Dominance Corporation, Inc. Ch. 10


She knelt there in a ceremonial kimono much to big for her. The sleeves hung down over her hands and her small body of 12 seemed lost in the folds of the vibrant colored fabric. She had been here at the temple steps all day in the hot sun. She didn’t think she could cry anymore as she was all cried out. A man walked up the steps and spoke to her parents behind her. She heard them talking about her negotiating a price. They told the man they were very poor and could not afford to pay him much to take her. They began to dispute and the man began to walk away, but he stopped and reached down and grasped her by the chin and lifted her tear-stained face and looked into her eyes. She just looked back at him quietly behind eyes of innocence.

The man returned to the parents and reached out his hand and took the small coin. He took a black ribbon from his pocket and tied it through the coin and stood in front of the girl. He opened his hand and dropped it on the stone steps in front of her and it made a small deadening “clank” and laid still.

She looked at the coin for a long time and then she looked up at the man. He told her to pick it up and look at it. She reached out and took the coin and ribbon and looked at it. It wasn’t even worth the cost of a single meal. The man told her that she was now his. She was to obey him in everything or he would sell her as a whore. He then lifted her from the stone steps and made her walk and climb into the car. Peki looked at the coin in her hand and then out the window at her parents as the car drove off. She vowed never to cry again. A vow that would years later earned her the status of a Hojojutsu-Dorei.

Peki looked down at the old ceremonial kimono that now fit her but the colors were now faded and if you looked, one close could see hand stitching that repaired holes or tears in the fabric. All her life she had been trained as a slave to endure hardship and pain. Her parents had set her worth long ago which she held in her hand. She was Hojojutsu-Dorei to Mr. Han. This was her one chance to prove to Mr. Han her worth and she was not going to make it easy for this man RJ. Yet deep inside she was afraid. She was no longer in her home country, and she was now in the hands of man she did not know or understand. Mr. Han gave him the coin which meant he could do with her as he wished. She didn’t know why his submissive was here, but she could feel her presence and she didn’t feel so alone. She was glad and was comforted by it. It was the only nice thing anyone had ever done for her she could remember.

After what seemed like hours of standing there in his office trying to figure out what he would do, finally an answer came to him. It had come to him from a lesson his instructor and mentor taught him long ago. He remembered him sitting in his wheel chair under his oak tree and smoking his pipe when he called him over. RJ sat down to listen and his mentor looked at him and said;

“I have taught you many skills RJ in the time you have spent here. I have taught you how to tie knots to bind a person’s body. I have taught you how to mark flesh with leather and cane, but today I am going to teach you something more important than all of that and I want you to remember it the rest of your days.” RJ listened intently. “Never, beat against the honor of another, you will only succeed in beating yourself till it breaks you.”

RJ never knew exactly what he meant by that until this moment. It finally made sense to him now. He opened the doors of his office and walked forward across the room with mecidiyeköy escort nothing in his hands but ball-gag with a leather harness; armed with his own confidence, the wisdom of his mentor and the answer “she” had provided him unknowlingly.

When he reached them he stood in front of them both.

“Peki, stand up and give me your clothing.”

Peki stood up and slowly took off her clothes and handed them to RJ.

RJ paused a moment as he stared at Peki. The pause made her look up at Peki too. They both stood there looking at her body as it was covered from the tops of her ankles to the bottom of her neck with intricate beautiful tattoos. She was beautiful as she stood there in the light showing her lovely form. She waited quietly under their gaze.

RJ recovered quickly. “Now Peki you will collect my assistant’s clothes from her.”

RJ looked down at her still kneeling and commanded her to stand up and give Peki her clothes. RJ folded Peki’s Kimono in half and laid it carefully down on the ground and knelt down upon it. His assistant looked at him questioningly but obeyed. Her face burned red with shame as she was forced to take off her clothes in front of Peki, her soft white skin with out even one tattoo was a stark contrast to Peki’s who was covered in them. The shame of being naked was nothing next to seeing Peki’s eyes see her soft skin unblemished, unstained. Suddenly both of them felt very much ashamed as they looked at each other’s own nakedness.

RJ pointed to his right side and told Peki to kneel. RJ knew the effect this would have on Peki. Peki hesitated, as she was confused. He was commanding her to kneel in the place of the honored submissive, something a Hojojutsu-Dorei was never permitted to do. RJ pointed again.

“Obey me and do not make me say it a third time.” The even tone and seriousness of RJ’s voice made her comply leaving his assistant the only one left standing in the room.

She looked down at RJ and Peki and realized she was the only one standing, she felt exposed and shifted uncomfortably as his eyes raised and looked at her. The more he looked at her the redder and redder her face became she wanted to run and hide from him. Her eyes began to fill with tears then he spoke.

“I told you not to interfere and not to go near Peki.” RJ paused letting the words hang on the air.

“But here I find you next to this…this… Dorei…this slave.”

The insult had the exact effect RJ intended. He saw her hand clench, and he saw Peki flinch.

“Can you tell me why?”

She started to respond but RJ interrupted her.

“Will you speak to me standing now?” Up to that moment his voice had been calm and even but when his eyes lifted to meet hers he shouted “Kneel!”

Her legs gave out from under her and she dropped down knowing she had made a big mistake. He had never raised his voice to her. She knelt there visibly shaking. Peki jumped too surprised by the shout. Her fingers pressed tightly into her thighs as her heart began to race.

“Now, tell me why?” RJ’s voice return to normal.

“Be…because sir, I…” She looked over at Peki who looked back at her then Peki lower her head. “Because I didn’t want her to be alone.”

RJ let the words hit Peki with full force and waited. He could hear Peki’s breathing shorten.

“I have heard enough.” With that RJ stood up and walked around behind his assistant and put the ball-gag in her mouth and strapped it tightly in place around her head. He walked to the center of the vip escort istanbul room and pressed the remote control in his pocket. Down came bar lowered by a cable.

“Peki, bring her here.”

Peki stood up slowly and she stepped over to help her up. She looked down at her and there was fear in her eyes. She helped her up and lead her over to where RJ stood. RJ pointed to the ground and Peki knelt down in front of her and him and lowered her eyes as she could not watch. She heard her try to speak but only a mumble came out of her throat as RJ lifted each of her wrists and locked them to the bar. You could hear the strain on the wench as the added weight of her body resisted as her toes left the ground. She felt her body stretch and the strain on her arms as she hung there. RJ quicky tied her ankles together with a small cord then left here there hanging in front of Peki.

Nether of them noticed that RJ had left the center of the room. All of a sudden the lights went out except the one light which hung over head. It beamed down its heat and enveloped both of them in light. Peki knelt there in her shadow; a small trail of blood ran down over the mouth of a tiger tattoo on her thigh coming from now where her nails had dug in. The only person who ever showed her any kindness is now going to be punished for it.

It didn’t take long for RJ to return; this time he had a leather flogger in his hand. Peki recognized the sound of it as it swooshed through the air and made heavy contact with exposed skin. SWACK! SWACK! SWACK!

Peki could hear her muffled screams and noticed her body struggling about trying vainly to escape the pain. But it didn’t take long and the muffled screams became less and less and so did the struggling. Her striped body lay limp hanging there and only enough energy remained to let a moan escape each time the strands of the flogger licked her flesh.

Peki began to shake and rock a bit back and forth as something deep within her was stirring. Building like a volcano that had laid dormant for many years suddenly and violently becoming active. An image of parents flashed before her eyes, then of the coin being dropped in front of her. With each sound of the flogger hitting her flesh nightmarish images flashed through her of countless whippings and the pain of a thousand needles. Men who had raped her repeatedly for their pleasure. Peki began to cry which turned into a sobbing till at last something deep with in Peki exploded and she screamed….SSSTTTOOOPPPPP!

RJ stopped immediately and walked over and stood in front of Peki who was still sobbing. There was a deep sadness in RJ’s eyes but she could not see it.

RJ choked back and swallowed hard. Then spoke quietly.

“Why Peki? Why should I stop?

Peki answered through her tears and sobbing.

“It’s not right! She didn’t do anything wrong! She shouldn’t be made to suffer anymore! Please stop…please….” She leaned forward and grabbed RJ’s ankles.

RJ knelt down and with care and lifted Peki by the shoulders back to a kneeling position. He then wiped her tears.

“Your right Peki. Its not right.” RJ lifted her chin to look into her eyes. “”You” didn’t do anything wrong and “you” shouldn’t be made to suffer anymore.”

RJ reached down and took the coin and black ribbon and he tore the black ribbon from the coin and held the coin in his hand for her to see.

“And you are worth much more than this coin. Because she says you are.” RJ pointed up. “And so do I.”

RJ waited a moment.

“Do sarıyer escort you understand?”

Peki couldn’t answer, there were just no words for what she was feeling. RJ pulled Peki in and comforted her with a hug. He let her cry till she was calm. She realized that this was the first time he had touched her. He had broken her without a single touch of her body. In fact he hadn’t broken her at all, he broke the bonds that had held her. She was both frightened and relieved by the thought and she didn’t want to let go.

RJ gave her a few more moments and told her things were going to alright now. After she seemed a bit calmer. RJ told Peki to help him get her down and tend to her.”

RJ and Peki lowered her down and RJ gently carried her body into the their room and laid her down on the bed on her belly. Together they tended to her body and she drifted in and out of consciousness as they applied cool cloths and ointments. Rj left some good marks but did not break the skin.

She opened her eyes and saw Peki there tending to her. She managed a weak smile and managed to whisper two words. “Not alone.”

Peki placed her hand on hers.

“Me no leave you alone.”

The following day RJ brought Mr. Han back to the office and let him speak to Peki. She told Mr. Han that Master RJ had broken her and he was an honorable man. RJ then sent Peki back to look after his assistant.

RJ spoke with Mr. Han concerning Peki. He inquired what would happen to her. Mr. Han explained that now she had been broken, she was of no further use, however she would be honored for her loyalty. RJ asked if she could be given to him. Mr. Han happily agreed as it freed him of any further responsibility. They spoke briefly about the resort and how much he enjoyed it and Mistress Sway. RJ couldn’t help but smile at the mention of her name. Mr. Han continued as long as the diplomatic sanctions was added, everything was good to go. They both thanked each other and then Mr. Han departed.

RJ sat for a moment and thought about how he was going to deal with Dave. He had punched the only guy with the right connection to get the real-estate sanctioned through the state department as a diplomatic residence for foreign dignitaries. He rubbed the back of his hand, wondering what he was going to do.

He got up and went into the room. Peki was laying on the floor next to the bed fast asleep. He had to step over her to get near the bed. He looked down at the woman he loved so deeply and wondered if she knew how much, she was looking at him standing there and she smiled up at him. He sat on the edge of the bed and softly stroked her hair.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

“For what?”

“For being the man you are and for saving her.” She glanced down at Peki sleeping soundly.

“By the look of the stripes on your body, I would say it was you who did most of the saving.”

“Thank you for doing what needed to be done, even if that meant using me to do it.”

“Shhhhhh…rest. I have some good news. Mr. Han has agreed to give Peki to me. She will stay with us for a while till you are on your feet, then I am sure that Sway can find some use for her at the resort. She will have her own place to stay and work to keep her busy and we can go and visit her as often as we like. How does that sound?”

“You are amazing.” She smiled sleepily…”oh…before I forget…I left something for you in my top desk drawer. I am sure you will know what to do with it.”

RJ leaned over and kissed her on the temple as she closed her eyes and he stepped over Peki and walked out of the room.

He crossed the room and opened her desk and pulled out a folder there and opened it as he walked into his office.

She smiled and even managed a little giggle that hurt as she heard him shout “YES!”

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