Chastity Morning Ch. 03

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They say hope springs eternal. They also say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If so, then my cock is both an optimist and completely insane. At least this morning it has the decency to let me sleep in a little. It is 5:32 when compression on my cock and balls wakes me up.

What once would have been a rod you could have called “morning wood” is now just “morning Jell-O.” It has a shape, it is firm enough to hold fruit off the plate (my testicle plums) and if you poke it then it wiggles a bit.

The compression is a dual-edged sword. On the one hand, it provides the containment to keep me from getting hard. On the other hand, the compression produces a bit of feeling in the skin which is enough stimulation that my cock keeps trying to get hard. A vicious cycle is created that takes quite a bit of will to break.

Just for grins I lay on my back, spread my legs slightly and do Kegel exercises. If I time it right I can get my whole package to nod “yes.” I lift the sheet slightly so that I can look down and see the effect. The effect is amusing and I smile to myself.

“You men are so fixated on your cock” Kim mumbles from her side of the bed.

Oh great. My wife just caught me looking at my own junk in bed before the alarm goes off.

“I was just looking to see how much I can actually move it while it is stuffed into the chastity device. I was surprised to discover I could get it to move when it is so stuffed.”

“I rest my case.”

“I suppose you have a point.”

“Show me” she says.

I lift the covers a little more and flex my pelvic muscles to make it dance.

“Cute. You can make it sit up and beg. Can you can get it to roll over and lick me?”

“Oh, good one. I can probably get it to roll over but the licking I’ll need to do with the big head, not the little one” I reply.

“Sounds like an excellent plan. But work your way down from the top. Go nice and slow.”

I oblige by starting at her temple with soft kisses. I work my way down over her forehead, give her eyelid a butterfly-soft kiss. Then I caress her cheekbone with my lips before migrating to the corner of her mouth. This earns me a contented sigh.

We kiss. It starts slow and soft, but builds to a full-on open mouthed kiss. Then begins the tongue caress. I lick the inside of her upper lip with the tip of my tongue. Then I kiss and nibble her upper lip. She grabs the back of my head and our tongues start fencing.

After a full minute of this we are panting and she relaxes her grip on my head and pulls back.

“Get on with it” she commands.

Kissing, I work my way along her jaw and down her neck with my lips. Making my lips as soft as I possibly can. At the base of her neck I nibble on her favorite spot there.

Moving onward I kiss along her collarbone to the shoulder. Then downward along the edge of the pectoral muscle and to the side of her breast along the rib cage. I am careful to stay just forward enough to avoid the tickle response.

I kiss my way towards the underside of her breast, planning to make my climb to the nipple at the summit along the “south face” as I call it. She rolls onto her back. Ah, access! The ranger station has cleared me for the ascent! The weather looks good for today’s climb. Cautious not to go too fast, I make my way to the summit. When I arrive, I slowly “sign the register” with kisses and tongue and then a full suckle of the very cragged peak.

This earns me a very throaty moan from Kim and a hand on the back of my head. She strokes my hair a moment then drags my head briefly in the direction of the river valley below.

I don’t need to be told twice.

I slide down the bed to lay between her splayed legs. I kiss he labia and like magic she opens like a flower blooming. I lick delicately, barely touching her. Like licking pollen from a sleeping bee’s wings. Her breath comes fast and I get a moan of “oh yes.”

I begin in earnest, drawing out a capitol A with my tongue. Over and over, alternating forwards and backwards. Her hips begin istanbul escort to roll in time with my tongue. My chin is soon soaked from her wetness.

“Fingers” she prompts, breathing heavily.

I spread her labia with my ring and index fingers and slide my middle finger gently into her to stroke at her G-spot. I switch to a slow, soft laving of her lips and the sides of her clitoris with my tongue. With my middle finger, I beckon her closer to me, stroking her G-spot rhythmically with the fingertip.

She is rocking her hips in time with my beckoning finger. Then suddenly she freezes and moans “Suck it!”

In this instant I latch onto her clitoris with my mouth and suck. Her legs slam together on my head. A hand grabs my hair, assuring the pressure of my mouth. My finger is crushed in a vice-like grip. She roars out her orgasm, though for me it is muffled by her thighs over my ears.

A moment later she relaxes her legs and lifts my head. A long sigh escapes her and then she giggles happily like a school girl. I sit and watch her as she beams happiness and contentment into the room.

When she recovers, she looks at me and chuckles: “What am I going to do with you now?”

I smile and just shrug. “Whatever you like.”

“Let’s start by bringing that chair over by the bed.”

I drag the chair over to the side of the bed facing her.

“Sit in it with your legs over the arms”

“Yes, ma’am”

I sit facing her with my legs over the arms. This puts me completely on display for her viewing.

“Now do that thing you were doing earlier. Make it bounce for me.”

I try, but I have lost some of the erection I had before, so it isn’t as impressive as my previous exploits.

“Not so wiggly now, oh well” she proclaims.

She rolls over and rummages in the nightstand and extracts the necklace she keeps the key on.

“I love watching you edge for me. Let’s see what you can do there.”

“And since you are so obsessed with your own cock this morning…” she gets up and reaches into her sewing kit on her dresser, “You are going to measure the length of your cock after each edge this morning. And I want at least three edges. After all, we need reliable, repeatable, reproducible data.” She says, chuckling and laying a tape measure and small notepad with pencil on the arm of the chair.

She unlocks the chastity and works the tube off my cock, leaving the rest in place to act as a cock ring.

“Stroke it for me” she directs sweetly, leaning back on the bed to watch.

As I stroke she idly plays with her clitoris. Oh lord, I think to myself, she’s going to masturbate watching me.

“I love watching you stroke. You get so big and hard. And you stroke so earnestly, as if you were actually going to get to cum.”

I let out a huff of air and nod in acknowledgement. She’s right. Oh, lord she is right.

“And you always gaze at me with that look of longing in your face and eyes. Yes. That look right there.”

Good lord, I want her. I moan as I stroke. My eyes half closing.

“Then there’s watching you get right to the edge and stop. That is so hot. You are desperate to cum and at the same time trying so hard not to. I love watching your cock twitch as you moan and try to hold it off. Denying yourself after you make sure I cum. So erotic. Especially when you do it a second and third time. Your cock is always so big and hard.”

“Yes” I say.

“You are so obsessed with your cock. And I own it. You can’t even touch it except when I let you in the mornings. When you put on your little show for me.”

A long moan rises out of me and I slow the pace of my stroking. I want to go to the very edge and then stop for her.

“I want to see your cock twitch but not cum when you stop. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, ma’am” I pant. My god, she reads me like a book.

Three more strokes and she smiles and nods at me. And that is it.

I grab the arms of the chair with both hands and lay my head back and cry. My cock spasms hard once and I focus with all my might on relaxing every muscle escort bayan I have in my pelvis to keep from convulsing into orgasm. I last about ten seconds before there is another spasm and my cock twitches again, hard.

Still on the verge, I whine quietly and manage another ten seconds or so before another massive twitch rocks me. This happens two more times before I feel like I am fully in control and can look up at her. I see her panting and her finger is a blur in her crotch.

Her eyes are locked on me. I know I must look absolutely desperate for her. I am, after all.

A moment later she clamps her legs together and gasps out an orgasm. It is a sharp, fast one.

“Don’t forget to measure it” she chides when she is done.

I pick up the tape measure.

“From pubic bone to tip” she directs.

I dutifully take the measurement, stretching the tape along the length of my cock.

“Now go get me my morning juice.”

I wander into the kitchen to get her orange juice with my flesh sword wagging in front of me. Sort of a reverse tail. I wash my hands (and my face too) so I don’t slather the glass with woman-nectar when I handle it.

When I return and hand over the glass I am down to half-mast.

“Have a seat and do it again” she says.

I sit as I was before and begin stroking again.

After finishing the juice and setting the glass on the nightstand she sits up and poses.

“Do you like my tits? Wouldn’t you just love to kiss them and suck on them? Yes, that’s it. Stroke it faster.”

“I could come over and press my tits on your face. Oh wow, you should see the look in your eyes.”

Turning her torso slowly she continues “I could slide all over your face. No kissing, licking or sucking. Just hold still while I drag my hard nipples over your cheeks, lips, nose and forehead. Think you could hold still while I did that?”

“Yes” I moan, closing my eyes briefly and leaning my face forward.

Instead of approaching she slides a finger into her crotch again.

“I get wet watching you. Can you hear that? That’s how wet I get seeing you wanting me. And I know you like the smell and the taste of my wet pussy. Here, smell my fingers.”

She gets up and holds her wet fingers out to my face to smell. “You like that? Let me wipe just a bit on your upper lip for you. No tasting.”

I just moan as she paints my lip with her scent.

There, that helps, doesn’t it?

I nod, wide eyed. Help? More like rocket boost.

“Gaaagh! Yes! Edge! Oh god!”

“Good boy” She coos.

“That’s my good boy. Just how big is your cock anyways? Shall I measure it for you?

She grasps my cock and stretches the cloth tape measure along it.

“Oh god. Easy. Easy. Please don’t make me cum. Ungh!” I plead with her.

“Hmmm. So nice” she remarks.

Or a moment she just smiles at me as I endure the sweet agony.

Ok stroke it some more for me. Let’s see if it’s bigger or smaller after the third edging. Then we can go shower.

This time she just sits in front of me and gazes into my eyes, smiling, as I slowly stroke my way back to the edge again.

When I take my hand away for the third edge she grasps my cock and measures it.

Sobbing, I cry “Please don’t make me cum” over and over, my cock twitching, until she pulls the measure away and releases my cock.

“Thank you. Thank you for not making me cum” I pant.

“You’re welcome.” She says softly.

A minute passes before I can breathe vaguely normally.

“Let’s go get in the shower” she suggests.

Numbly I follow her to the bathroom. This morning she turns on the shower and towel warmer for us. I just lean against the wall. This multiple edging each morning is taking a toll on me.

I sit on the toilet when it is my turn. It takes a good two minutes to relax enough to be able to urinate.

When I get into the shower she is nearly done. Surprisingly, she stays in the shower with me instead of getting out.

“So, I got to thinking about yesterday morning. Tell me what made that tease particularly hot Bostancı escort for you?”

“Wow. Let me contemplate that for a moment” I say, trying to collect my thoughts. I soap my torso and consider the question.

“So, let’s state the obvious first and foremost. Male genitalia are generally considered abhorrent and threatening by society. There is no way I would ever willingly show mine to anyone who had any chance of being afraid, offended, or repulsed. There are laws against it. It is simply not going to happen.”

“I know that you know these things. You are neither stupid nor abusive to innocent bystanders. So, faced with the scenario, I could expect that each person I approach to ask for the key would be at least somewhat circumspect, and would likely be one or more of: surprised, amused, curious, playful, or excited.

“This seriously changes the dynamics of the interaction. Now I am theoretically presenting myself, and my predicament, to someone for their amusement and pleasure. It is safe for me to be vulnerable. The consequences of this encounter will be minor at worst. I can … enjoy the embarrassment. Savor the fear. Will I be scolded? Will she be amused? Will she refuse to unlock me? Will she want me to do something for her entertainment?”

I pause to contemplate my next words.

“Is that all of it?” Kim prompts.

I take a deep breath “No. This one is tougher to say.”

“Tell me”

“Standard marital agreement: If I’m honest and say it straight out you have to promise not to get mad at me.”

“Ok, I promise”.

“Imagine finding someone who enjoys an activity you enjoy very much. Now you have something more in common and something you might … share. Worse, or maybe better, you named women, so now I have the potential of being … subject to tease and denial from … multiple women. My … predicament is a source of enjoyment for more than just you.”

“Okay” she replies slowly.

Quickly I add “I’m not really looking for that. I love you and I love what we do together and I’m happy. There is, however, a male … impulse or fantasy for … ‘more is better’ … even when … it is … teasing. It’s really a form of … extreme flirting.”

Everyone wants attention from the opposite sex. Men need it and are supposed to not admit it and just buck up and take it when it is … teasing or … mocking. It’s better than the absence of attention.

I look at her seriously and ask “Now I have to know: You aren’t really thinking about doing any of what you said are you?”

“No, not really. But I have been thinking it might be nice to have some people in our lives who share our interests that aren’t just in an online chat room.”

“I can agree with you there.”

A long moment of silence passes.

Kim broke the silence. “So, if I knew someone else who was safe, would you want to know all the details in advance or is more surprise better? “

“For real? First, I would need to be absolutely certain you were aware of everything that was happening and had your complete approval. If I could trust in that, then again, I could take the leap of faith and enjoy the fear, embarrassment, and surprise.”

“Okay” Kim says.

“So, who were you thinking of?”

“I’m not sure yet. And besides” she says with a smirk “telling you would ruin the surprise.”

At that point she steps out of the shower and starts to dry off with the towel. I stay to shave and finish washing. As she dries her legs she pointedly faces away from me and bends all the way over to show me her beautiful ass and sex.

Down boy, I think to myself.

She dresses and leaves the room and I finish my shower. As I am stepping out of the shower she comes back in with the chastity device.

“It is so important these days to properly secure your belongings. Especially if you don’t want other people using them. I have a cock and set of balls I’d like to lock up. I certainly wouldn’t want just anyone playing with them while I’m at work today.”

We both grin as she pulls my scrotum through the ring.

“Give me a hand with this, would you?” she asks.

“Of course, ma’ am” I reply.

A few moments later she places the necklace with the key around her neck and says “There, that should do it.”

I get a peck on the cheek and a smiling “Have a nice day” and she waltzes out of the bathroom.

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