Compromising Positions Ch. 06


When Jenne got to work the next day, she went to her boss and asked for the next week off. Since she was caught up on her work, he was happy to let her.

After yesterday, she decided she would take it a little easy. Her time working with Cheryl went much smoother, and the only distraction was a tiny little spark of attraction building in the back of her mind.

Jenne’s blouse was opaque, but if she moved in the right way, she could expose her full breast to someone at the correct angle. She made a point of “accidentally” giving Cheryl and a couple of other people over the course of the day, quick, tantalizing peeks. Her day went by quickly.

After work, she decided to get a pedicure and manicure in preparation for her evening out at the club. As she sat in the chair, a pretty Asian girl working on her feet, she let her skirt ride up. Closing her eyes and enjoying the attentions, she casually moved her knees apart. She observed the girl through half-closed eyes as she spent as much time looking between Jenne’s legs as she did shaping and painting her toenails. A little thrill went through her body and she smiled.

She decided to continue her fun, and thought a new pair of shoes were in order. She headed to the mall, ready for more.

The mall was crowded when she got there, which suited her newfound purpose fine. The shoe store was on the second level, so she slowly headed to the escalator. As she was looking in store windows, she noticed that a pair of young men were following her. As she got on the escalator, a wicked thought entered her mind. She waited until she was halfway up, noticing the young men were at the bottom, and deliberately dropped her purse. Rather than demurely picking it up, she kept her knees locked and bent from the waist to retrieve it. As she felt the dress rise in the back, she was confident that her appreciative audience were well rewarded.

She entered the shoe store, and after browsing for a few minutes, was greeted by a handsome young man. She selected several styles, gave the clerk her size, and sat down. Several minutes later, the young man returned with a stack of boxes. As he was fitting the strappy high heels on, she looked him straight in the eye and said “Be careful, the pedicure is fresh”, then she smiled, and slowly brought her knees apart.

The poor young had a hard time. He could see everything – she made sure of that. He tried valiantly to not make it obvious he was staring, but his discomposure was obvious. He blushed, started sweating, and it was clear that his pants no longer fit comfortably. After tormenting him for a while, she eventually chose a couple of pairs of sexy shoes. When he stood up, it was clear that she’d had the desired effect on him – he was surreptitiously attempting to rearrange his traitorously swollen member. She paid for the shoes, leaving after thanking him for his attentive service.

Jenne got home with a couple of hours to get ready. After a quick supper, she started a hot bath. Grabbing a glass of wine, she took her time and enjoyed a relaxing soak. When the water cooled down, she got out and started preparing for her evening. She removed the temporary jewelry from her nicely healed piercings, and selected new ones for her evening out. For her nipples and belly button, she chose simple gold rings, for the hood piercing, a small, but surprisingly heavy ball, which gave her pleasant sensations whenever it bounced on her clitoris.

She pulled on her new dress – scandalously short – it was only a few inches below her ass. It was a snug fit, made of a very light, but very stretchy material. The bright yellow made was so eye-catching, she was sure to be the center of attention for the whole evening. As she checked herself in the mirror, she noticed that the material video porno was thin enough that it was very obvious that there was nothing underneath – her piercings were clearly visible, as were her dark nipples.

She went back to the bathroom, and took care of her hair and makeup, then slipped on the new shoes. Another look in the mirror showed her the effect was complete: a wanton slutty goddess. Her long, dark curly hair was wild, the makeup was flawless – bright red pouty lips, matching her nails. She was nervous, but excited about the evening’s possibilities.

She left for the club, parked a couple of blocks away, and walked to the entrance. A moment of self doubt came upon her when she couldn’t spot Angela. She finally saw her in line, waving enthusiastically.

As Jenne walked up to her, she checked out her new friend’s outfit. “Holy shit,” she thought, “we’re going to blow people away tonight…” Angela was dressed as hot as Jenne – her red curly hair was teased, framing her pretty face. She wore a halter top that looked like it was made from a silk scarf – it was secured around her neck with a gold chain, with another one loosely holding it place low on her back. It was small and loose enough that it was very simple to see the sides of her breasts. She had on a tight, stretchy mini skirt so small, it was more accurately described as a thick belt – it covered everything, but just barely.

As they met, they mutually agreed they were the hottest girls this club had ever seen. They hugged, and as Jenne felt her new nipple rings make contact with Angela, a twinge of excitement ran through her.

Shortly after, they entered the club, checked their bags, and headed to the bar. The ordered drinks, and quickly found a table near the dance floor. The club was loud, dark, and pulsed with strobes and colored lights. They’d barely sat down when a pair of young men approached them and asked to dance. They agreed, and soon after, they were on the floor.

It became obvious to their new dance partners that they were just accessories, as Jenne and Angela danced more with each other than with the the young men who’d brought them out there. Two songs later, they were alone on the floor. A slow, sexy song started, and suddenly the mood changed.

Angela put her arms around Jenne, who naturally moved hers to the bare skin of her partner’s back. She started caressing her spine as they swayed in time to the music. Angela arched her back, moving her arms above her head. The sensual movement had a wonderful effect on her halter, which stretched out, exposing more of her lovely breasts to the admiring crowd.

She reached down and cupped Jenne’s face with one hand, looked her in the eyes, and delicately gave her a kiss. Jenne was electrified – she’d never kissed a woman, and here she was very publicly doing so in the middle of the nightclub.

Angela’s hand brushed across her breast, and she raised her eyebrows.

“Is that new?” she asked.

“Yes, I thought I’d surprise you” Jenne said with a grin.

When the song ended, the walked hand in hand from the dance floor, to a smattering of applause from several onlookers.

As they sat down to finish their drinks, a waitress came up with two new ones. “We didn’t order those” Jenne said. The waitress replied they were from some admirers, in reward for their sexy show.

An hour of dancing, interspersed with several more drinks, and both Angela and Jenne were feeling good. Not drunk, but what little inhibitions they had were quickly dissipating. Angela spotted that the Go-Go cage in the center of the club was emptied. She exclaimed “Come on! Let’s go in the cage”. The Go-Go cage was roughly four feet higher than the rest of the dance floor… Jenne sex izle protested “But I’m not wearing panties!”

“So what? Neither am I! Come on!”

She pulled Jenne to the cage, overriding her mild objections. They went up the steps and started dancing. Angela danced close to her, running her hands down Jenne’s side, as she went into a squat, giving the entire dance floor a full look at her beautifully groomed pussy. Cheers broke out as people noticed them in the cage. Steeling her courage, Jenne repeated the move Angela just completed. As more cheers broke out, she looked at the front of the crowd and nearly had a heart attack as she noticed someone she knew. With her arm around a handsome guy, there was Cheryl, her office intern, smiling, and clearly recognizing her erstwhile conservative co-worker.

Jenne was trapped. She couldn’t just bail out of the cage, and it didn’t honestly look like Cheryl was upset by this turn of events. “Hell with it” she thought, and continued to dance with Angela. After two songs in the cage, she leaned over to Angela and told her she needed a drink. They left the cage and went back to their table. Sure enough, a new round of fresh drinks were waiting for them, along with Cheryl and her boyfriend.

“Oh my god! I never would have thought to see you in here!” Cheryl exclaimed after introducing her boyfriend Mark.

“I guess you can never tell about people,” Jenne said with a nervous smile.

“That was the hottest thing ever! I’d never be brave enough to do that”. Cheryl said as she sat down.

“Me either, you never know until you try it – want to give it a go?”

“Oh man, I really don’t think I could.”

Another round of drinks, more dancing, and they all sat down again. Angela leaned over to Cheryl, and as quietly as she could asked a question.

“I’ve got an idea that would make Mark give you the best fucking of your life, are you interested?” Angela asked..

“Uh sure.” Cheryl said with a smile.

“Mark, we ladies need to take a quick powder, if you know what I mean”, Angela said brightly. She grabbed both Jenne and Cheryl and pulled them towards the ladies room. When they got there, Angela gave Cheryl an appraising look.

“Well, first we have to make a few adjustments to your wardrobe. Give me your underwear.”

Cheryl’s eyes widened, she giggled nervously. “Right here?”

“Of course!” Angela replied.

Cheryl was wearing a short-sleeved white blouse that buttoned up the front. It was short enough to show some of her pelvic bone above the hip-hugger khaki mini skirt.

She unbuttoned he blouse, removed her bra and handed it to Angela. She then reached under her short skirt, and slowly removed her panties. She stood straight, and put her blouse back on, and buttoned it up. Her firm breasts were visible through the thin fabric, and her rock hard nipples betrayed her excitement.

Angela took her underwear, walked over to the garbage can and threw them away.

“Well that’s the first step, how do you feel?”

“Nervous, but kinda excited” was the reply.

“Okay, now the next step”. Angela walked over to her, and unbuttoned the blouse. She playfully swung it open, flashing Jenne with a grin. She then proceed to tie the blouse in a knot, exposing a great deal of Cheryl’s lovely breasts.

“Okay, now for the fun part. Let’s go Go-Go!” With that, she pulled both of them back to the dance floor. Along the way, they noticed Mark sitting at the table, sipping his drink. He hadn’t spotted them yet.

When the song ended, the woman in the cage left, leaving it for the three girls to climb in. Within a short while, the three of them were gyrating to the music, caressing each other and delighting the crowd on the bedava porno floor. Finally, Mark noticed the commotion at the Go-Go cage, and was shocked to see the three of them giving the crowd a very naughty show. With a grin, he headed closer, until he was standing below the cage. He couldn’t believe his luck as three incredibly sexy young women immediately started putting on a show, just for him.

Jenne was dancing and having an incredible time. A wicked thought popped in her head, and she reached over and untied Cheryl’s top, letting her beautiful breasts bounce free. Cheryl returned the favor by pulling up Jenne’s tight dress, exposing her ass and bald, pierced pussy to the cheering crowd. While they were doing this, Angela pulled in the sides of her halter top, displaying yet another set of beautiful breasts.

At this point, the bouncers noticed the huge crowd at the Go-Go cage and came over to investigate. Seeing the three ladies in various states of undress, they motioned the girls to cover up and leave the cage. The crowd started booing as they complied, taking a quick bow and blowing kisses to the audience.

When they were off the dance floor, the head bouncer turned to them and said “I’m sorry ladies, as much as I enjoyed the show, it’s against club rules, and I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

They apologized, and made their way to the coat check. As they were getting their bags, Mark caught up with them. Cheryl was suddenly nervous, afraid he would be angry with her, but the huge grin on his face soon reassured her.

“Holy shit!” he kept repeating. “That was amazing!”

They walked out of the club together, the four bouncers following them to make sure they left. “We aren’t banned are we?” Angela asked. “I put them up to it, so don’t blame them.”

“No, thanks for the show, but next time keep it pg-rated please.”

The two couples stood near the club for a while talking. Jenne invited everyone over to use the pool on Saturday, promising a great cookout.

“I can’t believe I did that!” Cheryl said. “You guys are a bad influence!” She grinned and lifted her skirt, exposing a neatly trimmed pussy, with a small landing strip of blond hair. “See, I can’t help myself now.”

As they were talking, the sky had been darkening. Within seconds, the rain started pouring down. “Oh my god!” Cheryl exclaimed, as within seconds, her white blouse became transparent. It was Jenne who stole the show though…

Her thin, yellow dress turned completely transparent. The effect was breathtaking, as the dress simply disappeared, and for all practical purposes, she was naked on the street corner. Despite an evening of exposing herself to everyone in sight, she was completely shocked, and immediately tried to cover up.

Mark laughed and said “Oh come on, don’t pretend modesty now”.

She realized he was right, at this point a crowd of several hundred had seen everything she had to offer.

“Well I can’t just stand here like this!”

Cheryl said, “Stop gawking Mark, and come on, I have some plans for you!” With that, she grabbed his arm and the ran to their car.

Angela smiled at Jenne. Jenne smiled back. They were alone now on the street corner. “Do you want to come back to my place for a drink?” Jenne asked. “I know it’s a corny line and all…”

“Sure. One car?”

“Yeah, which one is closest?”

They hurried down the street, and got to Jenne’s car.

As she was opening the door, Angela reached for her and turned her around. “Are you sure about this?”


They got in and drove to Jenne’s house. They entered, and Jenne said “let me grab some towels.”

Angela didn’t let her, pulling her close and giving her a deep kiss. Jenne returned it enthusiastically, while protesting “I’ve never…”

She felt her soaking dress lift up, and raised her hands to help Angela pull it off her. As Angela dropped her dress, Jenne reached for the clasp holding the halter top in place. Seconds later, Angela’s skirt was on the floor.

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