Confession of a S.I.T.


I am not sure how long I have been here. I must have passed out. I shook my head to clear the haziness. It could have been an hour or several hours. Time does not exist in this room. I am here because I need to learn. He took me behind the bookcase, the hidden door, to his secret room.

I can hear the chains rattling above my head, as the leather cuffs chafe my wrists. The tingling in my fingers has subsided, but the numbing coldness creeps further and further down my arm to my sore shoulders. My mind does not recognize my nakedness. The pressure of the bit hurts my jaw. The straps dig into my tear-stained cheeks.

The evaluation of my body continues. I feel the feathery touches of a delicate chain dancing between my voluptuous breasts. I wear the metal clamps on my rosy nipples every day because that is what he wants – my Master. I cannot wait to take it off to massage my sore nipples and imagine a soft, wet tongue bathing them with relief.

My Master – how I wish to please him. It occurs to me that he was particularly Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort rough with me because I failed him. It is required that he disciplines me. Even though I am still in training, my rebellious nature needs to be addressed. My burning shame brings tears to my blue eyes.

It started as a game. An inside joke that we shared. I am his assistant. It is my job to do whatever he needs, whatever he wants. I want to do the best I can, and I am eager to please him. I did not know that it would lead me down a new path. I could not know that I would become his S.I.T. – Slave In Training. I want him to train me, to caress me, to possess me, to control me, to own me. To have his body so close to mine, but to never touch drives me to the brink of insanity. My lust to have his essence imprinted on my skin scorches my soul.

I can feel the cold concrete beneath my aching knees. Yellow and blue bruises will speckle my peachy skin within the day. However that pain pales in comparison to the scarlet Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort welts that grace the flesh of my ass. It has come back to me. The crack of the paddle with each blow. The initial shock of pain that electrified my body. It was not with rage that he struck me, but with frustration for a forbidden desire that haunts us.

Tortured moans escape me. The internal blazing pleasure of a black phallus is filling up my pulsating pussy. My nethermouth lips are taut. My creamy thighs are tacky with the stickiness of my juices. I must have had an orgasm when I blacked out. My mind races. Did he know how much I enjoyed my punishment? Did he know I thought of his thick, stiff cock slipping in and out of me as the hard wooden implement delivered throbbing pain to my fleshy ass?

Could it be? Did I really beg for more? Did those sweet words casually slip through my lips? Did they tantalize my mouth before being wailed? Did those words reverberate like the musical notes in an empty Kadıköy Vip Escort concert hall? Was it a delicious melody for my Master to savor?

I hear him behind me as he rises from his plush velvet chair. The clinking of the metal links indicates my freedom from bondage. Hot blood races into my icy arms.

“Get dressed.” I reach for my clothes and quickly button the front of my dress. My Master told me never to wear anything underneath my dress. He escorts me through the doorway and secures the bookcase door. He sits down at his massive mahogany desk. It is a fitting piece for my Master.

His wife enters his office. She looks at me with surprise.

“Jane, you look exhausted. Roger told me that you were tied up all day. I guess all those errands wore you out. Please, sit down and take a load off.”

“Yes, sit. SIT.” Roger commands as he stares at me. I can see the mischievous twinkle in his fiery eyes. My eyes quickly shift to the floor. I can smell my fear emanating from my pores. As I sit down on the hard, wooden chair, the searing heat of my paddling radiates throughout my body. My cheeks flush with pleasure and pain.

“You had a long day. Go home and take a nice hot bath. You need to put yourself down to sleep.” I smile at the reward. A wicked grin slowly spreads across my Master’s face. He is very pleased.

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