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(This was wrote to see if I could handle multiple characters, with names that could be used shortened or that have a similar first letter. To do it without confusion. I hope I did well. I made up the game they are playing, I don’t know how well it would play in real life. Grin.)


The party had been going on for about seven hours. The crowd had changed from the music dance type, to the hunting for a mate type. It was finally at the people who don’t have anything better to do type.

There were seven of us as it started to wind down. My friend and sometimes roommate Jennifer. She and I had rode to the party together. We would probably take a cab home if we could ever sober up enough to find the phone.

The owner of the house, a man named Ashley, was someone I knew through Jennifer. I look over at him and see the look on his face as he surveys the damage to his home. I see him shrug with an ‘I’ll deal with it fucking tomorrow’ kind of look. Somewhere in his mid forties he is cool as hell, but a clear example of why the hippie generation shouldn’t have been allowed to breed.

I can hear giggling from Cathy. She and her current boy toy, William I think his name is. The two of them should have gone and found a room hours ago. As is I’ve probably seen more of both of their anatomies than their doctors have recently.

Chase is looking through Ash’s dvd porn collection. I dated him for about a month till I found out porn was all he ever thought about. He was taking theater and drama. Said he wanted to go out west when he finished school and work the industry. He might want to take up sound and lighting. Like I said I dated him.

The only other person I don’t really know well is Andrew. He is a rather quiet guy that Ashley invited. He can drink like a fish and not stagger, beyond that I don’t know anything about him. I look over at him, sitting at the wide glass desk. He usurped Ash’s computer about an hour ago. He seems intent on what he’s doing then his eyes snap up with a sudden intensity and latch onto mine. It startles me for a second then I see him smile.

He has a nice smile.

“Hey lets play truth or dare!’ squeals Cathy.

There is a general round of no ways.

“Oh come on you stick in the muds it will be fun.”

“It’s just an excuse to get naked.” I tell her shaking my head a little.

“Patricia the prude, afraid to show a little skin?” she asks me with a smirk.

“Cathy hush darlin. She’s a little drunk.” Say William to me in apology. He needn’t have bothered. Cathy and me can go from best friends to vengeful enemies in a week. Then back to friend before the weekend is over.

“I want to play!” pouts Cathy.

“It a childish game.” Says Jennifer looking up from pouring her another drink. Ashley gives her ass a pat as he walks by. She smiles, but swats at his arm.

“Is not!” she says getting to her feet with a stumble. She stamps her foot. “Is not!”

“Is too.’ Says Jennifer.

“Is not, is not, is not.” Says Cathy, then giggles. She grabs a beer off the table. I see Ashley take it from her hand, and gives her one without cigarette butts in it.

“How about something a bit more adult?”

I turn around look to Andrew. His voice is as nice as his smile.

Cathy finally finds who said something. She gives a pouty look.

“But I like truth, or dare. People get naked.”

Andrew smiles and looks over at Ashley. I see the homeowner think about it for a second then nod. I watch him leave the room.

“Ever played Confessions?” asks Andrew rolling his chair out from behind the desk and with a kick slides it half way across the room. He stops the chair next to the couch where William is still sitting. Cathy looks down at him. I think the movement confused her.

“What’s that?” asks Cathy and Jennifer at the same time.

“It’s a game.” He looks to Cathy. “People get naked in it too.”

“Is it like strip poker?” Asks William sitting up quickly. “I love card games. How about some Texas Hold’em?”

“We are all way to tired for cards Willy.” Says Cathy leaning down to kiss him. She ends up tumbled onto the couch next to him giggling.

I look up when Ashley walks in carrying a folding table and a large bowl. He sit this up then goes to the small bar of half drank liquor bottles that the party went through. He grabs up several shot glasses and two near full bottles. One is Rum, the other ‘Jack’.

“You remember how to play Ash?” Andrew asks as he pulls out his wallet.

“Vaguely. I was so drunk by the end I was doing good to remember my name starts with an A.” he sits the bottles down by the bowl and starts fishing into his pockets for his wallet. Finally he stops and goes to the table by the door and gets it.

“So it’s a drinking game?” asks Chase grabbing a chair and turning it towards the small table and the bowl.

“In a way yes, but not really.” Says Andrew as he opens his wallet. He pulls out a folded stack of ones that’s got to be uncomfortable to sit on.

“I do remember every one has to have ten dollars.” Says Ashley pulling a bill from his malatya escort wallet. He hands it to Andrew who gives him back ten ones.

“Fifteen.” Corrects Andrew as he lays ten ones in front of himself. “Still got that jar of quarter? Were going to need them.”

“Yea. How the hell I forgot about buying a shot I’ll never know. Oh yea the fact I bought fourteen of them.”

“Thirteen. You passed out before you could pay for the last one.” Says Andrew with a grin that makes his face look like a little boy. A very mischievous little boy.

“Dude? You passed out from like thirteen shots? That is so lame!” say Chase with a grin.

“”I was fucking hammered when we started to play you asshole. I had already had seven beers and maybe three mixed drinks that night!” Ashley walks out the room and comes back in with a large pickle jar full of quarters. He starts counting out twenty quarter for each person.

Hunting through my purse I dig out enough money, I see Jennifer pull a ten and a five from her 44C-change purse. I swear there are times I think she has more money on her tits than some women have in their tits!

“Okay…so how the fuck do we play this?” says Chase sitting back in his chair once he’s gotten change from Andrew.

Andrew turns and counts out ones for Cathy and William. Cathy had to borrow the money to play from her boy toy. I hear her promise a blowjob later. I knew she was a cheep slut.

With that cute smile flashing Andrew sits back in the office chair.

“How much of the rules do you remember Ash?” he asks looking at the homeowner.

“You have too…oh fuck it I was too drunk.” he wipes at his face for a second. “Okay. We spun a bottle to see who went first. That person had to confess to something.”

“Yea…then what?” asks Andrew with that grin.

“The next person has to ‘One Up It.’ If they can’t they have three choices.”

“Wait a minute, ‘One Up IT’?” asks Jennifer.

Andrew chuckles.

“Maybe I should explain it Ash, you’ve already had a few.”

“That’s fine by me.” Ashley leans onto the back of the chair he’s sitting on. He turned his chair around when he sat down.

“Okay. I’ll go slowly. If you have any question hold on to them till I’m done if you please.”

We all nod. More, or less.

“I found this game online a long time ago. It’s really simple to play. I’ll start it off tonight and it then will go to Ash” He points to the left of him. “Okay what I do is I have to confess to something. It can be anything, but the better the confession the more likely you can win the game. It will then go to Ashley. He has to ‘One Up’ my confession. Basically confess to something worse than what I did. Everyone here judges if it is. If we say what ever he confessed to isn’t worse than mine… Ashley?”

The homeowner swallows the sip of beer he was taking.

“I have three choices.” He picks up one of his dollar bills. “I can put one of these into the pot.” He drops it into the bowl.

“Mind you, you only have ten.” pipes in Andrew. “When they are gone your out of the game. So you kind of need to hang onto your money for as long as your able to.”

He gestures to Ashley.

Ashley pulls his money back out the bowl.

“If I don’t want to put a bill in I have two other choices. I can use one of my quarter to buy a drink.” He tosses one of his quarters into the bowl. It hits the sides with a metal on wood clink. “One quarter buys you one shot. When you’re out of quarters that option is no longer available. Though I’ll tell you if you buy up all twenty shots your ass will most likely be out the game anyway.”

“Passed out, the game.” says Andrew with a grin as he looks at Ashley.

Ashley looks over at him.

“I still want to know which one of you fuckers put mascara on me?”

I about spew the water I was taking a sip of. The laughter takes a few minutes to fade.

“Option number three?” I ask looking at Andrew.

“Option number three.” He looks to Cathy. “You may remove one piece of clothing. When you are full naked that option is no longer available.”

Cathy gives a squeal.

Sometimes I wonder about her.

Other times I’m sure.

“So what if he ‘One Ups’ your confession?” asks Chase taking a sip of his beer.

“It goes to the next…” both Andrew and Ashley try to answer the question at the same time. Finally Ashley after eyeing his friend for a few seconds answers. “It goes to the next person. That person has to ‘One Up’ the confession that… well lets say Ash here gave.”

“I’s confuzzed’ say Jennifer in a child like voice.

Andrew smiles at her.

“It’s much easier to play that it is to explain. Lets get started and it should become easier to understand.”

Everyone kind of gives a shrug. I see him about to say something, but he’s interrupted.

By the twat that speaks.

“I have two questions.” says Cathy. She’s tapping her fingers on the one-dollar bills in front of her.

“Okay, shoot.” Says Andrew.

“Bang.” she smiles. “Two things…can malatya escort bayan I use Vodka? I really don’t like either one of these.”

Andrew smiles and nods. Ashley gets up and goes to get a bottle from the table.

“And the second…?”

“Why the hell do you have this many one dollar bills in your wallet?” she asks making a circular motion towards all the change that he had made.

I realize that at the same time. A few of us had some ones. but he must have pulled out almost fifty one-dollar bills, from his wallet and a money clip he took from his pocket.

I hear Ashley chuckle.

“That a good enough thing to confess to Andy. Start it off.” Ashley sits back grinning.

I see Andrew…Andy? Look at him for a second then nod.

“Okay, I have a confession. I go to a strip club at least five nights a week.” He shrugs at the wide eyes.

“Yea, but the fucker only tips. Her doesn’t ever get a lap dance, or buy them drink…he just tips the dancers.” says Ashley with his beer at his lips.

“How do you know?” asks Jennifer looking at her old friend.

Ashley puts down his beer and slowly grins

“I have a confession, I went with him for about a month. Five nights a week” he grins like a cat at the look on Jennifer’s face. “What can I say I like naked women.”

Every one sits quiet for a second.

“So does his confession ‘One Up’ yours?” I ask Andy.

He shrugs.

“That’s up to yall. I don’t really get say in that. I kind of think it was a little weak, but hey it’s his confession.”

We all look around at each other for a second, or so. I kind of grimace.

“Yea it was a little weak.”

The others slowly agree with me.

Ashley shrugs.

” It’s all good.” He takes the bottle of rum and pours him a shot. “I already have a quarter in the bowl.”

Andy gestures to Chase, the next person.

“Okay you have to ‘One Up’ my strip club addiction.” He smiles in a self-depreciating kind of way.

Chase nods.

“I think I can do that. What a minute how do you win this game?”

Ashley grins.

Andrew licks his lips

“You have to confess to something so bad that no one can ‘One Up’ it. It goes all the way around till it comes back to you. Then you ‘One Up’ yourself. When you do that you get all the money in the pot. Bills and quarters.”

“Yea, but there is a strategy to it.” says Ashley leaning forward. “You want to keep your worst two confessions kind of in reserve. That way there is more money in the pot. I mean there is the potential of a hundred and thirty dollars at play here.”

Something in my mind trips at his math. The alcohol tell me not to worry about it.

“Plus the longer the game goes the more likely people are to get naked!” chimes in Cathy. I can see she is sobering up fast. There is an eagerness to her that is positively bizarre.

“Yes…or so drunk that they confess to things they normally wouldn’t.” says Andrew with a smile forming. He looks to Chase. “One up it”

Chase looks around at us for a second then smiles.

“I’ve had sex with seventy three women.”

“Holy shit!” says William his jaw dropping.

My blood comes to a boil! I see him look up at me then look away quickly.

Andrew gives a shrug.

” I do believe that ‘One Ups’. Okay Cathy your turn. Got to confess to something more secret that what Chase did.”

All our eyes turn to her and I see her suddenly look nervous.

“I think I would rather be playing Truth or Dare.”

“If that’s your confession it’s extremely weak.” I say as nasty as I can.

Cathy looks to me. For a second I think she’s going to spit at me then them she flips me off.

“Was that your confession?” asks Andrew after a few seconds.

“No!” she looks down for a second then over at William. She kind of gives an apologetic shrug. “I confess to having seduced my twelfth grade math teacher.”

” Mr. Tompson?” asks Jennifer awe struck. I know my jaw is also on the floor. “He’s like ninety!”

“He is not! He’s only sixty-two and a very nice man.” She says in his defense. “Hung like a fucking horse, but a nice man.”

“Oh that is so fucking wrong.” I say shaking my head, feeling shudders run up my spine

“On so many levels.” agrees Jennifer.

Andrew is laughing.

“Okay, no question about that one. Next… big William step up. Show Cathy she’s not the only naughty one in your relationship.”

William looks over at his girlfriend still a bit shaken from the looks of him.

“I had sex with my cousin.” He looks back around at all of us. “Several times.”

The rest of us sit for a second looking around at each other there are a few nods a few shrugs.

“I don’t think that does it. I mean seducing your teacher, sleeping with your cousin they’re kind of apples and oranges but I don’t think it’s enough.” Says Ashley.

We all agree after a seconds though.

William looks around at us for a second then picks up one of his dollars and drops it in the pot.

“Remember escort malatya you only have ten of those.” Reminds Andrew. He then looks at Jennifer and smiles that gorgeous smile. “‘One Up’ sleeping with your teacher. Remember it doesn’t have to be a sexual confession.”

Jennifer sits and thinks for a second. She lifts her arm and shakes her favorite bracelet out her sleeve. The lights from the corners sparkle off the diamonds.

“I shoplifted this, two years ago.”

“Oh my god!” Ashley’s jaw drops open. “You told me your grandmother gave that to you!”

“Ash how many grandmothers give their grandkids seven hundred dollar diamond tennis bracelets. I stole it… I wont say from where.” She grins. “Not yet anyway.”

Chuckling Andrew turns to me. “Okay grand theft confession… alrighty then. ‘One…what is your name by the way?” he asks me.


“Okay Patricia, ‘One Up’ the klepto.”

I take a sip of my water wetting my mouth.

“Come on prude. Lets hear you do it.” Cathy’s voice is like fingernails on a black board by now to me. I look over to her smirking face. I point to Chase.

“I was one of the Seventy three.”

Her eyes go wide. She looks from me to Chase and back.

“No fucking way.”

I look over to Chase. He swallows and looks down.

“She was number Seventy to be exact.”

Cathy looks at him unbelieving for a second then back to me.

“You complete slut!”

“Okay, okay no fighting.” Says Andrew laughing. I slowly settle back down in my chair. “Alrighty back to me. Well lets see we have a strip club addict, a loser with nothing better to do, a sex fiend, someone molesting old men when she was a teenager…”

“I was eighteen!” says Cathy hotly.

“That’s still a teenager my dear.” He looks to Jennifer, ” a thief with good taste in jewelry and a…” I look him hard in the eye. “Woman I have to “One Up’ It looks like we have a dollar twenty five in the pot. So… everyone want to keep playing?”

“Hell yea.”

“This is fun.”

“No ones even naked yet!”

“I’m game.”

“Let play already.”

He looks to me. I nod.

“Okay be then” he takes a deep breath looks at Ashley and grins. “I have a confession. I…”

We keep playing for the next hour with it growing steadily harder to ‘One Up’ each other. In that time I hear that the people around me have committed several forms of larceny, ranging from more shoplifting to a case of arson that nearly took the pot.

Cathy at one point stands up and confesses to not wearing a bra. Then takes off her top to pay. She is such a cum dumpster!

As I find out more and more as we play.

After awhile Ashley has to go get more alcohol from his cabinet. By then the pot it about thirty dollars in bills and change.

Molested by this, molesting that. Case’s makes me want to go take a shower every time it comes around to him.

William is the first to go out. I think he really doesn’t want to sit next to Cathy any more. He started dropping bills awful fast into the pot after she dropped a bombshell confession about her stepbrother and oral sex.

I thought that would run the table till it got back to Chase.

Okay… come Monday going to go get tested for every thing. Make memo to self.

At first I tried to avoid taking off clothes, but after four shots I saw that that wasn’t a good route to go. I had already had too much to drink before we even started to play.

I found that out when I confessed to something I never would have said sober.

“Well… I think I’ll just take off something now and save a confession.” says Andrew unbuttoning his white shirt.

“Doesn’t work that way.” says Ashley a little grumpy with his friend. He’s been that way since Andy confessed to being the one who put the mascara on him. “Fess up.”

His words are a little slurred as well.

“Okay.” Andrew shrugs. “I confess to having very sexually explicit thought about someone at this table.”

He bats his eyes at Ashley.

Ashley, after a second laughs.

“I confess to not swinging that way.” He buys another drink without waiting for us to judge.

“I confess that I do.”

All eyes go to Chase.

I see Andrew grin that sexy grin of his.

“Okay… the people I get drunk with. Cathy ‘One Up’ bisexual male.”

Cathy smiles, gives her naked tits a shake.

“Bisexual female.”

I see Andy give a low whistle.

“What ya got that will top that Jen?”

I see my friend look down at her bare legs. Her panties don’t match her bra, but then maybe she didn’t figure on them being seen by six other people tonight.

“I have a tattoo in a very intimate place.” She blushes.

“Prove it!” challenges Cathy.

Jennifer looks over at the near naked blond.

“Confess to something enough to make me remove pink.” She answers back with a smirk.

Her panties are pink.

Andy looks at me giving his lips a strange quirk.


I feel the alcohol saying all the wrong things to the part of my brain that gives the orders to speak.

“I lost my virginity in the back seat of a car in the parking lot of a church.” I smile when I see the look on his face. I bite my tongue to keep from adding the rest. I know it will ‘One Up’ my own if it comes around to me.

“See I told you she was a slut.” Says Cathy her words a mess of drink.

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