Cassidy’s Physical Exam


Cassidy waited in the doctor’s reception area with a mixture of confidence, anticipation and some nervousness. This was surprising as she was an experienced RN, very familiar with doctors’ offices and hospitals. However, this was not a normal physical exam she was waiting for.

In fact, it was part physical and part final job interview. Cassidy had recently accepted a new position with Medical Angels of Maine, or MAM. MAM provided much needed medical services to underserved communities throughout the state, from urban centers like Portland and Lewiston to remote Passamaquoddy Indian reservations. After working in doctors’ offices and hospitals for most of her career, MAM appealed to Cassidy’s altruistic instincts and her need to help the less fortunate. And it also provided a nice pay increase which would help her finally pay off her student loans.

Each RN at MAM was paired with a doctor who would be her mentor and partners as they called on patients in community health centers or sometimes even in their homes. This always involved travel and occasional overnight travel, so the pairing of doctors and RNs was important. It wasn’t just a matter of professional competence, it was more a matter of personality fit. Of course, Cassidy and the other recent hires asked the experienced RNs at their mandatory 2 week training session in Portland about the different doctors.

Some were described as real taskmasters who demanded a great deal and others were more easy going and friendly. The intell on Dr. Farr, whom Cassidy had been initially paired with and in whose reception area she was now waiting, was decidedly mixed. Some staff described him as “unorthodox” and while others said he was wonderful to work with. One told Cassidy that he was simply not everyone’s cup of tea. Another looked Cassidy up and down, at her pretty face, bright blue eyes, long brunette hair and her slim, athletic figure, and said, “I’m sure Dr. Farr will like you very much. The question is whether you’ll like him.” This lack of consensus made her that much more nervous.

Just then, Dr. Farr’s assistant walked into the room and said,

“Ms. Kelly? Please follow me.”

Cassidy stood and followed her into an exam room. The assistant, Staci, smiled warmly and said,

“Dr. Farr will be in shortly, but let’s take your vitals first.”

This put Cassidy at ease as it was something she had done hundreds, if not thousands, of times herself. Staci’s efficient, but also warm and engaging manner also helped as she took Cassidy’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

“Great, passed with flying colors.” She said smiling. “Dr. Farr will be with you shortly.”

Knowing that this meant at least 10-15 minutes, Cassidy picked up a copy of Women’s Health and began flipping through the pages of beautiful, fit, young women working out, running or hiking. (If only they could see the shape of the women I see every day, she thought, they would have more realistic photos in their magazine.) She then flipped the page to the “10 ways to drive your man crazy in bed” article which seemed to be a requirement is every women magazine. She had read dozens of these articles, but this one was better than most as a few of the “10 things” involved the type of kinky things she loved most. As she read on, she felt herself becoming slightly aroused.

Just then, a knock on the door and Dr. Farr walked in. Cassidy hurriedly closed the magazine and set it aside and looked up. She was suddenly relieved when she looked at Dr. Farr as he smiled brightly and extended his hand.

“Welcome to MAM, Ms. Kelly. We are all looking forward to having you join the team!”

“Thank you, doctor. I’m looking forward to it as well!” Cassidy replied with genuine enthusiasm.

It was not only the warmth of his greeting that reassured Cassidy, it was his looks. He had grey hair and was clean shaven in his late 50s or early 60s and looked every inch the kind and caring GP you’d see on a TV show. Once handsome, he was the type of man who had aged well through a combination of exercise, a healthy lifestyle and good genes of course.

Dr. Farr sat down opposite Cassidy and looked at the chart in his hands.

“Very good reports from your training session, Ms. Kelly. High marks, positive attitude, worked smoothly with others and clearly a compassionate person. Just the sort of person we look for.”

Cassidy beamed at his praise.

“Thank you, doctor, I really enjoyed everyone one at MAM.”

Dr. Farr glanced down at the chart again and said, “Vitals all good, your labs came back with no issues and you appear to be a very fit and healthy 29 year old woman.”

Cassidy beamed again.

“Let’s see now, what do you do for exercise?”

“Well, I run a bit. Not marathons or anything like that, and I also hike and do yoga.”

“All excellent activities, and we’ll be doing some flexibility tests so I’m sure the yoga will show that.”

“How about your nutrition?”

“I eat very healthily, lots of fruits and vegetables and I’m a pescatarian,” Cassidy replied.

“Very Ataşehir escort bayan good, I’m happy to hear that. We all need our protein and fish is an excellent choice, although I admit to an occasional craving for real flesh myself.”

“Are you sexually active Ms. Kelly?”

Cassidy was slightly taken aback by the question since this wasn’t her OBGYN, but she simply replied, “Yes.”


“Yes, doctor.”

“To a man or a woman?”

“To a man, doctor,” Cassidy responded thinking this Dr. Farr was enlightened for his age.

Dr. Farr looked up into her eyes and said, “What a lucky man he must be.”

Cassidy blushed deeply and looked down.

“Excellent blush response Ms. Kelly! That’s a sign of good circulation. And we will be testing your circulation later.”

“Good, now that the preliminaries are done, let’s move on to the physical exam. Please undress and I’ll return in a couple of minutes.”

“Everything, doctor?”

“Yes, everything, Ms. Kelly, this will be a thorough exam,” he said as he left the room.

Cassidy began undressing, pulling her purple cotton dress over her head and folding and laying it down carefully. Next, she unclasped her light purple bra, took it off and lay it on her dress and finally stepped out of her matching lace panties. She looked around for a standard hospital gown, but finding none, simply sat on the edge of the exam table. She picked up the magazine again and began reading the “10 things” article. Then she thought, “No, the last thing I want is to be even a little bit aroused before my physical” and she put the magazine down.

After a couple of minutes, Dr. Farr knocked and came in. He didn’t even glance at Cassidy’s naked body as he approached her. He took out his light and examined both of her beautiful blue eyes and then said,

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue please.”

Cassidy did so, and Dr. Farr chuckled and teased,

“C’mon Ms. Kelly, you know what to say.”

Kelly blushed and said, “Ahhhh…”

“There you go Ms. Kelly, a little humor never hurts.”

He then reached out and took her face in both his hands. He began examining her face, brows, cheekbones, nose, lips and ears closely – as if he were a blind man trying to determine what she looked like. His hands moved down to her throat and he checked her lymph nodes.

“Everything seems top notch Ms. Kelly,” he said as his hands cupped her small beautiful breasts and he began gently massaging and feeling them.

“How often do you self-examine Ms. Kelly?” he asked and he continued to feel her breasts.

“Oh, at least once a month doctor.” Cassidy replied.

“That’s good and it’s important even at you age,” he said as his fingers started to massage each of her nipples.

Cassidy gasped as he increased the pressure on her nipples and she couldn’t help but lean back in pleasure thrusting her breasts out further. She also thought, “My, this is getting unorthodox.”

“Although it is rare, Paget’s disease – or cancer of the nipples – should also be checked for regularly,” Dr. Farr remarked letting go of her erect nipples.

“Whew…” Cassidy thought as she waited for what might come next.

“Okay, please scoot up on the table and lay down.”

She did as she was instructed and waited a bit nervously as she had never lain nude on her back while a male doctor examined her.

Dr. Farr proceeded to palpitate her stomach, and sides and then moved down to her pubic area. He felt gently around her vulva and moved his hands down to her labia.

“I think we’ll save the initial vaginal exam for a bit later,” he said withdrawing his hands. “So why don’t you flip over and we can begin the circulation exam.”

Cassidy flipped over on her tummy and wondered what a circulation exam would entail.

“We’ll use the standard 10 point scale for perception of pain, so you’ll give me a number each time I strike your buttocks with my hand. And we’ll use the deSade color scale to measure skin tone.”

“The deSade color scale…?” Cassidy thought. “What the fuck is that?”


“Ouch!” Her thoughts were interrupted as Dr. Farr spanked her on the ass hard. “Oh my god,” she thought, “Should I stop this right now and confront him?”

But receiving a spanking was one of the things that turned her on most, so as unorthodox as this was, she knew she’d enjoy it.

“Well, Ms. Kelly, I need a number from you.” Dr. Farr said.

“Oh yes, sorry. That was about a 4,” she replied.



THWACK!! “Owww…that was an 7!”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack!! “Owwww…okay that was an 8!”

“Okay, Ms. Kelly. We’ll stop there. Your buttocks have pinked up nicely to about a level 6, indicating excellent circulation.”

“Now if you’ll turn over, we can start the manual dexterity exam. Let me find the pegboard…”

Dr. Farr looked around the exam room and opened drawers and cabinets but clearly was not finding what he was looking for.

“Oh Escort Ataşehir well, I can’t seem to find the pegboard, so we will have to improvise. To make the test comparable, we’ll have to add some sensory deprivation and manual restrictions, okay?”

“I’m sure whatever you do will be fine,” Cassidy replied with a smile thinking she knew where this was going and knowing she would enjoy it.

“Good, I’m glad you’re flexible,” Dr. Farr said with a knowing look at Cassidy. “Please put on this blindfold,” he said handing her a black blindfold from his pocket.”

Cassidy complied dutifully.

“Now put out your hands with your palms facing each other.”

Cassidy did as she was told and felt her hands being bound together.

“Very good Ms. Kelly. Now if you’ll step down from the table and kneel on the floor, we can begin.”

He held his hand out and steadied the blindfolded Cassidy as she stepped down from the exam table and knelt on the floor.

Cassidy knew exactly what was coming and not only was she not bothered, she was looking forward to it. “Unorthodox is a mild description!” she thought.

“Good, we’ll see how well you can navigate some simple manual tasks, but with the added challenge of the blindfold and having your hands bound. Please unbuckle my belt and pull it through the loops one by one, not all at once.”

Cassidy unbuckled the belt with minimal difficulty and then reached out and pulled the first part through the first loop with no problem. However, when she got to the second loop she found it difficult to simply pull as if something was holding it back. So she felt along the belt and found there were small metal studs every inch or so.

“Ohh… now I understand who this man is and what he’s doing,” she thought with a mixture of excitement and a little fear. “He’s a dom. He’s testing me to see just how submissive and subservient I am. How did he know…?

Cassidy, in fact, was very submissive in the bedroom and liked nothing more than being used by a strong dominant man. Although she hadn’t given any indication to Dr. Farr or anyone else at MAM, she and her husband were both polyamorous and each of them had lovers. Her current lover was an older grey-haired man whom she was kinky with in a dominant/submissive dynamic.

As she continued slowly taking off his belt, Cassidy thought through the possibilities. On the one hand, it might be awkward working for and traveling with a man who clearly wanted her as his sexual submissive. What would the day-to-day work dynamic be like? On the other hand, she was extremely attracted by Dr. Farr and she could never get enough sex, especially kinky sex. And given her long job search and generally busy schedule, she was seeing less and less of her current lover. Traveling with this man would both satisfy her sex drive and do away with trying to find a time to fit her lover into her hectic schedule.

Without even realizing she’d made a decision, she pulled Dr. Farr’s crotch towards her as she unlooped his belt in the back and she nuzzled his hard cock through his pants.

“Good girl,” Dr. Farr purred as he placed his hands behind her head and pulled it towards him.

She had made her decision and proceeded to take off his belt as quickly as she could. When it was off, she reached up to unbutton his pants.

Without warning, Dr. Farr slapped her hands down.

“Did I ask you to do that, Ms. Kelly?”

“No sir, doctor sir. I’m sorry,” she responded.

“You must always follow my instructions, do you understand?” he responded pleased that she was now substituting “sir” for “doctor.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl, you may now unbutton my pants and pull them and my shorts down to my ankles.”

Cassidy did as he asked and soon his hard cock sprang out. She reached out excitedly but Dr. Farr slapped her hand down again.

“What did I just tell you?” he said with a trace of anger in his tone.

“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again,” Cassidy responded in a soft chastened voice.

“Good, now form a nice tight “O” with your mouth. We will test your muscular resistance and your gag reflex.”

Cassidy followed his instructions, pleased he was continuing with this medical role play rather than just shoving his cock down her throat.

She suddenly felt the fleshy, slight damp head of his cock against her lips. He began pushing it slowly into her mouth.

“Keep the “O” and keep the resistance, Ms. Kelly.”

He steadily increased the pressure of his cock against Cassidy’s lips until she could resist no longer and his cock slid all the way into her warm, wet mouth. Cassidy heard him moan in satisfaction as he began to rock his hips back and forth and his hard cock in and out of her mouth as he placed his hands on the back of her head. Holding her head tight, he gave a powerful thrust and kept his cock all the way down her throat for 5…10…15 seconds until she finally gagged.

“Excellent, excellent Ms. Kelly. You’ve done very well!” he said as he pulled his dripping Ataşehir Rus Escort wet cock from her mouth.

Cassidy couldn’t help but smile broadly as she looked up at Dr. Farr through her blindfold.

“Hop back up on the exam table,” he said pulling Cassidy up by her hair. “It’s time for your vaginal exam.”

Cassidy eagerly got back on the table, lay down, put her knees up and spread her legs in excited anticipation.

“You’re an eager little bunny, aren’t you?” Dr. Farr chuckled.

He knelt down and began gently massaging and kneading her beautiful shaved pussy. He ran his hands over her vulva, then gently parted her outer labia with his thumbs and ran them up and down and parted her inner labia revealing her bright pink wet vaginal canal. Using one finger, he moved up her wet slit and started gently rubbing her clit.

Cassidy began to moan softly as Dr. Farr increased the pace, and then more as he inserted one finger in her vaginal canal and traced it along the roof of her vagina to her G spot and moved both fingers back and forth. After about 5 minutes of stimulation and moans from Cassidy, he gently removed both fingers.

“Well, it appears you need greater clitoral stimulation than my fingers are providing, Ms. Kelly.”

With that Cassidy soon felt his mouth on her clit and his tongue lapping up her slit and flicking over her clit with one finger deep inside her massaging her G spot. Dr. Farr was a patient man and he licked, nibbled and sucked for 10 minutes until Cassidy’s soft moans turned louder and she began to buck her hips and pulled his head just where she wanted him with her bound hands.

“Yes, yes, yessss!! Oh my god, yes, that feels so good!!” Cassidy was practically screaming.

Dr. Farr could feel her tense and pulse her pussy around his finger until finally a huge orgasm washed over her in wave after wave. When he was sure she was completely done, he pulled his finger away slowly and stood up.

“Thank you, doctor,” she whispered.

“You’re more than welcome, Ms. Kelly. I’m so glad you appreciate a thorough exam,” he said in return.

“Now we only have one final test and then we’ll be done.”

Cassidy was certain what this final test would entail – and that would ensure his final pleasure.

“Please put your knees together and pull them up to your chest and turn on your side away from me.”

Dr. Farr started to wrap her ankles together and then her thighs just above the knees and then she heard the sound of scissors and something being cut. “Kerlix medical wrap.” she thought.

Cassidy’s ass was now facing him on the edge of the exam table and she was blindfolded and bound hand and foot.

“This final exam will test your vaginal elasticity after it has been well lubricated Ms. Kelly.”

Soon she felt his cock head press against her tight pussy, made so much tighter by being bound the way she was. He pushed his cock in and marveled at how tight she felt now. He slowly and steadily began to move his cock in and out, teasing her by taking it all the way out for a second and then thrusting it all the way in.

Dr. Farr was as patient for himself as he was for her. He fucked her slowly, sometimes pulling her ass towards him to match his rhythm and sometimes pulling her head back roughly by her hair. His rhythm slowly increased and his thrusts went deeper as his cock entered her again and again and his thighs slapped against her beautiful little ass.

He fucked her steadily for 15 minutes until his pace became a frenzy of thrusting.

Cassidy could barely believe how good this felt – being fucked this long and hard with her hands, ankles and thighs bound together and her pussy made so tight.

Dr. Farr hardly made a sound himself, just the slapping sound of his thighs on her ass, until low grunts accompanied each hard thrust until a final low primal groan as he came pumping waves of cum inside her.

He took a minute to catch his breath as he rested his hands on her ass and then slowly pulled his dripping cock from her pussy.

He went to the sink, ran some water and cleaned himself off and put his clothes back on as Cassidy lay tied and still blindfolded on the table, feeling his warm cum drip out of her onto the exam table.

He looked at her for a few long moments, so young, beautiful, naked and so used.

The next thing she heard was scissors cutting through the kerlix and releasing her.

“Put your clothes on Ms. Kelly and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

Cassidy was still shaking from the additional orgasms she had being fucked and being so completely used. But she slowly put her clothes back on and being the efficient nurse she was, she pulled the paper down the exam table and balled up and discarded the sex stained paper she had been lying on and sat back down.

After a few minutes, Dr. Farr knocked and entered the room closing the door behind him.

Without giving any indication of what had just happened for the past 45 minutes, he said,

“Congratulations Ms. Kelly, you passed your physical exam with flying colors and that was the final step in the on-boarding process. I look forward to working with you.”

And with that he shook her hand and prepared to leave. But Cassidy leapt off the table and threw her arms around his neck covering his face with kisses.

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