Body Painting Competition Ch. 2

Big Ass

Well Kate and I won bronze in the body painting competition. I described in my last story the mixture of nerves, anxiety, apprehension, embarrassment and the inner build up of sexual tension al entwined in one as I went through this daring and first time experience. I spent the rest of the weekend a bit in shock that I ever did it, wondering if the experience has opened up new boundaries or if I would stay the same shy conservative me. On the Sunday night I was back on he plane and soon home and back into my rut of everyday life.

A few months passed by and I received an email from Kate telling me that Persona Beauty school had made the National body painting finals because of our bronze. The Beauty school were planning on selecting others but were told that the original qualifying winners had to be part of the new team of 4 and now the team had to include 3 girls and one guy, and the same group had to do the painting as well as being painted on. I didn’t think much of the email and just put it in the back of my mind and went back to my work.

A week later I got a call from Yvonne, the MD of the beauty school, offering to finance me coming back to Perth for the finals. She went on to say that she had already inquired about replacing me with one of her beauty consultants and the competition committee refused on the basis of the rules. She then told me how good I was in the last competition and that it meant a lot for her company and they would give me $1000 worth of beauty products if I participated and cover all my other costs for the weekend, including a beauty make over.

I didn’t commit and said I would speak to Kate. Sure enough , Kate called and told me that she was in, and Linda, one of the other contestants was in and Kate’s boyfriend Steven was going to be the guy and then I was needed else none of the others could even be considered. At least this time I had time to prepare myself. I was not sure if that was good or bad. Maybe with more time to consider I would get too afraid to do it again. Kate pushed and said she was going to submit my name with theirs as they needed to register our entry. I just kept quiet. She told me to look at the competition information set up on the internet and gave me a password to get in. I finished the call and went into the internet site. There were pictures from the last year competition and the entrants looked quite good. I was sure that some of them were professional artists. gaziantep escort

That night went I got home I opened up my clothes box I keep under my bed, with all the bits and pieces I never wear, but keep just in case, and searched for that white thong from the last competition. I put it on and took off everything else and just stood there in it looking at myself in the mirror. I looked at my breasts and then turned and looked at the little triangle pulling into my butt. So much showed. It looked funny against my summer bikini tan, which showed a lot of white against my tanned body. I got cold feat and pulled it off and put it into my sports bag by mistake.

The next day I was off work and it was hot and humid outside. I decided to go and lie at the beach and finish the novel I was reading. I put on my purple bikini bottoms and a tube top and pulled on a pair of beige loose shorts and a tightish orange t shirt and went for a walk to the beach nearby. It was empty and I lay my towel on the soft white sand at the back of the beach and then took off my shorts and t shirt and lay down and read my book. After a few minutes a few others set up on the beach but closer to the water than I was. My mind drifted back to the bodypainting and I thought about the beauty products and the prize for winning the overall competition of $200K for the winning team.

There were only going to be 5 teams of 4 each so it was a good chance. It was funny as even on a quiet beach I wore a bikini top and a bikini bottom and I was contemplating entering a competition half nude. I reached for my water in my sports bag and as I took it out my white thong fell out. I looked at it and looked around the beach and in the distance and noticed another girl tanning in a thong. I had never considered such open display but I was feeling a bit daring and the idea ruptured through my body as something I wanted to try. I pulled my towel over me and I pulled my purple bikini down my legs and then pulled the white thong up over my hips. It was so much higher cut . I dropped the towel and lay down on my back.

I noticed a guy sitting close by looking at me and I felt charged with sexual energy. I turned over and it felt good to have the sun all over my butt. I noticed the guy was staring at me and I felt strange things from being a point of attention. I lifted the clasp of my bikini top and removed escort gaziantep it. I knew that my butt was probably quite visible and with the tiny bit of material barely covering my pubic area I knew a guy would be staring if he could. I opened my legs a bit so that he could enjoy the view and I just lay there while I thought about what he was probably thinking and imagining. I started to get aroused more and was overcome with my feelings. I surprised myself and I turned over letting my breasts come into full view of the public. It felt so good, tensing my body deep within my vagina . I lay down and I knew I was being watched. My nipples hardened as my arousal grew. I let the sun splash over my naked white breasts and it felt so satisfying to be open like this. My breasts are not huge but at least are firm and perky.

Another group of guys sat down only metres away from me and I now felt aching numbness and tension as I realised that I was their focus of attention. I closed my eyes and went with the flow. The sun was too intense and I worried about burning my untanned breasts so I put my bikini top back on. I looked up and I noticed that the other around me had gone in for a swim. It was me alone on my patch of beach so I sat up and placed my right hand fingers near my crotch. I looked up again and it was clear. I let my index finger rub against my thong over my clitoris. It felt good to be touched. I was wet inside my vagina and my clit was swollen. I rubbed it up and down Quickly and my nipples responded pushing through my bikini fabric.

I looked around and nobody was coming, I was sweating from the heat of the sun and sweat from dripping down my forehead and sweat beads were running down my thighs. I lifted my knees upwards and I passed my right hand and left hand under my raised thighs. I looked down at my mound pushing out against the white lycra swimsuit. With my left hand I pulled the white thong away form my pussy and pulled the fabric aside while with my right index finger. My brown pubic hair came into view. I pulled the material further aside and I leaned backwards onto my towel. It felt so strange having my front open to the air and wind. I thought I was utterly crazy revealing myself on a public beach, but nobody was in sight so…I touched my clit and massaged its engorged swollen head around it little circles.

I looked at it. It was pinkish brown around gaziantep escort bayan the edges of my labia as it caught the rays of sun and my clit was a deeper purple pink, moist and glistening in the sunlight. My finger pushed the soft edge in and then released and pushed again, then moved an inch and started too cycle, increasing the speed and intensity of touch. My eyes wanted to close as I felt each wave of pleasure cascade with further mounting of tension. I forced them to stay open to keep an eye out for others coming nearby. Sweat was now running down onto my clit as juices were being made within my vagina all mixing together. It felt sticky and I was hot on fire ready to take off. The swimmers started walking back form the shore. I never had time to climax. I quickly released the swimsuit and let it return to cover up my inner sanctum. I felt so frustrated. But I couldn’t continue. I stood up as I gathered my things, the guys staring straight at me. I had the towel behind me but they could see the white thong from the front and I felt naughty knowing what I just got up to. I dropped the towel and put my shorts back on and walked back to my car.

When I got back home I checked that my flatmates were not home and I went into the laundry, switched on the washing machine and pulled off my shorts and pushed my pelvis into the machine as it vibrated away through the washing cycle. It send shivers through my thighs and I pushed my vagina closer in until the machine was flush against my clit and I let the cycle take over. The vibrations rubbed me up and down until I came once, twice until I finally felt relieved. I went to have a shower and I pulled my white thong off- now sticky with white glue residue all over the front. I didn’t think much about it and through it into my box under the bed.

A few weeks passed and Kate called to let me know the details of the flight that was booked for me. I realised now that I couldn’t cancel and would have to go through with it. She told me that the theme was not “twins” as before, but was “the occult” so we would be painted with strange hells, devils and heavens, angels etc She told me to bring along my thong from before. She told me that Steven, would have to be waxed so that the paint sticks and that he was getting nervous at the idea of being painted full body. The competition was set for the Sunday and we would have a quick lesson in techniques of painting on the Saturday. It was an amateur competition after all so we were not expected to be professional artists.

The day arrived. I was fetched from the airport and memories of this were still in my mind. This time however, we were going to be preparing in a modern studio normally used for photography.

I will continue with story in Bodypainting 3 – the finals.

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