Dominated by My Twin Sisters


Growing up as the younger sister of two identical twins was not easy. Lana and Lara were born 10 minutes apart on Christmas Eve, the symbolically perfect little gift for new parents. I, however, was born 9 years later (although incidentally only about two weeks earlier in the year), my parents’ happy little accident.

My sisters were extraordinarily close growing up. Lana and Lara became essentially mirror images of each other. They both did cheer and figure skating, hung out with the same popular clique, had identical personalities, and I couldn’t ever remember seeing them fight with each other. When they reached 18, they both went to the same university and then law school, roomed together for all 7 years, proceeded to get a job at the same law firm, and then rented an apartment together.

My sisters were also identical in appearance. Their faces looked like complete photocopies of each other. Their builds were the same as well. Both Lana and Lara were 5’6″, about 125 pounds. They had similarly curvy bodies, with small hips, big butts and even bigger breasts. Each had wavy, dirty blonde hair coming down to just below the shoulders that they took great care to ensure was styled and cut the same.

With neither ever getting any scars or tattoos, no one could ever tell them apart. It was so bad that our parents couldn’t even distinguish them. They were forced to keep their hair different colors since they were eight years old so that their school teachers could tell one from the other. Lana dyed her hair a deep red, while Lara got to keep her natural blonde color.

I was well aware that my sisters were gorgeous, and they did as well. Lana and Lara always seemed to both have various boyfriends for as long as I remember, and I knew they were considered the prettiest girls at their high school. I never was able to talk to them about boys or relationships, though. Or really anything that personal. The age gap and their closeness meant that I didn’t ever really connect with either Lana or Lara in the same way that they did with each other. They only seemed to confide in themselves.

I didn’t consider myself nearly as pretty as my sisters. I looked much different. I wasn’t nearly as curvy, instead being much leaner. I was only 5’2″ and just above 110 pounds while soaking wet. My breasts were considerably smaller as well, just above an A cup, and I had a flat butt. My straight hair was an unremarkable mouse brown, without nearly the volume of my sisters’.

As such, I always kept myself quite plain. I shied away from makeup or tight-fitting clothes, much to my parents’ delight, and only had one real boyfriend before college. I will readily admit that I was very insecure about my looks. I couldn’t seem to escape from under the shadow of my gorgeous, successful sisters. I didn’t realize until I got to college that I was also quite beautiful, and even then it was only after getting hit on by all the frat boys more than other girls.

Now, I don’t want to make myself seem like I was unloved or a loner. Being the youngest child, I was my parents’ angel. And my sisters and I still loved each other, it’s just that they both had a much deeper emotional bond with each other than with anyone else. However, the dynamics of our relationship were drastically changed over one holiday season.

It all started on Halloween. Every year, my parents throw a Halloween party with a bunch of friends and colleagues where everyone is forced to dress up like they’re kids again. My parents take it as an occasion to justify getting drunk, as well as trying to set me up with somebody’s son. I had been dressing up as Harry Potter characters for a few years in a row just to see how many of my parents’ older friends would recognize me. So far, the closest anybody ever got was somebody last year thinking my Dolores Umbridge was, in fact, Jackie Kennedy.

As it seemed like they always were, my sisters were late. The party was in full swing (by my parents’ music selection, I mean that literally) when I noticed Lara’s car pull up. I saw her get out and start walking up to the porch. I ran to the front door and opened it just before Lara’s hand hit the door, causing her to startle a little.

“Psychic, I know.”

“Jesus, Alexis, you almost gave me a fucking heart attack. Next time, just let me fucking knock on the door, okay?” Lara asked, as she stepped inside, shutting the door behind her.

“Yeah, sure. How’re you doing?”

“Pretty good. I was held up at work, so that’s why I’m running a little late.”

“Uh-huh. I’m sure. Little Red Riding Hood, I assume,” I said, motioning towards her get-up.

“Yep, that’s the idea. Pretty good costume, right?” She did a little twirl to display her costume. It was definitely a stereotypical “sexy” Halloween costume. The blouse was very low-cut tight, showing off Lara’s big boobs, which seemed like they were nearly about to pop free. Her short skirt tapered to an end at her mid-thigh. I definitely knew all of the men would be ogling her.

“Well, it’s definitely antalya escort very… flashy. Just be sure you don’t bend over or some of the more senior partiers might have a heart attack.”

“Yeah, yeah. So let me guess. You are… the Wicked Witch of the West,” Lara said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh, come on! You know damn well who I am!” I shouted. She giggled and briskly strode past me to mingle. Just as I turned back to follow her, I heard a knock on the door.

“Coming!” I opened the door, and saw a mirror image of the last entrant looking back at me.

“Oh Jesus, you guys didn’t dress the same. That’s cruel,” I chided to Lana. The tight red hoods pulled to the top of their foreheads obscured their hair color, so the twins were no longer distinguishable.

“Hey! Don’t yell at me! It was Lara’s idea.”

“You two can be real bitches sometimes. I have a right mind to put a name tag on each of you.”

“How do you know we wouldn’t just switch tags?” she smugly retorted.

“I’d glue it on to the blouse.”

“Easy fix. We’d just go naked. Except for the hood.” I was slightly taken aback by Lana’s blunt response, and she could sense my awkwardness. “Speaking of, what do you think?” Lana asked, referring to the costume she shared with Lara.

“Yeah, yeah. Good costume. Did you expect a stagger and a gasp?”

“Well, a little more appreciation might have been nice… Gandalf,” she said, the last word being delivered with a heavy dose of sarcasm and condescension.

“Come on! I’m fucking McGonagall! How did you not get it? Do you see a gigantic white beard on me? Do I look like fucking Magneto?” I was more than a little incensed, even though I knew Lana and Lara were just pushing my buttons.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Alright, I haven’t gotten really drunk in a while, and tomorrow’s a Sunday, so please direct me to all the alcohol because I want to get fucking smashed tonight,” Lana told me.

“Lara’s already hit the bar. Who’s driving you back to your place?” I asked, always the more sensible of the three.

“You. Cheaper than ordering someone.”

I was getting a little tired of not being 21 yet. Not only could I not drink, but I also had to be the designated driver for everyone, which meant late drives taking drunken friends or family back and trying to drag them into their houses.

“A month and a half, and I’m free. You better start finding a new slave.”

“Well, tonight isn’t a month and a half from now, so looks like you’re shit out of luck, Alexis,” Lana responded as she walked towards her other half by the alcohol station.

I sighed. Resigned to my fate, I mingled with my parents’ friends for the next few hours.

By the time the clock had hit 10, most of the seniors had already gotten tipsy enough that they had to leave. A few technologically advanced ones had mastered the concept of Uber, so they stayed behind with the younger of my dad’s work colleagues as well as those of my sisters’ who were desperate enough to come.

By 12, everybody else had departed. With my parents already passed out, only my sisters remained to be taken care of. They both looked pretty smashed, and I had difficulty getting them out of the house and into Lana’s car. Lara was propped up in the front seat, while I let Lana slump down in the back.

Halfway through the long drive from my parents’ residential neighborhood to their apartment in San Francisco, they finally woke up. Lara stretched out and yawned, the stench of alcohol heavy on her breath.

“Jesus, what time is it?” she asked me.

“Close to 1.”

“Are we in my car?” I heard Lana ask from the back seat, obviously somewhat incapable of processing her surroundings.

“Yeah. Someone’s going to have to pick up your car from mom and dad’s and drop it off,” I remarked to Lara.

Disregarding my comment, Lara turned in her seat so that she was facing Lana. “Hey, I snagged an extra bottle in case you want a nightcap,” she informed her twin as she took a nearly full bottle of wine out of her purse.

“Gimme,” Lana commanded. She began chugging straight from the bottle, as if it were soda or beer.

“Hey, stop it! Not only are you two plenty drunk enough, but you’re going to get me in trouble. I could get my license revoked if a cop sees,” I scolded them.

“Oh, take the stick out of your ass,” Lana snapped back as she passed the bottle back to Lara.

“Yeah, Ally. Stop being such a prude,” Lara joined in. They knew that I hated being called Ally. They used to call me it when I was a kid which was fine. But now, if ever I annoy either of them or they’re making fun of me, I get called Ally, to remind me that they’re the older sisters and they’re in charge.

Lana’s voice broke the silence. “So you know Eugene?” she asked, clearly directed at Lara.

“Yeah, that’s Tonia and Mark’s kid, right? The CPA?” Lara responded in between swigs of the wine.

“Yup. That one. So you know how Mom’s been trying to set one of us up with antalyadaspor.com him?”


“Well, tonight, I see him and he’s totally checking me out, right? And I’m like ‘yeah, he’s pretty cute and I’m horny’, so I took him up to the pink bathroom and we totally fucked,” Lana finished telling Lara.

“Sweet!” Lara responded as she passed the bottle back. “Where did he pop?”

“Inside obviously. But of course, somebody hadn’t re-stocked the fucking toilet paper and I forgot my purse, so it’s still in my pussy,” Lana giggled.

“Jesus, Lana! Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?” I interrupted.

“Just shut up and keep driving. You’re no fun when you’re sober. And no, I’m on the pill,” Lara told me.

“So anyway, did you cum?” Lara continued.

“Of course not. He only lasted like two minutes and we barely kissed before. I’m gonna relieve myself back home, though. I’m still pretty fucking turned on,” Lana answered, before chugging the rest of the bottle until it was empty.

“Alrighty, I bet I can match that,” Lara said. “So I noticed that Dave, Martha Henderson’s kid, was fucking throwing them back, and stealing peeks at my tits when he could. Now, Nancy, his bitch wife was there too.”

“Oh, she’s the one who complained to Mom that they didn’t have vegan hors d’oeuvres at the Derby party last year, right?” Lana cut in.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. So, anyway, she was drinking club soda, because apparently miss goodie-two-shoes can’t hold her liquor well, so I mixed in some vodka when she wasn’t looking and she was out like a fucking baby after one glass. So now she’s out of the picture, and it took me like thirty seconds to convince Dave to fuck me.”

“Which bedroom? I didn’t see you go up to any,” Lana inquired.

“The spare. He was actually pretty good, too. Ate my pussy for a while and I came, so I ended up better off than you.”

“Where was the finish?”

“Tits. I didn’t have my costume off all the way, so I’m pretty sure he got some on my shirt too. But I don’t think anyone noticed.”

I took my eyes off the road and peeked over at Lara. I noticed the few small wet spots that stained her blouse just over her breasts. I had assumed they were from alcohol spillage when I had dragged her out to the car.

“Was he one of the guilty ones after?” Lana asked.

“Nope. Just thanked me and told me he looked forward to my parents’ next party.”

I sat there, driving and listening while Lana and Lara conversed. I was slightly uncomfortable by their revelations. The stories made me realize that my sisters were total sluts. I knew that they went through plenty of boyfriends and flaunted their natural assets whenever they could, but I was very surprised to hear Lara so nonchalantly talk about seducing and fucking a man while his wife was passed out downstairs.

And yet, I also felt a little bit happy. Throughout their conversation, they obviously had no regard for whether or not I heard, which was a little odd. They had never openly talked about sex in front of me before. Not even when I was hitting puberty to talk about masturbation or how my body would change (in retrospect, those extremely awkward talks I was forced into with Mom turned out to be quite useful). I knew their openness was probably just due to the very large amount of liquor they had consumed, but it still felt nice to have them open themselves up to me a little more.

I was brought away from my thoughts when I found myself driving up to their apartment building. “Alright, guys. We’re here. Do you need help getting up to your place?” They both simultaneously turned to look at me with the same expression on their faces.

“This isn’t our first rodeo,” they said in unison, which creeped me out just a little bit.

As they got out of the car, I checked the electronic display on the car and realized that it was already 1:30. A little mental math told me that I wouldn’t get back home until well past three. That was way too late to call an Uber, as I had originally planned.

“Hey, do you mind if I stay with you two tonight? It’s really late and I don’t feel like heading back home now. We can have brunch in the morning and then you can drop me off. That way Lara can also grab her car,” I suggested.

Lana sighed before responding. “Alright, I guess. Come on.”

Our trio rode the elevator up to their floor, and when we got into their apartment, the sleepiness finally hit me. I knew that as soon as I hit the bed, I would be out.

“Couch?” I inquired.

“Well, you sure as hell aren’t sleeping with one of us,” Lana informed me as she entered her room.

I flopped down on their big sofa, and true to my prediction was asleep in seconds.

I remember waking up a little while later after hearing footsteps going from Lana’s room to Lara’s, and then the door to Lara’s room opening and closing, but didn’t think anything of it.


Everything was more or less normal for the next few weeks. School and work kept us busy, so I didn’t see Lana or Lara until Thanksgiving. Similar to our Halloween parties, my family celebrates Thanksgiving more as a general gathering, rather than the traditional sit-down dinner.

On this particular occasion, my three aunts and uncles came, each also bringing at least one additional generation of offspring. The house was bustling, full of football and kids (two things I hate). I had just finished up a particularly competitive game of Hide and Seek with my 7-year-old first cousin-once-removed (it’s easiest to just consider all of them nieces and nephews) in which I was disqualified for arguing, when I saw my sisters speaking to (or being interrogated by, to be more accurate) Belinda, the wife of my uncle Charles.

Belinda was a bit of a religious freak, the only one in our generally progressive family. She was currently pestering my sisters about when they were going to get married and quit their jobs to become mothers.

Both Lana and Lara were strong, independent women, so I knew the answer was obviously “never” for that reason. But after the Halloween conversation, I now also knew that they were way too promiscuous to ever settle down.

“In need of a rescue?” I texted Lana.

“YES!!” came the reply.

I burst into the room as quick as I could. “Lana, Lara, I need you right now! It’s a total emergency!” I said, panting to add dramatic effect.

They shot out of their chairs and scurried away from Belinda in a flash. I immediately chased after them. We came to a rest in the kitchen.

“Jesus fuck! What fucking took you so long?” Lana asked me in an irritable tone.

“Well, I’m sorry, but everybody knows in Hide and Seek that you’re not allowed to switch hiding places unless explicitly stated. Jenna, the little fucker, just kept running all over the goddamn house. It was unfair!”

Lara reached into the fridge and took out two cheap beers during my response. “Jesus, I hate kids. I need a break, and a drink. Lana and I are heading up to the top balcony. Care to join us?”

“Sure. I guess I could do with some peace and quiet too,” I answered, grabbing a can of Dr. Pepper so I could join in as a drinking buddy.

The three of us made our way out to the balcony off our parents’ bedroom. The day was beautiful and sunny, a benefit of living in California. It was perfectly silent, away from all of the chaos downstairs.

The three of us quietly sipped our respective beverages, basking in the calm weather and serene surroundings when out of nowhere, Lana’s voice penetrated the air.

“Alexis, about the Halloween party. I could tell you were kind of uncomfortable in the drive back when Lara and I were talking.”

I was interested to see where this is going, so I played along, “Well, maybe just a little bit.”

“Well, first off, let me just say that if you ever have any questions about sex or guys, you can come to either of us. Lara and I are kind of experts. And secondly, we didn’t mean to make you feel awkward,” she explained.

“Well, thanks. You don’t have to worry; it wasn’t my first exposure ever to sex.”

“What a surprise. I figured you would still be a virgin,” Lara sarcastically quipped.

“Oh, shut the fuck up!” I responded.

“Well, Alexis, when did you get your cherry popped?” Lana interjected


“You heard what she said. Come on. At least tell us who it was with,” Lara egged me on.

“No! Why are you two suddenly so open about sex around me? You never talked about this stuff in front of me before.”

“Maybe we’re becoming concerned and trying to give you some advice. It is a rather important time for you, sexually,” Lana replied.

“I’m not buying it. And I don’t need help.”

“Okay. Fine. If you don’t want to say, that’s up to you. But you at least have to tell us if we’re right when we guess.”

I sighed, knowing that this was about the best deal I could get.

“Alright, I’m guessing first,” Lara announced. “I get three tries and then Lana can go. Okay, so, was it… Steve?”

Steve was my first real boyfriend. I dated him throughout my first year of university, but we broke up when he transferred to a different college. While I had sex with him, he wasn’t my first. I shook my head no.

“Ooh, alright then. Well, I know for certain that you two fucked, so it must have been earlier. Um… Keith.”

Keith was the kicker on my high school football team (yes, I’m aware that when a girl goes out with someone on the football team, it’s traditionally not the kicker, but he was actually a nice guy). We went out on one or two dates, but nothing more than a kiss. I shook my head again.

“Mmm… last guess… Troy?”

I honestly had no clue who the fuck she was talking about. I had never known a Troy, so again a no from me.

“Shit. Well, your turn Lana.”

“Jackson Roberts,” she said without hesitation.

I was surprised. Lana was right, and knew that she was as well. Still, I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of being correct, so I again shook my head after a brief pause.

“You hesitated. I’m totally right.”

“No, you’re not!” I exclaimed back at her, my smile contrasting with my words.

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