Damion’s Corporate Journey Pt. 02


This is a continuation of the original story “Damion’s Corporate Journey”. Damion and Alexa, his protege and ex-girlfriend, are at a corporate training. A mix-up has put them in the same hotel room. Past emotions overwhelmed Damion and led to an erotic coupling over night.


Damion wished he had a freeze frame picture of her sun kissed breasts and flat stomach, resting on the bed as Alexa lay fast asleep. He knew taking a picture of her body would be crossing the line. Feeling himself becoming excited, he needed to shift his mindset back to business and prepare for the day’s meetings.

Walking over to her side of the bed, Damion placed his hand on Alexa’s bare shoulder and gently nudged her. Her eyes shot open, staring directly into his eyes with a frightened look on her face. She looked as if she’d seen a ghost to him.

After looking around and realizing where she was, her mouth closed. A warm smile slowly formed on her face while she pulled the sheet up to cover her body. She didn’t act shy or regretful of the previous night’s actions. Rolling onto her side toward him, she spoke with a grizzly morning voice. “Good morning. What time is it?”

Damion took a half-step back. “It is almost seven. The first session starts in about an hour. I thought you might want to start getting ready.”

Alexa practically leaped out of the bed, causing him to take a few steps back in order to keep from being trampled. He watched her naked body as she raced around the corner and disappeared into the bathroom. The image of her tight butt cheeks flexing with each step replayed in his mind for a moment before he fought off the thought.

While the shower water ran in the background, Damion finished dressing. He stood in the mirror and made sure his tie was straight. Putting on his blazer over his white shirt, he drifted to the window and looked down at the pool. A couple young women who did not appear to look older than their mid 20’s were sitting pool side. He remembered swimsuit models were also occupying the motel.

Feeling his pants stir, Damion stepped away from the window. The scantily clad women poolside was not helping him stay focused on work. The shower turned off in the bathroom. He walked over to the door and asked Alexa if she wanted any food from the breakfast bar then exited the hotel room, giving her privacy to get ready.

Returning from the main floor fifteen minutes later, Damion opened the hotel room door. Alexa was standing next to the bed wearing only a bra and high cut panties, brushing her hair. Damion quickly looked away, not wanting any more images stuck in his brain. A day ago, he would have never even imagined seeing his ex-girlfriend, whom now worked with him, in bra and panties. Had someone told him they would have sex, he would have laughed at them.

Things did not end well. They had so much fun for the two years they were together before she started messing around on him. He was floored by the news when he found out. Everything had been going great as far as he knew, so he didn’t know where things had went wrong.

She begged him to come back after they broke up, but he couldn’t trust her anymore. As years passed, his bitterness and anger against her slowly faded. When he found out from his boss, Mr. Jenkins, that she was his new protege’ he would train to take his position so that he could move up in the company, it was a blast from the past.

Now, here he was watching his ex-girlfriend he just slept with last night getting dressed. His phone vibrated in his pocket, reining his thoughts back to the present. He saw Mr. Jenkin’s name on the front screen and answered the call, drifting back to the hotel window.

“Good morning Mr. Jenkins.”

The voice on the other end of the line said, “Good morning Damion. I hope all went well without any major problems last night. Again, I apologize for the mix-up. The good news is that I was able to secure another room two floors down. Apparently a room opened up because two women who were supposed to be at a swimsuit shoot became ill. The room will be ready to check in soon. How did things go last night?”

Damion cleared his throat. “Everything went well sir.”

“Great. Have a great day at the seminar. I look forward to a debrief when you return.”

Hanging up the phone, Damion looked down at the pool. “Was that Mr. Jenkins?” the female voice behind him inquired.

Damion turned around and looked at Alexa. Mixed emotions washed over his body. He was happy she had her own room and own privacy now and temptation would not be there, allowing them to get back to being professional with each other. On the other hand, he was going to miss having this gorgeous women in his room. “It was a great night” he said to himself in his head.

“Yes” he finally answered her. “Mr. Jenkins informed me that a room opened up two floors down. Apparently two of the swimsuit models who were scheduled for a shoot became ill and were not able to make the trip.

Alexa turned to face xslot Yeni Giriş him, revealing her body to him. He glanced at her wide hip bones and quickly darted his eyes up to her face. He noticed she was watching his eyes. The smile on her face told him that she liked him looking at her.

“Tell me about your boyfriend. How long have you two been together?”

Her facial expression changed immediately. She turned away from him. “We have been dating about almost two months. He is tall and handsome and a banker. He treats me very good.”

“That is great.” Damion replied. “Sounds like you have found a good man. Do you have any kids?”

Alexa grabbed a white blouse and gray skirt from the hanger closet. “Yes, I have a two year old daughter and a one year old son. They have different dads. I didn’t do a good job of picking men for the past few years, but I think I finally found a good one.” As she headed back in front of the mirror, laying the skirt on the bed, she asked, “How about you?”

“A four year old daughter that lives with her mom. Unfortunately, I did not pick a good woman either. I am happily single now though. I spend as much time with my daughter as I can. Between work and my daughter, I haven’t had much time to date lately.”

He watched Alexa button up her blouse, not even thinking about watching her until he saw her glance at him in the mirror. Instinctively, he looked away and moved over to the desk to eat his scrambled eggs and bacon. “We will get your things moved into your new room after today’s sessions.”

When Alexa was finished getting ready, they headed downstairs and made their way to two different training sessions. Damion entered a large conference room that was half filled with people and took a seat in the third row. He made small chat with other executives around him while opening up his business binder. Checking his watch, he saw that the session was about to start in a few minutes.

During the lecture, he listened to the speaker and took notes. About an hour into the session his mind drifted back to the previous night. Visions of Alexa’s naked body moving in passion while he pleased her replayed in his mind. The look of euphoria on her face played on a loop. He adjusted his legs to compensate for the growing bulge in his pants. Looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to him, he refocused his thoughts and began taking notes again.

At lunch, Alexa text Damion to ask where they would meet at the end of the sessions. Damion replied that they could either meet in the lobby or at the room. The choice was up to her. She contemplated the options then replied, “I will meet you at the room. That way if I arrive early, I can freshen up and then begin packing my belongings.”

At the end of the session, Damion made his way back to the hotel. His mind was swimming with concepts and ideas he had just learned in class. Mindlessly walking, he made his way to the hotel elevator and pressed his floor level. After making his way to his room door, he swiped the card and opened the door. The room was quiet with no signs of Alexa.

Taking off his blazer, tie, dress shirt, and shoes, he made his way into the bathroom. Leaving the door open, he started peeing without turning on the lights. As he was peeing, he saw a flicker of light in the mirror that was coming from behind the bathtub curtain, which was closed. When he was done, he zipped up his pants and moved toward the tub to inspect the flickering light.

Pulling back the curtain, he saw sitting Alexa naked in the steaming water, her back against the end of the tub, with a single candle flickering in the corner. Her eyes were closed, earbuds in her ears. Damion’s head jerked back, surprised by the view. Taking inventory, he noticed her legs were spread apart, each knee pressed against opposite ends of the tub. Her arms were resting behind her head. His eyes moved down to her breasts which were half submerged in the water. Though he knew it was better to back away and leave the bathroom, his feet seemed to be stuck in quicksand.

He could feel his dick growing hard in an instant as he stared at this gorgeous female specimen relaxing and seemingly unaware of his presence. Wanting to get a peek of her lady parts, his eyes shifted lower and focused between her legs. In the dark, it was hard to get a good glimpse of her vagina for longer than a fleeting second or two when the light from the candle flickered to illuminate her legs. He could scarcely make out the landing strip that raced toward up her mound.

Knowing that he should make his escape before he was found out, he glanced up at her breasts one last time, imagining how they would feel in his hands again. After staring a few seconds, his eyes glanced up at her face. He could now hear the faint sound of music coming from the earbuds as he studied her lips and nose.

Just as he was getting ready to turn away, her arm moved and startled him. Her right hand slid down between her legs and dipped xslot Gir into the water. Yet again surprised, he could not get his feet to turn though his mind told him to leave NOW. He watched as her fingers slowly started stroking her outer labia.

After a few moments, his eyes began darting back and forth between her face and her moving fingers. Alexa opened her mouth and and slowly inhaled. Her breathing was shaky as she slowly exhaled. Making certain that her eyes were still closed, his eyes shifted back to her finger which was slowly tracing circles between her legs.

His dick was now pressing firmly against his pants, yearning to be released. Damion studied her two fingers as they moved. Her legs attempted to spread even further, though the tub walls restrained their movement. His mind was clouded with lust as he watched her two fingers start making smaller circles at the top of her vagina. Though he couldn’t see what she was touching, he assumed she was massaging her clit.

Alexa moaned softly, prompting his eyes to moved back to her face. Her head was tilted back further and her open mouth was pointing to the ceiling. Her nostrils were flaring as she clinched her eyes tightly. The faint music appeared to be a relaxation or meditation song. A second moan escaped her lips, this one louder.

When his eyes moved lower, he noticed the bath water making small waves. Her hips rose and fell slightly as her finger moved seemingly faster in tiny circles. The darkness was a curse, making it hard to see exactly what was happening under the waves of water.

“Oh Damion that feels so good.” Damion heard her words whispered, frightening him to the point he almost had a heart attack. Sure that he was busted, his eyes darted to her face. To his relief, her eyes were still closed. He gathered that she must be envisioning his her fingers were his. Watching her face intently, he saw her lick her lips then open her mouth and moan once more.

A fleeting vision of his hard dick sliding between her open lips filled his brain. He returned his focus to her frigging fingers between her legs. The waves were growing larger reminding him of waves crashing onto a beach. He wondered what she must be feeling at that very moment, curious what the sensations felt like for a female.

Her fingers slid down a few inches. Two knuckles disappeared for a second before reappearing. Each time the fingers disappeared, she let out a strong grunt. She slid them inside a couple more times before moving back up to her clit. To his benefit, her hips rose as her fingers began massaging her clit once more. Her hips raised above the water, giving him a clear view of her engorged lips. He watched her fingers take her hard clit between them and pinch the tip. Her hips bucked. She moaned even louder.

Damion knew he could not watch much more of this. He was rock hard. If he watched much more, he was going to cream his own pants. This was his first time seeing a woman masturbate in front of him. Realizing that he had not looked up in awhile, he quickly checked to make sure her eyes were still closed.

“Make me come” Alexa gasped.

Sure that she was talking to her fingers, but thinking of him, Damion briefly pondered the thought of pushing her hand away and taking over. Afraid that she would be pissed at him for not only watching, but interrupting her and touching her without permission, he chased away the thought.

Massaging the length of his hard dick through his pants, he watched her hips continue to thrust up and down as her hand moved in a blur. His eyes alternated between her heaving chest, her mouth gasping for air and moaning, and her frigging fingers. This was a sight he would never be able to replace from his memory.

Alexa’s hips began bucking. Her fingers slid down between her legs once more and buried deep inside of her lips as her hips thrust out of the water. Her moans continued flowing with each quick exhale of breath. On the brink of an orgasm himself, Damion removed his hands from his rock hard dick, not wanting to clean up a mess later.

Watching her body shudder, he watched her facial expressions until he heard her butt thud against the bottom of the tub. His feet immediately became unglued. Knowing that she had just reached climax, he quickly darted out of the bathroom as quiet as possible.

With a hard-on that was not going to disappear anytime soon, he contemplated his options. He could quickly masturbate and take care of the need before she left the hospital or sit at his desk and hide his bulge until it went away. Before making a decision, he heard shuffling in the bathroom. Not wanting to give his situation away and compromise his position, he quickly raced to the desk and took a seat in the chair. Realizing he didn’t have anything in front of him, he quickly stood back up, raced to the other side of the room and grabbed his binder. He heard the shower curtain move and was certain she was getting out of the tub.

Racing back to the desk, he plopped xslot Sitesi his binder open on the desk, sat down, and pulled the chair up to the edge of the desk. He pretended to be reviewing the notes he had taken. A few moments later, Alexa entered the room wearing nothing but a towel around her body and a towel on her head.

“Oh, how are you doing Damion?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Oh, uh, I am good” he replied, trying not to stutter over his words. He could feel his dick pressing firmly against his pants still.

“Anything exciting happen today?” she inquired.

“Yeah, everything was pretty exciting” he sharply replied.

“Oh yeah? My session was good too. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I came back and took a quick bath” she offered.

“I didn’t even know you were hear when I came in.”

She smiled at him as she undid the towel on her head and dried her hair. Damion tried not to look in her direction, not wanting her to see his flushed face. His body was tingling with excitement. He knew if he didn’t fix the situation between his legs soon, he was going to have blue balls. While she was drying her hair, her towel began to slide down a few inches, revealing the top of her breasts.

With a concerned tone of voice, Alexa asked him, “Are you feeling okay Damion? You are breathing hard and your face looks flushed.”

“Ohhh, I am feeling a little weird right now. I will be okay though.”

He desperately wanted to race to the bathroom, lock the door, and finish himself off. At the same time, he didn’t want to stand up and reveal his hard-on. He looked at her a second then quickly looked away. The sight of her breasts playing peek a boo was almost more than he could handle.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked. He glanced at her and noticed an odd smile on her face.

“No, I don’t think so. I will be okay in a little bit I think.”

She moved over behind him and softly began massaging his shoulders. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel bad or be in pain, so if there is ANYTHING I can do for you, just let me know.”

He wondered what her words meant. Was she trying to insinuate something? He assumed he was just being paranoid. Knowing that he needed to reply, he answered her. “I think I just need to go to the bathroom and wash my face.”

Her fingers felt wonderful and were not helping his situation at all. It was almost as if she were intentionally touching him with tenderness to keep him fully aroused. Her fingers moved to the back of his neck and softly massaged his muscles.

“Is this okay? I don’t want to cross any lines with my co-worker.”

He giggled. Her words brought down his guard. “I can hardly say anything after last night.”

She laughed. “True. Does this feel good? Do I need to go faster or rub you harder?”

He could not believe her words. It was as if she were physically and verbally teasing him while he was in a heightened state of arousal. “It is fine. I think I am going to go wash my face.”

As he started backing up, she took a few steps backwards. She began turning around the same time he did until he was standing up with her just in front of him. He glanced down between his legs and saw his hard dick protruding through his pants. She spread her arms, holding the end of the towel that was covering her body in each hand.

Turning to look at him, she asked, “Will you dry my back.”

Without thinking, he took each end of the towel from her. Her naked backside was now exposed to him. This was too much for him at this moment. He pretended to dry her back, even though there was no water on her back to dry. He could see side boob as she kept her hands extended.

After a few seconds, she spun around, grabbed the towel from his hands, and pressed the length of the towel against her body all in one swift motion. This left her facing him, looking down at her arousal. She looked up at his eyes with a huge grin on her face.

“Did I do that?”

There was no need for him to answer. He couldn’t say no. Had she intentionally laid a trap for him?”

“Did you like looking at me?”

“Now?” he stammered. “I couldn’t see much.”

“You know what I mean.” Her words were stern though she continued smiling while their eyes were locked on each other. It was the same seductive smile she used to use years ago when they were dating. He did not like the position he was in. She was trying to have power over him and had put him in an uncomfortable position.

Moving away from her and racing toward the bathroom, he said, “I don’t.”

He closed the door to the bathroom, leaving the light off. His belt quickly unbuckled. The pants unzipped and dropped to the floor. Leaving his underwear on, he began masturbating feverishly. Though the end of the conversation made his hard-on begin to disappear, he was still horny as hell. He could already tell that his testicles were becoming sensitive from the build up without immediate release.

To his surprise, the bathroom door began swinging open. Shit, he had forgotten to lock the door. “Oh my” he heard Alexa’s voice exclaim in fake surprise. “I am sorry, I thought you were just washing your face and I was going to put the wet towels over the shower curtain rod.”

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