Chelle’s Turn

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Big Tits

“I want you to help me with my fantasy now,” Chelle told Eric.

Thinking back to the experience he had with Chelle and Sara two weeks earlier he couldn’t help but smile.

“What did you have in mind?” Eric asked, hoping it involved Sara.

Chelle hesitated, considering the request again, then said, “I want a threesome with two guys.”

Eric paused and thought for a second. Chelle studied his face trying to anticipate his response.

“That might be doable,” Eric finally said.

Chelle hesitated again before clarifying, “And I want to watch them have sex.”

“Whoa!!”, Eric blurted out. “I am not going to be a part of that.”

“Hey, you got to see Sara and I,” Chelle countered.

Eric rolled his eyes. “You two weren’t exactly going down on each other either,” he reminded her.

“It’s just sex, its not like it means you are gay or anything like that,” Chelle was trying to reason with him now. “You don’t have to make out or date the guy, or anything like that,” she continued. “What if you weren’t on the ‘receiving end’?”

“Why don’t you just find two guys who are into each other and play this out with them?” Eric was trying to work his way out of it.

“Well they wouldn’t exactly need me, now would they?” Chelle countered again. Her voice softer now, “Please, I want someone I can trust.”

“Ugh,” and another eye roll was all Eric could respond with.

Chelle perked up, “Does that mean you will do it?”

“How are you going to find a guy who only wants to be on the “receiving end”?” Eric asked.

“I am not exactly sure yet, I was thinking maybe I would scope out Dugan’s,” Chelle responded.

“And just announce you are looking for a gay guy to participate in a threesome with you?” Eric laughed as he said this.

“I said I haven’t figured this out yet, and I want him to be into me as much as you,” Chelle smiled as she said this. “If you want you can check him out before we go through with it,” she added.

A couple of weeks later…

Chelle excitedly knocked on the door to Eric’s dorm room. A few seconds later Eric answered the door and let her in.

Chelle entered and looked around the room. Seeing no one else, she gave Eric a big smile and said “I found him.”

Eric raised an eyebrow and gave her a quizzical look.

“I found the guy who is going to join us,” excitement in her voice.

Eric rolled his eyes and looked away. This topic hadn’t come up again and he hoped it had been forgotten, or at least more difficult to find someone willing to participate.

“Do you want to see him?”, she asked.

“Now?!”, Eric wasn’t sure if he was ready for this.

“Yes, he is working at The Welch right now. You don’t have to go on a date with him, but you guys can see if you are comfortable around each other,” she offered.

“OK, let’s go. How did you find this guy?”, the tone in Eric’s voice was one of defeat.

“Long story, and he’s bi. He is into me too!” a sense of satisfaction in Chelle’s voice.

Thirty minutes later Chelle and Eric walked into a small coffee shop just off of campus. Eric and Chelle had both been in there several times before, but never together. Chelle looked around as soon as they entered. Then she spotted him, held up her hand and gave a a quick way, and a smile that showed her excitement.

In response a young man waved from behind the counter. Eric had seen him in there before. He was nineteen or twenty, same as Eric and Chelle. He had a slight build like Eric, shorter than Eric, but still pushing six foot, and blond.

Chelle and Eric found a table off in the corner. A couple of minutes later the guy came to the table to take their order.

“Eric, this is Lance,” Chelle said.

“Hey,” Lance said as he extended his hand.

Eric was nervous and gave a weak response as he shook Lance’s hand, but tried to smile. There was a pause a little too long for everyone’s comfort, but Lance stepped in to get things back on track and asked what they would like to order.

“Sorry,” Eric said to Chelle as Lance walked off to fill their order.

“Its OK, I warned him ahead of time you were a little nervous,” Chelle assured him.

Lance quickly returned with their drinks, and engaged Chelle in conversation about a class they had together. Eric was happy to just listen to them, soak it up, and try to hide his apprehensions. After several minutes more customers entered, and Lance had to run off.

Eric and Chelle hung around for a while, talked, finished their coffee and watched the other customers come and go. Lance stopped by the table a couple more times. Eric started to relax, and tried to add something to the conversation. When it was only Eric and herself at the table, Chelle held back asking what he thought about Lance, though it was killing her.

Finally they paid their tab and left. As soon as they were out on the sidewalk Chelle pounced.

“So?!” Chelle asked with obvious excitement in her voice.

“So what?” çekmeköy escort Eric responded, trying to act coy.

Chelle stopped walking. Eric stopped a couple of steps later and turned around to see Chelle with an exasperated look on her face. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fine,” Eric chuckled some more. “I’m OK. Its good.”

“So you will do it?”

Eric could hear the urgency in her voice. “Yes, I will do it.”

“Lance and I discussed earlier. Sara is out of town this weekend. How about Friday?”

“Maybe we should wait until Sara can join us,” Eric flashed a smile to Chelle as he said this.

“This is about me,” Chelle said happily, “I am not sure Sara would be completely into this either.”

Eric shrugged.

“If you are good, just you and I can spend Saturday together. Doing whatever you want,” the tease was obvious in her voice.

…Friday Evening…

Eric walked down to Chelle’s dorm room about 7pm. He knocked on the door, and Chelle quickly answered and let him in.

The plan was to hang around the room, but Chelle was dressed like she was headed out to the clubs. A loose black skirt that went down to her knees and tight white blouse that showed off her small breasts. Eric couldn’t help but stare a little.

Lance was already in the room, sitting on the couch under a lofted bed, when Eric arrived. He was drinking a beer and looked relaxed.

Eric still wasn’t entirely sure about this, but had promised Chelle and didn’t want to disappoint. “It’s just sex,” he kept telling himself. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

Chelle offered Eric a beer also. He accepted it and took a seat at the other end of the couch from Lance. The same place he was sitting a month ago when his experience with Sara and Chelle started.

Chelle took a seat in the middle and engaged both of the young men in idle conversation. About halfway through Eric’s beer she reached out and took from him, handing it to Lance. Then she leaned in and kissed Eric hard on the mouth.

Chelle pulled away after 15 seconds. Eric let out a long breath, the kiss had helped him relax. He reached out, put his hand on the back of Chelle’s head and pulled her in close for another kiss.

Lance continued to sip his beer and watched the two make out. Things were starting to heat up, and they were soon entangled with one another. Chelle reached down between Eric’s legs and pressed the palm of her hand on his crotch. Eric responded with an affirming grunt.

Chelle could feel Eric starting to get hard as she ground her hand against his crotch. His hand was on her breast now, fingering the nipple through her blouse. Lance was starting to get his own erection. He reached down and rubbed it through his jeans. His other hand found the hem of Chelle’s skirt. He lifted it enough to expose the back of her thigh, and he ran his finger tips across the soft skin.

Chelle had them both worked up and exactly where she wanted them. It was time to make her next move she thought.

She grabbed the bottom edge of Eric’s t-shirt and worked it up his chest. Eric complied and helped her pull it over his head. Eric wasn’t muscular by any means, but he was lean and Chelle was enjoying her hand on his chest. She toyed with his nipples, then kissed her way down his neck and chest before sucking one into her mouth.

Eric’s hand was tangled in her hair, holding her head against his chest. He spoke soft words of encouragement as Chelle continued to excite him through her touches. Lance was almost stroking himself through his jeans now, and his hand crept further up Chelle’s thigh.

Chelle’s hand was working the button fly of Eric’s jeans. She got them open then reached inside and smiled when Eric expressed his approval. She began to tug on his cock which had reached full length and thickness.

Chelle lifted her head and leaned back a little so she could see Eric’s face. Her expression was as if she were asking “Are you OK to continue with this?”

Eric nodded his approval to go on. He could feel his heart racing. He wasn’t sure if it was nerves, excitement or both.

With the OK to continue Chelle slid off the coach and knelt in front of Eric. She reached up, grabbed the waist of his jeans and boxers with both hands and tugged. Eric quickly lifted his hips up off the coach and everything was quickly around his ankles. Eric stared at Chelle as his cock was exposed to the cool air. Shoes and jeans were removed and Eric sat there completely naked in front of Chelle and Lance.

Raising off her heels, Chelle’s face was inches from Eric’s cock, and her hand was wrapped around it. Eric could feel her warm breath. His hand found her hair again, but Chelle didn’t need any coaxing. Her mouth soon engulfed his cock, and Eric released a loud sigh of satisfaction.

Eric watched is cock disappear and then reappear as Chelle bobbed up and down on it. He was throughly enjoying this attention and almost forgot why he was really there. After a couple of minutes cevizli escort Chelle pulled up off of him and turned to Lance asking if he wanted to try.

A nod from Lance was all Chelle needed. She got up, sat next to Eric again, and quickly engaged him in a kiss. Lance got off the couch and took Chelle’s place on the floor in front of Eric.

Lance took it slow at first, running his hands across the top of Eric’s thighs. Soon he took hold Eric’s cock and stroked it. It wasn’t long after that Eric was in Lance’s mouth.

Eric tried not to think about it at first and concentrated on making out with Chelle. When Chelle would switch to kissing his neck, he could see Lance’s head going up and down. Eventually he relaxed and leaned his head back on the couch and looked up at the bottom of the lofted bed.

Chelle nipped the lobe of Eric’s ear and whispered, “This is so fucking hot.”

It excited him to know that Chelle was so turned on by what was happening. Lance was really starting to focus on the head of Eric’s cock too, sending him closer to the edge. Lance started to pick up his speed, and Eric could tell it wouldn’t be long.

Chelle placed her hand on the back of Lance’s head and shouted “Oh yes! Suck that cock!”

Eric’s hips started to buck as Lance kept up his focus on the head. He could feel the cum fighting to get out. And then he did it, he came in another guy’s mouth. Eric let out a loud gasp as he flooded Lance’s mouth. Chelle screamed with delight at the sign of Eric’s release. Lance continued to suck until Eric was spent.

When Lance pulled off, Chelle immediately kissed him. All she got was a taste though, Lance had already swallowed.

Lance fell back on to the floor smiling as he watched Eric let out a nervous laugh. Chelle couldn’t help but cheer. After watching that, she needed her own relief now. She stood up, reached under her skirt and pushed her panties down past her knees. With a wiggle the panties were around her ankles and then discarded as she kicked them off. The guys were mesmerized by the sight in front of them.

A big smile from Chelle brought them back to reality. Turning to Lance she said, “Now you. Everything off.”

Lance stood and complied. Chelle was eager to help. Once the jeans were off, her hand was tugging on his cock, bringing it to full attention. He wasn’t thick as Eric, but he might have been longer.

Chelle pushed Lance back on to the end of the couch, one leg on, one leg off. She knelt on one knee in the middle between his legs before turning to Eric with a loud whisper, “Make me cum.”

With that Chelle’s hand was on Lance’s cock again, and it wasn’t long before it was in her mouth. Eric lifted Chelle’s skirt to reveal her tiny ass which was pointed into the air as she leaned over Lance. Eric wasn’t very experienced, but he had learned how to make her cum in their previous encounter.

Eric’s hand slid between her legs and found her clit. A moan of approval escaped from her lips around Lance’s cock. Lance’s hand was on the back of Chelle’s head and Eric could see that he was throughly enjoying her mouth. Eric’s thumb slipped into Chelle’s soaked slit as he continued to rub her clit. He wanted to bury something else in there, but that would have to wait until he recovered.

Chelle was periodically backing off Lance so she could let out a moan or grunt and take a full breath. Eric’s pace quickened, his thumb pumping in and out of her as far as he could go. She pulled off of Lance again, leaning on her hands as if she was on all fours. She lunged forward as her orgasm hit, then rocked back and forth as it subsided.

The sight in front of Lance was incredibly erotic. He reach down and stroked his cock as Chelle worked her way through her orgasm. He was still stroking when Chelle recovered. She smiled her approval, and reached for his balls. She stroked the backside of his sack with her finger tips causing Lance to shudder.

Lance was close now and his rhythm quickened. He could feel the cum starting to build, then finally his cock spit a strand of thick cum up onto his chest. Chelle continued to stroke and kneed his balls as he threw a couple more wads up onto his chest. His whole body shuddered and disrupted his stroking.

Finally Lance was finished. Chelle cheered at the sight of the raw sexual pleasure. She reached down and scooped up part of result with her finger and placed it in her mouth. She smiled at the taste and thanked Lance.

Chelle got up and retrieved some tissues for Lance to clean himself up. They were all temporarily spent from the first round of activities. The guys relaxed on the couch, though separated. Chelle grabbed a bean bag chair and flopped down in that. They finished the beers they had started earlier.

Chelle was the only one with any clothes on and the guys pointed this out. They suggested for the next round she remove everything. Almost an hour had passed since they finished and she decided it was time to see if erenköy escort they were ready to go again. She stood up from the bean bag, grabbed the bottom of her blouse and slowly work it up over her head. The skirt was next. She turned around so her back was to them, then she worked it off her slim hips. She was thin with not much on the backside, but she played it for all she could. With the skirt in a heap at her feet, she bent over, smiling and waving at the guys through her spread legs.

Eric and Lance cheered and made cat calls at show she was putting on. It had the effect she wanted. They were hard again and tugging at themselves to relieve some of the discomfort.

“Are you guys ready for some more?” Chelle asked.

Both nodded their head yes, ready for another round.

“Eric, I want to see you fuck Lance,” Chelle said.

Some of the color washed out of Eric’s face. Chelle could tell he was nervous again. Eric was so hard, he needed release though.

“Still OK?”, Chelle asked.

Eric took a quick look at Lance whom appeared comfortable with situation. Lance’s confidence eased Eric’s jitters bringing the color back to his face and responded to Chelle’s question with a smile.

“Great! Lance, why don’t you go over there on the rug and get on your hands and knees,” instructed Chelle.

Chelle had never seen two guys having sex before, but she knew in her mind how she wanted it to go. While Lance situated himself, she walked over to her dresser, pulled out a jar of Vaseline and knelt next to him. Turning to Eric, she motion him to join them.

“Kneel behind him,” Chelle instructed Eric.

Chelle ran her hand down Lance’s ass and squeeze it while she waited for Eric to get situated. She could wait for what was to come. When Eric was in position, she opened the Vaseline, took some on her fingers then coated his cock with it. Eric gasped at the coolness of it, and the sensation of her hand on him.

Now it was time to prepare Lance. Chelle took another glob on her finger and spread the cheeks of his ass. First she rub it on the pucker of his entrance, then she became more daring and inserted her finger into him. Lance jumped at this, then relaxed as it became more comfortable. When he was ready, she withdrew her finger and gave Eric a quick tug and pointed at Lance’s entrance as if Eric didn’t quite know what to do.

Eric paused, not quite sure how to actually accomplish his task. Chelle wiped off her hand and surprised both the guys with her next move. She laid down on the floor and requested Lance to move over her as she scooted herself underneath him. Legs spread, Lance’s cock was now inches from her slit. She rubbed her clit, lubricating herself with her juices.

Next Chelle reached up, grabbed Lance’s cock and brought it to her hole. She rubbed it against the lips of her pussy, coating the head with her slick juices. Lance leaned down to kiss her. She raised her hips and capture the head of his cock inside her. He now thrust his hips to penetrate her deeper, finally reaching the hilt of his member.

Chelle wrapped her legs around Lance’s ass to slow his thrusts, then released him when they subsided to gentle movements. She raised up her shoulders and reached around to grab the cheeks of his ass.

“Now fuck him,” she told Eric, as she spread Lance’s cheeks wide.

Eric placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Lance’s ass. It was different than trying to penetrate a pussy. The head of his cock just slipped off instead of penetrating. Finally he grabbed up near the head of his cock and held it at the entrance as he pushed. He could tell he was making progress when he heard Lance exhale loudly.

“Slow and easy,” Lance instructed.

Eric continued to work his way in, then pull out a little, going deeper every time. It was becoming easier, though he couldn’t believe how incredibly tight it was. With his cock buried all the way, he began to take longer strokes. He could feel Lance starting to thrust in and out of Chelle. Every time Lance bottomed out, his ass gripped Eric’s cock even tighter. Eric felt like he was fucking Chelle through Lance.

The guys were moving in rhythm now and Chelle was vocal about the pleasure of two guys pounding into her. Lance broke off his kiss with her, he was coming close to the edge. The sensation of Eric sliding in and out of him and Chelle wrapped around his cock was all he could take. He slammed into Chelle hard with a couple of thrusts as his cock coated her insides with his seed. Chelle raised her hips to meet his thrusts and cooed thank yous in his ear as he came down off his high.

Eric slowed his pace as Lance’s thrusting stopped and he slipped out of Chelle. She slid out from underneath Lance, allowing him to return to a position where Eric could thrust harder. Eric gripped Lance’s hips and buried himself in Lance.

Kneeling next to Eric, Chelle grabbed the back of his head and kissed him deeply. She had grabbed the jar of Vaseline again and Eric thought she was going to coat his cock again. He knew she had other plans though when he felt something cold at the entrance to his own ass. He tried to relax, but when she slid the finger inside it caused him thrust hard into Lance and almost fall on top of him.

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