Caught in the Act

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All characters are 18 or older.


She was right at the edge when the knock came at the door. It was John. Before Alexia could say anything, she felt a wave of a tingling sensation rushing through her body, leaving her speechless. John opened the door to find his friend on his guitar, cumming. Her thick legs quivered as her head lay on the head of the guitar, her soaked pussy rubbing against the body, one of the horns against her ass. Her love juice dripped down the guitar and onto the floor. She smiled at him sheepishly, covered in sweat, as she finished in front of him. She finally got up, pushing up her glasses and experiencing aftershocks, and said, “Hi.”

“Hi” was all he could say back, given the awkward situation. As she pulled up her pants, John asked why she was masturbating with his guitar. She said that she was greasing it up, giving it a shine, but John knew this wasn’t true. He walked up to Alexia, who had her pants at her thighs, and hugged her tightly. She asked if he was mad at her, but John just said, “Of course not.” He loosened his hug, and brought his hands to her shoulders. She had her hands on his chest. The two gazed into each other’s eyes, each slightly blushing. John leaned in for a kiss, but Alexia just looked away, allowing his lips to touch her cheek. John was confused, but Alexia was just surprised. She looked back at him, and kissed him. Their muğla escort tongues danced like a couple of ice skaters as Alexia moved her hands from his chest to his belt. She unbuckled it, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Then, she dove in. John let go of her shoulders as well as her lips with a gasp. But Alexia was surprised. He was in her hands. She gently grasped his warm, hard cock as she smiled.

“You’re so hard, John. Why?” John told her it was because she was so beautiful. Not just her face, but her body too. As he said this, he grabbed her ass. It was so thick, especially with it not being in its pants. He felt her cold skin with his warm hands as she gasped. Their bodies touched, her breasts pressing against his chest. He could never stop looking at them. Her tank tops were usually a little small for her, and her partially exposed breasts were the best sight for him. Her hands were everywhere. His pants and underwear fell to the floor, giving Alexia full range of his genitals. One hand slowly masturbated his penis while the other gently held his balls. John’s arm reached around her ass to her pussy, which he vigorously fingered. His hand was violent as her ass shook with the rhythm of him pleasuring her.

She moaned, but not too loudly. She was always the quiet type, but she always let people know when it felt good. Her grip on his penis strengthened as the rhodope-mugla.org two went faster. Alexia couldn’t take it anymore. She turned around and planted herself against his wall. She exposed her ass to him as he continued to finger it, this time with more detail in his movements. She occasionally felt his dick slide up has ass, and she shook. It was so warm, and she was so cold. He went faster and faster before Alexia grabbed his dick. They were close, and Alexia turned around and said, “Slow down. I wanna cum together. Her hands were on a couple of records, her face on another. John nodded, and moved his dick to her pussy. It was so wet and flushed red. So much meat in the lips, and her opening was wide. Her inner thighs were soaked as well with her juice and her sweat. John had his head in her lips, and was rubbing it around the opening.

“Come on, John! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big, hard-“

She couldn’t finish the sentence, she was gasping. John plunged his dick in her tight cunt. It gripped him tightly as he fucked her hard. Her tits shook, occasionally hitting the wall. Eventually, her whole chest was against the wall, and the rhythm of their fucking made some of the records fall to the floor. Alexia inhaled the smell of the old vinyl, and turned her head to John. He couldn’t take his eyes off her ass as he plunged his dick deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She told him to wait, and pulled him out of her. She turned around, and had her head against the wall. She took off her shirt, John did the same. She still had her bra on, which she removed slowly, it got to the point when her breasts became free of her tight bra, and they shook as the tight bra was released. They jiggled, her nipples hard and red. John leaned in and caressed them, sucking on them. He then lifted her leg, and went back in. They continued fucking against the wall, records falling, bodies jiggling, John sucking on Alexia’s tits. Occasionally, he’d lean in and kiss her neck, which turned her on even more. The fucking went on until there were no more records on the walls before the two began moaning louder. John spoke first:

“Are you-?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m cumming!”

“I’m about to!”

“You are? Well, cum inside!”

The two kept fucking, but John pounded her harder, going as deep as he can. Alexia, kept telling him to cum inside as she came herself. Her juices flowed more than before, and the pressure of John’s dick made them shoot out. Eventually, John finally came inside her. He coated her insides with his semen as he felt his warmth fill her. Exhausted, the two collapsed immediately to he floor. They embraced each other as John continued to cum onto the carpet, the semen still in Alexia was dripping out of her, their legs intertwined as they kissed once more. They were sweaty, tired, and experiencing orgasm aftershocks.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They kissed once more.

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