Den Of Debauchery Ch. 10


This is how part 9 ended:

‘Randy I am surprised that you did not pop her cherry especially when she was at your mercy,’ MD said.

‘Yes especially a beauty like Amba,’ Seema added.

‘Seema a kori choot is a kori choot (a virgin is a virgin) beauty is secondary,’ MD said, ‘Randy tell me why?’

‘Papa I will tell you,’ Seema intervened, ‘does a woman named Meera work in your company?’

MD reflected for a moment and said, ‘Yes Meera works in the accounts department. Maine usse kayi baar choda hai (I have humped her umpteen times). She is a very horny woman’.

‘Meera gave Randy his first fuck and Amba turned out to be her daughter, so our dear Chief Cherry Popper of Maidens, Mr. Randy here thought he owed her one and therefore let the daughter go with her bloody hymen intact,’ Seema said sarcastically.

‘You mean without “blooding” her hymen,’ Reema remarked laughing.

‘Randy you are a strange person. You let Amba go because her mother gave you your first fuck. Knowing very well that she fucked you not to oblige you but because she lusted for you like you lusted for my niece and two daughters but you repaid me, the man who without any selfish motive gave you money, position and much more, by deflowering them,’ MD complained.

Now for part 10:

‘No! I did not lust for them. You gave me what you say you did because you wanted to repent for blackmailing me to fulfill your lust for Arti,’ I replied looking the MD in the eye, ‘I loved Mala and would have married her if I had not been scared shit of my father’.

‘What about Reema and Seema? Tell me you loved them too and never lusted for their kori choots (virgin cunts),’ MD said getting agitated.

‘No I did not love them then nor did I lust for them,’ I replied truthfully, ‘when Arti forgave me for my part in the despicable deed of pushing her into your arms I had promised myself that if she forgave me then I would do whatever she wanted. She told me to fuck Reema and Seema and I fucked them…..’.

‘What a horrible thing to say,’ Reema said with tears in her eyes.

‘……but since then I have learnt to love them just as dearly as I love Mala,’ I concluded kissing her tears away, ‘darling that was then but now I love you’.

MD’s face was red with anger. ‘You mean you had no feelings for them and fucked them so Sudha could get her revenge,’ he sputtered.

,’ Of course I liked them very much but Sudha’s revenge had nothing to do with it,’ I replied calmly, ‘Arti asked me and I did her bidding’.

The MD was getting more and more agitated but before MD could reply Kala intervened, ‘Stop it you two. This is enough for one day. What has happened has happened and can’t be undone but Raju you need your rest. I don’t want you falling sick again. Girls continue your discussion with Randy and Arti somewhere else’.

‘Randy let us go to my room,’ Reema said smiling, ‘after hearing all that happened to Miss Breganza and Tulsi I am leaking like a municipality tap’.

‘Good idea,’ I laughed putting my arm around her and squeezing her boob, ‘I have just the plug to stop the leak’.

‘Kala dekh Randy phir meri lardkiyon ko chodega (Kala see Randy is going to fuck my daughters again),’ we heard MD wail.

‘Chodene de. Randy unki choot tau phard hee chuka hai ab unhain chodene main kya harz hai (Let him fuck. He has already deflowered them and where is the harm if he fucks them again) Kala said, ‘but you must rest now’.

After I had plugged Reema’s leak I asked, ‘Seema how are Miss Breganza and Tulsi doing?’

‘They are fine. Miss Breganza has stopped chasing girls and I think she is fucking a boy named Arvind. Arvind is on the football team. He is over six-foot tall and as strong as an ox. Tulsi has gone back to her sweetheart Amit and according to her fucking him silly’.

‘Did you go back to her?’ Reema asked.

‘No but I plan to someday,’ I replied.

‘Randy,’ Mala said with a straight face, ‘I think my choot requires plugging too’.

‘Mine too,’ Seema giggled. This made us all laugh. I tried to plug the leaks as often as I could and it was quite late when we returned home.

I think it would not be out of place to mention here that few years later Amba did apply for a job with the company. This is what transpired:

One afternoon Jaya announced that a Mrs. Meera, from the Accounts Department wanted to see me but she has no appointment.

‘Never mind the appointment just send her in,’ I told her and got up to receive Meera.

‘Hello Meera come on in and take seat,’ I said kissing her on her cheek and helping her into a chair, ‘long time no see I hope all is well’.

‘Thank you sir. Yes it has been some time since you called me,’ she replied sitting down.

‘Is it something special you wanted to see me about?’ I asked adjusting her chair.

‘I have come to ask you for a favor,’ she said.

‘Sure tell me,’ I replied walking towards my chair behind the desk.

‘My daughter Amba has applied for a job in the company,’ adana escort she said.

Immediately the vision of Amba standing naked in front of me floated before my eyes and my cock started to swell. Covering the distance to my chair in two big strides I sat down quickly so that Meera does not see the bulge in my pants. For a few minutes I remained silent thinking how to proceed. This time I did not want Amba slipping through my fingers.

‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘the best strategy would be not to be too eager’.

‘Sorry I would like to help but at present there is no opening,’ I told Meera trying to play hard ball.

‘I hear that Manjari is leaving,’ Meera said.

‘Yes you are right. She is getting married at the end of the week and moving out of town,’ I replied, ‘but I had not planned to fill her place’.

‘Amba is intelligent and hard working. I am sure she will be an asset to the company,’ Meera pressed.

‘Well if you say so then I can consider Amba for Manjari’s job,’ I replied acceding to her request gracefully, ‘anything else?’

‘Actually this was not the favor I had in mind,’ she said, ‘I suppose she will have to appear for an interview?’

‘Yes, we insist on interviewing all before employing them,’ I replied trying to control my jumping cock.

‘In the past I have been present during several interviews and know how they are conducted in the company. I was wondering if you could dispense with it in her case,’ Meera requested.

‘Sorry Meera that will not be possible,’ I replied, ‘it is company policy you know’.

‘Yes I know that but can’t you do it for old times sake,’ Meera asked with tears in her eyes, ‘my Amba is still a virgin’.

‘Now that you have invoked our old association then let me tell you something about Amba and why she is still a virgin,’ I said and related the story of my first meeting with Amba.

‘It was stupid of her to go to Miss Breganza and I am grateful to you for letting her go without touching her that day,’ Meera said, ‘but can’t you do it again at my request’.

‘Meera I hate to disappoint you but that is not possible,’ I replied, ‘on that day I acted as Randy, a friend of Meera, who could do what he liked but now as an officer of the company I have to uphold the policies of the company’. Meera looked very dejected.

‘Meera I can make a couple of suggestions if you want to protect Amba’s virginity,’ I said.

Meera’s eyes lit up with hope and asked eagerly, ‘What do you suggest?’

‘The first is to ask her to look for another job,’ I said.

‘You think I haven’t tried it but she and her father have set their minds on this company,’ Meera replied sadly.

‘The second one is you tell her clearly what to expect during the interview,’ I said.

‘I thought of that too but telling her means exposing my activities here. The consequence would be that my husband would throw me out of the house,’ Meera said sobbing.

‘Only hope left now is to pray that she does not cooperate and flunks her interview,’ I said.

‘Yes I know but it is a very, very slim hope. I know you and I am certain you will be able to persuade her. Like her mother she is quite horny,’ she replied and as she got up to leave added, ‘sir please don’t tell her about us’.

‘Of course not but if she is intelligent as you say she is then it won’t be long before she finds out,’ I replied.

‘Oh let her because by the time she gets to know about me, she herself would be in the same vulnerable position as I,’ Meera smiled.

Couple of days later Rama ushered Amba into my room immediately after lunch. ‘Amba meet our boss,’ Rama said, ‘sir this is Amba. She is here to interview for Manjari’s position’.

‘Pleased to meet..W…W…WHAT YOU,’ Amba shouted surprised, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?’

‘Hello Amba,’ I said grinning back at her.

‘Amba do you know our boss?’ Rama inquired a bit puzzled.

‘I…I d…d…don’t know,’ Amba stuttered confused, ‘does the boss have a twin brother in the police force?’

‘Not that I know off,’ Rama replied.

‘Sorry ma’am I must have confused him with someone else,’ Amba said recovering from the initial shock.

‘Shall we start?’ Rama asked. Amba nodded. For the next hour Rama quizzed her intensively on different subjects. Amba answered all her questions confidently. When I saw that Rama had reached the second part of the interview I raised my hand motioning her to remain silent.

‘Rama I will take over from here,’ I said and getting up walked to the other side on my desk. Seeing me get up both Rama and Amba also came to their feet. I approached Amba from the rear.

‘Amba your boobs have grown quite nicely since I saw you last,’ I said cupping and weighing them with my hands.

‘So it was you,’ Amba laughed nervously.

‘Yes my dear it was me now take off your clothes and let me see how the rest of you has developed,’ I said.

‘Y..y…you want me to undress,’ she asked surprised. eskişehir escort

‘What is the big deal I have seen you naked before haven’t I?’ I said.

She reflected for a minute then started to disrobe. ‘Why not,’ Amba laughed.

She looked as beautiful as ever. Her choot had no hair on it. Miss Breganza knew her oats. Amba’s shaven choot looked gorgeous. Her well-developed clit peeped out from between her virgin cunt lips, which looked as if they were stuck together. I put my left arm round her waist, squeezing her tit gently ran the fingers on my other hand through her slit.

‘I see no hair on your choot, so you did take Miss Breganza’a advice,’ I observed.

‘Yes I did. My choot looks nice doesn’t it?’ Amba said proudly.

‘Yes darling it looks superb. Now lie down on the sofa,’ I said.

‘K…K…Kya karenge aap? (W..W..What are you going to do?),’ Amba said nonplussed.

‘What you wished I had done that day but didn’t. Main aaj tujhe chodoonga (I am going to fuck you now),’ I replied undressing. For a moment she froze but when she saw my raging erection she placed her hands in front of her naked choot as if to protect it from my cock said, ‘Nahin! Main aap ko chodene nahin doongi (No! I will not let you fuck me)’.

‘Oh I forgot you require a compelling reason to give up your virginity. Amba my dear If you don’t agree then you can’t work here,’ I said grinning devilishly.

‘W…W…Who told you all this?’ she said, ‘oh I know it must have been Seema. So it was you who fucked Seema also’.

‘Haan maine hee usski choot phardi thi jaisse main ab teri choot phardene wala hoon (Yes it was I who popped her cherry and I am going to deflower you now),’ I replied still grinning, ‘remember Amba no fuck no job. Think’.

She stared long into my eyes and then slowly removing her hand from front of her choot lay down on the sofa. In the next few hours I interviewed her from all aspects in the best tradition of the company’s policy.

‘When do I start?’ she asked dressing.

‘From tomorrow. Collect your letter of appointment from Jaya first thing in the morning and come to my office. I will show you what to do till Manjari leaves,’ Rama said.

‘See you in the morning ma’am,’ Amba said happily.

‘Sir I am curious when and how did you meet her?’ Rama asked after Amba had gone.

In few lines I told her the story without any reference to Meera.

‘Your compelling reason “no fuck no job” was quite weak,’ Rama smiled, ‘for a moment I thought she will refuse’.

‘It may seem not compelling enough but I knew that she wanted the job desperately,’ I laughed.

‘For the sake of argument what would you have done if she had said no,’ Rama asked.

‘Done! Me! Nothing and she would still be a virgin,’ I laughed, ‘Rama it is getting late. Let us go home’.

Next morning when Amba came to collect her letter of appointment I spent another few hours with her before she could report to Rama.

In the afternoon Meera came to see me. ‘Randy I know you have fucked her because she has got the job,’ she said, ‘but what surprises me is that you also introduced her to butt fucking and cock sucking’.

‘I thought why leave anything for tomorrow,’ I laughed, ‘but how do you know did she tell you?’

‘No she did not tell me. She told her father in her own way though he did not understand her meaning but it was clear to me,’ Meera smiled.

‘Meera join me in a cup of coffee while you tell me,’ I said.

When Jaya had served the coffee Meera said, ‘yesterday after her interview she came to my department. From her radiant smile I knew that she was not a virgin any more but still asked, ‘Amba how did the interview go?’

‘Oh mama very well. I got the job,’ she replied giggling happily. When we reached home her father asked her the same question but insisted that she give more details.

‘Okay papa in the beginning Mrs. Rama, Manager (HRD) asked me a zillion questions. They were easy and I breezed though them. Then the boss took over. His first few questions were easy and I had no difficulty answering them. Then he brought out a real big hard one. Though I had the answer with me, I was a little scared and nervous. Papa I had never done it before and it was my first time’.

‘What do you mean it was your first time?’ my husband asked getting worried, ‘tu wahan interview dene gayi thi na ki chudwane? (You had gone there for an interview and not to fuck). Where was Mrs. Rama?’

Amba opened her big eyes wide and looking innocently at her father said, ‘Interview dene (for an interview) but papa it was my first time. I have never been interviewed before. Mrs. Rama was there through out the interview’.

‘Oh by your first time you mean your first interview,’ my husband said relieved.

‘Of course what else?’ Amba asked sweetly.

‘All right go on,’ my husband said.

‘Okay where was I oh yes then the boss threatened, ‘Amba if you can’t answer sakarya escort this question then no job’.

‘Papa I knew how keen you were for me to get this job so I gave him the answer. His next question was very strange. He wanted the answer to the same question but this time from reverse. I thought what the heck in for a penny in for a pound and clenching my teeth gave him the answer he wanted’.

‘Tell me papa what should I have done?’ she asked.

‘Good girl,’ her papa said, ‘did you get the job?’

Suppressing a smile she continued, ‘Of course. The boss was so happy with my answers that he gave me a drink before I left.

‘A drink? What type of drink?’ my husband asked surprised.

‘Coffee papa coffee, coffee with lots and lots of thick yummy cream. Ummm it tasted sooooo goooood. Bye I must run I am meeting with Seema tonight,’ she said completing her story and ran out of the room.

‘What a strange way to describe an interview. I really don’t know what happened,’ my husband said to me.

‘Main batati hoon. Woh apne boss se chudwa ke aayi hai (I will tell you. Her boss has fucked her),’ I said.

‘No you are mistaken. You are always suspicious of my little girl,’ my husband said lightly.

‘Amba ne pahele apni choot phardwayi, phir gaand marwayi aur baad main boss ke laurde ka ras bhi peeya (First Amba got herself deflowered, then fucked in her ass hole and later swallowed the bosses seed),’ I told him.

‘Meera you are stupid. What you are imagining could not happen, not in Mrs. Rama’s presence,’ my husband replied smugly, ‘I have met Mrs. Rama Swami, she is a lady and would not have permitted such things to take place in her presence’.

‘He had put his faith in Rama, the biggest fucktress in town and his horny daughter so I kept quiet,’ Meera said, ‘Well this is all’.

‘You think it was wise to say it all so openly,’ I asked.

‘Randy for some reason I thought he should know the truth. Maybe in future when things come out in the open it might help me,’ Meera said, ‘I knew he won’t believe me as you see he didn’t’.

‘Yes sometimes truth is stranger than fiction,’ I laughed.

Meera got up. ‘I must go now,’ Meera said and added wistfully, ‘I suppose now that you have the tight cunt of my daughter to fuck you have no interest in her mother’.

‘Meera never say that,’ I said, ‘I can never forget your choot. Come on the sofa and I will show you how much interest I have in it’. I then proceeded to demonstrate to her my interest in her choot and gaand several times. After an hour or so Meera left with a satisfied smile.

When I was about to leave for home Jaya came in. ‘Sir shall I put their names on your “mother and daughter” orgy list,’ she giggled.

‘Yes please do that,’ I replied automatically. Then realizing that she had been eavesdropping again I caught her by her hair and said, ‘Jaya I wish you would stop listening to private conversations’.

‘OWWW! You are hurting me,’ she screamed, ‘just because you are the boss you think you can hurt a girl when you want’.

‘Yes and fuck her too,’ I replied angrily poking my finger at her cunt.

‘Oh that would be nice shall I undress or you want to fuck me with my clothes on,’ she giggled.

‘NO! I am not going to fuck you. Get out and call for my car,’ I said laughing.

Somehow I could not remain angry with Jaya for more that a few minutes.

‘Sir may I ask you a something?’ Jaya said.

‘Go on,’ I replied, ‘I am in a hurry’.

‘Have you ever deflowered the mother and later her daughter also?’ she asked. ‘No not yet,’ I replied grinning, ‘but when I deflower your daughter then the answer will be in affirmative,’ I replied laughing.

‘Naughty, naughty,’ she giggled, ‘you have again forgotten that you did not pop my cherry but I can think of many other candidates who could fit the bill’.

‘Get out and do your thinking outside,’ I said tersely, ‘and don’t forget to call for my car’.

When I reached home that evening Seema was apparently waiting for me and waylaid me before I reached my room. ‘Randy congratulations,’ she said, ‘your prophecy turned out to be correct’.

‘Thanks my dear,’ I replied, ‘but do you mind telling me which one’.

‘About Amba,’ she continued, ‘suna hai ki aapne usski choot phard dee (I have heard that you have deflowered her)’.

‘Yes yesterday afternoon,’ I replied kissing her pretty face and opening the door of my room added, ‘come in I need to shower’.

Although I knew that Amba had met with her yesterday, stepping into the shower, I asked, ‘Who told you?’

‘Amba herself who else,’ she replied.

‘Tell me about it,’ I said, ‘why don’t you join me then we won’t have to shout’.

Seema undressed and joined me in the shower.

‘Okay now tell me what happened,’ I said squeezing her tits and rubbing her choot.

‘Oh Randy,’ she moaned, ‘if you keep rubbing my choot like this then I will not be able to concentrate’.

‘Sorry darling,’ I said switching my attention to soaping her back, ‘is this all right?’

‘Yes, much better. Yesterday Amba called me and wanted to meet me urgently,’ Seema said starting her story, ‘when I reached the appointed place Amba was waiting for me.

‘Seema darling,’ she gushed, ‘do you see anything different about me?’ I looked carefully at her.

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