Charitable Spirit

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Cheri was a girl from a good upbringing. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mike were not her real parents, but she had been raised by them since she was 8 years old and called them “mom” and “dad”. They were two very loving people, strong in their faith and love for their religion. The type of people who gave freely of themselves, going out of their way to help those less fortunate. The fact that they weren’t her parents and yet took her in as part of their family… this very personal display of their giving spirt had touch Cheri very deeply.

That’s how Cheri had been raised. It was this example that they had set for Cheri that she tried so hard to emulate. The problem was that this character feature had somehow manifested itself differently in her. She loved helping others, but not in quite the same way as her mom and dad. It was an unusual spirit of giving that Cheri had developed, but one that brought her great happiness as well as those around her.

When she had moved away from home to go to college at barely 18 years old, one of her first priorities was to join a local church. She found one. In Los Angeles, the size of the church was much larger than the one she had attended back home in the Midwest. She quickly made many friends and got involved with lots of different activities.

She loved the charitable spirit she felt deep within herself as she gave everything to helping others. When someone was suffering and she was able to relieve that suffering, she would do whatever it took. She was eager to do all she could to bring some happiness back to their lives. Yes, she really saw herself as a person interested so much in helping her fellow man.

And at this very moment, Tom felt much the same way about her as she felt about herself. This was a girl who really was willing to give everything, and that is what Cheri had done. She had held nothing back. Not even her tight little teenage ass into which he had plunged his rock hard cock. She didn’t even resist or struggle even though he could hear from her little squeals that it was a little painful as he stretched her open. No, she had willingly given herself to him. Tom thought about how not many girls, especially not many as good looking as Cheri, are willing to give themselves over like this for a man to use as he pleased. He agreed that she had found her calling in life.


Earlier that day, Tom had called a friend of his at the church to complain how his wife had once again gone off shopping with her girlfriend. “It seems she’s never here on the weekends,” he complained. “It’s getting very frustrating… if you know what I mean.”

In what seemed like a change of subject his friend suddenly asked him if he knew that cute girl who had just joined the church named Cheri. He had told Tom that this girl could do wonders for a man with a problem. “I was also having some problems with my wife, just like you. She really knew how to help,” he had said to Tom. “Don’t ask anymore questions,” he had urged him. “Just call her.”

Tom thought about it for a little while, then he did call her although he had barely spoken to her before. They talked for a while, then Cheri said to him, “You sound a little unhappy, Mr. Lewis. Is everything OK with you? Is there something I can do?”

Tom paused for a moment, then told her that he had heard from his friend that she had helped him out not long ago. Cheri replied, “Oh, I see. That’s true. I don’t mind helping someone having a problem. Are you having a problem, Mr. Lewis” Then, after a very short pause, “Wait, it’s much better if we talk about it in person. I’ll come over? What’s your address?”

An hour later, she was at his door then sitting on his couch. After a little small talk, Cheri asked him, “So, what’s the matter? Are you having some kind of problems?”

Tom, felt awkward and didn’t know where to start. It almost seemed crazy to think that this girl, young enough to be his daughter, could somehow help out in this problem he was having.

Cheri saw him struggling, so she helped him along. “Is it your wife, Mr. Lewis?” she asked. “That’s what problem your friend was having,” she went on then slid over a little closer to him. In a softer voice, she went on. “Doesn’t she take care of you… you know… sexually…”

Tom’s eyes widened at that. He was surprised, but with barely a pause he answered her question. “Well, we do have sex… sometimes,” he said to her.

“Is it fun for you?” she asked him, a bright smile on her face.

Again, Tom felt very strange sharing this kind of private information with this young girl, but he had gone this far so he decided to see where it was all going. “It’s pretty good, but to tell the truth, she won’t do it any way except the missionary position,” he had told her. “She thinks it’s dirty to do it other ways.”

Cheri’s face showed that she had full sympathy for him. This poor man! Why do so many women deny their husbands what they want and need? “You mean, she never sucks your cock, Mr. Lewis?” she asked him.

Now, Tom was kayseri escort dumbfounded. “No. Not ever,” he said with a little laugh. The idea was inconceivable.

Cheri reached out and took his hand, stroking it in hers. “That isn’t fair to you, Mr. Lewis,” she said. “Do you want her to do that? Do you want her to suck your cock for you?”

Tom’s breathing was getting rougher as his blood immediately began to pulse faster through his body as it responded to her touch. This sexy girl next to him was really starting to get to him and he didn’t know what she… or he… might do next. He finally replied, “Yes. I would like her to do that, but there’s no way. She never would.”

Without another word, Cheri stood up then helped him to his feet. She reached down and quickly slid off his belt and opened his pants. She looked him in the eye as she did, then slowly slid down onto her knees in front of him. She pulled out his cock and stroked it slowly, watching and feeling it grow harder and bigger in her hand. “I don’t know why,” she said as she looked up at him. “It’s such a nice cock. Do you mind if I try sucking it for you?” she asked innocently.

Tom’s mouth had gone very dry and he could barely get out a strangled, “No. I don’t mind.” He watched as Cheri first licked her lips to get them nice and wet, then slid them over his hard cock. She sucked only the head at first, slowly and softly. He could feel her tongue flittering on the sensitive underside as she did.

She pulled free for a moment. “Yes, it is a nice cock,” she said with a smile. Then, she paused a moment and her eyebrows knitted up as if she was thinking about something. “Maybe she thinks that it’s something dirty that girls aren’t supposed to do and doesn’t want to put a dirty thing in her mouth,” she said as she once again pumped his cock with her hand. “But, I don’t think it’s dirty,” she went on. “Do you, Mr. Lewis? Do you think it’s dirty when you put your cock in my mouth?”

This time Tom couldn’t reply. He could only shake his head, then he reached forward and took Cheri’s head in his hands and pulled her forward, pushing his cock back into that young, wet mouth.

She sucked it harder and faster now, taking more of his length into her mouth as she bobbed up and down, coating it with her wet saliva. She twisted her head from side to side a little as she sucked, sometimes pulling free and just letting it brush against her lips as she looked up at him. “Is this what you would like her to do?” she asked him. “Get her down on her knees and have her suck it, just like I’m sucking it for you, Mr. Lewis?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but went back to work on him. She didn’t go too fast at first so that he would last a little longer. She could tell that he wouldn’t be able to hold back for long. Once more she stopped for a moment. “Maybe you just need to make her do it,” she said to him. “Just grab her by the head like you’ve got me right now, and stick your hard cock right into her mouth. Do you think that would work? She wouldn’t have a choice, then, would she! She’d have to do whatever you made her do.”

It was too much for Tom. The sight of this sexy young girl down on her knees in front of him working his hard cock was too much. Shoving his cock back into her mouth, he warned her that he was close. “Oh god, yes! Just like that! That feels too good. I’m going to come now. I can’t hold back, I’m going to come!” His grip tightened on her head, pulling her down harder and more urgently.

Cheri looked up at him as she felt him about to shoot his load. She kept her lips locked around his shaft, sucking until jets of his hot fluid started shooting into her waiting mouth. She let him push her mouth down harder onto his cock as he came and swallowed as much as she could, but it was too much. She had to open her mouth a little to keep from choking and then some of his cum spilled out of her mouth and onto her chin where it dripped off in long strings. She resumed sucking as he calmed down, trying to get every last drop, then slid her mouth free. With her finger, she pushed the stuff on her chin into her mouth and sucked it clean.

Smiling, she looked up at him. “It’s too bad that you came so soon, Mr. Lewis,” Cheri said to him as she stood up. He watched in continued disbelief at what was going on as she slid her top off, then shimmied out of her tight jeans. Her bra and panties came off right after that. “If you didn’t,” she went on as she turned around and got down on all fours on the floor in front of him, her bare pussy and ass facing him, “we could do the other things that your wife won’t let you do.”

Tom looked down at her and thought to himself, “Who the fuck said that I was finished?” He took his still hard cock and stroked it as he looked at that nice, shaved pussy and sexy ass. He wanted more of her and was ready to go.

She spread her legs open wider, opening herself to him as she looked back over her shoulder at his still hard cock. Then, a look came over her face as if it had just occurred to her. “I’ll kayseridekifirmalar.com bet she doesn’t talk dirty to you, either, does she Mr. Lewis?”

This time Tom found his voice. “No, she doesn’t do that,” he said to Cheri. “It’s mostly quiet when we do it.”

Cheri slid a hand under herself and stroked her pussy, sometimes even sliding a finger inside. She made sure that he could see what she was doing. As she did, she asked him, “She doesn’t use words like ‘pussy’? Or ‘cock’?”

Tom shook his head, transfixed as he watched her fingering herself. He saw her fingers start to glisten as her fluid flowed in response to her own touch.

“How about ‘ass’ or ‘tits’? ‘Slut’? ‘Whore’?” She saw him again shake his head no. “Well, then, I know she doesn’t use the word ‘fuck’,” Cheri said matter-of-factly. Then, looking over her shoulder, she said to him, “But I do. I use those words. I don’t mind saying ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’. I don’t mind telling a man to take his cock and shove it in my pussy.”

Cheri slid her hand away from her wet pussy and stretched both arms out in front of her as she talked, her head now turned fully away from him so that she couldn’t see Tom’s reaction to her words. But she knew full well what effect it would have on him. She arched her back and shoved her ass up higher, making herself into an invitation to do as he pleased.

“And, I don’t mind using the word ‘fuck’, Mr. Lewis,” she went on. Then, a short pause and in a softer, pleaful voice, “Like this… Will you fuck me, Mr. Lewis? Please? Fuck me? Will you please fuck my tight little pussy with your big, hard cock!”

Tom had moved closer to her until he was almost standing over her as she said those last words. He used his feet to push her legs open a little wider, then got down onto his knees right behind her. He placed his cock at her opening and pushed against her, but stopped when he realized how right she was about her ‘tight little pussy’. It was going to be a tight a fit for his thick cock.

Cheri didn’t look back, but she did slide her hands behind herself and grabbed each side of her ass, spreading it open wider to help open herself for him. “Do it, Mr. Lewis. Don’t stop. You might have to force that big cock into my tight little pussy, but I know you can do it. Just fuck it. Fuck that slut pussy good and hard. Take it the way you want to take your wife’s pussy!”

Tom’s blood boiled as he heard her filthy mouth urging him on. He took his cock in his hand, and pushed himself harder against her. It took some force, but then suddenly he was inside her. Just barely at first. Only the bulging head had penetrated her.

“OH, YES!” Cheri cried out in a loud groan as she instinctively arched her ass a little higher and spread her legs a little wider. “Yes, Mr. Lewis! Is that how you’d like to give it to your wife?”

Tom practically growled, “Yes, that’s what I’d like to do to her.” Then, he slid out ever so slightly and pushed himself back a little deeper into that tight, velvety glove that seemed custom made to take his cock. Again he pulled out, then pushed in even deeper. It didn’t take long before he had more than half his length buried into her.

Now Cheri pushed herself back up onto her hands and knees, keeping her ass turned up nice and high for him. Now she could look back, her eyes watching what he was doing to her. “Oh, yeah. Do it, Mr. Lewis. Fuck it. Fuck that little pussy. You know that’s what a girl needs. She needs to have her man behind her, fucking her like a dirty little whore. Isn’t that right, Mr. Lewis? Don’t you want your wife to stop being such a proper lady and be a dirty little slut when you fuck her?”

She began rocking back against him to meet each thrust as he pushed himself into her, quickly burying himself up to his full length. Cheri groaned when she finally felt his stomach up against her ass and the tip of his cock deep inside of her. She knew she had all of him now, and wasted no time urging him on even more.

“Come on, Mr. Lewis. I’m not your good little wife anymore. I’m just a naughty little slut. Grab my hips and give it to me good. Fuck that pussy nice and hard. Teach this wife of yours how a man treats a cock-hungry whore.”

Tom happily complied with her request. He grabbed her hips and rammed himself into her good and hard, fucking her pussy like he was determined to get deeper with each thrust. Cheri rocked back into him, pushing her pussy onto him as he slammed into her.

Since he had already come once, Tom was able to last a long time now. He fucked her like that, eventually even slapping her ass at her request. “Spank me!” she said to him. “Teach this naughty bitch a lesson.”

Tom felt his blood pounding harder and faster. His breathing was almost coming in gasps. He knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before he shot another load inside this sexy little slut.

Cheri could also tell that it wouldn’t be much longer for him. That’s when she urged him to do one last thing to make sure he really taught his wife a good lesson. “I think she also needs it in her asshole,” she said to him in a voice that was almost like a command. “You’d like to do that, wouldn’t you, Mr. Lewis? You’d like to take your big hard cock and fuck your wife’s tight little ass, right? You’d like to really show her what a man does with a slut like her, wouldn’t you?”

This took Tom by surprise. He had often fantasized about anal sex, but it was something that he thought was so far from the realm of possibility that even now it took him off guard for a moment. But it didn’t take him long to recover, especially as he watched Cheri once again slide a hand behind herself. But this time, instead of sticking it into her wet pussy, her finger found her asshole and began probing it right in front of his eyes.

“She needs it there, Mr. Lewis,” Cheri said in a voice almost breathless at this point as she finger-fucked her ass. “Give it to her. Fuck her ass, Mr. Lewis. Fuck that little slut’s ass. Fuck it hard.”

Tom slid out and re-positioned himself. Cheri also turned her hips a little until she could feel his cock now pressing into her forbidden opening. She spit on her fingers, then rubbed it around and into her asshole to lube herself up for that hard cock about to enter her there. Tom saw that she was ready, and pushed himself hard against her.

The fit was even tighter than that delicious pussy of hers. This time Tom was the one that reached down and spread her ass open to help accommodate his cock. Cheri was breathing in short breaths and little squeals escaped her mouth as he stretched her opening. He pushed harder until, finally, in a sudden release of pressure, her asshole opened and he slid half his cock into her with one thrust.

“OH, SHIT!” Cheri yelled out. “Oh my fucking god!” It always burned a little at first when she took it that way. Hher ass felt as if it were being stretched so wide that it was about to tear. But she knew that she could take it. She knew it would feel better after a minute. Besides, the burning and the feeling of complete fullness was a tremendous turn-on for her. It made her feel so completely owned by the man at that point. When he took her like this, it was clear that he needed pleasure and that she was going to be made to provide it.

Tom found it hard to fuck her that way at first, so he pulled back out and spit on his cock himself. He made sure he was fully coated with that slippery saliva when he entered her again. This time, he slid in and out of her more easily as he fucked her ass. He once again grabbed onto her hips and began sliding in and out of her, slowly at first then faster and harder as he probed deeper and deeper into her very tight asshole. He also slapped her ass as he fucked her, this time without needing to hear her urge him to do it. Behavior like this needed to be punished with a spanking.

Cheri slid her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy with her fingers as she took it harder and harder. “That’s it. That’s what she needs. Fuck her ass. Fuck it hard. Teach that little slut a lesson about how to properly service a man. Make her take it just like that!”

Tom’s orgasm had been fast approaching before, and now he was even closer to the point of release. He looked down at her, his eyes focused on the sight of his cock filling up that tight, teenage ass of hers. “Goddamn it!” he thought to himself although that was the only clear phrase that came to his mind. Everything else was more a jumble of images and thoughts about how it seemed impossible that she was letting him take her like this. She was truly an amazing girl.

Cheri was the one that sent him over the edge. “Oh shit,” she squealed, then repeated herself talking faster and more urgent as her own orgasm quickly approached. “Oh shit! I’m going to come now. I’m going to come, Mr. Lewis! Don’t stop fucking me. Don’t stop fucking that ass! I’m going to come while you fuck me. I’m going to come while you fuck my ass.” Then her voice turned more into a growl as the orgasm started to hit her and her words were punctuated as he pounded her hard and steady to an orgasm. “… Just ike the dirty… Little… FUCKing… SLUT… I… AM! OH YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!” she screamed at the end as her fingers put a little more pressure on her hard clit to send her over the edge. This time, she spurted a stream of her own juice in a strong, exciting climax that had her wild and shaking with lustful abandon.

Hearing her, then feeling her ass muscles clench on his cock as she came was the last straw that pushed Tom over the edge as well. The first orgasm had come easy for him, but this one took longer. From somewhere much deeper in his balls, he felt the spasms of pleasure begin pumping out another load.

In spite of the way she was moaning and writhing beneath him, trying to get away as her pleasure rose higher and higher, he kept hold of her hips and kept pounding harder and harder into her until finally his own stream of pleasure erupted like a volcano from his cock. He buried himself into her one last time, almost crushing her as he rammed himself in as deep as he could possibly go. He pumped her ass full of his hot come until he had completely emptied himself, this time also screaming at the top of his lungs, “OH FUCK YEEEESSSSS!!!!!:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32