Damn the Internet

Big Balls

Damn the Internet. Her mind was tortured, and the world wide web was to blame. Work had transplanted her 1450 miles from her friends, and family. Back in Calgary she was had no problem finding herself some evening company. She had collected a few guys that were exciting, skilled, and uncomplicated. Everything a Career girl needs. They were generally available when she called, and most all of them were career guys too, so they were not into settling down. Here just out side of Vegas in a town called Boulder City, she was finding the bar scene a little daunting. Sure the bars had a wide variety of choices, but in all honesty they were a bit too much. She had networked in Calgary, meeting most of her guys in school.

That was always the hard part for her. Meeting guys. She was attractive, and got plenty of attention when she did go out, but even if the relationship was physical, there needed to be some sort of connection. Most of the guys here just wanted sex; name exchange was usually strictly optional. It was Vegas after all, anything goes, and most guys seemed to be just that shallow. So here she was, needing to feed her admittedly hungry appetite for sex in a town a little too complicated for a Canadian farm girl.

A friend back home had suggested Hottie-Finder.com. It seemed lame, but after putting another fresh pair of batteries in her favorite vibrator, she decided to give it a go. Her friend suggested checking out profiles locally, and try to strike up a conversation with a few, and maybe even use the chat feature. All in all the idea seemed a little childish, but maybe worth the cost of batteries.

Registration was easy enough. Sure there were a few that were interesting, and a few that the cops needed to talk to, but by and large, the six or so she settled into talking with provided her with some non-scary company, and even a dinner every once and a while, but none with a sexual draw. That is until she clicked on a profile that she would normally have glanced over. Usually she looked at the photos, and chose from there who she would try to talk to. And any with no pics, or strange pics, got 0 attention.

But one profile, named Mr. Tease, had a pic of a red silk scarf tossed on white satin sheets crumpled just so. Just the pic was fantastic, but the profile name, and some of the profile answers were very alluring, to the point of her finding herself clicking on the add friend button.

Days went by.

Shopping at the mall one day she found herself in the linen section of Macy’s, and noted a pair of white satin sheets on sale. That’s why she bought them. They were on sale. That is what she told her self. That night as she listened to D’Angelo sing sexy things she masturbated on those satin sheets. She could not get the thought of the man behind the profile out of her mind, and came rather quickly, her left hand clinging tightly to those sheets.

The next day she checked her e-mail before going to work, several times, and then all night, when she got home. No new friend requests. Hmm… well screw it… if he doesn’t want to invite anyone, then fine, I can find someone else…she reasoned. But that night she thought about her hands being tied to the headboard of a satin clad bed by the red scarf, and being made to come over and over again, like she had seen in some of the movies on the internet she had watched.

She plodded over to the fridge to grab a glass of water, and on the way by the kitchen PC, logged into her Hottie-Finder account. There it was! Friend request approved.

‘Bling’ Chat request from Mr. Tease. Oh my god, he was online. Right now.

Her pulse pounded. She stood in her kitchen naked, and not just a little sweaty from her recent play, and suddenly felt on display, like he could see her.

‘click’ Hello, she typed.

‘bling’ Hiya.

‘bling’ how are you tonight?

‘click’ good, umm, was just heading to bed…

‘bling’ OK, sorry, wouldn’t want to keep ya…

Oh Shit, she thought, don’t go…umm…

‘click’ I’d like to talk to ya, but BRB

‘bling’ are you naked?

Wow… her pulse raced. Be tough.

‘click’ that’s a little foreword

‘bling’ it’s 2:25 am, I figured you were either getting a midnight snack, or hitting the shower after the bar. Either way, Naked…needing clothes… hence the brb

‘click; hee hee, well, actually I am…

‘bling’ Magnificent

Somehow she could hear his voice say the word.

‘click’ brb

Running into her closet she picked her sheerest nighty, and threw it on, and ran back into the kitchen. She pulled up one of the plastic chairs, and tucked a leg under her.

‘click’ back

‘bling’ so what do you do for a living?

‘click’ I am a training supervisor for an emergency management company. How about you?

‘bling’ I am a writer, I write erotic stories to be exact. Some for online communities and some for actual publishing.

‘click’ is that hard? Writing about sex all alt porno the time?

‘bling’ ha ha, never thought of it as hard, just have always kind of done it… and if you enjoy you topic, then it is easier. And I am passionate about sex.

His words had a sexy firmness. Passionate, and controlling she imagined. ‘I wonder what his hands look like?’ She laughed. Unlikely that they’d ever meet

‘bling’ You want to read one?

She swallowed, and her tongue suddenly dry caught in her throat.

‘click’ sure

‘bling’ Cool, I’ll email it to ya… well, I got to get going, night princess..

‘click’ good to meet you

‘bling’ you too

And that’s why the internet sucks.

That was 3 days ago. The clock ticked off in weeks, glaciers melted, amoebas evolved, and stars died in the 8 hours she worked those three days. She sped a little on the way home, and arrived there in 40 minutes.

‘click’ New Mail

There it was. Her nerves felt on fire, and her heart pounded in her chest. She hit print on the document, and rushed upstairs to take a shower. The water was almost uncomfortably hot yet she still took a few extra minutes caressing everywhere she would like him to, getting close, but not over the edge. Because he’d tease too.

In her closet she put on the sheer nighty, from the night they “met”, then went to the nightstand and retrieved her favorite vibrator. She lay back for a moment and ran her hands over her figure. Her breasts were on the larger size and got lots of attention from the guys. Her hands ran over them in her sheer nighty, her nipples teased to attention. She felt their weight, and enjoyed their sensations as she handled them a little roughly, like the guys do. Her right hand dropped its breast and circled her stomach, and teased downward running over her panty covered pubis drawing a reflexive arch from her back. A few times she moved from top to bottom, until she desperately wanted to dip a finger inside. She stopped, be cause he would too.

Downstairs she walked, and into the kitchen. The fridge held a cold bottle of Riesling, and the cupboard a glass. The CD player let D’Angelo croon once again. She grabbed the paper from the printer, and headed up stairs, with bottle, glass, and story in hand. Her heart raced, if only from the anticipation. She tended to think of herself as a practical woman, and this was totally unlike her. She stopped in the middle of the stairs, and took this all in. Here she stood, headed up to her bedroom, story from a total stranger in her hand. Everything else was a seduction for herself. And she found she was fine with it. Sure, it’d be better if there was a guy here, but just the idea of this man was enough to have her whole body tingling at the thought of just reading of his stories. With luck she’d get to meet him, and with a little more luck, she’d get to see how his hands actually felt.

Her bare feet walked across the soft carpet and into her bedroom. The wine and the glass joined her vibrator on the nightstand, and she lay down on the bed, ending up on left her side propped up on her elbow. She fumbled with the pages, bringing them into order a bit, and started reading the first page. Her pulse raced, her left hand turning page after page. It was some of the sexiest things she had ever read, and somehow it seemed he had written it just for her. Part of the story was involving the male character tying up his girl. Amazingly she held a similar fantasy as one of her most favorite. As a fast climbing business girl, she would enjoy the loss of control that that would bring.

Subconsciously her right hand caressed her body. Traveling down to her drawn up legs, all the way to her neck, softly it glided over the nighty. The man in the story was teasing his woman, playing with her nipples, licking them and teasing them with ice cubes, and then dropping wax from a lit candle onto them. Without really thinking about it, her right hand made it’s way to her breasts. She teased her nipples to attention, and massaged them roughly at first, then gentler, then her whole breast. That was hard, as they didn’t all quite fit, but the feeling was very nice. She closed her eyes, and imagined this man teasing her that way, and pinched a nipple for effect, feeling the twinge all the way down in her pussy. Her breath caught for a second, but then she continued reading, while her breast enjoyed the attention of her hand once again.

The man had moved down, and was rubbing the woman’s legs, paying special attention to the joining place between the leg, and body. In the story he was careful not to even brush her pubis, so she was careful too. Her own hands felt on fire as she caressed her self. From knees to hip, her touch was almost not her own. Slowly she rubbed, enjoying the feeling of her flesh, imagining that it was Mr. Tease.

The man then rubbed some lube onto the woman’s pubis. She sat up immediately, and reached into her nightstand, and retrieved hd abla porno her little bottle of lube. She stood for a second, and removed all her clothing letting it fall in a heap on the floor. Back to her side she went, and applied a nice amount of lube to her hungry pussy, careful not to go in just yet.

The man began by rubbing his hand all over the area, warming the lube, and spreading it around. Her touch was a little more urgent, stealing pleasure by rubbing harder near her cilt, careful not to touch it, which seemed to be cheating. The man teased for a long while, and she did the same, finally following them man’s lead and allowing a single finger inside to caress the crease, but not enter. All the way up, then back down. She almost touched her ass on the way down, reaching between her propped up right leg, then made her way back up. The little circle she made around her clit drew a sharp intake of breath from her. Her eyes closed, and a tiny “Mmmm” joined Eric Benet’s voice in the room.

This continued, as in the story until she was very close, then changed back into the outside caress. Her body was on fire, and her petal soft lips felt hot to the touch. She cooled a bit, lying on her back taking deep breaths, and enjoying the glow she felt. Every nerve was turned on. The satin felt cool on her naked body, clinging slightly to her back. She was aware of the smell of her shampoo from the master bath, and could hear the clock across the room, even over the crooning coming from the radio. She leaned back up, ready for more.

The man had resumed his attentions on the woman’s pussy, and this time was doing as before, but on the down stroke was entering the woman, stroking a few times, and returning. She copied this, and curled a finger in, caressing her G-spot then back up to the top to rub the clit. Just like she liked. She moved a bit faster, touching herself anyway she liked, forgetting the story. She got close, and slowed, looking back at the story, opening eyes she had not realized she had closed.

When the man had drawn his girl’s arousal near the point of no return, he lubricated a finger, and teased her ass, circling it, but the attention on her clit slowed too, so she could enjoy both sensations for a second. The woman begged for release, and he complied, entering her tight ass with his finger, and finishing his job on her clit and pussy with his other hand. She needed no extra encouragement.

Her right hand joined her left, teasing her screaming clit while her left teased for just a second the g-spot. Her hips bucked a little, and she bit her lip, eyes closed so tight she saw little stars every time she rubbed her clit. She was very close. Her left hand continued its attention on her clit, then her right hand reached behind, and spread some of the lube her hand was covered in on her little hole. ‘Oh my god.’ It felt amazing, another thing she had wished to try, and this man had included it into her story. Her finger entered her just a bit, and along with the rubbing her clit was getting, she started coming. Screams exited her mouth, her hips bucked, yet she continued. She could feel the finger making small in and out movements in her bum, while from her left hand, the pad from her finger rubbed circles on her clit. One, then two orgasms ripped through her body. She stopped all movement, and removed all her hands from her, falling to her back and catching breaths in ragged gasps.

“Oh my god, this man can write. I need to meet him.”


For several weeks they exchanged emails, and chatted, flirting definitely, but she had never came out and said they should meet so he had never approached it. His partners wanted him. That assured some desire, and helped maintain some mystery. He always waited for them to make the first move in wanting to meet. Lauren Demeter had never requested they meet, and so the flirtatious Canadian had been counted as an interesting person to chat with, and flirt with, but someone he’d likely never meet. A pity, really, as she seemed as she could be a great deal of fun.

Like his current girl, Abby. She was a spirited Scottish gal, with nice largeish breasts, and the handy trait of being willing to try anything. They had pushed many of the envelopes he had, and even a few he didn’t realize he did. He finished the email to Lauren. A flirty reply to one of hers that contained much that she unlikely ever told her lovers.

He stubbed out his clove cigarette, and closed his laptop. Naked, he walked back into the bedroom, where Abby lay blindfolded, tied to the massage table. Actually, it was more than a massage table. There were places for her feet on the sides, keeping her legs spread, but all of her accessible. She was squirming from the vibrating bullet he had placed in her sensitive butt a few minutes ago. His touch surprised her, as he stroked her thigh. He rubbed around her breast, careful not to touch her nipples. Her breasts were the size he liked, rokettube porno and very responsive, though not every time. Luckily this was one of those times. He leaned over and licked her nipple, sending shivers through her body. The nipple stood up for more attention, and he gave it some. She arched her back into him, and he rolled it around in his mouth a bit. He reached his hand down between her spread legs, and found her clit. The feeling of him licking her nipple, and playing with her always compounded each other, and she was way too close and moaning in no time. “Stop,” she hissed. And he obeyed. She was by far the best of his lovers. She enjoyed his teasing, realizing that the stopping and starting it brought always made for stronger orgasms. He stopped his menstruation on her body altogether, and walked to the foot of the table. The Bed stopped just under her fine ass, and he moved between her legs. His tongue found her pussy moist, and a bit sweet. She found his tongue hot, and incredibly sexy. It moved slowly, in long languid licks, up and down. When it toughed her clit, it stopped, circled, and moved back down. His hand reached up to her nipples, standing at attention at her being so close. He pinched them gently, rolling them a bit, drawing a long Mmmm from her lips. His tongue moves south, and tickled where the wire came out of her. “Oh yesss Ryan…” she hissed. He tugged on the wire a bit, causing even more wonderful sensations in her then moved his fingers to her clit. It was a carefully orchestrated symphony, and its crescendo was her screaming. Tongue on her ass, vibrating bullet inside, one hand on her nipple, and a finger on her clit. Over the edge she went, back arching, hands straining against the scarves, head moving from side to side.

He rode it out, stopping after he was sure she was done. He stood, and entered her smoothly. She was very tight from her orgasm, and very moist. His strokes were long and hard. He hit her G-spot on every in stroke. He felt the pleasure building in him, and went faster, and a bit harder. She saw stars every time he banged into her. Suddenly she felt herself joining him on his path to orgasm. “Oh, oh god… yes… Keep going baby…” He loved to hear her. And those sweet words were what brought him over the brink. He began cumming, and slowed his strokes, while she tightened once again, and screamed out a long “yessss…” matching his own, “Oh… god… baby…” And then they were done. He removed the satin scarves from her hands and feet, and then her blindfold, helping her sit up. They kissed long and sweetly, and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

Every once and a while he and Abby visited a club in Vegas called the Venus that would be classed by most a sex club. You entered on the alley side of what seemed casually to be a well kept up warehouse, and went inside. Once inside the foyer there was a person checking ID’s at the door. You were required to be on file to go through Door 1, and just checked to be sure you were 21 to go through door 2. Door one was for the swinger set. You could go in, and have sex with anyone that wanted it in many of the rooms there.

That was not the door for Abby and Ryan. Door 2 was for voyeurs. Sex was forbidden with anyone not in your party. There was a walkway that skirted the inner parts of the club. It looked in on the swingers section. There were areas for most types of moods. Some brightly lit, some more romantic. Some held tables and booths looking at a center stage like a nice nightclub, and others nothing more than soft floors that reminded Ryan of the wrestling mats in high school. Still others held a more Fetish oriented setup, and others, setups looking like expensive hotel rooms. The voyeur part ran around the different rooms, little more than a dark walkway lit by the voyeur part, like the border around a picture. Occasionally there were small rooms off the main part, holding raised platforms, padded floors, coat hooks, and trash cans in the corner. They allowed people to release some of the sexual energy they held after watching others in the other side have sex.

The had returned from one of these trips, and Abby had went upstairs to take a shower. He logged into Hottie-Finder.com, and received a chat request almost immediately. It was Lauren.

‘bling’ what you been up to?

He hadn’t seen her on in several days.

‘click’ just got back from a sex club

‘bling’ seriously?

‘click’ yeah, watched several people have sex, then fucked my girl silly.

‘bling’ you have a girl?

‘bling’ yet you flirt like you do with me?

‘click’ yeah, our relationship is strong. You should join us some time…

‘bling’ uh…

She wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not.

‘click’ it’s something to think about… I gotta go shower… send me an email hot stuff… we’ll talk later

‘bling’ OK… bye

He joined Abby in the shower, and fucked her again standing doggy style, then teased her by hand to another orgasm, her third of the night. “Musta been a good email,” she said with a smile, lathering him up again, relishing the shaking she brought from stroking his dwindling member. “I may have found you a playmate.”

New Mail. He checked, seeing a message from Lauren.

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