Earning a Reward


“Come here slut.” Master commanded.

I immediately crawled on my hands and knees towards him.

Master stood by the desk, his laptop sitting open on top. I loved being his slave as he worked.

“Faster,” he barked at me.

I quickly approached Master and leaned into a waiting position. He grabbed the collar around my neck and attached a short leather leash. Master then gave the leash a harsh tug, ensuring it was secure. I knew I was expected to thank him for giving me my leash, and so I opened my mouth and whispered “Thank you Daddy.”

“You’re welcome slut.” He replied. “But you’re still missing something…”

Master walked towards the closet and returned with something I couldn’t make out in his hands. He told me to present my ass to him.

As my face touched the floor, arms folded behind my back, Master started running his fingers over my asshole. He reached over to my cunt and pushed my already flowing juices to my ass.

“Mmm.” He groaned. “You are such a good little whore for me.”

I thanked Master again and clenched my teeth as I felt the sudden push of something against my asshole. I realized he was putting in a plug, but this plug was much larger than any previous one I’d had. I took deep breaths and allowed my muscles to relax, enabling Master to fully insert the toy. The fullness was so intense.

Master gently patted the end of the plug, satisfied with his slave’s compliance.

“Feel good my slave?” He questioned.

“Yes Master, so good. olgun porno So full.” I replied.

Master scoffed slyly and pulled my leash upwards, signalling to me that I was to stand. I rose to my feet and faced Master.

Without hesitation, Master grabbed my throat with one hand and shoved his fingers in my mouth with the other. He pushed them down, forcing me to gag, drool escaping my mouth and running down my chin.

He removed his fingers, hand still holding my throat, and commanded me to keep my mouth open. The spit and drool was uncomfortable as it seeped out.

Master squeezed my throat and watched as I forced my mouth to stay open for him.

He laughed. “Such an obedient whore.”

He released his grip and pointed to the floor. I instantly knelt down, eyes up at Master. He pulled his thick cock out and starting slapping my face with it.

“Look how hard you made me slut.” He laughed as he rubbed his cock across my face.

I smiled with my open mouth. Master pushed his cock deep inside, causing me to squirm as I choked. He began roughly fucking my face, his hard cock going as far as it could down my throat at a pace faster than I had ever encountered. It was just a hole to him- HIS hole. When Master pulled completely out, he admired all of the drool covering my chin, neck, and chest. Mascara ran down my face as my eyes watered. I kept my mouth open, knowing that Master’s earlier command was still in effect.

“Mm. Tell me what you porno are.” He looked into my eyes.

I stared directly back, keeping focused on Master. “I’m your cum-hungry, soaking wet, obedient whore, Daddy.”

Master grinned. “That’s right my slut.”

He then yanked my leash and pull me to the bed. Forcing me to lean with my feet on the floor and backside facing him, he once again ran his hand over the plug that was stretching my ass.

“Think your cunt can take my cock with that in your ass?” He inquired.

I wiggled, trying to keep from cumming. Master’s words made me drip.

“I don’t know Master.” I said.

“I do,” he said back. “Do you know why?”

I shook my head.

“Because my slave will fit whatever she is told to fit in her cunt, her ass, and her mouth. Isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes Daddy,” I replied meekly.

“Yes.” He repeated, running the head of his cock over my slit.

Master slowly pushed his cock into my tight, owned pussy, the pressure causing me to stiffen. I quickly reacted by forcing myself to relax; Daddy would not want to think I was resisting his cock.

After a few moments, his cock was all the way in, my ass clenching the plug as if it would pop out with all the pressure in my cunt. I wanted so badly to cum- I had to fight the urge with all of my strength.

Daddy, as if knowing this, leaned towards my head and whispered in my ear, “Don’t you fucking dare cum before I tell you to.”

A Porno izle shiver ran down my spine. I wasn’t sure if I could resist it much longer, especially as Master began pumping his cock in and out, fucking me with all of his might.

Just when I felt I could not hold back one more second, Master’s voice boomed. “Cum now, slut.”

I shook, trembled, and panted as I felt the amazing sensation throughout my entire body.

“Th-thank you Master.” My heart was pounding.

Master continued to rape me with such force. He was not going easy on me today (not that I would expect him to). He rammed his cock in and out, balls deep each time he went in. He groaned intensely as I felt his seed exploding inside of me. He gradually slowed down, savouring the feeling of his cum filling my owned cunt.

While still inside of me, he reached down and slowly pulled the plug from my ass. The release caused an indescribable sensation to ripple through me. He followed by removing his sticky cock, giving my ass a harsh slap before snapping his fingers.

I immediately stood and turned around, then knelt down again in front of Master. I opened my mouth and allowed his cock to slide in, sucking the mixture of cum off of it. When Master was satisfied I had cleaned it to his standards, he removed his cock and replaced it with the plug. I proceeded to clean the plug in the same way, tasting my own asshole.

Master then set the plug aside and looked down at me.

“Daddy is very proud of you, slave.” He commented. “You took everything I told you to, and you allowed yourself to be bred in just the way I like. Should Daddy give you a reward?”

I eagerly nodded. “Yes please Daddy.”

He smiled and turned around. “Ok my slut, you may lick Daddy’s asshole.”

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