Cabin Trip Ch. 03


I don’t know how long it took me to get to sleep, but I know that I didn’t get to stay asleep for long. When Sir came to bed, he yanked the nipple clamps off in one sharp motion. I startled awake and yelped loudly, then started to whimper as Sir turned the vibrator up a bit. Sir sighed and shook his head at me. “With that much noise, I’ll never get to sleep. This should help.” He had my ball gag in his other hand, and now set about buckling it onto me. I opened wide as I was trained to do as soon as it came in my sight. I lifted my head once the ball was in place to give him room to fasten it. “Roll over,” he ordered. I did so, slightly awkwardly as my wrists and ankles were still tied to the head and foot of the bed, respectively, but I managed it without too much trouble.

“Just as I guessed,” he sighed. “Your ass is the wrong color again.” He set about spanking me until my ass and a good portion of my thighs were quite red. “Missing something…” he mused. I didn’t need to look up to know what he had in mind. Sir liked to “decorate” my ass with my jeweled butt plugs. “You’re such a dirty little whore that I bet the small one would fall right out. You have done a couple of things right, though, so I think we’ll start with the medium one.” He plunged it into my dripping cunt a few times to get it lubed up, and I gasped and moaned as it rammed into the running vibrator that was competing for space in there.

“You dirty little slut! You’re going to try to cum, aren’t you?” I couldn’t make intelligible speech around the gag, but I mumbled out something that vaguely resembled “No, Sir.” Sir ignored my attempt to communicate. “I think you’re such a little slut that you can’t stop yourself. Let’s find out if you can avoid starting tomorrow with a punishment.” He brought his head right up to my ear and whispered, “Don’t. You. Dare. Cum.” I whimpered a little and Sir set about truly fucking me with the plug, and started fingering my clit, as well. It took everything I had to clamp down and not let myself cum, especially after the day I’d had, but somehow I managed. He eventually tired of trying to push me, and, without slowing down the fucking first, popped the plug right into my ass in one smooth motion. I cried out, only somewhat muffled by the gag, and Sir smacked my ass, HARD. I quietly whimpered from the pain of it. “Roll back over, slut,” he commanded, as he walked around the bed and climbed in the other side.

“Do whatever you want to do with yourself, but don’t you dare cum and don’t you dare wake me up. Your ass is so warm I could feel it 6 inches away, so I don’t want you under my blankets and overheating me.” He pulled the blanket up over himself only, leaving me naked in the cold, and turned the vibrator up to full before setting the controller back on the nightstand. I was starting to shiver and barely keeping myself from cumming, feeling Anadolu Yakası escort the vibration in my pussy bumping against the plug in my ass, the tightness of the silk holding my wrists and ankles, and the drool trickling out of the corners of my mouth, around the gag. Sir’s breathing very quickly settled into an even rhythm that told me he was sleeping, and I tried to mentally count his breaths to distract myself. I kept losing count when a breeze would come along and tighten up my tender, exposed nipples, but I must have counted at least 1500 breaths before I managed to fall asleep myself.

The next thing I knew, I was being awakened by a sharp slap to my cheek. Before I had time to react to that, Sir had gotten to my nipples and was viciously twisting them both. They were incredibly tight from having been exposed to the chilly air all night. Sir had come prepared when he came to wake me up, and he immediately followed this with the clamps, which he must have adjusted to an even tighter setting than the cruel one he had used yesterday. With all of this, and having been awake no more than 10 or 15 seconds, I had not taken in much of my surroundings yet as Sir removed the gag and announced “I’m very disappointed with you, cunt.”

My first attempt to speak failed utterly, as my mouth was very sticky and dry from having been held open by the gag all night. I swallowed and re-wet my mouth and said “Why, Sir?”

“Why? You ask me WHY? What kind of a slave fails to wake up to make her master breakfast and then wonders why he’s disappointed with her?” Sir smacked my breast, right across the nipple with its painfully tight clamp, and I cried out, tears beginning to appear at the corners of my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I’ll go make you breakfast immediately, if you’ll untie me first.”

“Don’t bother, slut, I made myself breakfast. I tried to give you breakfast, too, but you didn’t seem to care enough to wake up to eat it.” He gestured towards my chest and face, and only then did I notice that the skin pulled a bit. It didn’t take much guesswork to determine that Sir had emptied his cock on me while I slept.

Sir began untying the silk from the bed. “I thought you might need something with more calories, anyway, so I kept the ruined parts of breakfast for you. They’re in the dog dish by the couch.” I thought Sir was going to untie me completely, but when he left my wrists bound after detaching them from the bed, I wasn’t surprised that he did the same with my ankles. I was going to have to hobble.

“Thank you, Sir, you’re too kind to me, Sir.” I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and carefully balanced my weight as I got up. Sir smacked my ass hard from behind, knocking me forward, almost onto my face. It’s hard to break your fall when your wrists are bound together, but at least they were Anadolu Yakası escort bayan in front of me. I got a bit of rug burn where my arm slid forward, but I didn’t hit my face. That is, I didn’t hit my face until Sir yanked the silk that was still attached to my wrists back towards my feet. Then I did, very unceremoniously, faceplant the carpet. It smelled musty.

“Who gave you permission to stand??”

“Nobody, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir.” I realized with a sinking feeling why Sir had yanked the silk. He was tying my wrists to my ankles. When he finished, my wrists couldn’t get any further from my ankles than about where my knees were.

“That ought to keep you in your place. Now go eat something before I change my mind.”

I half hobbled, half frog-hopped, and half just kept falling in the general direction of where I was trying to go, and Sir followed behind me the whole time, smacking my ass with a spatula and complaining that I was moving too slow. When I finally reached the area he’d put the dog dish, I saw that there were several things laid out but didn’t stop to assess them, because Sir was clearly on the warpath this morning, and I did very much need food. All I’d had for dinner last night was Sir’s cum. The dog dish held some burnt toast, browned bits of scrambled eggs, and milk. All in there together. I’d expected it to taste foul, but honestly, I was so ravenously hungry that I really didn’t notice. I still felt pretty hungry after finishing it, but it would do. While I’d been eating, Sir had put my collar on and clipped my leash to it. Once I was done, I took in my surroundings. The leash was hooked around the leg of the very heavy couch, so clearly Sir didn’t intend on me moving around much any time soon. I was kneeling on a puppy pad, and the pad and dishes were all on a spread of newspaper. It started to make sense.

“Look at me, you filthy whore.” I complied immediately, and felt juices rush through my pussy. It reminded me that the vibrator was still there, although Sir had clearly turned it off before I woke up. (Or the batteries died? Or they died and he changed them and I didn’t notice that, just like I didn’t notice him cumming on me and making breakfast? I had no way to know.)

“You have a lot of groveling to do to make up for how miserable of a pet you were this morning. So you’re going to do it right here. You do absolutely nothing without my permission, is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” I felt ashamed and wanted to look down, but I knew that was something he didn’t appreciate and I was clearly on thin ice already.

“I also noticed that you woke up in quite a large puddle, which means you lost a lot of fluids last night. I can’t have you dehydrating on me, so you are going to empty that water bowl three times before you get food, a bathroom break, or permission escort bayan to cum. That is completely not negotiable. After that, we’ll consider what might happen next. Do you understand me, slut?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand, Sir.”

“Oh, and one other thing. You’re going to be sitting on that mat all day. It’s up to you whether it’s urine-soaked or not, but if any messes get made on the newspaper, you’re going to be cleaning them with your tongue, do you understand me?”

I felt a knot develop in my throat and had to work really hard to not drop my face from his eyes, but I managed it. “Yes, Sir.” Three bowls of water, if filled as full as this first one was, would definitely mean that I would wet the pad. But I also knew from experience that a completely full bladder would overflow this pad; it was designed for puppy accidents, not a completely full human bladder. So if I didn’t want to be licking up urine, I had a couple of choices. I could pee early and often, so that it was small amounts, and some would evaporate off (but I’d still have a very full bladder by the end), or I could have a dry pad for as long as I could stand it, and then try to stop the stream partway. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t, when I’m really full. Well, either way, I didn’t have to decide right this minute. I thought about getting started on the first dish, but Sir hadn’t given me permission to look away yet. I was going to play this very carefully, because I REALLY wanted permission to cum later.

“You’re a mess.”


“Your face. You have milk and egg and crumbs all over it. You need to clean it.”

“Yes, Sir.” I started trying to lick as much of my face as I can, as I didn’t really have any other way to affect it, with my wrists and ankles bound as they were.

“Stupid cunt, there’s no way you can clean it all like that. You’ll need something to clean it with.”

I stopped licking. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind. “Yes, Sir. What would you suggest, Sir?”

“Well, it’s not like you could hold onto a rag like that. You need something that will stay up on its own.” With that, he took off his pants to reveal his erect penis, and sat at the edge of the couch. “Use it to wipe your face, but make sure you return it to me completely clean. Is that understood, slut?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand, Sir.”

“Good girl. Go ahead.”

Sir grabbed the spatula he’d been smacking me with earlier, and resumed smacking me while I tried to position my head so I could rub it on his cock, then lick off whatever might have transferred. After a couple of runs with this, I realized that I could clean more effectively if I got his cock really wet with my saliva, then rubbed it in well, cleaned off his cock, and then used the drier cock to remove the remaining spit. Well, I suppose it met someone’s definition of clean. Meanwhile, between all the interaction with his cock, and the attention from the spatula, I was right on the edge of cumming nearly the entire time. Finally, he prounounced my face clean and allowed me to begin “rehydrating”. I leaned back on my heels and steeled myself for a morning of being hunched over a water bowl.

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