Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for taking the time to answer my advert. You wrote asking me to tell of my deepest fantasies and secrets, in order for you to judge whether I’m suitable to be trained as your slave.

I am 23 years old, I have large breasts, I think a 36D nowadays, I try not to wear a bra. I feel it is a mark of my servitude for all to see to allow them to hang free, available to grope and touch as people see fit. I am a size 12, and have a shaved pussy. My hair is long and brunette.

My fantasies are simple in essence, I believe I was placed on this earth to serve others. Be they male or female. I have never said no to a request in all my years. I exist to serve. I have no right to an opinion and no right to refuse a request. I feel I have not successfully found anyone to collar me effectively as yet, simply because people are scared of the authority I place in them.

I dream of being collared to the both of you. I wish to wear a collar and nothing else in order to be able to serve you at all times. Ümraniye Anal Escort I do not want to be allowed out of the house alone, preferring to take my toilet breaks, when permitted, on collar and leash outside. Accidents of course must be punished thoroughly. I understand and welcome this humiliation.

I would beg that pain form some part of my training. I am in need of pain to complete me in some way. I can take anything my most trusted owners. Please, I beg you to hurt me. Whip me harder than you’ve ever whipped a slut before. Pierce and pin me, I long to wear your rings and chains and to show the world that I’m owned. I have experienced electrodes in my cunt and ass before and found the excruciating pain the most intense feelings I have ever had.

I want to be the lowest of the low. Lower even, than your dog. I want you to make me service him when required. Wouldn’t you love to witness me writhing in pain my Lord and Lady? When his knot forces into my gaping cunt Ümraniye Yaşlı Escort and refuses to move for a half hour? Would you like to take pictures and plaster them across the net to compound my humiliation and have other people feel envious of your completely submissive cunt? Make me take his huge dog cock into my mouth and swallow his gallons of cum. I believe you own a farm? I would willingly expose myself to the animals for your pleasure. Maybe you could make more money through using me? Sell tickets to your friends and let them watch me be violated by your largest stallions? His huge 18inch cock ripping right into my womb.

You could sell me to your friends for them to violate and abuse me too. I would be your hooker. I would happily service large groups of people if it made you happy. Maybe I could be your toilet slut? They could all stand around and piss in my mouth?

I would endure the grossest humiliation to make you happy. Would you like to laugh at me catheterised Ümraniye Zenci Escort with piss leaking from the tube hanging down my belly as I hang upside down from the beams covered in welts from my latest beating? Maybe then you could put the enema nozzle into my ass and pump a litre of soapy water into my bowels and belly, watching me as I grow and start groaning at the pressure building there. Take me down, turn me upright and watch my face as I struggle to keep the load in fighting against gravity. Then howl with laughter as you make me dance for yourselves and your friends before finally allowing me to relieve myself in front of you all on a pile of straw.

Quite simply my fantasies are to be degraded and dehumanised in any way you see fit my Master and Mistress. I exist simply to please you and amuse you. Please reply soon.

Yours Summer xxx

* * * * *

Thanks for reading this somewhat ‘shorter’ than usual entry folks. Feel free to email me with feedback if you like. But please don’t get angry at me. I write from inside of me, my deepest fantasies. Fantasy is just that though, and I wouldn’t condone non-consensual sex of any kind. So would the ‘you are sick’ brigade please refrain from telling me that yet again. Those that share my fantasies though…. Well say hi :o)

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