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The thrill of it all eventually won out over trust. She did trust him but; there just seemed to be an undertone of helplessness within her. Helpless to ward of being subdued; especially as an alpha female that exuded sexual confidence. Sex was always mutually enjoyed but; to be bound to his whims only, would be very different.

Straining against her bonds she knew she was secured. Tight enough that she could flex her arms and legs a bit without being uncomfortable. She watched his face as he fastened each ankle and made sure the silken ties weren’t too tight. Her hands weren’t suspended above her head and he kissed her heartily as he worked from one side of the bed to the next. The suspense started when he covered her naked form with the sheet and placed the blind fold over her eyes. She was now sealed for his deal. The sounds she could hear in the room were normal. But the light fabric lying on her skin intensified her excitement as she moved slightly in squirming anticipation. That ended abruptly when he tore the sheet in a single motion and the coolness of the room caressed her.

Totally vulnerable; she could feel his eyes touching her and she liked it. But; the feeling was halted by a physical touch. Where in the hell he got it she would ask later; for the feathery touches she was now feeling actually came from a feather. In single grazing motions her neck, arms and chin were assaulted first. As each place was touched in turn a raised trail of goose bumps appeared instantaneously. Every erogenous zone was erect before the feather ever came close to her nipples and the lips of her pleasure adana escort canal. Her body and mind wanted to run headlong into more pleasure but her restraints held her in check. Now covered in his desires she merely cooed with satisfaction. Until the feather left and her breath was taken away.

The ice cube touched her lips first and she sucked in cold air and moisture in a gasp. Suddenly; light headed, she laid back into the pillows deeper as a moist trail began to criss cross he wanting skin. Each cube seemed to melt faster than the next as her skin became inflamed with passion. Her torso, thighs, knees and shin relished in his attentions. Both her breasts seemed to stand at overt attention and did not succumb as he circled them in turn and unison. Her clit burned for attention and was rewarded even with its waning patience. Covered now in erotic steam; a whisper from her lips, pierced her own fog.


The cool sensations that had been created quickly melted away as his kisses descended upon her. Every muscle; still firm, pushed her skin forward to imbibe on its own. The heat of his lip prints faded only to be covered again with another. She pierced the silence of her own ecstasy when he began to blow on the kisses before he left them behind. An outward guttural gasp exclaimed the feeling of her whole body.

Before another could come she was muted to silent bliss. His tongue entered her to its fullest length and her womb quaked. This was the first time she strained against her bonds. Wanting to jump out of her skin was not eskişehir escort possible and she pulled the silken restraints to their limits as she felt his smile crease against her vertical lips. Her eyes rolled and eyelashes fluttered beneath her mask and she was almost relieved to release pre orgasm juice into his awaiting mouth. Even the slurping sounds coming from his mouth didn’t deaden the flow that seemed to come from every square inch of her wanton flesh. She could still feel the sweetness of her essence flow against here tender parts when his face left on its next conquest.

She had not realized how hungry she had become until their lips touched. She gnawed at him and tried to consume him. The sweetness of her nectar on his mouth was a mere appetizer for her feast. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and they shared a common breath. Hovering above her on all fours did not avail her mind on what her mouth now craved. Hard or soft was of no concern to her as she finally spoke in a language he could understand.

I want a taste.

Feeling his knees move to the side of her ribcage she paid no heed or even cared where his hands were going to go. Her lips parted for the reception and her tongue waved. She greeted his stiffness warmly as the head of his shaft glided past her teeth. As his length advanced she sucked him as fast as she could. Bobbing her head slowly on his knob was accelerating as he made love to her mouth but; it was only creating another source of turmoil within her. Each time she went down on him her hips arched sakarya escort ever higher. Her pussy angrily pleaded for a sampling of the morsel engulfed within her face. The raw furor rose to a crescendo when she almost bucked him off of her chest and his penis fell away to her chin. The beginning of her mental undoing started when the first touch of his dick was heralded between her legs.

In her gapping wetness he entered her. Every ounce of her ravenous lust wanted to pull him into her and lock him in place. For the second time the tethers were drawn taut. With long and slow rhythm he used her as his glory hole and she was in all her glory. As he bent down to lick her tits her whole body made love back. All relevance to time and space was pushed away. Their bodies were intertwined and both souls were linked. The choice to go to the other side of reality was taken from her in a movement of new purpose.

Shifting away from her; she could not hold onto him, but he needed no help. With the slack available in the ties he was able to place her narrow hips within the cradle of his lap. With his hand on her hip he was able to replace himself into her smooth wetness with the other, and drove himself home. Her whole body became the apex of their shared carnal appetites. When he probed her enough to find that spot he just didn’t caress it, he made an example of it. Her thoughts were now in disarray and it was like someone else was screaming. Her first spasm was a convulsion of her very being and was not interrupted by his contractions inside of her. As strand after stand of man milk seeped into her; the tremors sent quivers over to of quivers.

They still ebbed in a conjugal joining as the frantic again became calm. As he reached back he loosened her ankles first and she could clearly see behind the mask. Even without being able to see his face she knew; she would be bound to him for all time.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32