Catherine Ch. 18


I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch, and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 18

I thought I’d surprise you.

Four hours is a long time, and driving by myself with the cruise control set at ten miles an hour over the interstates posted speed limit, my favorite CD playing, the large coffee I bought at the convince store when I stopped to top of the fuel tank slowly getting cold, you have a lot of time to think. And I’m thinking about all the different forces pulling me in all the different directions, with different emotions. Sally and Erin, Catherine and me.., where is that going.

Sally, she still cares; last night’s sex demonstrated that, as I care about her. Catherine…, that woman rocks my world! Then it’s always that possibility of our unit getting activated. And with a little over three years left before I have my twenty…, it will be a miracle if we don’t. But it’s the life I’ve chosen; and it’s definitely costs me…, both physically and emotionally. But I can deal with it.

But now there’s something else getting my attention…, and it may cost me even more. But I guess luck is on my side tonight as the cruiser coming up behind me, red and blues lights flashing flying down the road like a bat out of hell, until almost out of sight , only to see it’s up the next off ramp, taking the over pass, then the on ramp, where is gone in the opposite direction. Hope you stay safe buddy!

Turning into my drive way it’s the flag I see up on the mail box, stopping to retrieve what ever was left. But as I’m walking back to the truck its a double take realizing there’s lights on in the house. I guess tired and distracted by the mail box, I didn’t notice the lights before I got out of the truck. Although the house is not lit up all that much, still some inside light is filtering through the partially closed vertical blinds — I know I turned everything off! The only exceptions are the automatic night lights in each bath room, the hallway outside of Erin’s room, and one in the kitchen near the doors to the deck. So why so much light showing in the house now?

Turning the truck’s head lights off, leaving just the running lights on as I slowly coast down the drive way, pulling into my usual spot in front of the first bay door and bring up the alarm ‘app’ on my cell phone to see the system is showing…, occupied? Pushing the button on the rear view mirror the garage door begins to open with the lights coming on inside, and outside along with my; holy shit, what is that doing…, and why…, I thought…?

Taking my things from the truck, it’s using my elbow to push the ‘close’ button for the garage door, at the same time looking at what’s parked in the bay next to the one I’m standing in; shaking my head in surprised disbelief at what I see. So it’s up the ramp, using my hip against the panic bar to open the door into the laundry room. Then down the hall where I see across the great room to the far hallway the lights on in the master bed room. And along with that, is the aroma of fresh brewed coffee coming from the kitchen. Oh well, I guess the woman really does like me a lot!

An with just a momentary stop to see if anyone’s was in the kitchen, it’s down the hall into the master bedroom, to see the bathroom door slightly ajar, with the sound of the running water in the shower. So first setting my over night bag on the bed, then taking my two garment bags to hang them in my closet, then the overnight bag, witch I set on the floor just inside the closet door. It’s back up the hallway, taking my jacket off as I go to hang it in the hall closet. From there it’s into the kitchen to pour a cup of that fresh smelling coffee.

Then with coffee, cream and sugar in a coffee mug, it’s back to the bedroom, where I’ll sit in one of the arm chairs to slip my shoes off before sitting back with the coffee cup in my hands thinking about her gorgeous, wet glistening body turning under the shower stream just like she was Friday morning. But it’s only a few minutes later when the sound of the running water in the shower ceases.

Then it’s her shadow moving around in the bathroom showing through the partially open door with a flash of bare arm moving a towel, disappearing, reappearing until that bare arm reaches for something on the vanity top; her hair brush? Where her bumping the door, opening it a little bit further, and luckily for me at this moment, she’s unable to see to where I’m sitting, but still allowing me to see much more of her as she stands there fussing with her hair.

Putting the brush down, picking it up again to run it through her hair a few more times until she backs away to where she’s just out of my sight line. But just as the door begins to open, it stops, then continues the rest of the way open as she starts to leave the bathroom. Only to suddenly stop to look back once more at herself in sivas escort the mirror. But when turning back to finally leave the bathroom, where its only three steps to her, “OH MY GOD!” With her instantly coming to stop, a startled look on her pretty face, a hand over her mouth is followed by, “Damn You! How long have you been here?” Her excited question.

Picking up my cell phone from the table next to my chair, pointing the camera towards her snapping a picture of this gorgeous creature standing across the room from me. My God, she’s beautiful standing just the way she is, stark naked, hair loosely laying on her shoulders, no makeup, perfect thirty-four-C breast, taut raspberry nipples, curve of her waist, flare of her hips, my eyes now drawn to her bikini triangle of pubic hair, mouth watering full camel-toe, gorgeous long legged beauty taking my breath away.

“Oh, maybe ten minutes or so; and you,” replying back to her.

That startled look changing to a broad smile as she starts towards me completely at ease in her nakedness, “Oh, maybe a little more than an hour, ” she says, as she glances over at the numbers showing in the alarm clock.

Then her look back to me, “I thought I’d surprise you,” she says. “But you.., you shit! Surprised me! So why didn’t you let know, or say something like, Oh Catherine I’m home.”

“Well with you being in the shower, I figured saying or doing something might startle you, so I thought I’d just wait for you to get out. In the mean time I put my things in the closet, then went back for a cup of this delicious coffee; thank you! Want some? As I hold the cup out to her.”

“Thank you, Yes…, I need it after you scared the crap out of me! And damn it, stop laughing!” She scolds me.

“I’m sorry Catherine, I should have at least let you know I was here after you got out of the shower. Where suddenly, she realizes I’m holding my phone where she ask, “Were you going to call me while I was in the shower?” She ask.

“No,” to her question.

“Then why the phone in your hand?” She quizzes.

Not answering her question as we stare back and forth at each other until she ask, “Did you take a picture of me?” A little strain in her voice saying it.

Still not answering, only turning the camera around so she can see her beautiful naked self on the screen, “Why you sneaky…”

“Catherine, I couldn’t resist!” Honestly telling her.

Breaking into what she was about to call me.

“Catherine, you were just so…, heart stopping beautiful in that perfect moment of candid surprise I just had to catch it. But settle down I’ll delete it right now.”

“An how many pictures have you taken of me…, like this?” As she sweeps a hand across the front of herself, meaning naked.

“Well…, as far as my collection goes?”

“WHAT…, Collection…, what collection?” She demands.

“Yes, my whole collection of one! The one…,YOU, sent me from your hotel room the time you were in San Antonino.” Where a crack of a smile begins to form in the corners of her mouth.

“You still have that?” She ask.

“Yes. After I said I would delete it, only for you to tell me I could keep it.”

“You’re telling me the truth,” she ask.

“Catherine, I would never lie to you, or do anything to break your trust in me.”

With out her reply as I turn the phone around and start to delete the photo, “Wait!” She tells me. “Let me see it again.”

Holding the phone out it’s her taking it from my hand, where she studies the picture for a few seconds before, “It’s really not a bad picture of me…, don’t you think?” She ask.

“Bad picture? Catherine, there’s not a damn thing bad about you lady. You’re beautiful, and lady, you rock my world!”

Biting her lower lip at what I just said, followed by that gorgeous smile, she hands the phone back to me with her exchanging the phone for the coffee cup I’ve offered. “You can keep it. Just please, don’t let anyone else see it; promise?” She ask.

“I promise, and I’ll take it off the phone…, but…, I’ll add it to my collection first.” teasing her.

“Swaggart…, you are such a shit! But, just so you know…, that’s not the first picture taken of me when I was like this.” As she raises the coffee cup as if she were giving me a toast, puts it to her lips and takes a sip of, which is now most likely cold coffee.

Nodding my head acknowledging her gesture thinking, I would bet it isn’t Catherine! And by whom…, I bet I know that too!

Handing me back the cup, its with her bending over to brace herself with her out stretched arms, hands gripping the chair arms, “I forgive you for scaring me like that. But don’t you dare scare me like that again. There will be consequences to your body. And if you laugh, I’ll smack you silly!” She threatens.

I can’t help but laugh anyway, but there’s no smack. Instead, she leans in closer to give me a soft kiss on the lips followed with, “I’m glad you’re back home and safe! I’ve missed https://sivashabersitesi.com you, and I’m also in very desperate need of you!” She tells me.

Placing my hand behind her head, pulling her in closer to me, our mouth’s meeting, first just lightly, then harder, then exploding into a long period of mouth mauling, tongues fighting in each others mouth passionate kissing, that has, what was just a stirring of my dick in my pants, to now, my hard on very impatiently straining within the confines of those pants.

When breaking from this raping of each others mouth, to her breathlessly asking, “Did I tell you I missed you?”

“Yes, I think I heard that. And thank you, I missed you too,” telling her.

“Okay, did I also tell you I’m in desperate need of you,” her asking now.

“I may have heard that too,” replying.

“Well than God damn it! Why aren’t you doing something about it?” Her demand.

With my hand still behind her head, pulling her back to me, her beautiful sexy mouth parting to meet mine, at the same time my other hand reaches to hold her perfect breast, it’s raspberry nipple hard against the palm. And with only a gentle squeeze to that perfect breast, a soft, almost inaudible, “Oh My God,” escapes from her beautiful mouth just before her lips contact mine.

But instead of a full on, nothing held back, passionate of want and desire, it’s a tease of her tongue just touching my mouth. Damn, she knows how to turn up the heat! But as I move into her, trying to catch that teasing tongue, she pulls back slightly, frustrating my effort at catching it. But a thumb and finger putting pressure on a taut nipple, stops her with a slight twist of her torso, halting her retreat from my pursuing mouth. Allowing mine to catch hers, as a slight whimper is heard in her throat before locking our mouths in another exploding mouthful of tongue filled kissing.

Slumping back into the chair with my hand still holding her head pulling her to me where she has to shift her hands further up the arms of the chair, stretching her out over me as I’m shifting my hand from that full breast to tease my fingers over and down her belly, finger nails lightly scratching raising goose bumps behind them, finds the soft hairs of that trimmed pubic triangle. Where it’s brushing those soft hairs back and forth with my fingers before continuing over the full smooth fleshy fat peach of her vulva. Then a little bit further, the tip of her swollen, ‘girly-dick.’ Where just my slight touch of the pad of my middle finger to it brings on her sudden breath intake as she jerks her hips from its touch.

“Damn You!” Is breathed back into my mouth.

But now it’s her breaking away, yanking hard on my hands wanting me to get out of the chair. With that it’s rapping her up in my arms, squeezing her into me with my mouth back onto hers; at the same time, walking her backwards until the back of her knees meet the the end of the bed has both of us falling onto it, my six foot four, two-hundred thirty-five pound body laying heavily on top of her, our mouths still locked while rolling her over, pulling her on top of me; our mouths never leaving each others. But when breaking this long, very intense mauling of each others mouth, “It took you long enough to get caught up in my desperate need of you!” She says, breathless excitement in her voice.

“Well…, you certainly know how to light my fire Catherine!” Then rolling her back over as we pick up right from where we just left off with those hard deep tongue filled kisses starts what I love doing; exploring her beautiful body. An OH the way she feels under my hands as they glide over her curves, hollows, swell of her breast, nipples caressed by the palms of my hands, getting hard under my touch while deliberately staying away from her most sensitive parts, those between her legs.

I love the way she sounds, her words, sighs, a whimper, a deep moan into my mouth as my hand makes it’s way down over her belly, where this time, not stopping at the soft hair of her pubic mound, only to continue down over it till my fingers are slippery with her creamy wetness! How I love the way she gets so wet when she’s turned on like this; it actually dribbles out of her! But come to think of it, she’s turned on like this every time we’re together. Does this mean she really, really likes me! Or, just really, really likes to fuck me

I’ll take both!

Probing two finger into her pussy, gathering more of her creamy wetness, sliding them back and forth through her slit, over, and around her “girly-dick,” with just enough pressure to make her body twitch, she whimpers into my mouth, almost begging me to get her off. But, oh, no lady! Keeping her on edge like this is just the way I want her; knowing she loves it too. My two fingers and hand vigorously working in and over to the sloushy sounds coming from her throughly finger fucked cunt, leg up, leg pulled back, leg wide, leg quivering in the air, shes on the edge of delirium.

But now it’s my whole hand squeezing the mound of her pussy, the heal of my thumb pressing down hard on her, “girly-dick,” forcing her mouth off of mine to her sharp cry with her hips humping against my hand. Then a flash of, why not; Sally loves it!

Where I’m off her, and onto my knees telling her, “Lift them, pull your legs back Catherine!” No question, no words from her as she’s doing what I told her. Where it’s working those two finger of my right hand back and forth in her pussy, coating them with her creamy wetness; but thats not where it stops.

Because now with those fingers well coated with her pussy’s copious creamy wetness, it’s first the middle finger of my right hand that worms its way into her clenching butt hole. Gets it’s her crying out, “Bobby NO!” Bringing her part way up off the bed. Where I stop that using my upper body and left shoulder to hold her down; her movement to late to keep my long middle finger from getting all the way into her butt hole right to the webbing where finger meets the palm.

Again she screams, ” Bobby NO!”

But when my mouth clamps over her, “girly-dick” has her ass bucking back against my hand, its middle finger well lodged in her butt hole, her, “Bobby NO’s,” suddenly changing to, “OH MY GOD’s!” Her sphincter pulsing around that well lodged finger; damn she’s tight!

But it’s not over for her yet!

It’s the combination of my mouth sucking on her, ‘girly-dick.’ My middle finger moving back and forth, fucking her ass hole, my index finger coated with her creamy wetness flowing out of her cunt, begins working in beside it’s brother that’s already loosening her tight butt hole, joining in with it, loosening her butt hole even more.

I think she’s about to lose her fucking mind from the intense pleasure of now two fingers in her ass, my tongue lapping at, or my mouth sucking on her, ‘girly-dick.’ Because what’s coming out of her mouth, screams and cries, along with her bucking herself back against my mouth, my fingers fucking her ass, will have her going over the edge into orgasmic oblivion any moment.

Fist balling up the bed covers, back arching up, head pressed back hard into the mattress, its there; and it’s explosive, her orgasmic squirt. MY GOD! My thought! She couldn’t get any more beautiful than she is right now!

Try and tell me I don’t love her!

Wiping my mouth with my hand, that surprised pussy squirt soaking my mouth and chin. I sit here on my knees looking back over this beauty thinking, Catherine is at her most beautiful when her orgasm takes over of her body. Her twisting, writhing, like a snake, her hands now covering her pussy like she’s holding in the pure intense pleasure of it all. She lays there, chest rising and falling to her heavy breathing, the weight of her leg draped over my shoulder, her to weak to move it.

When turning my head I kiss the inside of her wet thigh it’s hearing her, “You’re Killing me Swaggart!”

“That’s my line, Parker!” Telling her.

With that she’s up with her hands on each side of my head, where she leans into me, placing a crushing kiss on my mouth., “Yes! And that’s just about what I’m going to do to you,” she says, suddenly breaking the kiss.

“Now get the fuck up and get those damn clothes off, and be damn quick about it!” She orders. Follows that up by another hard kiss.

“Get up.., get up, and hurry up about it too!” More insistent in her order.

I love it…,I just love it! Trying to hold in my laughter.

Still it’s taking my time getting my shirt buttons undone and pulled out of the waist band of my jeans while she’s frantically working at the the front them, getting them open to work my aching hard-on into her hands and takes it into her mouth, working her magic over my cock.

Standing here, my shirt not even part way off, looking down at the top of her head moving around along with feel of her mouth trying to suck the life out of me through my dick. Where its almost all I can do to keep from giving in to the exquisite pleasure of her oral love making; I swear the woman was born to this!

Back to removing my shirt, is followed with my tee shirt up and off over my head leaves me standing here half naked, my jeans down only as far as she needed them in her eagerness to get my cock in her mouth.

Sliding off the bed onto her knees in front of me, working hard at devouring my cock, arms up, hands splayed over my stomach, then around my waist, gripping my butt cheeks, trying to pull me deeper into her mouth.

MY GOD, how does she do that? Swirls in my head like it’s done so many times before.

Her mouth, her beautiful mouth, doing such incredible things to my cock, has my head slowly tipping back looking up at the ceiling, as in my mind I’m trying to cut off everything running from the head of my dick, up my spine, working to over come my resistance to cum — I know she’ll take my sole this time if I give in!

But it’s the pressure of her hand tightly wrapped around the base of my dick that blocks the hammer from hitting the firing pin that would have fired off the explosion of seaman into her mouth. Is it a great sigh of disappointment…, or relief that my sole is still with in me.

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