Danielle Dominates Us

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Ellie and I were a pretty typical Midwestern couple. I ran a tractor supply store, and kept up our little ranch on the edge of town. She worked part time at the library, more for something to do than for the money, and volunteered at our church. I had heard the guys in my college bragging about how they were going to move to the city, find some lingerie model, and drive fast cars. Honestly, none of that appealed to me. My life was pretty close to perfect.

Ellie and I met at community college. She was from the other side of town, but we were close enough in age that although we didn’t have any high school classes together, we ended up in a lot of the same college courses. I finished my associate’s degree and got back to work, while Ellie moved on to finish her bachelor’s degree at state university. But I had made a bit of an impression on her by then, and she had made a hell of an impression on me. Although we didn’t marry until the end of her senior year, she went to university with a ring on her finger, while I saved up for our first house.

After college, everything was perfect. I was married to the skinny blonde beauty of my dreams, making decent money, and we were each other’s worlds. We hit our first real trouble when we started trying to have kids, and weren’t successful. After a few years of trying, we brought in the doctor, who told us in some fancy diagnostic terms that we could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, adopt, or make peace with a childless family. We didn’t rule out adoption, but decided for the moment at least to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Ellie took it hard at first. Harder than I did. She had always pictured the Americana dream, with two little towheaded boys running around our acres. It was especially hard when her high school friends started having kids. It’s a weird thing to be the childless couple; at first, everyone swears up and down that you’re going to be a part of everything. But the longer you go with little in common, the further you drift apart. And so Ellie and I drifted apart from a lot of our high school friends, until she reunited with Danielle, and by default with Andy.

Danielle was in many respects the complete opposite of my wife. Where my wife was generally quiet and polite, Danielle had a laugh that carried across the street, and a bit of a sarcastic wit. Where my wife would look in the mirror and lament her skinny bust (although that also brought a skinny waist, and I had no complaints!), Danielle had curves that could be described as dangerous. With her dark hair and pale skin, it seemed the only thing she and my wife had in common was their high school. But when Danielle and Andy chose not to have children, and Ellie and I had that choice imposed on us, an unlikely friendship grew between us.

Danielle and Ellie had known each other in high school, but were by no means best friends. It wasn’t a surprise that Ellie hadn’t heard when Danielle married Andy, a salesman from the city who didn’t want to live where he worked. She had taken him home one night from the local bar (where she was the favorite hostess), and that was that. Apparently he was quite a big shot salesman, although you’d never guess it from our interactions. Around the dinner table he was a quiet, unassuming man, who deferred to Danielle in almost every situation. He must have had a “switch” at work, because every salesman I knew was either borderline brash and arrogant, or completely across that border.

In any case, that was how it came to be a Friday night, the two couples sitting around our dinner table, finishing some lovely homemade pie with our second bottle of wine. Danielle was sitting across from me, but from the way she was leaning all over my wife, you wouldn’t know that her husband was even in the room. Or that she even liked guys, for that matter. Danielle was funny like that, but even though I had asked my wife about it, she swore that as far as she knew, Danielle was completely straight in high school. (Of course my male imagination pictured a bit of experimentation between the two eighteen year old girls… but sadly, it was only imagination.)

Danielle liked to tease my wife, the “church girl” as she called her, and she was getting into her tonight. “So never? No handcuffs, rope… not even a blindfold?”

“No, Danielle,” Ellie replied. “We just haven’t tried it.”

“Well, you don’t know what you’re missing,” Danielle continued. “Andy loves to be tied down. Don’t you, babe?”

Andy got up to clear the table with a “Yes dear.”

Danielle laughed, and said “well, honestly Andy loves whatever I do to him. I get the feeling you’re a little bit the same, Ellie.”

Danielle winked at me, and Ellie blushed and looked down at her hands. I was going to chime in when Danielle interrupted me.

“I think there’s a bit of a sub hiding under that church girl personality.”

Ellie took a sip of wine, and questioned, “A sub?”

“Oh, honey,” Danielle said condescendingly. “You’re Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort so inexperienced.”

Ellie swatted her playfully. “Hey! Just because I don’t play with handcuffs and blindfolds doesn’t mean I’m naïve!”

Danielle moved a little closer, and put her hand on my wife’s knee. Ellie was wearing a pale blue sundress, and with Danielle staring intently into her eyes and the feeling of her soft hand on my wife’s knee, Ellie was a little less sure that her friend was as straight as she thought. Danielle seemed to almost ignore her outburst, and continued.

“Sub is short for submissive. In most relationships, there is a dominant and a submissive.” I saw her hand move slightly, her middle finger tracing tiny circles on my wife’s leg. “In some relationships, it’s subtle. In others, a bit more pronounced.”

Danielle hadn’t broken eye contact since Andy had left the table, and I might as well have been a fly on the wall for all the attention being paid to me. Not that I minded. Ellie was captivated by Danielle, and honestly I was a bit enraptured as well.

Danielle continued, her voice now seeming a bit more sensual than I remembered. “For instance, Andy is quite submissive at home. Isn’t that right, love?”

Andy didn’t even turn around from the dishes to respond “yes dear”.

“And although you might think that you’re a strong, independent woman or whatever,” Danielle continued, “I’ve been playing with your leg for quite a while now and you haven’t had the guts to say anything to me about it, even though you’re not sure if you’re comfortable with it.”

My wife blushed, and Danielle continued. “In fact, you’re starting to feel like you quite like this, because the fact is, you are very submissive. Underneath that cute little church girl is a tight little body just begging to be dominated.”

Ellie looked timidly up at Danielle, but didn’t disagree. Suddenly Danielle turned to me, but her hand remained where it was, inching slightly higher on my wife’s thigh.

“And you, Brett…” Danielle trailed off, appearing to think deeply. “I think you’re a bit of a switch.”

Clearly my face showed my confusion, but I’m not sure if Danielle thought it was from her statement, or if she realized it was because I had just noticed that one certain part of my anatomy seemed to be very interested in what she was saying.

“A switch is someone who is dominant in certain situations, but submissive in others.” Danielle returned her attention to my pretty wife, this time looking directly at her ministrations on Ellie’s thigh rather than her eyes. My wife’s gaze was also locked there, and that made three of us. Danielle’s hand ran up just a bit higher, brushing the tip of my wife’s hem now.

“Oh, Andy?” Danielle called, not looking away.

“Yes dear?” Andy replied, and I realized that was all I had heard from him for the last few minutes.

“Oh sweetie, we’re among friends,” Danielle lightly scolded him. “Why don’t you respond properly?”

“Yes Miss.” Andy said quietly. I thought it was odd that he would call his wife “Miss”… if anything, shouldn’t she be Mrs.?

Danielle ordered him now. “Go to the car. Get my other purse.”

He simply replied with a “Yes Miss,” and then headed for the front door.

Danielle focused on my wife once again. “Ellie, I’d like to try something with you. With you and Brett, actually. And if you agree, it might be the best night of your life so far, and you might learn a lot about yourself. But I don’t want to push you into anything you’re not comfortable with. So I want you to answer me honestly.” With this, she removed her hand from my wife’s leg, and Ellie’s eyes snapped up to meet her gaze. “First of all, are you aroused right now?”

My wife blushed, and nodded. Danielle simply stared at her, however, until Ellie mumbled a shy “yes.”

“Good,” Danielle replied as she stood. “Do you want to know more?”

Ellie once again mumbled yes, as Andy quietly returned and placed Danielle’s purse on the nearby couch. This time Danielle paused before the question, implying that it was the most important one of the night.

“Last chance, Ellie. You too, Brett. We can always stop, but there’s no going back once we’ve crossed this line.” She paused to make sure that we knew she was serious. “Ellie, Brett, would you like to learn about sexual submission?”

I wasn’t dumb enough to respond before my wife, and for a second I think I even stopped breathing to make sure I didn’t break the spell. My wife looked at me for a second and, seeing no clear answer, looked at Danielle and simply said “Yes.”

I echoed her, and Danielle seemed to become a different person almost immediately. “Good. Your safe word is ‘pineapple’. If I do anything that makes you extremely uncomfortable, anything painful, or anything you find repulsive, say the word ‘pineapple’ and we will stop immediately. Otherwise, I expect your answers to be “Yes Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort Miss” or “No Miss” only. You will obey me or be punished. Is that all understood?”

Both Ellie and I mumbled a “Yes Miss”, unsure of exactly how far this night was going to go. I, at least, was very excited, and if I was reading Ellie’s body correctly she was too. Danielle turned to her husband, and directed “Thank you Andy. You may drive home now. Brett will give me a ride when we’re done.”

Andy simply replied “Yes Miss,” and left without another word. Whether Danielle knew it or not, I had been worrying about the idea of another man seeing my wife like this (whatever this was), and I was relieved when he left and Danielle turned back to Ellie.

“Stand up,” she ordered simply. “Take off your dress.”

Ellie stood up hesitantly, and fiddled with the hem of her dress. She pulled it up unsurely to the top of her thighs, but hadn’t revealed anything beneath when she paused.

“NOW,” Danielle barked, and Ellie took a shaky breath and pulled her dress over her head. My wife’s body was simply gorgeous. She had smallish breasts, but they were always plenty for me. Her nipples were like tiny little gumdrops, and when she was excited (as she was now), they turned a dark pink and stood out proudly from her chest. Her perky breasts lay above a tight, flat stomach, the product of an hour a day running on the treadmill. Her ass was, in my opinion, her best feature. Tight, hot, and with just the right amount of bounce, I admired it as it came into view, covered tonight by simple black panties. My wife rarely wore a bra, her perky tits defying gravity without any help (one benefit of smaller breasts), and she stood before Danielle now clothed in only her panties and her shoes.

Danielle walked to the couch, picked up her purse, and then turned her attention back to me. It was an odd thing to see my wife, standing still, nearly naked, and now almost ignored by our sexy guest. Ellie fidgeted her feet just a bit, unsure what to do. Danielle, meanwhile, stood in the living room. She was wearing a dress similar to Ellie’s but in black. Their figures, however, made the similar dresses look quite different. Where Ellie was skinny and perky, Danielle was full and curvaceous. The skintight fabric on Ellie looked fun and flirty, but on Danielle it was decidedly sexual. She wore black heels, a black dress with a deep plunge into her ample cleavage, and a necklace that seemed designed to draw the eye there (as if it could be avoided otherwise).

“Brett,” she commanded, “bring your chair over here.” I obeyed immediately, leaving my wife still standing in the kitchen. The walk to the living room was slightly uncomfortable, since my cock had come to life at the sight of my wife’s topless figure. I tried to hold the chair in front of me, but after banging my shin the second time, abandoned the thought and simply hoped my jeans would hide my growing erection. Danielle, however, had other ideas.

“Take off your shirt and your jeans, Brett,” Danielle instructed. “I want to see if you’re a boxers man or a briefs man.”

I hesitated and looked at my wife, but she was still looking down at her feet, although it seemed from her breathing that she was very interested in everything happening in the living room. Danielle walked behind me and, apparently impatient, swatted my ass playfully. “Hurry up!”

I took a deep breath and shed my shirt, then slowly my jeans. I wanted to give my wife a chance to stop me if she changed her mind, but she said nothing.

“Ah, boxer briefs. Good choice, Brett,” Danielle teased. She walked around me and stared pointedly at my package. “Your husband has a nice cock, Ellie.”

Ellie mumbled, but didn’t say anything, and suddenly Danielle was striding towards the kitchen. “What was the rule, Ellie?” she loudly questioned.

“Yes, Miss,” Ellie said unsurely. Danielle smirked over her shoulder at me, now standing directly in front of Ellie.

“Good girl,” she mocked, “but a bit late.”

Suddenly Danielle reached out and slapped my wife’s breast, hard enough that I heard it from the other room. To my surprise, my wife whimpered slightly but did not yell, and I could swear I saw her nipples get even harder. Danielle laughed, and lovingly brushed the other breast before raising her hand… and then lowering it again.

“Come on,” Danielle ordered, “and lose those silly shoes.” Ellie kicked off her shoes and followed her friend to the living room, where Danielle directed her to stand a few feet in front of me.

Danielle returned her attention to me, although she spoke to Ellie instead. “Your husband has a very nice package, Ellie. Does his cock live up to the bulge I see?”

It was true; I did have a pretty nice dick, at least from what I knew. A solid seven inches, straight as a rod, and girthy enough to satisfy every girl I’d been with, it was now proudly stretching my grey boxer briefs to Kurtköy İranlı Escort their limit. It didn’t help when Danielle slipped her hand inside my waistband, and gave my dick a gentle squeeze.

Ellie stood with her mouth open slightly, but I couldn’t tell if that was from shock or arousal. This woman between us was purely sensual- everything she did was sex. My wife stood wearing only inches of fabric, and I was more tantalized by this fully clothed vixen in front of me. Ellie didn’t respond until Danielle squeezed me more harshly, and when I winced Ellie snapped out of it and managed a “Yes Miss!”

Danielle pulled back and winked at me, before turning her attention back to Ellie. “It seems someone keeps forgetting the rules.” She walked over to Ellie and hovered behind her, fingertips running down her back. I saw my wife shiver, and then suddenly SMACK- Danielle had spanked my wife, hard. Ellie sucked in air, but I swear the shudder I saw from her was not pain but arousal. Ellie had this little twitch when she was turned on, and it seemed Danielle had found it in a way I never had. Danielle grinned and spanked her again, and we both watched as Ellie shuddered again.

“This will be fun,” Danielle stated. “Now, Ellie?”

“Yes Miss!” Ellie whispered very quickly, anxious to avoid another embarrassment.

“Go and get the rope out of my purse.”

I had wondered why Danielle needed two purses, and it seemed I had found out. The first must contain regular items (keys, makeup, etc.) while the second seemed sexual in nature. Ellie quickly got a soft, red rope out of Danielle’s purse, and brought it to her. In the meantime, Danielle had walked over to me, and stood facing away, her ass barely brushing my cock through our layers of fabric.

“Brett, unzip me.” I was dying to touch any part of Danielle, and although I would have preferred somewhere a bit more personal, I settled for drawing her zipper down her back, as she wiggled out of her skintight garment. To our surprise, she was wearing a dark red lingerie bodysuit underneath her dress, and it covered nearly as much as her dress did. I wasn’t sure if she often wore things like this underneath her clothes, or if she had an idea of how this night was going to turn out before she arrived.

Danielle looked at me over her shoulder, and then cruelly whispered “looks like you BOTH need a reminder…” before I realized I had forgotten to respond verbally. In a flash she had pulled my waistband down over my cock, but rather than a gentle touch, this time she slapped my cock hard enough to make me wince. She laughed as I started, then grabbed my cock firmly to keep me in place.

“Ellie, get over here. Show me how you suck your husband’s cock.” Well, that was unexpected. Danielle kept her tight grip as Ellie came over, and released it only when Ellie handed her the rope. “On your knees.”

Ellie dropped to her knees before me, and stared at my cock for a moment unmoving. Ellie and I had obviously blown each other before, but generally while lying in bed, and clearly never with her friend present.

Danielle, apparently impatient, wrapped her fingers in my wife’s blond hair and literally shoved her face towards my pelvis. “NOW!”

My wife’s mouth opened in surprise, and my cock slipped in as Danielle’s hand forced my wife forward. It was the strangest mini-blowjob of my life, that was for sure. Danielle directed the speed, action, and depth with her grip on my wife’s hair, and my wife was simply an open mouth, barely closing her lips around me once. Danielle then walked behind me, and brought the rope around to encircle both me and my wife. As my wife came forward, Danielle cruelly trapped her to me with the rope behind Ellie’s neck, and laughed as my wife started to squirm in discomfort. Like I said, my cock is by no means small, and poor Ellie was gagging on it while Danielle pinned her to me for a few seconds, my cock buried down her throat and the rope preventing any escape.

To my surprise, though, when Danielle released my wife, Ellie simply went back to kneeling with watering eyes but no complaint. Danielle laughed. “No doubt left that you’re submissive!”

Danielle quickly shed her bodysuit, and surprised me by shoving me down into the chair I had brought from the kitchen. Now that she was wearing only heels, I took in the view before me, and watched my wife do the same. Her full figure was breathtaking, especially in its contrast to my timid wife nearby. Where my wife’s tits defied gravity, Danielle’s swung gently in front of me, begging to be cupped. Where my wife’s ass was perky and defined, Danielle’s was luscious and inviting. I was still taking in the view when I realized that Danielle had tied my torso to the chair, and was now moving on to my hands.

“Hey…” I started to protest, and Danielle sharply slapped me across the face.

I corrected myself. “Miss?”

“That’s better,” Danielle replied, her hair tickling my cock as she tied my second hand to the chair.

I struggled to articulate a question, as she rocked back to her knees, her mouth tantalizingly close to my tip now. “What are you doing?”

Danielle smiled up at me sweetly, then grabbed my balls with surprising force. “Whatever the fuck I want, pet. I own you now.”

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