Dirty Diana at the Doctors Ch. 02

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If you’re new to the story, part one can be found here: https://www..com/s/dirty-diana-at-the-doctors

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It was three weeks after the unexpected threesome with the chiropractor and his patient, and life had mostly gone back to normal for Diana- if being bent over her desk and fucked by the doctor at random intervals was normal. She hadn’t been so satisfied since high school, when the entire basketball team took turns fucking her between classes. There weren’t many men who could keep up with her sexual appetite, but the dozens of orgasms the doctor fucked her in to daily were really hitting the spot.

They hadn’t seen or heard from Carter, the lucky patient who had fucked Diana’s mouth and pussy that wild day. They had all dressed themselves and gone their own ways, and Diana would have thought she’d imagined it if it weren’t for the doctor bending her over the desk the next morning.

Diana had just unlocked the office and was setting up when the doctor entered in through the back door. Their first patient was due any minute. He didn’t even say hello, just, “stand up.” When she did, he came behind her, pulled her pants down, and thrust his hard dick in to her waiting pussy without warning. It was lucky that she had rubbed one out in the car before going in to the office- her pussy was wet and willing. The doctor held her head down on the desk with one hand, and got a good grip on her hip with the other and began to thrust in and out briskly.

Diana moaned as he pulled backward and gasped mersin escort as he thrust in, the pleasure overwhelming her senses. His dick was so fucking good. He mumbled, “Yes, slut. Take that dick” and she felt the building orgasm take over her body. She shivered and bucked against his body as the orgasm flowed from her pussy to her brain and back, the juices flowing from inside her and dripping a slow beat on the floor. The doctor lifted her by the hair and turned her head enough to smash his mouth into hers, forcing his tongue between their lips to mingle with hers. He reached his other hand around to her breast and tweaked her nipple hard, and the first orgasm rolled into another. She groaned deeply and he began to groan as well. She tried to pull back and tell him to pull out, but he held her neck and came deep inside of her pussy.

He stayed inside her while they caught their breath, and then pulled his still-hard dick out. Their mingled cum spilled out of her and he handed her a few tissues to clean up. He took a handkerchief out of his breast pocket and wiped off his shining dick, and then pulled up his briefs and pants. Diana adjusted herself and blushed when she made eye contact with him. He studied her for a moment before he stepped closer to her. With one hand he reached out and held her jaw, and the other down to grab her pussy through her scrub pants. “This is mine now, yes?” he asked, but it wasn’t much of a question. Diana nodded, dazed. “I do what I want, when I want, with this pussy. kocaeli escort Yes?” he said. She nodded again. He grazed a thumb over her full lower lip and said, “And this mouth, that’s mine too.” He leaned further forward and took her lip between his teeth, and then kissed her roughly.

Diana couldn’t breathe. She stood very still as he had his way with her mouth, only wishing that he’d pull her pants down and fuck her again. He pulled back, though, and gave her lip another nip.

“Good,” he said softly, “I think this is going to work.”

Diana ran up to the washroom to clean herself up, and heard the front office door swing open as she shut the door and locked it. She rested her back against the door and let out a deep sigh- she had been holding her breath. Her mind was racing with contradictory thoughts; excitement, fear, and arousal fought for dominance. What did this mean? And what would come next? She sat on the toilet and released the remaining gush of love juices that she’d been holding in. The scent of his cum reignited her arousal and she gave in to the desire to give herself a fourth orgasm for the morning.

She reached down and spread their juices up and over her clit and tender pussy lips. She took the love button between her forefinger and thumb, rolling it gently back and forth. Her other hand pulled the pocket dildo out of her scrub pants. It was a retractable 8″ dildo that shrunk into a 3″ tube and she never went anywhere without it. She extended it and slid samsun escort it into her soaking wet pussy until it hit her cervix. She turned on the vibration and leaned back on the toilet seat , riding high on the fullness, wetness, and sensitivity of her hot cunt. She pumped the dildo in and out as the tingling began deep in her belly. In spite of herself, she let out a scream of pure pleasure. She was completely spent. It took all the energy she had to stand up, wipe off the river of cum she was covered in, and pull her pants back on.

So, three very lust-filled weeks had passed. The doctor had fucked her six or seven times a day while they worked, and arranged for her to spend the weekends at his secret loft. There they had experimented all day with bondage, anal, plugs and whips and dildos of all shapes and sizes. Her body felt used and hyper sensitive- she was in a constant state of arousal. Her professional performance at work had been abysmal, but the non-stop pussy the doctor was getting made it so he didn’t mind.

On this day she had been used in her mouth and ass three times before noon, and the doctor told her to go lie down in a treatment room for a much needed rest. She dozed off as soon as her head hit the treatment table.

When she woke, it was to the doctor shaking her gently. “Come with me.” he said. She didn’t hesitate. She could hear the murmur of several people talking outside of the room. She rose and straightened herself up, fixing her hair in the mirror that hung on the wall opposite the door. When she followed the doctor through the doorway, she couldn’t believe what she saw waiting for her in the exercise room.

Four men stood in the dimly lit room, dicks in their hands. A huge bottle of lube sat on a desk in the corner, along with several bottles of whiskey. It was going to be a long day.

To be continued…

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