David , Elena Ch. 01

69 Position

We agree to meet at a breakfast place uptown. It’s way fancier than I usually go for, but I’m curious about your intentions for this meeting. You offer to pick me up, but I politely decline and drive myself. I dress in a white turtleneck, black booties and a dressier pair of leggings.

“Elena!” You wave me over when I enter the restaurant.

“Hello David.” I can’t help but smile when I see you. You’re looking as handsome as ever in a casual white button down and dark jeans.

“Thank you for meeting me here this morning. How are you?” You ask.

“I’m good thanks.” Hungover as all hell. I think to myself.

“So I brought something for you,” You pull a manila envelope from under the table and slide it over to me. “Something for you to read.”

“Oh thank you.” I immediately open it to reveal a typed document – it’s a BDSM checklist.

“I wanted you to have it so you could be informed.” You explain. “It doesn’t include everything, just what I’m interested in, but we can explore more together if you wish.”

“Oh. Thank you.” I repeat. A little stunned at receiving the document.

“You don’t have to read it now.” You say. “You can email me or call me with any questions you have. This is something I want to explore with you Elena, only if you want to.”

“David so this is our relationship?” I ask.

“Well there would be other things. I can give you clothes, cars, jewelry, shoes, a home – anything you desire. I want to be with you Elena, I want to take care of you.”

“David this is a lot.” I confess. How could a little crush become so much more?

“It’s nothing you have to say yes to now Elena, think about it. Take all the time you need and even if you say no, it won’t affect our working relationship I promise.”

To break the tension we order our breakfast. I order eggs, toast and bacon. You get pancakes and ham. We both order screwdrivers. I sip quietly, pondering everything you’ve said. It’s truly up to me. I want to be with you and I want to do this. I’ve explored kink before, but never beyond the bedroom limits.

“You make it sound like you want this to be twenty-four/seven.” I finally say between bites.

“Like I’ve said before, I don’t need this all the time, every day, but it is important to me and I want you to know.” You chew thoughtfully.

“And you want to beat me on the regular?” I raise an eyebrow.

“I don’t like the word beating, I prefer play, and yes it would be with various impact implements.”

“Like…?” I press on.

“Whips, floggers, crops, paddles. It’s all outlined in the document Elena.” You smile.

“Uh huh.” I nodd, in a daze with all this information.

“What other things?” I ask.

“Well, I like collars, ball gags, leads, lingerie, having you ask permission to come or touch yourself…”

“I rarely masturbate David.” I blurt out before I can stop myself.

“Oh Elena, I want you to experience pleasure all the time.” Your grin is wicked.

“Do I need to sign this document?” I try to ignore the stirring in my pussy.

“No, it’s for your reference only. We can come back to it at any time or never again.”

I chug the rest of my screwdriver and request a new one from the passing waiter.

“What else, tell me everything. I want to hear it from you.” I say.

“Well we would be a regular couple, just with bedroom interests, but there’s one more thing -“

“Which is?” I sip my screwdriver slowly, my food already gone, and stomach in knots.

“I’d like you to call me Daddy.” You stare into my eyes and I bite my lip, hard.

“David, I -” I don’t know where to begin, but my body’s response says something different entirely. My heart quickens, my palms sweat, and my legs shake.

“I need to think about this.” I say finally.

“Of course. I want you to.” You say.

When the waiter comes back to ask for one check or two, we can’t seem to agree.

“One.” You say.

“Two.” I correct as politely as I can.

“I suppose two.” You smile gently.

The waiter nods and leaves us.

“Elena Kurtköy Fetiş Escort I’m sorry. I know this is a lot.” You murmur.

“I understand David, well I don’t, but I do.” I swirl my finger across the table.

“You seem to be asking all the right questions, I’m assuming you’re experienced.” Your hand reaches for mine.

“A little.” I blush when we get up from the table. I sway a little bit and wish I was more graceful after drinking.

“Elena can I walk you out?” You ask, as if you want to come to my rescue.

“Yes.” I smile. Your hand meets the small of my back again and, again, I don’t dismiss it. I like it there and there is so much of me that wants to do this with you, I’m just not sure how. How could we be together if we work together, how could we be together in the ways that you want? I try to make it simple. I’m attracted to you, you’re attracted to me – why don’t we just date?

“David why don’t we date?” I propose as we reach my Audi. “We leave the kink out of it for now and we just get to know one another?”

“We can do that.” You smile at me. “Would you like to go on a date tonight with me Elena?”

“Yes I would.” I reply bright eyed.

“I’ll pick you up at seven for dinner then.” You gently close the car door behind me and I drive off leaving you in the parking lot looking after me.

Once I arrive home, I realize how much I’m still feeling the surge of vodka and making me feel giddy. My head is a tilt-a-whirl replying our conversation this morning. I slip off my shoes in the bedroom and reach for something I seldom use – my vibrator.

“Oh Elena, I want you to experience pleasure all the time.” Your words echo in my head as lower regions shiver. Your words have made me wet and there’s a particular one I can’t seem to shake.

“Daddy…” the word crosses my lips with a giggle. It feels so naughty.

“Daddy…” I try again, only this time I don’t laugh – I moan. There’s that feeling stirring inside me again. That wanting.

I sink to my bed and slip off my leggings. I let them fall to the floor and turn on the toy. It hums to life. The vibrator wand is smooth black silicone and curved at one end for penetration. There are four varying speeds of vibration, but I only use the maximum pattern. I lay back against the pillows and hold the wand to my clit, rubbing in tiny circles and gently thrusting my hips against it.

Whips, floggers, crops, paddles. It’s all outlined in the document Elena…

Well, I like collars, ball gags, leads, lingerie, having you ask permission to come or touch yourself…

I bite my lip hard, my whole body buzzing.


“Oh fuck – ” I whisper as I come hard, hot and fast. My back arches and eyes squeeze shut as I’m panting. I hold a firm hand over my mouth to keep from screaming.

“Fuck Daddy.” I mouth the words as I float down back to earth then I smile.

I set the vibrator down and pick up my phone.

“Elena?” You answer on the first ring.

“Hi Daddy.” I whisper.

“Oh, Elena you must have read my document. Did you have a question for me?”

“Actually I didn’t read it. I don’t need to. I want this. I want to be with you.” I confess all at once.

“Elena it’s a little foolish to jump in with both feet don’t you think so?” I can almost hear your eyebrow raising at me.

“No.” I shake my head.

“Okay then, well I promise to take it slow with you. You really should read it Elena.” You sound so stern. It makes me wet again.

“Daddy may I have permission to come? You should know I already have.” I ask, liking the word on my lips more and more.

“Oh is that so Elena? What were you thinking about that had you so turned on?”

“You.” I answer simply.

“Well then. The answer is yes, Elena. Twice.

“I can’t wait to see you tonight.” I say and hang up.

Against your advice, I leave the typed document in my nightstand. Instead, I come another two times as instructed. My orgasms rock my entire body, leaving my legs like jello. I call out for you against my Kurtköy Gecelik Escort bedroom walls, remembering so clearly last night’s evening. I ache for your touch and I’m anxious to have you so close to me a second night in a row. All my hesitation I had before is abandoned. When finished, I put the vibrator away back in its case and try to occupy myself until seven o’clock. I watch some tv, I clean my apartment and run to the grocery store to stock up for the week ahead. I try and journal, but nothing comes to mind. I try to read, but the words all blur together. I even try a nap, but I’m too excited to sleep. I go for a run at the park and complete five miles all the while dreaming of what tonight will be like with you. I come home to shower and it’s finally reached an appropriate hour to get ready for you. I towel off, apply makeup and straighten my hair so it falls effortlessly smooth down my back. Tonight I selected a leather-like blouse and tight black skirt with simple high heels. My apartment bell buzzes and I grab my bag, checking myself one last time in the mirror.

“Hello Elena,” You present me with a gorgeous bouquet of white roses.

“These are beautiful thank you.” I smile. “Let me put them in some water. Would you like to come in for a moment?”

“Sure.” You say. “Nice place.”

“Oh thanks.” I find a vase, fill it with water, and place the flowers inside.

“Shall we?” You smile as you take my hand and lead me to your car. It’s a sleek grey Mercedes, must be the newest model and easily the cost of my entire building.

It’s a short drive to the restaurant. A small italian place I’ve never been before.

“I hope you like pasta.” you whisper finding my hand again.

We sit and you order a bottle of red wine for the table. I’ve never heard of the varitetal, but the wine notes promise a dry, fruit forward blend which sounds delicious.

“How did you spend your day?” I ask, trying to calm my nerves.

“I went to the driving range, studied some program documents and went to the gym.” You say pouring yourself and a glass of wine as it arrives. “How about you?”

“Oh just ran errands and spent some time around the house, went for a run.” I say.

“Elena, I can tell you’re nervous. There’s no need, no pressure.” Your eyes lower, but you smile softly.

“Right.” I return your smile, but my hand continues to shake and sweat. I take a long sip of wine. “David, I mean..”

“Yes Elena?” You laugh gently.

“Do you plan on telling people at work we are together?”

“No, it’s none of their business. Actually, if you wish to, you don’t have to continue to work. I can take care of us.”

“Take care of us?” I ask weakly.

“If you’d like. You can stay home, take care of the house or we can pay people to do it.” Your eyes melt into mine. “We can live together or you can keep your apartment – up to you. I told you, you should have read the document.” You tell me and I laugh. “We can do whatever you like Elena, this is about you.”

“I think I want to keep my apartment for now, and my job.” I say thumbing my wine glass.

“That’s fine.” You smile. “But you want to buy things for me… I guess that’s ok.”

“Good, because I’d quite like to spoil the amazing woman you are. The best of the best.”

The waitress arrives and asks what we’d like. We both ordered the mushroom ravioli and salad. I ask for garlic bread, you ask for more wine. I grin.

“What else is on your mind?” You top off my glass. I take a sip and feel it warm my insides.

“Would you like to have sex tonight?” I blurt out.

“Why yes, I would, but not if you don’t want to. We’re dating.” You laugh gently once again and I can tell you’re trying to shake my tension.

“What does dating mean to you?” I press on.

“Well, we’d go to dinner, dancing, hotels, vacations… I’d spoil you, take care of you and we would enjoy our hobbies together. You’d spend some time at my place and I, yours, and we would play.”

“So the whole nine yards?” I raise a curious eyebrow.

“The whole Kurtköy Genç Escort nine yards.” You whisper, your face inches from mine.

Our food arrives and we eat slowly, we don’t say much until dessert.

“Elena, I would very much like to remove that divine outfit and fuck you until your makeup runs down your cheeks.”

“Oh?” I draw tiny circles around each of your knuckles. You want it rough. You want me rough.

“But I also want to gently pull away each item and make love to you until the sun comes up.”

“Oh my…” I breathe.

“What would you like me to do with you?” You wait for an answer, staring at me, drinking me in.

“I would like you to make love to me… Daddy.” I whisper, gazing at you beneath my lashes.

You waste no time requesting the check, we pay and leave. You take me to the hotel from last night and ask if I’d like a drink before we get a room. I decline and you lead me to a suite on the seventh floor. Once inside, I’m amazed how large it is. The furnishings are modern with rich wood and dark walls. The living area is expansive and the bedroom even more so boasting a large white bed overflowing with pillows.

“Please kiss me Daddy.” I beg. Aching to feel you close to me.

“You are beautiful.” Your mouth covers mine softly.

Your kiss travels from my mouth, to my neck, and shoulders. My blouse, skirt, bra and panties are removed with a swift, gentle hand. When they travel to my middle, they get rougher, filled with wanting. Your lips accompany them, moving down my body and I can feel your stiffend cock at the apex of thighs. I need it inside me now.

“Now please,” I whimper. “please.”

I can see your grin in the low light of the hotel room as you put on a condom and slip inside me. Instantly we find a perfect, slow rhythm. I didn’t know a man who wanted such dark things could be so tender. We kiss passionately against the hotel sheets and I feel my body responding to everything you do.Your fingers through my hair make me wrap my legs around your hips tighter, your lips on my collar bone send shivers down my spine.

“Elena, your body is so perfect.” Your fingers explore lower and lower. I feel my body buckle under the sensation. Your touch is controlled, your thrust gentle, and your kiss, delicate.

“Daddy may I please come?” Feeling my body rise higher and higher to climax.

“Yes baby. Come.”

I explode with sensation and I moan into your soft kiss. My nails dig into your shoulder blades as you embrace my shaking frame, showering me with tenderness. You follow close behind me with a low groan and I’m left in a daze. We lay there naked in each other’s arms and you stroke my hair softly until I close my eyes and fall asleep.

When I wake there’s a black and white movie on the television.

“Hello angel.” You whisper gently. “I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful in your nap.”

“How long was I asleep?” I wonder aloud.

“Not long, about an hour. You must’ve been exhausted.” You smile so sweetly at me.

“Daddy I’m hungry.” I say curling up to you.

“What can I get you? We can order room service. Would you like champagne?”

I nodd. “Mmmm chocolate covered strawberries.” I say half jokingly.

“Of course.” You reply and reach for the phone on the nightstand.

“Hello, I’d like to request some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to room 737 is that possible?… Yes, yes… thank you. Charge it to the card on file.”

“Fifteen minutes.” You say looking over at me and tucking a hair behind my ears.

“What are we watching?” I ask

“All About Eve.” You say.

“Oh I see.” I smile. Soon champagne and strawberries are at our door. We watch the rest of the film and feed each other the sweet berries in between kisses and sips of champagne.

“Daddy?” I say when the movie is over.

“Yes Elena?” You reply.

“Do you really want me to leave my job and my apartment?” I ask meekly.

“It’s not about wanting you to leave what’s important to you, it’s letting you know I want to take care of you and I don’t want you to worry.” You wrap a protective arm around me.

“Okay, well I’m not ready to leave those things just yet, but maybe one day.”

“Whenever you’re ready.” You squeeze me gently. “This is the beginning Elena of something I’ve always wanted to share with you.”

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