Bittersweet Memories


She knew she shouldn’t have come back. It had to be the masochist in her coming out. There had hardly been enough time to accept what had happened and move on, but she just couldn’t forget. Couldn’t bring herself to let the memories die. She had to hurt herself by going back to the cabin and sit in the silence reliving all the stolen moments they’d spent there.

The pain was better than the numbness she was feeling, she told herself, trying to justify the insanity to herself. She didn’t believe it though and no-one else would either. But in her mind, it made her feel better about breaking the promise they’d made to each other. When its over, its over. No guilt, no recriminations and no contact. Just move on. That was the part that killed her the most. He had been such a major part of her life for so long that she felt empty without him. She picked up the phone so many times, checking to see if it was still working, desperate to hear it ringing and his voice on the other end telling her where and when to meet him. What she would have to be wearing and all the things he wanted to do to her. Back then, just looking at the phone made her pussy wet. Now it just made her feel emptier.

The drive up had been just as painful. She could barely concentrate on the road, her mind kept seeing the places they’d stopped and played at. The tree he had dragged her behind, her panties were still high in the branches from where he’d thrown them after tearing them off her body. She smiled sadly as she remembered the continuing drive. Her skirt up around her waist, her naked cunt on display to his eyes and anyone else’s who saw into his car. The picnic area where he’s bent her over the table and buried his face inside her from behind, but not allowing her to cum. The gas station where he’d made her get on her knees, his cock pumping in and out of her open mouth as he pumped the gas, not caring who saw them. She could clearly remember the face of the boy behind the counter who had been watching as she stood back up, wiping her lips. Each memory stabbed her like a dagger deep in her heart. Several times she had to stop the car to wipe the tears from her eyes or to stroke herself to orgasm as she relived each memory. Yes they hurt to remember, but they were still the most amazing experiences of her life.

It was late when she arrived. She welcomed the darkness. It enveloped her, protecting her from seeing the cabin in its entirety. It lessened the pain a bit, but didn’t take it away totally. Just numbed it to a dull ache.

Opening the trunk, she dragged out her suitcase. It felt very heavy but she managed to haul it up onto the front porch of the cabin. The key was under the flowerpot. Cliched, but the best place for it. The door swung open easily and she stood in the open doorway breathing in the slight musty odour of the house. That would all change when she opened it up. It had been closed up and dormant too long.

She paused, her hands on either side of the door, as if she was holding it up. Then her subconscious dragged up the memory of him placing her hands there before he dragged up her skirt, her bare arse exposed to his greedy eyes. She heard his zipper slide down and heard him reaching inside. The urge to turn her head to see what he was doing was overwhelming, but she knew he would punish her severely if she did. Reluctantly, she kept still and waited. Before long she heard the soft sound of his moans and she realised what was happening. He was standing behind her and stroking his cock. She longed to turn, to watch or take it in her mouth, but knew the consequences of those actions. He had taught her well. All she could do was listen and wait. It seemed like hours. She could feel her pussy tingling, desperate for his touch, for his tongue, but she knew he wouldn’t give them to her until he was ready to, not a second before. She heard his moans growing louder, soft grunts, the sound of his cock hitting his hand and finally, the one loud groan which she knew signaled his orgasm. Seconds later, it was confirmed by the warm, wet splash of his cum on her arse cheeks. She couldn’t help but moan as she felt mardin escort it trickle down between her naked cheeks. Then she felt his hot breath behind her, his strong hands pulling her cheeks apart. She held her breath. He knelt there watching his cum trailing down her crack, pooling in the dip formed by her puckered hole. The touch of his tongue on her skin made her gasp loudly. Slowly snaking between her spread cheeks, following the trail left by his cum, until it reached the puddle in her hole. Without pausing, he plunged it inside her, lapping his cum from her body. She knew he didn’t do this often and that when he did, it was just the start.

Shaking herself back into the present, she stepped inside the door and closed it behind her.

Switching on the lights, she looked around. It still looked the same, exactly how they had left it, except for the dead flowers in the blue vase on the table. They had been lush and full of life when they’d left. But now, they reflected how she felt. Withered and dead inside. Smiling wryly at the comparison, she picked up the vase with the dead flowers in it and walked over to the window. The catch was stiff, but she got the window open and tipped the flowers out. Dead, withered and thrown away. A fitting comparison, she thought as she placed the vase back on the table. Looking around, she noticed the thin layer of dust coating everything. She’d deal with it in the morning. It had been there for months and obviously wasn’t going to go anywhere overnight.

Sighing, she dragged her heavy case into the bedroom. She dreaded turning on the light, but there was no way to avoid it. Her hand reached for the switch, her heart pounding in her chest. The light showed the bed in the middle of the huge room, where it had always been. She’d always loved the wrought iron posts surrounding it, closing it in. It made her feel safe when she slept in it knowing they were there, like surrogate arms holding her. She also saw the white silk scarves still attached to them from the last time she’d been here with him. Unable to stop herself, she moved to the closest post and took a scarf in her hand. The cold silk seem to melt through her hand, stealing the warmth from her skin.

As if in a dream, she saw herself tied spreadeagled to the bed. The scarves tied tight around both wrists and both ankles, spreading her open to his eyes. He liked to gaze at her helpless body. His scrutiny of it causing her to blush and try to twist from his eyes, but she could barely move. He’d bound her too well. Her pathetic struggles just made him smile. He dragged the black leather crop he’d been holding up the inside of her left leg. She squirmed, trying not to giggle at the tickling touch of it. She knew how much that displeased him. And she never wanted to displease him. He stopped when it reached her inner thigh.

“Trying to hide my property from me?” he’d growled as he slapped the end of the crop against her naked exposed cunt.

She whimpered and softly begged for forgiveness, promising never to hide from his eyes again. She knew her body was his. His to do whatever he wished with it, whenever he wanted it.

He’d slapped it against her swelling lips again, loving how it left a faint red imprint against her pale skin. He brought the crop up to his mouth and licked the end. There was a faint taste of her cunt juice on it. She was already growing wet for him. He rubbed the end of the crop hard against her clit, watching the bud growing harder as the soft leather stroked it. He could tell from the gentle grinding of her hips that she was growing very aroused by the touch of the crop.

He pulled it away abruptly. He didn’t want his whore to have pleasure until he was ready to give it to her. And he hadn’t finished toying with her yet. He could tell by the brief flicker of anger in her eyes that he was right. She had been enjoying the crop. He reached down and parted her pussy lips. The glisten of juice there told him exactly how much. Grinning, he slid a finger between them, loving how she tried to arch up and control where his finger van escort went. But he just pulled it away. He sniffed his finger as he walked around to the head of the bed. She tried to turn her head to look up at him but he grabbed her hair with one hand and held her head still as he reached down with the other one and painted her lips with her cunt juice. He watched as her tongue trailed over her lips, licking them clean.

Smiling, he walked slowly back around the bed, pausing at the foot of the bed, his hand lazily rubbing at his hardening cock through his pants as he let his eyes wash over her naked and tied body. Every inch of her was exposed to him and he enjoyed the sight of her writhing against the restraints. He could see her eyes watching his hand as it stroked his cock through his pants.

He dropped his hand and stroked her ankle. His fingertips tracing around her delicate bone before dragging up her calf as he walked back along the bed. He stopped when his fingers reached the top of her inner thigh. He could see the want in her eyes, feel her hips trying to arch up and the heat from her naked cunt. He traced his finger over her wet lips, letting his finger swirl around her clit, feeling it swell under his lightest touch. Hearing her soft moans, he plunged his finger inside her cunt, twisting it in and out as he watched her face. Her lips parted, eyes closed in pleasure. He slid another finger inside her and slowly worked them in and out, twisting slowly and scissoring them open and shut. Her hips matched his rhythm as she arched them off the bed, fucking his fingers as his thumb rubbed her clit. He could feel the muscles in her cunt clenching around them as she grew more and more turned on. Just by watching her face, he could tell how close she was to cumming. He continued twisting his fingers in and out of her, watching her, waiting till she was about to cum…then he slid his fingers from her.

He could tell by the murderous look in her eyes she wasn’t happy he’d stopped, but that she knew better than to say one word or beg. Smiling, he slid onto the bed beside her, his fingers slowly pulling his pants open. Her eyes watched as he tugged them down and pulled his cock free of them. Wrapping his hand around it, he started stroking it, his hand moving up and down around it as she watched. His fingers squeezing tight around it, thumb rubbing over the head, lubricated by his precum. He waited until her lips parted to move over and straddle her. He pushed the head of his cock against her lips and rubbed it up and down, enjoying the soft wetness of her tongue lapping at it. He waited until she parted her lips wider and then shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

Her eyes widened, mouth adjusting to being full of his cock before slowly starting to suck on it. His hips arched forward, pushing in and out of her mouth, fucking it as his hands grabbed her hair, pulling her up to him. He loved how her lips looked wrapped around him, the soft sucking sounds she made, and how well her tongue swirled around him.

Sliding one arm under her neck, he cradled her up, his cock pumping in and out of her mouth as she started up into his eyes, sucking it like his good little whore. His other arm reached back behind him, his fingers finding and slowly stroking her open pussy. He loved the soft moans that she was making every time he touched her swollen clit. The vibrations against his cock caused him to let out soft moans too. He knew he wasn’t far from cumming, so he eased two fingers back inside her and twisted them in and out as his thumb went back to her clit.

He could tell by the way her hips were arching up that she was catching up to him fast. Her cunt clenched around his fingers, gripping them tightly as her mouth continued to fuck him. Both were holding on…her waiting for his permission to cum…him just to tease her more. The pleading in her eyes as she held on brought him even closer…

The scarf dropped from her open fingers as she opened her eyes and banished the memory. Angry at herself for allowing him back into her thoughts, she ankara escort grabbed the scarf again and ripped it from the bedpost. Walking around the bed, she repeated that with the remaining scarves. They belonged in the trash, with him and all the memories he’d left her with.

After changing the bedding, she slipped off her clothes and slid between the fresh cotton sheets. The coolness enveloping her body with its soft caress. She found sleep easily. The dreams of him stayed thankfully away allowing her peace in her slumber.

The morning bought streaming sunshine through the windows, highlighting all the dusting and other work she had to do that day. After a long soak in the tub, she dressed and set to work, her mind steering away from the many hidden memories that the rooms held.

The chair he bent her over as he spanked her arse until it burned, the wall he’d held her against as he fucked her hard from behind, the couch he’d stretched out on as he watched her masturbating on the coffee table…

So many memories, but she had no time or need for them anymore. She was exorcising them from her cabin and her soul. Closing her mind and heart, she aired out the rooms, scrubbed floors and walls, rearranged furniture, fluffed cushions until she was almost dead on her feet. It was a long day, but a productive one. As she fell onto the couch, she looked around the room and smiled. It looked like a totally different place than it had been that morning. Even though the furniture was the same, the positioning of it was new and held no memories for her.

She didn’t realise she’d fallen asleep until the sun woke her the next morning. After looking at her watch she jumped to her feet. Almost noon and she was running out of time. She tore her clothes off as she ran for the bathroom. Without waiting for the water to heat up, she jumped into the shower, squealing as the icy water hit her skin. The water did warm up as she soaped her body. The soft bubbles caressing her as she scrubbed off the dirt from the previous day. She wished she could spend more time under the steaming water, but she knew time was short. With great reluctance, she turned the water off and stepped out, wrapping her wet body in a white fluffy towel. As she walked into the bedroom, she thought about what she had to do to prepare for the afternoon.

She slowly rubbed the soft towel over her arms, loving how it felt against her skin. She took her time drying her body. Sliding the towel over her breasts, across her stomach and moaning softly as she moved it between her legs. The soft material against her sensitive clit made her knees feel weak and she wished she had more time, but she still had so much to prepare. Briskly, she dried the rest of her body, threw the towel into the hamper and wrapped up in her robe. She would get dressed later, after everything was ready. After the long day she had spent cleaning, it took no time at all to set everything out exactly how she wanted it. She smiled as she looked around, then wandered back into the bedroom to dress.

Her bag was still on the chair where she’d placed it the night she arrived. Opening it, she glanced through the contents, picking, then discarding her choices. Finally she settled on a new garter belt she’d bought the week before. The black lace contrasted nicely with her pale skin as she slipped it around her waist. She had the perfect lace topped stockings to go with it too. She pulled them on and slipped into her six inch red stilettos. Only then did she look into the mirror. The black of the stockings and the garter belt framed the newly regrown soft blonde curls between her thighs perfectly.

She stroked them as she walked towards the door of the cabin. As she sunk to her knees she heard a car pulling up. Her head bowed as the footsteps on the porch drew closer. She heard the door opening and kept her head bowed, eyes focused on the floor. Her skin could feel the heat from his eyes as he took in the sight of her submitting before him. She had let her pubic hair grow as he had ordered. She would have everything set up for him as she knew he wanted to be the one to shave those golden curls off, exposing her cunt to his eyes, his fingers, his tongue.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a length of leather. Gently, he placed a finger under her chin and raised her head up. He slipped the leather around her neck and clasped it there. Her new Master was home.

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