand against my knee, her eyes lit with curiosity.

“What is it?”

I lightly smack her face. “You’ll find out soon enough. Right now, suck, as I unpack.”

She gives me a naughty look, but goes right to work on my pants, with a cock happily between her lips she’s busy making light moaning sounds as I unpack the box. I grab her wrist, strapping the slave bracelet around it. She pulls off, to look, but I grab her hair with my other hand and force her mouth back down to the work. “Keep sucking slut.” I order. She moans in response, taking my cock deeper into her mouth.

The other bracelet goes on quickly, and then I slip the collar around her neck as she keeps sucking. She makes a funny noise at this, but i snap it in place. Then pulling her up by the hair, I grab the center loop. leaning over I pull her up for a crushing kiss.

“You want to know the way to fix a slut? Make them a slave. When you’re mine completely, your master can punish you for your wrongdoings. Doesn’t that make this better?” I ask, nibbling on her lips lightly. She tries to push away slightly.

“No that doesn’t fix anything, I mean, what does that mean?” She’s defensive. I knew she would be. I hand her a wineglass, and she takes a sip dutifully.

“Well you’re problem isn’t that you like sex. You’re problem is that you give it too freely. If you amatör porno were my slave, then those people who are tempting you into sucking cock or eating pussy, they would owe me. You would get all the pleasure you wanted.”

“Oh that’s good.” She moans into the top of the wine glass.

“Good, then you won’t mind the anklets too? Right?”

“Nope.” She responds perkily.

“No master.” I correct her.

Those deep eyes again.

“No master.” She repeats, licking her lips lightly.

“Good, strip naked then.”

She stands up and turns her back to me. She shimmies out of her pants and panties in one move. Then lifts the shirt over her head, bra and all. I see her run her hands over the collar, lightly.

“Turn around.” she does so, quietly.

“You forgot the yes master.” I correct her.

“Yes master.” she answer.

“Now give me your ankle.” She dutifully lifts one leg up, I pull it all the way to my shoulder, holding it with one hand, I gently stroke through her cunt with my other fingers before I put the cuff on that ankle. As I hold her leg I gently, playfully slap her open cunt. She gasps in surprise. Letting her leg go down quickly, her hands don’t cover her cunt, because she must use them to keep balance. “No answer. Bad slave.’ I admonish. “Now other ankle.”

She repeats the process, lifting her other leg directly to my shoulder, and letting me grab it. As my finger reaches out to caress her exposed cunt she reaches to stop it, pauses and then quickly says. “Yes master.”

I smile at her. “See, you’re learning. It will be easy.” Once the other cuff is on, i let the leg drop slightly off my shoulder, then slap her crotch again, she yelps and gives me a reproving look.

“But anal porno you need to answer promptly. I won’t have disobedience in a slave. Its a matter of propriety.”

I stand up, and we kiss passionately. “Now, let me show you how good this idea is at controlling your urges.”

It takes only a few moments to lead her up to the bedroom, and to tie her hands and feet together, her face against the bed and her ass high in the air. “Lets start with your disobedience, shall we?” I ask.

Still not used to the position, she doesn’t immediately answer and her yes master is a bit breathless.

“So good of you to agree with me.” I respond. “Now let me get you warmed up.” I start lightly, just gentle strokes, then I pepper in some slightly heavier one as her ass turns a light pink. and I spread out a bit, along her thighs and back. Once she’s making little panting noises, I draw my finger along the slit of her cunt. “Nice and moist. Now, exactly how many of your holes did Jon fuck when he dropped off the package.”

“I just…..sucked him off.” she pants out.

“Oooh, you forgot to call me master.” I admonish cruelly. “I roll her over on her back, then grab her ankles and release her legs. They spread naturally, invitingly, and I find myself licking and fingering her crotch for a bit. Her soft mewling sounds of pleasure remind me of my bigger vision.

“You’re so forgetful. Maybe I should be forgetful too.” I sneer. Pulling out some nipple clamps from my pocket, I place them on her nipples, watching her big eyes squirm at my actions… or maybe that was the finger I still have playing casually in her cunt.

“I’m…. sorry… master.” she hisses as the second clamp goes on.

“And you also lied.” I pick up a small leather whip. bringing it down gently against her stomach. “How many holes did he fuck, slave. You have to be completely honest with me for this to work.”

“Two! Two!” she answered quickly, as the leather whip fell repeatedly. “Just my mouth and my pussy…. Master.”

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