Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 12


Usually the two weeks of state mandated testing signal the boring, slow end of the school year. Of course the students feel like it’s torture, but they have no idea how much the teachers abhor it too. It makes for strenuous morning and lax afternoons where the days feel pointless. I’d gladly allow an early dismissal on these weeks.

Nonetheless, my duties were favorable this year. I had to proctor the science portions of the test for the upperclassmen and then babysit. Luckily for the students, the test only occupied two hours of their six hour day of instruction. And since the district doesn’t want to strain the young minds, they give us the liberty to teach as we please. I should clarify, that to every teacher, this means wheeling in a TV and putting in a movie (with some semblance of educational value).

My lab is not really set up for such a task. The high work-top tables are arranged in a way that no specific seat has a good view of the front of the room. The stools aren’t the most comfortable either but the kids never complain.

I had a small group this time. A few of my players and a handful of AP students peppered in to the group, were all weary after the test. They all appeared to relax once I turned off the bright fluorescent that had strained the whole room. I had agreed to play a movie a student had brought in. He convinced me it wasn’t vulgar or inappropriate so I figured why not.

“Mr. D!” The kid blurted out, “Can we close these blinds?” He stood and already began turning them to close before I could say anything. “Oh and what about that one?” He pointed to the door to the hallway that was shining its light in. I gestured a welcome to his request.

It wasn’t pitch dark but it wasn’t a dark room either. The light from the TV illuminated their faces and it was a treat to see them begin to unwind. I took my place in the back of the classroom as I usually did to finish up work. This time there was no work, so I could partake in my own viewing pleasure.

The warm weather was upon us since the summer months were creeping closer. This meant, yes, you guessed it, skirts. I could praise the teen fashion gods for the high waist flared mini skirts. On their own, they provided me the views of so many soft-skinned legs over the last few weeks. But in a rare treat, I got to see them paired with strappy heels.

Alexa Anderson was kind enough to provide that view for me today. Though the room was dark, there were still those defiant types that would not being interested in any movie and would revert to their phones. She was no exception. Robby, who I recently heard she had started dating, was also on his phone and it looked like they were texting one another.

I contemplated walking up to the front of the class and sitting there since I could see that the particular wardrobe choice she had today was neatly tucked under her. The skirt faced front and, despite her feminine charm, she sat delightfully unladylike. I changed my mind quickly since I figured it would be too obvious when the attention of the class would be up front on the TV anyway.

I hung back and took my phone, shamelessly following suit until there was a flash. As soon as I could look up, there was no indication of any changes to the classroom. There was a murmur and a few giggles from the couple of tables in front of me. When I peered closer, I could see Robby was laughing and Alexa pushing his arm away from him.

I got up immediately and walked over to their table. “Is there a problem you two?” I asked Robby, sounding as much as teacher I would to care.

“Uh… no sir.” He replied.

“Alright, well if you aren’t interested in watching the movie, I can always give you all some work to do. Or you can just choose to stand throughout the class period.” I hushed to him and began my walk to the back of the class, they still giggled when I was supposedly out of earshot.

While the lab stools are aren’t comfortable to begin with, they are a luxury in the lab. It’s not something I broadcast to my peers as a teacher, but one of my reprimands in the lab is to remain standing and have your stool taken away from you. zorla sex I’ve found it makes the students get to work and put aside their distractions.

I took my seat and surveyed the class once more. Most of the students were engaged in the film. There were a few, the stragglers in the back, that generally put their heads down and were fast asleep. Sleeping I didn’t mind as much, especially when there is no work to be done. But noise I did not usually tolerate. It was no surprise that I began to hear the murmur and giggles again.

It came again from that pair of Robby and Alexa. I strained to see to their table in the dark from my seat in the back. I moved to the empty table next to mine to get a better vantage point. It appeared that Robby’s hand had parked itself on Alexa’s thigh. He began to move it and caress her which provided the source of the giggling as Alexa shook at the touch. Robby’s hand then moved up and was covered by the floral print. A moment later, I could see Alexa’s legs open slightly and she sat erect all of a sudden, only to ease herself on to her shoulders on the table. Her leg began to tremble with a little intensity and I could see a look of determination on Robby’s face.

“omg.” Alexa blurted out in a whisper that turned a few heads nearby. I saw she pushed away Robby’s hand before any classmates could see. The casual observer would’ve thought she had just reacted to a scene from the movie. The stirring of the audience was my opportunity to investigate. I approached the table again.

“Alright, what’s the problem?” This time I looked at both of them as I asked. They looked at each other and waited for the other to speak. Finally Robby piped up.

“Nothing sir… uh. This movie is intense.” He feigned. I looked at Alexa, who stifled a smile and looked away.

“Well you’re going to have to keep your excitement contained. C’mon stand up.” I signaled the both of them. They both reluctantly took to their feet. Robby was a shorter guy so it appeared very awkward to see his leggy girlfriend in heels next to him. I moved their stools to the side and asked them again if they would be able to contain their disruptions. Neither responded and I figured I would end it here anyway. “Alright then. Robby, you’re here.” I pointed to his table. “Alexa, back there.” I pointed to the empty table next to where I was. They both groaned silently, it was written on their faces.

“Hey Alexa, uh, do you need this pen back?” Robby quickly asked her. She looked down at his hand and nodded as he gave it to her. Her wedge heels were quiet as she shuffled back and hung her small purse on the coat hanger in the back of the classroom.

As I made it back to my seat, I kept an eye on Robby and made a note of his continuing antics as he tried to gain the attention of his friends in front of him. It looked like he had tried to reach out to them as well and they also reached out to him, all very quickly. When I looked at Alexa, I notice she had still kept her hand closed around the pen.

For the moment I was mesmerized. She had taken off her “dress code” jacket and revealed a matching halter top with the same floral print on her skirt. While there was no cleavage to be seen, she was certainly hiding everything she had worked with. Her long legs were erect and they ended with alternating pink and white nail polish on her toes that danced with the colors of the TV screen. When she shifted her weight, the pleats in the skirt changed and flared at the will of her luscious butt.

But her clenched hand bothered me. I stood up and approached her, her posture changed to dejected. I didn’t beat around the bush. “What’s in your hand?” I asked. She moved it into the other when I looked her in the eye.

“Nothing. It was just the pen. I put it away.” Alexa said. I could see through it.

“The other hand.” I looked at it, also closed now. “Okay, just open it.”

Alexa shifted uncomfortably again. As much as I liked watching her squirm, I looked around to see the rest of the class still watching the movie. Usually when their peers are confronted, they feel entitled to a front row show. porno indir Alexa had looked as well. She caved and opened her hand. In her small palm was a neatly rolled joint. I shook my head in disapproval and walked away.

I got her purse and unzipped it as I carried it towards her. Opening it up, I signaled her to drop it in. There looked to be a sign of relief on her face. I watched the joint drop in and shook my head again as I took the purse back to the coat hanger. I looked back to see Alexa in a slump, no doubt worrying about the consequences of possessing drugs in school.

I began to close the purse up but stopped when I saw a glimmer. Rustling around inside, I saw that she had the usual make-up and lip gloss littered in the bag. But what had caught my eye was a round foil-lined packet with holes in it. It was too dark to see, but there were holes in the blister pack that had corresponded with completed days in the month. I don’t know why I was so surprised to see it.

When I sat down, Alexa’s legs suddenly looked more inviting to me. In fact, it was very good that the room was dark since the bulge in my pants grew more obvious even to me. I shifted around, trying to become more comfortable with the prospect. Alexa was leaning on the table in front of her and the prospect flared up in me just as her skirt did.

She had looked at me a few times in what I imagined was a curiosity to know what her punishment would be for the joint. In those few times, she certainly caught me admiring her legs. It seemed we were at a stalemate. I knew for certain when she pulled her skirt higher up on her waist. She leaned once more and I could see the faint outline of her ass-cheeks peek from beneath the garment.

I didn’t waste time. I got up and stood next to her, leaning in to speak. “Listen, I looked up the policies on possession.” I said sternly, of course lying. “It looks like you can be charged by the administration and have to forfeit any memberships to clubs and teams.” The quiet look of horror registered on Alexa’s face. “And since you had some other involved in this, they’ll have to face the consequences too.” I looked over to Robby, who had now put his head down while he stood.

“No way… seriously?” Alexa responded, worried. “I can’t have charges, my parents will kill me.” I didn’t say anything and let the despair set in. “Coach, you have to do something!” She whisper-yelled.

“I know, I have to turn it in. And I’ll have to write him up too.” I said simply. “These are the consequences.” I turned to return to my seat and I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“Wait.” Alexa called out. She looked down and I followed her gaze. My eyes worked up her toes and legs (which had been turned in), to her round thighs and thin waist, until I fixed my view on her chest and finally met her eyes. “What can I do?” She said, doe-fully.

It was music to my ears and I lingered on the silence of the moment. I looked at her casually and pretended with a look of consternation. “Well, I suppose to you could turn in 1000 word paper on the dangers of marijuana or take a pop quiz after class on the material of my choice.” She balked at both choices. “One or the other.”

“Ugh… I guess the quiz.” Alexa resigned. She turned back around to the movie and leaned further. I kept getting distracted by the sight as I looked for an extra quiz for her to do. But her posture was just too inviting. It felt like my boner was glowing and if wasn’t for the TV, the eyes of the class would be on me. I knew I wasn’t going to give her a quiz. I knew exactly what I wanted.

I came back to Alexa and put my hand on the back of her thigh. “Hey, it looks like I don’t have any extra quizzes copied.” I moved my hand up and grazed her inner thigh now under her skirt. She stood slowly. “So you can choose the paper…” I squeezed her ass cheek slowly and was surprised to feel the bare wetness of her puss on my fingertips, “or you can take some extra credit and I’ll make sure you get off without any trouble.” She trembled as she did earlier and Alexa’s eyes closed nodding. “You want the extra credit?” She didn’t ensest porno look at me and nodded again in agreement.

I looked around at the class again, all faces were front and tuned in. Loosening my belt, I lifted up Alexa’s skirt and gave her a gentle push on the back to bend and lean on the desk. The presentation of the round, golden butt was magnificent. She had those wonderful tan lines that simply disappeared into her cheeks. I reveled in pulling them apart and seeing the thin white untanned strip on her tight asshole. I wanted to lick it so bad, but this wasn’t the time nor the place.

Quickly remembering the business as hand, I lowered the skirt back down and finished pulling my long cock out. Alexa had seen, and tasted it before, but I don’t think she had ever fathomed taking it. I was already rock hard and guided it to the prize under the floral print. Alexa startled when she felt it on her and I could feel my knob getting polished with the sweet juice she was making. I pulled her torso closer to me and leaned in behind her ear. “Don’t worry, I’m fixed.” I felt comfortable in the lie because the discovery in the purse. And with little warning, little enough for her to register the phrase, she let out a small gasp as I found my way into her tight little piece.

The feeling was tremendous. I could feel every inch of her pink squeeze and ooze in delight. Alexa startled me with a small murmur of joy and I put my hand over her mouth. The reach inadvertently stuffed my big dick further and faster than expected, Alexa’s eyes grew in surprise and subsided with satisfaction.

I pumped a bit harder. I knew she could take it. She was a hard-worker. One of her legs lifted from the ground and bent as I pushed with fervor. I looked around the room, to make sure our tryst wasn’t being seen, and sure enough, all the students kept their focus on the TV. I felt invincible. At the moment, it was like we were invisible.

Alexa showed serious audible restraint and I pulled her arms back, hooking mine in to hold them together. With my other free hand, I untied her top and pulled it down, grabbing her soft natural tit and squeezed it while I pumped harder. It was all I needed.

She was standing erect, while I was balls deep erect in her. I groped and held her arms back, her other breast bouncing freely. The weight of her ass grazed the top of my cock and sent me off the edge. I pumped and grunted as quietly as I could. She heaved and breathed, as quietly as she could.

Alexa pointed her toes and legs inward and lift a leg up again, right between mine. Her soft, short inhale was the sign. She tensed up, I pulsed and grinded deeper, coating the roof of her young pussy. She exhaled slowly and tightened herself up as I let myself out. Her skirt returned to its normal state as she quickly tied up her halter. She startled again when I slapped my cum-glazed cock on her ass cheek again.

I noticed the movie was drawing to a close and put myself away. When I looked at Alexa again, she had appeared as if nothing had happened and was in pristine condition again. It was the end of the school day and as soon as I hit the stop button on the DVD player, the students had begun shuffling to pack up. I was occupied with the AV equipment and let them talk among themselves.

“That movie was nuts dude. Did you see how he chopped that guy in half?” One boy said to another.

“Seriously.” A girl spoke up, “I can’t believe she was with that guy. He was a total jerk.”

They had filed up at the door ready for the bell to dismiss them. A girl’s phone went off and they all took off mistaking it for the bell. “Oh crap.” She said. “I forgot!” She looked around at her peers and made her way past the crowd. “Hey! Alexa!” She called out.

Alexa had already been right outside of the classroom in the hallway. I saw the girl meet her in the corridor. “Hey, yeah you remembered! Good job!” Alexa reached in her purse and I shook my head to myself waiting to see the joint in broad daylight being passed. Instead, she produced the foil-lined packet and handed it to her friend.

“You’re a lifesaver. Thanks for reminding me and setting the alarm.” The friend popped the blister pack and took the pill with a swig of water. She smiled, “You know, you should be taking it too. Especially since you and Robby are like rabbits.” They both laughed and walked away. And I felt a small sense of dread.

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