Club 35 Fourth Visit


This is the continuing story of an early thirties widowed woman, who has very submissive fantasies. She has begun to act on those fantasies through her membership in Club 35, an adult club that caters to all tastes. I suggest that you read those stories first to meet the recurring characters and their relationships to the main character, Jennifer. Your comments are welcome and, if you are pleased with what you read, please vote. Thank you. Enjoy!


After her last experience at Club 35, Jennifer Lowe took some needed time off from her work as the president of a successful, medium sized advertising agency. The time allowed her not only to heal from her experience, but to come to some understanding or comfort level with those who knew of her dual need to be submissive and humiliated. Two of those people were trusted employees of the company Jennifer owned; Christine, who now headed up the Accounts Receivable Department, and Mark, her Personal Assistant, who had been the one to suggest Club 35 to Jennifer as a way for her to release the sexual tension that had been building since the death of her husband.

Christine had taken an active part in Jennifer’s adventures at the Club. Mark, who was gay, had been primarily Jennifer’s protector at the Club, although, in the last of her visits, he had a more active role in Jennifer’s submission. It was also Mark, who had introduced her to Andrew, the manager of Club 35 and now a significant other in Jennifer’s life.

Jennifer had visited the Club once since her last adventure, not to take part in a scene, but to watch. Some of the people she had experiences with at the Club, approached her and asked if she wanted to play. She was polite when she said she was just there to watch. In reality, she was there to see if she could formulate a fantasy in her mind. But, Jennifer knew that nothing she saw in the Club that night would even approach the experience she had during her last visit.

Jennifer was in a meeting with some of her staff, when a fantasy began to take shape in her mind. Christine was naked, laying on the table with her legs spread wide, as Jennifer, also naked, licked and sucked on Christine’s pussy and clit as a group of people watched. The image was so real in Jennifer’s mind that she no longer was listening to the discussions taking place. When she realized her focus on the meeting had drifted, she quickly shifted in her seat and the image of her licking Christine, faded.

“Where did you go during the meeting?” Mark asked her as he brought in papers and placed them on Jennifer’s desk.

“What?” Jennifer responded, not quite knowing what Mark meant.

“You drifted away. Where did you end up?”

Jennifer knew that there wasn’t another person in her company, perhaps in her life, that knew her better than Mark. Trying to create some fiction would not work with Mark.

“Just a flight of fantasy. I know it’s been a while since that night at the Club. But, I wanted to ask you about it, but wasn’t ready to do so. It’s almost time to call it a day, but do you have a moment?” Jennifer asked.

“Everything is done. Ask away.” Mark replied, as he sat down.

“I never really thanked you and Christine for helping to set up my… in my adventure.” Jennifer stammered. “I hope you weren’t put off or embarrassed by doing what you did.”

“Two points.” Mark said matter of factly. “I was not put off about putting my fingers in your asshole to lube you up. I knew that part of you was going to be used and it meant, at least to me, that I was still in my helper and protector role. Second, after talking with Christine a few days later, she said you did thank her and that you promised her something by way of thanks.”

Jennifer laughed and told Mark that she had promised to eat Christine’s pussy. “Uh, that’s where I was in my fantasy during the meeting.”

“So the feelings, desires, whatever, are coming back?”

“If my thinking was focused on other things during the meeting, I would have to say that the desires to submit myself have returned. Andrew is reluctant to do anything to me at the Club because of his position there and I was fantasizing about eating Christine out on the conference room table while all the Department Heads watched.”

“I think that should stay a fantasy.” Mark replied. “I’m sure she would enjoy you going down on her. Just tell her. Christine doesn’t blush easily.”

“Or ever!” Jennifer said, laughing. They said good night and left.

Back in her apartment, Jennifer kept thinking about her next adventure. By the next morning she had decided on what she wanted, but didn’t know quite how to set it up. The one thing she knew, was that a conversation with Christine was absolutely necessary.

At the office, Jennifer called Christine and asked her to come to her office after everyone had left. Christine said that she would and after all of the employees had left for the day, Christine came into Jennifer’s office.

“Do you want me to get Mark?” Christine asked.

“Not yet. I wanted a word with you first. Listen, istanbul escort I haven’t forgotten what I promised you and that promise has now grown into a very large fantasy.”

“Go on. What’s the fantasy?”

Jennifer hesitated before answering. She felt some embarrassment, but not enough that she couldn’t verbalize her response. Jennifer didn’t want to script out what she was looking forward to doing.

“I want to go down on you but every time I think about it, there are people watching me do it, all women.”

“I see. What happens after I cum?” Christine asked inquisitively.

“I haven’t really thought about that. The truth is, I want you to decide what happens. You know most, if not all, of my experiences. I know that the Club has limits, but I would do anything you say. Does that make sense to you?”

“Yes. You would be submissive to me and anyone else who I choose. Just women involved, correct?”

“That’s right. Men might be involved at a different time.” Jennifer replied.

“Anything else?” Christine asked.

“Last time, you walked me nude through the office on our way to the Club. There was no chance of being seen by our staff and I want that kept that way. But, if there was some risk of being seen, that would be quite humiliating and a turn on.” Jennifer took a deep breath and waited for Christine to reply.

“I think I get everything that you want. But, it’s my decision on who gets to use you, or fuck you and in which hole. It will be women only. I have an idea which would be the most humiliating thing you have ever done. But, it would mean leaving the Club for that part of it and men would be involved. Doing it on a Friday night, after work, would be best. I’m sure Doris would want your ass again.” Christine laughed as did Jennifer.

“How would you feel about being away from the Club?” Christine asked.

Jennifer thought for a few moments before answering.

“You would be my Dom. I will do what you want me to do.”


“Yes.” Jennifer answered quietly.

“I will tell you when. Anything else?” Christine asked.

“No. Just thank you, Christine.”

Christine got up and left. Mark, who had been at his desk waiting for Christine to leave, came in to Jennifer’s office. Mark looked at Jennifer but did not say anything.

“Yes, I have a fantasy that would involve Christine. I want you to be a Dungeon Guard when it happens. If Christine wants you to lube my asshole again, would you mind?”

“No, of course not.” Mark answered.

“Time to go home.” Jennifer said. She gathered up her things and left. She was meeting Andrew for dinner. She would tell him about her conversations with Christine.

The next week began with a great deal of work. Jennifer hadn’t talked to Christine, but Jennifer was feeling the need to submit growing daily. She thought of asking Christine when this scene was going to happen but thought better of it. On Thursday, as the staff had wrapped up two major presentations and just before Jennifer planned to go home, Christine knocked on her door.

“Come in, Christine,” Jennifer said as she sat down.

“Tomorrow night. It’s all set up, if you still want to continue. I intend to give you the most intense experience you’ve ever had. It is going to be, uh, challenging. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, Christine. I really do. I’m giving you permission to use me in any way you choose.”

“With anyone I choose?”

“Yes. I will be your obedient submissive for the night.”

“We will start after work tomorrow night. I would suggest taking a few days off next week. You’ll need them.” Christine smirked as she got up to leave.

“Oh, Christine,” Jennifer said as Christine was about to leave Jennifer’s office, “thank you.”

Christine nodded knowingly and left.

Jennifer wondered what was in store for her, as she gathered her things and left the office. Once home, she prepared herself for whatever Christine had planned. She soaked in the tub and felt her pussy. She had a waxing the weekend before so her pussy was still smooth. She slipped a finger into her asshole and felt it’s tightness. Jennifer wondered if it would be that way after tomorrow.

When she went to bed, she forced herself not to masturbate, keeping her sexual tension high. She thought the next night’s activities would give her the release she needed. She finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Jennifer arrived at work wearing a very casual outfit; slacks, silk blouse with a camisole underneath, bra, thong panties and sandals. The weather was cool, but not cold. Jennifer thought that if she was going to be naked outside, she could bear the temperature.

Work didn’t keep Jennifer’s mind off what was going to happen later. It was almost six o’clock when the last staff left the office. Only Christine and Mark remained. Jennifer felt the tension and anxiety rise as Christine came into Jennifer’s office.

“Are you ready?” Christine asked.

Shutting her computer off, Jennifer said escort bayan she was.

“From this point forward until sometime later, you belong to me. You will do what I say, when I say, and with whom I say. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress Christine.” Christine corrected.

“Yes, Mistress Christine.” Jennifer replied.

“Good. Now strip!”

Jennifer hesitated only a moment before slipping off her sandals. Her slacks came off next and she folded them on her chair. Her blouse and camisole followed. Jennifer reached behind her and unhooked her bra, exposing her tits to Christine’s gaze. Then, inserting her thumbs in the waistband of her thong, Jennifer pulled off her panties and was now naked.

“Come around to the front of your desk.” Christine ordered.

Jennifer moved to the front of her desk.

“Turn around and lay across your desk.”

When Jennifer had done so, Christine had Jennifer spread her legs, which made her pussy and asshole visible.

“That’s good. Now, I’m going to have Mark come in and you are going to ask him to lube your asshole and pussy. You are going to help him by reaching behind you and spreading your cheeks. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Christine.”

“Tell Mark to go as deep in your pussy and asshole as he can and to use as many fingers as necessary.”

“Yes, Mistress Christine.”

Christine walked to the door and called Mark. He came into Jennifer’s office and saw Jennifer bent and spread over her desk. Jennifer reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Mark, please lube my asshole and pussy. Go as deep in both of my holes as you can. Use as many fingers as you think are necessary.”

Christine handed Mark the lube and he squinted a large amount onto Jennifer’s ass. He applied lube to his fingers and rubbed a finger across Jennifer’s slit before pushing one, then two fingers into Jennifer’s pussy. He slid a third lube covered finger inside Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer moved back onto Marks fingers as the pleasure she was feeling increased.

“It’s a good thing Mark is gay because he might take advantage of you.” Christine teased. “Mark, do her asshole now.”

Mark withdrew his fingers from Jennifer’s pussy and applied more lube to his fingers and to Jennifer’s asshole. Using two fingers he pushed in, causing Jennifer to groan at the intrusion. Once Jennifer’s sphincter relaxed, Mark rotated his fingers, coating her rectum with lube.

“You need to stretch her out some more, Mark. I think her asshole is going to get a lot of attention later.”

Mark chuckled and replied, “No problem.”

Mark slipped a third finger inside Jennifer’s asshole and pushed in as far as he could.

“That should do.” Christine said and Mark, slowly, withdrew his fingers.

“Thank you, Mark. Jennifer, stand up and turn around.” Christine barked. “We are going to go to the Club now. Let’s get you dressed.”

Christine handed Mark a soft leather collar that he put around Jennifer’s neck and fastened securely. Christine attached a leash to the collar.

“There! All dressed up and ready to go. Mark, please cuff her hands behind her back.”

Marked placed leather cuffs on Jennifer’s wrists and clipped them together.

“All set.” Mark said.

Christine pulled on the leash and Jennifer followed her out of her office to the freight elevator.

Once inside, Christine turned to Mark and said, “I asked the security guy to watch the car. I promised him a surprise if he did!”

When the elevator opened, Christine led Jennifer out into the rear parking area by the leash around Jennifer’s neck. Mark followed them out. Sitting on a stool reading what looked to Jennifer as a college textbook, was a young man who stared at the naked woman standing a few feet away.

“I told you if you watched our car, you’d have a surprise. We are going to get our car now. Would you please hold the leash of our, uh, pet while we get the car? If it acts up, feel free to spank her.” Christine handed the leash to the young man as she and Mark walked to the car.

“Do you want to be naked?” The young man asked.

“Yes.” Jennifer replied.

“Where are they taking you?”

“To a club where I will be tied up and probably fucked silly.” Jennifer excitedly said.

The young man got up and put his book down on the stool and took a few steps until he was standing in front of Jennifer. He raised his hands, as if he was going to feel Jennifer’s tits, but stopped and just looked into Jennifer’s eyes, waiting for permission to proceed.

“My hands are cuffed behind me. I can’t, or won’t stop you from doing whatever you want. You seem very nice. Go ahead.”

Not believing his luck, the young man began to rub Jennifer’s tits and gently pulled on her nipples. Jennifer enjoyed the attention and thrust her chest toward the young man.

“Are you a virgin?” Jennifer asked.

“Were you able to tell that from me feeling you up?”

Jennifer smiled. “”You’re being gentle. You Kartal escort can feel my pussy if you want.”

The young man lowered his right hand and felt Jennifer’s slit before pushing a finger gently into her. Jennifer moaned as his finger brushed against her clit. The rhythm of his movement was interrupted by a car approaching. Jennifer looked at the young man and asked what his name was and how old he was.

“My name is Lee and I’m 19.”

When do you work?” Jennifer said.

“I’m in school so every weekend night until midnight.”

“I think we may see each other again. You are very sweet.”

Christine had gotten out of the car and taken the leash from Lee. She pulled on the leash and Jennifer climbed into the back seat, giving Lee a good view of her ass. Christine shut the door, thanked Lee for watching the car, and climbed into the front seat next to Mark, who was driving.

“I hope you were kind to that young man. You could see the bulge in his pants when he saw you.” Christine teased.

Jennifer did not respond. Neither Mark or Christine saw Jennifer squeeze her legs together. Jennifer thought that she might visit him after work one Friday night.

Traffic was heavy and the drive to the Club took longer than expected. Since the Club was located in an industrial area, there was little chance that Jennifer would be seen by anyone other than a patron of the club. However, Mark drove to the rear of the building and parked the car.

“Great idea, Mark. I could use a little walk.” Catherine said as she opened the door and got out. She reached back into the car and pulled out Jennifer’s sandals. “Best you put these on. Don’t know if there is anything around that you shouldn’t step on.”

Catherine opened Jennifer’s door and pulled her out. She bent and put the sandals on Jennifer’s feet. When she was finished, she pulled on Jennifer’s leash and led her forward. Mark followed behind Jennifer as they walked to the front of the Club. As they approached the front door, Jennifer’s heart began to race as a couple were about to enter but stopped when they saw a naked Jennifer being led on the leash.

“Well, is your sub available to others tonight, Christine?”

Christine stopped in front of the man who kept staring at Jennifer. “Not to you, Paul, but if Audrey wants to partake in some diversion with my sub here, she is more than welcome.”

Audrey let out a giggle and reached for Jennifer’s nipples, giving them a pull. “I am looking forward to it.” Audrey said as they all went inside.

“We are going to be in the center room. Women only, but if men want to watch, so be it. I’ve invited about a half dozen ladies to, uh, help out, but Audrey, you would be welcome.” Catherine offered.

Audrey looked at Jennifer. “How is she in the back?” Audrey asked.

“You must have missed her contest with Doris.” Christine replied. “Jennifer had quite an accomplished asshole. Don’t you, Jennifer?”

Christine was squeezing Jennifer’s ass cheeks as Jennifer said, “Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m off to change.” Christine said, as she handed the leash to Mark. You know what’s first. Why don’t you get her ready.” Mark nodded and took the leash from Christine.

Mark pulled Jennifer into the large, center room. Jennifer saw a platform with a padded bottom and cuffs, but Mark led her to the middle of the room. He let go of the leash and went to move a large leather easy chair in front of Jennifer. Mark knelt down and told Jennifer to lift one foot at a time so he could remove her sandals. He unclipped the leash as Christine entered the room, followed by a half dozen or so women.

“Thank you, Mark.” Christine said.

Jennifer saw that Christine had, indeed, changed. She was wearing a black leather vest that was open so that Christine’s tits were visible. She wasn’t wearing anything else.

Christine slapped Jennifer on the ass and announced, “Jennifer promised to eat my pussy while others watched. That’s how we are going to start.”

Christine sat in the leather chair and draped her legs over the arms. She pointed to her pussy and Jennifer sank to her knees in front of Christine’s spread legs. Christine pulled on the leash firmly and Jennifer lowered her head until her lips touched Christine’s slit.

Jennifer began to lick Christine’s pussy. She could feel and taste Christine’s wetness on her tongue and lips. Jennifer began to lick Christine’s clit, slowly running her tongue over the sensitive flesh, then sucking it into her mouth. The effect on Christine was immediately heard by the onlookers as Christine let out a long moan.

Jennifer kept licking and only stopped momentarily when she felt a sharp slap on her ass. From experience, Jennifer knew that she had been struck with a riding crop. She did not see who had applied the crop but she found out soon enough.

Christine was now bucking her hips and driving her pussy into Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer kept licking and sucking on Christine’s clit as the crop fell again. Christine was cumming and her juices filled Jennifer’s mouth. With a loud moan, Christine had lowered her legs from the arms of the chair and took Jennifer’s face in her hands. She bent and kissed Jennifer who was surprised by the action but nonetheless opened her mouth when Christine’s tongue sought entry.

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