Dear Diary Ch. 12


– Jan 27 –

Well, Dear Diary, i’m back to school! My holiday was great, although uneventful, with one notable exception; i’ll tell you more about that later. I only got to see Marie once over break, even though we live nearby; she was on vacation with her family for 3 weeks. Not a bad way to spend a break! We’re all back, i’ve seen Sarah, obviously, and Marie. Tina, amazingly, joined a sorority; she moved out, and Marie has a new roommate i haven’t met yet, her name is Andrea. I can’t imagine the sorority that would accept Tina, all i can think is that they don’t know her very well. They’re in for a suprise, i think. Sarah is her usual perky self; very little of her dominant streak slips out in everyday life. I think her boyfriends must be as suprised as Tina’s sorority sisters are going to be. None of us currently have steady significant others of any sort; when we got involved with each other at the end of last semester, we kind of let all consideration of others go. We all pledged before we left for break to not get so wrapped up again this semester, which is good. I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway, i should share the one noteworthy event of the winter break. It’s kind of out there, though, i should warn you ahead of time. Very strange. It was New Year’s Eve, around 3 am, when my private phone line rang. I picked up on the second ring, jolted out of my sleep, which had only begun an hour earlier at 2am. “Hello?” I asked, my voice hoarse from the cheering and celebrating only hours before. An almost giddy Marie said “Hi Kel!” “Marie!!” I exclaimed happily, “what’s up, girl?” “You won’t believe me if i tell you” Marie replied. “Tell me, tell me now, Marie.”

“Well,” Marie said, “here’s the picture. I’m out here in California, visiting with Tina for a few days, i’m going to catch up with my parents later. Her brother, Chris, is really cute, and i’ve been flirting with him back and forth, a lot. Well, tonight we all played a game together, Chris, Tina, me, and Tina’s new guy Rob. The stakes were that whoever won got served by whoever lost for the rest of the night. Tina and I lost, and now we have to serve.” She paused to catch her breath. I interrupted “Marie, you’re crazy, why did you play?” Marie laughed “Chris dared me to. You know how i am with dares. Anyway, Tina and Rob are in the other room, i don’t know what’s going on in there. And i’m in here with Chris.” I was confused, i admit it. “Okay, Marie, not to be rude or anything, but qiqitv.info why are you calling me right now?” I could not, for the life of me, think of a reason. “Well, Kel, it turns out Chris is a bit of an exhibitionist. As part of my job as his servant, i had to call you.”

“Okay,” i replied “that’s really weird. What do you want me to do?” “Nothing” Marie replied, “just you listening in as i describe what’s going on is all he wants.” I tried to respond, but Marie continued talking. “I have to begin now, Kelli, so here’s what’s going on. I’m sitting in a computer chair, and my wrists are tied behind my back with some kind of rope. I’ve got a wireless headset on my head that i’m talking to you with. I’m wearing a white button down shirt and a black minskirt, with stockings and heels. Chris is sitting on the bed waiting for me to finish. He’s in tight jeans and a white t-shirt. He’s about five-nine, probably 190 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes. Very attractive.”

She paused for a few seconds, and then continued “He’s getting up now, and taking off his shirt. He’s got a hairless chest, and just a small bit of hair trailing down into his jeans.” Marie was starting to sound a little turned on; i could recognize it easily, having heard it firsthand in the past. “He’s unbuttoning his jeans and taking them off. Now he’s wearing just a pair of boxers. I can see the bulge in the front, they’re barely holding him in. Now he’s walking over to me.” I heard Marie moan softly, then she continued. “He’s kissing my neck, and slowly unbuttoning my top, kissing each part he uncovers.” I heard a quick exhalation from her, then she continued with a tremor in her voice.

“He just ripped off my shirt, popping the buttons off.” She said. “Now he’s grabbing my breasts” she paused, i heard Chris speaking, then she continued “he wants me to talk dirty, Kel, he’s grabbing my tits through my bra and squeezing them, pulling on one of my nipples that’s pushing out against the bra. He’s pushing my shirt down my arms, now its behind me. He’s kneeling in front of me. His hands are under my ass now, squeezing it.” there was a pause, and a rustle of clothing. “He just pulled my skirt off. I’m in thong panties and a matching bra now, white, and black stockings, and heels. I can see the bulge in his boxers getting bigger. His cock is huge, Kel, bigger than i’ve ever seen. His hands are on my panties now, he’s stroking me through the fabric. MMMM…” she trailed off.

“Marie,” hard porno I said “are you okay with this? Do you want me to do something to stop it?” Marie answered “It feels so good, what he’s doing. His fingers are under the fabric, now, stroking my clit, oh, yeah…” Then she gasped aloud. “Marie?” i asked urgently. “Kelli, his mouth is on my clit now, and his fingers are… oooh…. inside me, he’s ramming them in and out while he licks me, oh yeah… Oh, God, he just ripped my bra down, Kelli, he’s groping my tits with the other hand while he eats me and finger fucks me… oh, Chris, that’s so good…” Marie was very turned on, now, obviously. At least she had someone to share it with. I was also turned on, and very alone. Then Marie exclaimed “Oh!” loudly, almost deafening me. “He’s… he’s untied me and moved me to the bed, Kel, sitting me up and tying each wrist to either side of the headboard. He’s got me so wet from eating my pussy so well” (Marie was obviously trying to turn him on with the dirty talk, now; i was glad to hear she’d regained some sort of control of the situation) “i just wish he’d stick his dick in me and fill me up.” She paused for a minute, then said “oh, my God. Kelli, he just took his boxers off. His cock is so big, it’s got to be 10 or 11 inches long, and i don’t know if i could get my hand around it. I’ve never seen one that big. He’s standing on the bed now, walking towards me, his hands are in my hair, it’s right in front…mmmph.” I heard next the unmistakable sounds of a blowjob, as Chris had presumably shoved his cock into Marie’s mouth. I heard moans and groans, male and female, as Marie sucked him. Finally she spoke again. “He’s taken it out of my mouth… it was so big i couldn’t get it all in… i can’t imagine what that’s going to feel like when he sticks it in me down there…”

“He’s untying me now, Kel… turning me around, i’m on all fours facing the wall… now he’s tying my hands again. I can feel him moving around back there… Oh, yeah… he’s lying underneath me now, eating my pussy again… yes, oh yes…. he’s got fingers inside me, spreading me apart… his other hand is crushing me against his face, pulling me down… Oh, Kelli, i’m gonna cum… ahh…. ahh….” Marie screamed as she came, loud enough, i’m guessing, to wake everyone in the house.

Soon she was panting into the phone again. “Kel, he’s sliding his cock into my pussy from behind… i can feel it reklamsız porno coming in, inch by inch, i’ve never been this filled before… I’m so wet it’s just sliding perfectly…Now he’s fucking me slow, sliding it partway in, then back out…” She stopped talking and just moaned a few times. “Oh, Kel, he’s going faster now… it feels so good, but right on the edge of pain like he’s going to tear me apart. His finger is rubbing up and down my butt, making me jump every time he touches my hole. Oh, now he’s going even faster.” I heard an occasional slap and Marie crying out in between her panting and moaning. “He’s… spanking me… sometimes, in time with his… dick ramming into me…” she managed to get out in between gasps. After several seconds of only hearing the sounds of them having sex, Marie started to speak again. “He’s out of me now, and moving around on the bed. He’s pushing my legs apart. Oh, Kelli, i can feel his tongue on my asshole… he’s licking it… his fingers are in my pussy and on my clit again…. Oh, shit, he’s got his tongue inside my ass now… Oh, fuck, that feels weird…. It hurts, but not too bad, and his fingers are doing really good work…”

I was panting along with Marie now. “He’s got a finger in my ass now… it hurts more” she whimpered; the sound of a slap followed. “He’s not in me anymore, and he’s untying me. OOmph. I’m on my back now, he’s holding my hands together over my head really hard.” He’s straddling me, and squeezing my tits together with his other hand… now he’s fucking my chest, Kel..” a pause “and his cock” another pause “is hitting my lips” another “with each push.” She was silent for a while; i could hear her breathing, and the sound of Chris’ labored breathing as well. Then i heard her voice again. “He’s moving up, Kel, he’s going to fuck my face.” I heard it all then, the sound of his meat sliding wetly in and out of her mouth, her heavy breathing through her nose as he used her, his moaning, her moaning, then the sound of him yelling and her swallowing, convulsively. Finally her voice came over again. “I have to go now, Kel. He came in my mouth and made me swallow it all; now he’s untying me. I think we’re done. I hope you don’t think this was as weird as i think it was. I’m exhausted. See you in a couple weeks.” I was trying to cut in “Marie… Marie!” but all i got was a dial tone.

Once we got back to school, i was relieved to find that Marie was her same old self. That was a bizarre night she went through, and i don’t know if i would have come out of it unscathed. All i can say is that she should really quit betting on things! And if she’s going to continue… well, she just better continue to call me. 🙂

Goodnight, Dear Diary.

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